Aeroflot Baggage Policy

Aeroflot baggage policy offers the generous baggage allowance whether you’re carrying on board or as checked,Their policies include what items are allowed as carry-on baggage and how many checked bags you can bring inside the flight. 

Also, to make your trip convenient and smooth, they have proper baggage allowance rules for the safety of the aircraft, flyers, and crew. That is why, in this article, we will give you comprehensive information about Aeroflot Airlines baggage allowance and policy.

Aeroflot Carry on Baggage Policy

As per Aeroflot baggage policy, economy and elite class passengers are allowed to carry 1 piece of carry-on baggage. In addition – 

  • Carry-on baggage weight must be up to 10 kg.
  •  Carry-on baggage size must be within 55 cm (length) x 40 cm (width)x 25 cm (height). 
  • Business class passengers are allowed one piece of baggage up to 15 kg free of charge.

But these rules can be different for cabin classes, destinations, and domestic or international flights. Check out the table given below which shows the number of carry-on luggage a passenger can bring as well as the size and weight requirements, as per Aeroflot carry-on baggage policy.

Travel ClassNumber of baggageSize/Weight limitsMaximum DimensionsPersonal items
Business Class1 piece15 kgLength – 55 cmWidth – 40 cmHeight – 25 cmA rucksack, handbag or briefcase 
Outerwear, a suit bagBaby food, a child carrier device 
Medicine and special dietary items
Crutches, folding wheelchairs 
Duty-free goods
Comfort Class andEconomy Class1 piece10 kg

Aeroflot Airlines Baggage Allowances For Checked Luggage

According to Aeroflot baggage policy, the airline’s checked luggage allowances are included with the ticket price. Here are the terms and conditions, related to the checked baggage airlines, that you should know before boarding the flight – 

  • Aeroflot airlines baggage fees must be paid in advance. 
  • Each additional baggage item must be within 23 kg in weight for Economy and Comfort Class. And, 32 kg for Business Class.
  • Each additional baggage must not exceed 203 cm in dimension. 
  • The number of baggage per passenger must not exceed 4 items.
  • Aeroflot airlines baggage rules would be applicable when booking a flight, also to passengers who have confirmed booking.
  • The Aeroflot airlines baggage fees must be paid at the airport, through the airline’s website or through the mobile app. 

Please note – Baggage fee can also be paid at the time of check-in online, or at the airport. 

  • The services under the Aeroflot baggage policy would not be applicable to – 
  • Passengers flying with other airlines
  • Passengers who have tickets on unconfirmed booking
  • Infants
  • Passengers traveling in a group of 10 or more. 
  • The checked baggage fee must be paid up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure. 

Check out the table given below which shows the number of check-in luggage a passenger can bring as well as the size and weight requirements:

Travel ClassFare TypeNumber of pieceSize (in cm)Weight (in kg)
Business ClassClassic, Flex215832
Comfort ClassClassic, Flex215823
Economy ClassFlex215823
LiteNo free baggage allowanceNot applicableNot applicableNot applicable

Aeroflot Airlines Overweight, Oversized, and Excess Baggage Fees

Aeroflot excess baggage fees depend on the flight ticket, and your checked bags must surpass the quantity, size or weight limits given by the airlines. You can also pay your excess baggage fees before the flight by calling the airline.  A table is given below for you to understand the fee as per Aeroflot extra baggage policy, :

For Flights within Russia – 

Domestic flightsEconomy, Comfort ClassBusiness Class
Within European Russia and Asian Russia55 USD55 USD
Between Asian and European Russia74 USD74 USD

International Travel – 

International Travel (To/From)Economy, Comfort ClassBusiness Class
USA/Canada130 USD130 USD
Mexico, the Caribbean, Seychelles, Tanzania, Mauritius,Asia137 USD137 USD
Europe/Middle East69 USD69 USD
Japan, China, Hong Kong, South Korea69 USD69 USD
All other international Routes100 USD100 USD

Below mentioned are the excess fares if the weight and size of the checked baggage exceed than its regular allowance – –

Aeroflot extra baggage fees for flights within Russia

Excess faresBy weight up to 32 kgBy weight up to 50 KgExceed over 203 cm in size
Class of serviceEconomy, ComfortEconomy, Comfort, BusinessEconomy, Comfort, Business
Within European Russia and Asian Russia40 USD80 USD80 USD
Between Asian and European Russia48 USD96 USD96 USD

Aeroflot extra baggage fees for international flights

Excess faresBy weight up to 32 kgBy weight up to 50 KgExceed over 203 cm in size
Class of serviceEconomy, ComfortEconomy, Comfort, BusinessEconomy, Comfort, Business
USA/Canada125 USD200 USD200 USD
Mexico, the Caribbean, Seychelles, Tanzania, Mauritius,Asia132 USD210 USD210 USD
Europe/Middle East105 USD158 USD105 USD
Japan, China, Hong Kong, South Korea105 USD158 USD105 USD
All other international Routes147 USD221 USD147 USD

Aeroflot Airlines Allowed and Prohibited Items

Check out the items listed below which are allowed by Aeroflot Airlines: 

Baby powder, Baby food, Baby car seatMedications
Clothes, Handbags, Backpacks, Shoes, Wallets, BeltsStrollers, Wheelchair
AlcoholMakeup items
Hairdryer, Heating toolsMattress, Pillow covers, Bedsheets
Electronic devicesPower Banks, and Laptops

Check out the items listed below which are prohibited by Aeroflot Airlines: 

WeaponsExplosive materialToxic substances
Knives, scissorsChemicalsSharp objects
Liquefied gasses Aerosols containersAcidic substances
Magnetized materialCorrosive itemsFirearms
Radioactive substancesHighly-flammable materialsCompressed gasses

Aeroflot Airlines Baggage Policy for Infants

Aeroflot Airlines allows passengers to travel with their infants but must follow restrictions as per Aeroflot baggage policy. 

A set of rules are given below which passengers with infants must follow:

  • Babies under the age of two are not allowed to have any carry-on items.
  • Newborn babies should sit on the lap of the passenger who is carrying them.
  • You can bring a baby car seat or if you forget to bring it, the airline will arrange a car seat for your baby. 

Aeroflot Airlines Baggage Policy for Pets

According to Aeroflot baggage policy, you can bring pets, but you have to follow some distinct rules and regulations. Such as – 

Aeroflot Airlines Pets in Baggage
  • You can carry a pet only if the pet is under 8 kilos. 
  • If the pet is more than 12 kg, then the pet has to be kept in the cargo department in the aircraft. 
  • You will need a pet passport and a microchip detector is used to identify these pets. 

A list is given below of some pets that you can bring on the airlines:

FerretsDesert foxes
Dwarf hedgehogsLoris
Dwarf rabbitsMarmoset monkeys

To know more about the pet rules and guidelines, read our Aeroflot pet policy.

Aeroflot Airlines Baggage Allowances for lost/delayed luggage

Contact the airport authorities if you lost your luggage or your luggage is delayed by the airlines. All you have to do is  – 

  • You have to submit an online form to have your luggage investigated.
  • The luggage or the missing items will be investigated for 21 days after the complaint. 
  • If the luggage is not found within 21 days, you may get a written claim from the carrier. 
  • You will also get compensation for the missing luggage. 

The geography of Aeroflot Airlines is very extensive and has a lot of policies for every type of air carrier to make their travel easy and smooth. Each air carrier is guided by simple rules and regulations for luggage allowances. 

If you want more information about their policies, you can find them on their official website Aeroflot Airlines. You can also connect with the airport authorities and they will recommend in advance what you can plan to travel with them!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Aeroflot charge for extra baggage for flights within Russia?

For flights within Russia, passengers need to pay 55 USD for extra pieces of baggage.

For flights between European Russia and Asian Russia, passengers need to pay 74 USD as Aeroflot airlines extra baggage fees.

How much baggage is allowed in an Aeroflot cabin?

The amount of luggage you are permitted with Aeroflot depends on your ticket’s class; it is noted as 1PC/2PC/3PC on your ticket or passenger receipt.

Does Aeroflot charge for baggage?

Aeroflot airlines only charge for the excess baggage.

How can I add an additional piece of baggage with Aeroflot?

To obtain additional baggage, you must request through the Aeroflot Manage booking tab online. Or, call the airline’s customer service to add up to 24 hours prior to the departure.

How much baggage can I take with Aeroflot?

Each traveler is permitted two checked bags.

How many checked-in baggage are allowed with Aeroflot?

Regardless of the fare type, each passenger is allowed to bring 2 checked baggage.

How much excess baggage costs on an Aeroflot international flight?

For international flights, the Aeroflot baggage fee would be 125 USD if the weight of baggage exceeds 23 kg. Passengers need to pay 200 USD if the baggage weight is between 32 kg and 50 kg.

How to track Aeroflot lost baggage?

You can file a claim with Aeroflot airlines lost baggage team within 3 hours of your arrival. At the airport desk, the airline ask you to fill out an application to search for your lost or damaged baggage.

What would be the size of the carry-on bag with Aeroflot airlines?

The standard cabin luggage size for Aeroflot Airlines is 55 X 40 X 20 cm.

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