Aegean Airlines Name Change Policy

Name changes and correction are one of the most crucial and intimidating components for a flight ticket. It can take time and effort to reissue a ticket again in case of a name change. Aegean considers the stress around such requirements and proposes Aegean airlines name change policy to ensure a convenient experience for passengers.

Here is an exhaustive Aegean name change policy.

What are the terms and conditions for Aegean Airlines Name Change Policy?

The Aegean Airlines name change policy guides passengers to fly with a proper name on their tickets, and can be used for name changes and corrections under certain instances.

Here are the key guidelines regarding name change and name correction to change passenger name on ticket –

  • Ensure to create a new booking reservation with the right name, cabin class, fare type, and travel information.
  • If the same original booking class is not available, make sure to continue booking in the available options or choose a waitlist to get the desired booking class, if available.
  • When booking with a travel agent, make sure he contacts the Aegean Airlines or Olympic Air travel agent help desk to confirm original and new PNR.
  • If you wish to add an infant to the booking, the travel agent can add the child in the original PNR without re-issuing a new PNR. Check Aegean unaccompanied minor policy for more details.
  • Ensure that the original PNR with the wrong name is not canceled before the new PNR is generated.
  • The newly generated PNR must include the special service requests (SSR) and/or frequent flier numbers.
  • Name changes are not permitted for discounted tickets.
  • If a maximum of three characters are wrong in the name on the domestic tickets, contact the airline for a special PNR request with the right name.
  • PNR with the wrong name can only be canceled once the airline confirms and the reason for cancellation must be mentioned on the new PNR.
  • Only the name changes covered in the Aegean airlines change name on ticket policy is permissible by the airline.

What is the Eligibility Criteria to request Aegean Air Name Change?

Name change request is processed if the ticket qualifies the following conditions –

  • PNR – Ticketed or Unticketed.
  • PNR developed by GDS including Sabre, Amadeus, Galileo, Worldspan, etc.
  • PNR with flights operated by A3 and tickets in A3 or OA stock (ONLY) / codeshare flights ΟΑ
  • PNR with tickets in A3 or ΟΑ stock (ONLY) and flights numbers allotted as A3 or/and OA and
  • PNR with flights operated by A3 or/and flights operated by OA or/and tickets in A3 or OA stock (ONLY).
  • PNR with flights operated by OA and tickets in A3 or OA stock (ONLY) and/ or codeshare flights A3.

What are the types of changes/ corrections offered by Aegean Airlines?

Aegean name change policy caters name change requests pertaining to individual and group booking. Make sure to be through with the changes/ corrections before requesting the required changes.

Name corrections applicable for Individual Bookings

Following type of name corrections are applicable if the passenger sends the official documents for proof via email –

  • Typing error or misspelling in the name up to three characters in first name or last name for international travel.
  • The travel agent or the individuals forget to add the middle name at the time of booking.
  • The family names of the infant and the associated adult in the reservation booking does not match. Example – Johannsson/MARIA/INF must be related to the adult passenger i.e. Johannsson/Francisco.
  •  The errors in the first name or last name must be checked and handled by the Aegean sales manager.

Following name changes are applicable under Aegean airlines name change policy –

  • Reserved booked under nickname instead of full name.
  • Inverted names or name swaps between first name and last name.
  • Passenger has over one name and only the first name is added on the original booking, and needs to add the second name in the present booking.
  • Reservation booked under maiden name instead of married last name, and vice versa.
  • The Greek name was misspelled in Latin characters. Example – MPARMPAS instead of BARBAS.
  • Make sure to present legal government issued ID proofs like Drivers license, Passport, Marriage certificate, Divorce certificate, etc.

What are the conditions for PNR ticket to issue a name change with Aegean airlines?

You may not be able to connect with the Aegean airline for name change or corrections if the PNR ticket does not qualify the following conditions. Take a look at the given conditions to take the right steps for Aegean airlines change of name/ name correction.

PNR with Unissued Tickets

If the PNR is created by individual or travel agent, keep note of the following details –

  • You must re-issue a new PNR ticket under the same booking class and travel details.
  • A new PNR is compulsory to avoid synchronization issues with name changes processing.

PNR with Issued Tickets

In such a case, following guidelines may help to process name change or name correction requests.

  • Create a new PNR with the same details as before in the same cabin class and flight details.
  • You must pay the additional fare differences more or equal to the original value of the ticket including the aegean airlines change fees.

PNR with Partially Used Tickets

For partially used tickets, the PNR name change eligibility is as follows –

  • Name change is not available for partially used tickets.
  • In such a case, the airline may impose name change fee and the tax differences to issue name change in applicable cases.
  • For voluntary partially used tickets, the airline may issue a new ticket as per A3 policy and no fare differences apply in these cases.

How to request Name change with the Aegean airline?

You can opt for Aegean offline and online methods for name changes and Aegean Airlines name correction. The methods are specially designed to meet the requirements of the passengers focusing on their comfort and accessibility like in the cases for remote travelers worldwide who cannot access the regional offices or airports easily.

Take a look at the top methods to request name change with Aegean Airlines.

How to connect with Aegean via website/ online for name change?

Website is the easiest and the ideal way to request name change without hassle. Follow these steps to request services like Aegean flight cancellation, name change or name corrections.

  • Head to the official website.
  • On the home page, choose “My Bookings”, to access Aegean Manage Booking to change flight details and book extra services.
  • Enter the “Booking reference number” and the “last name” of the passenger to access the flight details.
Aegean airlines name change online
The screenshot is sourced from the Aegean airlines website.
  • Click “Continue”. You will get access to your available flights.
  • Choose the desired flight and choose “Name Change or Edit Bookings”.
  • Enter the correct name, edit or remove the required name.
  • Submit the required documents like government-issued ID proof like Passport and Driver’s license, and other documents like marriage certificate and divorce certificate.
  • Pay the applicable name change fee and the fare differences.
  • The airline will review the name change request. You will receive the new ticket on the confirmation email.

How to connect with Aegean Airlines over Social media for name change?

Social media is developing among the top choices for passengers to connect with airline representatives and chat with them or directly share their queries without any hassle. You may receive a response within 24 hours.

Here are the top social media platforms where you can connect with Aegean Airlines-

Social Media PlatformProfile Link/ URL

What is the Aegean Name Change Fee?

Aegean Airlines change fees are economical and provide ideal choices for passengers. Name change fee often includes fare differences, taxation, and service charges. Keep note that –

  • If the ticket is booked with a currency other than EUR, it must be converted to the local currency based on the current value on the date of re-issuing of the ticket.
  • The name change fee – 22 USD.         
  • The overall fee may differ due to the fare type chosen, ticket depreciation value, and route.

Aegean name change policy is dedicated to enhancing the passenger’s experience for domestic and international travel. Name change and correction is a daunting process and Aegean airline policy comes to the rescue with an interactive dashboard, affordable flight tickets, flexible policies, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name change fee for Aegean Airlines?

Aegean Airline name change fee starts at 22 USD. You may have to pay the fare differences and service charges to issue the name.

How do I change passenger names on Aegean Airlines?

Request name change via Aegean airline online or website or over the phone and provide the relevant details to issue name change or corrections on the ticket.

How to change name after marriage on Aegean Airline?

If you wish to change your name after marriage, contact the airline over the website or customer service and send a copy of documents like marriage certificate, etc.

Can you change the name on an Aegean Airline flight ticket?

You can change name or issue corrections with the flexible change name Aegean Airlines policy and change up to 3 characters or request legal name changes.

How to change last name on Aegean Airline flights?

Aegean Airlines allow passengers to change, modify, or alter last names in case of inverted names, nicknames added instead of last name, etc. to ensure passengers with the right details fly.

Do Aegean Airline flight tickets require a middle name on tickets?

Keep note that Aegean flights do not require idle names on the ticket. However, Aegean allows passengers to add, remove, or modify middle names on the flight ticket.

What is the Aegean Airlines name correction policy?

Aegean name correction permits passengers to change up to 3 characters in the first, middle, or last name, and change inverted names, or nicknames in the final ticket.

How does Aegean Airline name change policy work?

Aegean airline name change policy allows passengers to connect with the representatives for minor or major name changes, typo errors, misspellings, or legal name changes.

How to contact the Aegean Airline for Name change/ correction over the website?

Head to the official website of Aegean, click “My Bookings”, enter the booking reference number and the last name, choose the flight and enter the new name and other details.

What are the documents required for Aegean Airline name change?

Ensure to present documents like Legal certificate of marriage, Government-issued photo ID like a Passport and driver’s license, Court order for divorce, and Booking confirmation.

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