Aeroflot Airlines Manage Booking

Aeroflot Airlines Manage Booking boats numerous features that will assist passengers with seamless and hassle-free travel. To manage your Aeroflot reservation, begin personalizing your booking at your convenience, all you need is your last name and booking reference.

We will go through a lot of topics in this post, including how to use the Manage Booking option to your reservation’s full advantage.

What is the Manage Booking section of Aeroflot Airlines?

Passengers can manage the booking on the official Aeroflot Airlines website on their desktop or through smartphone app. In this section, you can alter the flight, request cancellation, complete check-in, select seats, upgrade flights and more.  Additionally, – 

  • You may view the cancellation fees you’ll incur and whether or not your reservation has been approved. 
  • The website will walk you through the procedure step by step.
  • On the Aeroflot Airlines website, you may manage your reservation if you need to make any changes to your flight. For instance, you can request a special lunch, modify your location, or increase your luggage allowance.
  • The Aeroflot flight Manage Booking section allows for quick and simple adjustment of these details. 
  • You can increase the number of passengers on your flight, but doing so will cost money, require more time, and require you to wait until your flight has the required seats available.
  • Additionally, you can modify your reservation. To make any adjustments, simply visit the Manage Booking section portion on the airline’s website. The procedure is simple, and modifications can be made up to 30 minutes before departure.
  • Once a change has been made, the associated fee must be paid upfront. 

Passengers can carry out the following actions using Aeroflot Airlines’ Manage My Booking service:

  • Include more travelers
  • rename the passenger (with supporting documents)
  • Plan new itineraries by altering the departure date
  • Aeroflot changes a reservation or cancels a flight
  • Changes in flight
  • Increase your preference for seating and go for large front seats.
  • Log in to your online Aeroflot Airline account Additional Baggage Allowance
  • Include extra services, food, or other perks.
  • Using the official website or the Aeroflot Airlines mobile app, you can add more services or upgrade your tickets to Big Front Seats.

How to Use the Aeroflot Manage Booking tab (via online or by phone)?

Dial Aeroflot Airlines if you’re having problems booking your flight to get help. This tool allows you to access and modify your booking information. In addition – 

  • You can update the passenger information by calling the number provided or selecting the corresponding button on the airline’s website. 
  • Or, utilize the live chat option or call Aeroflot’s customer service number for assistance. Additionally, you can contact their support center via email or SMS.
  • Passengers can locate your Aeroflot Airlines reservation by using your credit/debit card number, confirmation number, or flight number. When you find your reservation, you can alter or cancel it.
  • To make adjustments, simply follow the on-screen directions. Be aware that some changes can come with a price. Before making any changes, be sure to inquire with the Aeroflot airlines about any fees. You may store your information and make quick adjustments while making a reservation online.
  • The Aeroflot manage reservation tab enables you to make modifications to your reservation. You can change your flight up to 30 minutes prior to takeoff, but you might be charged a fee to do so. 

Fortunately, changing your Delta Airlines reservation is simple. Simply log into your account and start making changes. 

Types of Services Aeroflot Airlines Manage My Booking Offers

Aeroflot Manage booking can help you when you need to make new requests on your existing booking. 

This service allows all passengers to select a seat. First-come, first-served policy governs the assignment of all seats.

Get your desired seat by making an early flight reservation. The steps on the Aeroflot website should be followed to make this process as simple as possible. Additionally, you can look up prices and choose the ideal seats for your travel.

The Manage Booking tool is straightforward, but it provides access to all accessible services. Those who want to make a few adjustments to their reservation before leaving the gate should take advantage of this service.

You may manage all of your airline tickets using this service from the comfort of your home.

To continue, all you have to do is sign into your account. There is no need to be concerned about losing any important information because everything can be retrieved through the Aeroflot website.

Change the Flight Booking

Aeroflot airlines offers plenty of ways to change flight booking. 

First, Aeroflot passengers can manage their reservations by going to the website. They can call customer support to make modifications once they have created a profile and chosen a flight.

Select the proper selections for the desired flight using the IVR system, and a live agent will make the adjustment for them after speaking with them for a few minutes. The steps include – 

  • To make adjustments to your flight, please go to the booking page for your flight reservation.
  • Select “Modify Flight” tab
  • Each flight included in the reservation will be shown on the next page.
  • Select the flight segment that you want to alter or revoke.
  • Finally, click “Find New Flights” to proceed.

You can also change your reservation by calling the airline’s customer service or making a lice chat with the airline’s representative. No changes allowed on the restricted fares. To know more, read the Aeroflot flight change policy. 

For refundable tickets, you must speak with customer support to make the necessary changes, though. There can be a change fee that ranges from 75 USD to 500 USD.

Flight cancellation

As per Aeroflot cancellation policy, flights that are operated by Aeroflot can be canceled online or the airline’s agent over the phone. All you need to do is go to the Aeroflot Manage My Booking tab. Enter the booking reference and the passenger’s last name, and then click ‘Submit’.

Aeroflot cancellation policy

Your information, including the details of your itinerary time and date of your flight, will be shown on the website. You can proceed to cancel the reservation. After you complete the process,  you will be notified via email and given the option to select an alternative date or with the refund amount.

It’s simple to cancel the reservation with Delta Airlines. The steps include – 

  • Sign in to the website and proceed according to the provided instructions. 
  • You’ll be taken to the Delta page for canceling reservations. 
  • You’ll notice a “Cancel flight” button.

After you hit the cancellation, the refund would be processed to the original method of payment. Please note that the refund would be applicable on the unused portion of the ticket. 

Upgrade your reservation

Aeroflot Airline’s website lets you upgrade your reservation or reserve an extra legroom seat. 

However, you purchased a Basic fare ticket, your reservation may not be eligible for the flight upgrade. 

To upgrade Aeroflot booking, it is always a hassle-free process. 

  • To do so, visit the airline’s website and navigate to Manage Booking section
  • Click on the desired flight segment, and then make the necessary changes.
  • Pay the required fee to complete the process. 

Check flight status

You may quickly check the status of your flight online if you’re concerned. Simply input your PNR, or flight number, and click search. Within a few minutes, you’ll learn the location and details of your flight. Please note – 

  • Flight confirmations will display a green arrow. 
  • Tickets that have been canceled will have an orange check mark next to them in the status.

Additionally, you can check the flight status via the Aeroflot Manage Booking tool to see whether the trip has been altered or canceled. You may access all the information about your flight with this tool, print boarding pass, and more.

Request Check In

Keeping the peak season in mind, it is always recommended to complete the check-in online through the Aeroflot Manage Reservation tab. It is not only hassle-free but also saves you from attending the long queue. 

Aeroflot Web check in for passengers is available 48 hours to 60 minutes before departure for flights within Russia, and 48 hours to 90 minutes for all international travel. All you need to do is – 

  • Log in to the airline’s website and navigate to the Manage Booking tab
  • Enter the booking reference and the passenger’s last name
  • On the flight summary page, hit the check-in button.
  • Select the desired flight, and complete the request.
  • Download and print the boarding pass. 

Please note – Passengers who are flying unaccompanied or with special request need to complete the check-in at the airport on the day of departure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reschedule my Aeroflot flight?

Yes, You can easily contact customer service to reschedule an Aeroflot flight if you have already placed a reservation.

How to check Aeroflot flight status?

Visit, Aeroflot Airlines’ official website, to find out the status of your flights.

On the home page, select the Online Services tab.
Select the Online Schedule option under Online Services by navigating to it and clicking.
After entering the flight details, select “Search Flights.”

How can I check my booking flight ticket?

Before leaving for the airport, it’s a good idea to double-check your bookings, whether you purchased your airline tickets online, over the phone, or through a travel agency.

How do I contact Aeroflot customer service?

It is strongly advised to stick to the official contact means and procedures that are publicly available on Aeroflot’s official website if you are interested in getting in touch with them. The contact information is included in this section for your convenience.

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