Aeromexico Check In Policy

To overcome the tiring and confusing timings under different check in systems, Aeromexico checkin optimizes the check in experience. The different options, requirements, benefits, and alternatives are listed in the Aeromexico checkin policy.

Refer to the information discussed below to get in-depth details on Aeromexico flight check in policy.

What are the Guidelines of Aeromexico Flight CheckIn Policy?

Aeromexico guides the passengers to follow the terms and conditions given below in the policy to enjoy a comfortable travel experience –

  • The reservation must be completed with online or offline payment. Keep note that for online payments, the bank authorization must be completed successfully.
  • For Aeromexico check in online and mobile check in, the mode of the ticket must be electronic or digital.
  • The Aeromexico checkin facilities are available only for flights operated by Aeromexico and Aeromexico Connect.
  • The routes covered for check in include confirmed flights for Mexico Domestic routes and international routes handled by Aeromexico Connect or Aeromexico.
  • Check in facility via online methods is not applicable for codeshare flights.
  • Ensure that all Fare classes, Fare types, and cabin classes must check in to board the flight.
  • To conduct check in Aeromexico flight online, keep note that the booking reservations must not include over four flight segments and six passengers per booking.
  • Passengers must connect with the airline staff before initiating check in for instances like Aeromexico Flight changes including date, name, routes, or fare changes.
  • The airline reserves the right to reassign Aeromexico seats without notice under unavoidable operational and functional concerns.
  • Travelers must reach the boarding gate area with the travel documents, identity card, and other appropriate personal proof at least 45 minutes before flight departure.
  • The Aeromexico staff and security personnel reserve the right to ask the passenger for a boarding pass, Government issued ID proofs, and other proofs as required.
  • The general Aeromexico checkin timings are listed below –
    • For check in within Mexico – Web check in is allowed up to 48 hours to 45 minutes before flight departure.
    • For check in for International Destinations – Web check in is available up to 24 hours to 60 minutes before flight departure.

What are the Guidelines for Travel Documents?

Some of the key guidelines regarding Aeromexico flight check in travel documents are listed below –

aeromexico early check in
  • Passengers must be vigilant to review and verify the information on the booked reservation before printing the boarding pass.
  • Aeromexico will not be responsible for printing errors due to printer errors, technical failures, electric outages, or other concerns that may arise. 
  • The printed documents must be printed fully. For printing errors or partial printing, passengers should try printing again.
  • Passengers can request document printing as per the following Aeromexico check-in timeline –
    • Mexican domestic flights – Between 24 hours and 2 hours before flight departure.
    • Aeromexico international check in time – Between 48 hours to 2 hours before flight departure.

What are the types of Check in methods opted by Aeromexico?

There are various check in methods provided by Aeromexico for the comfort and convenience of passengers. The popular check in mechanisms are listed below –

What is Aeromexico Online Check in?

Aeromexico flight check in Online is available for passengers from a wide array of locations including Amsterdam, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Charlotte, Filadelfia, Havana, Fort Lauderdale, New York – John F. Kennedy, and Ontario California to name a few. Note that –

  • Aeromexico web check in can be used:
    • 24 hours before any international flight departure.
    • 48 hours before the domestic flight’s scheduled departure.
  • Aeromexico web check in is available for other partner airlines at specific airports.

What is Aeromexico Mobile Check in?

  • The Aeromexico mobile check in timings is as follows –
    • Mobile app check in time for domestic flights – Up to 48 hours before flight departure.
    • Mobile app check in time for international flights – 24 hours before flight departure.
  • Some domestic locations that allow digital boarding pass in include Acapulco, Bajio/Leon, Chihuahua, Hermosillo, Guadalajara, Veracruz, Zacatecas, and Torreon.
  • Destinations that allow digital boarding passes with Aeromexico partner airlines include Delta – San Antonio, Air France – Paris, KLM – Amsterdam, Delta – Tokyo, and Delta – Ontario, Calif.
  • International locations allowing Mobile Digital Boarding pass include Lima, Bogota, Barcelona, Cabo San Lucas, Montreal, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Orlando.

NOTE – Refer to the official website to gain access to other domestic, international, and partner airline destinations that allow digital mobile boarding passes.

Which passengers are not allowed to use Web Check in and Mobile Check in?

Following passengers cannot request web check in Aeromexico and must head to the Aeromexico counters at the departure airport for check in and avail of other facilities.

  • Passengers requiring special assistance like wheelchairs, oxygen usage, etc.
  • Passengers traveling with pets.

What is Aeromexico Kiosk Check in?

Aeromexico kiosk counters are available in a vast majority of airports to complete check in flight Aeromexico. Note that –

aeromexico kiosk check in
  • The airport kiosk counter check in is available up to 60 minutes before the anticipated flight departure.
  • The airports that allow kiosk counter check in include – Atlanta, Dallas, Fort Worth, Montreal, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Los Cabos, Las Vegas, etc.
  • You can also find check in kiosk stands at some locations like Ciudad Juarez, Culiacan, Chihuahua, and Tampico.

What is Aeromexico Airport Check in?

Aeromexico airport check in is excellent for passengers with special assistance and guidance during domestic and international routes. Also –

  • Airport check in is available up to three hours before the flight departure time.
  • Make sure to reach the airport timely within the following time period –
    • Check in Time for Domestic Flight – 2 hours before flight time.
    • Aeromexico international flight check in – 3 hours before the scheduled departure flight.
  • Airport check in is ideal for passengers that qualify the below-mentioned criteria –
  • Booking reservations with more than six travelers
    • Passengers on codeshare flights
    • Flights constituting four or more segments
    • Passengers with special assistance requiring Oxygen use, wheelchair assistance, or assistance for infants traveling alone and/ or flying with pets.

NOTE – Head to the official website for more details on passengers requiring special assistance and other facilities allowed by the airline.

What are the Travel Documents for Various Aeromexico Flight Routes?

Passengers are mandated to submit certain documents to Aeromexico Airlines. Add to that –

  • It is done to verify the passenger’s name, and identity proof, and make necessary arrangements for passengers with special needs.
  • The document requirements for minors traveling alone may differ from adult document requirements. Head to the official website for more details.

Here are the prerequisites and important documents to be submitted to the airline representatives –

  • Documents for Domestic Travel

Following documents are important for Passengers Flying Domestically –

Documents for Domestic Travel
Mexican Nationality CertificateMilitary ID
FM3 with photo proofValid Driver’s License
INSEN IDMilitary Service letter
Current PassportConsular ID and Professional ID
IMSS Credential with photoNeighborhood Letter with proof like the photo, letterhead, and municipal seal
Valid voter IDCongressional ID
  • Documents for International Travel –
  • Head to the official website for Aeromexico airports allowing Mobile Passport Control.
  • Locations like North America, Central America, South America, Europe, and Asia, have specific document requirements.
  • Head to the embassies and Immigration authorities for destinations to get access to the documents.

NOTE – Passengers may have to present additional documents when traveling between the USA and Cuba. Present necessary documents after contacting the airline.

How Can You Check in for an Aeromexico Flight?

There are various types of check in methods for Aeromexico flight check in. You can use the check in to check in, print and download boarding passes or address other concerns like Aeromexico flight cancellation policy.

Take a look at the best check in methods and get boarding passes accordingly –

How to request Web Check in with Aeromexico flights?

Aeromexico web check in online can be requested following the steps given below –

  • Head to the official website.
  • In the menu, you will find the option – “Check in”.
  • Enter the reservation or the ticket number and the last name of the passenger to access the flight details.
Aeromexico Online check in
This screenshot has been captured from the official website of Aeromexico Airlines.
  • You can also check in by using the e-ticket and last name or enter the frequent flier number or frequent flier program details, and last name.
  • Click “Find Reservation” and choose the desired flight.
  • Enter personal details like the full passenger name, residence, and other details like travel documents and other government-issued ID proofs.
  • For domestic flights, details like email address, aeromexico check in phone number, and the gender is important to include for check in.
  • For international flights, enter details like gender, country of residency, DOB, phone number, passport, emergency contacts, destination address, and VISA.
  • You may have to fill in important fields like the return date, and type of trip, and provide the necessary documents.
  • You can choose services like special meals, add bags, and preferred seating to the reservation booking.
  • The airline will process the check in request.
  • You can obtain the Aeromexico boarding pass online once you complete the web check in.

How to request Aeromexico Mobile Check in?

Aeromexico web check in mobile is an excellent alternative to web check in. Developments in technologies and easy access to the internet make mobile check in accessible to remote passengers.

Aeromexico check in App
The authorized website of Aeromexico Airlines is the source of this screenshot.
  • You can use following options for Aeromexico online check in mobile –
    • Reservation code (6-digit code) and last name
    • Your frequent flier number and password (If the previously taken trip is saved in the system).
  • Once you log in to your device, choose “Check in”.
  • Select the number of passengers you wish to check in.
  • Refer to the travel requirements and the boarding process specific to domestic and international flights.
  • For domestic travel, provide details like gender, email address, and phone number, or provide the Club Premier Membership number for frequent flyers.
  • For international travel, enter details like gender, DOB, emergency numbers, country of residency, phone number, destination address, passport, and VISA.
  • You may also have to provide information like the Type of trip, the Return date of the journey, and other personal documents for international journeys.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and choose the preferred meals, and sitting choices on the aircraft, or add extras like flight insurance, Vuela Verde, and Insurance.
  • Once you complete check in requirements, you can access the aeromexico mobile boarding pass via application, email, or Apple Wallet.

NOTE – For flights to the USA, passengers can use the QR code to show at the airport counter to retrieve booking details and board the aircraft.

How to request the Aeromexico Kiosk counter for check in?

Passengers can head to the kiosk counters and complete the check in requirements within the airline guidelines. Follow the given steps to request kiosk check in –

  • The automated kiosk check in starts three hours before the anticipated flight departure time.
  • It is recommended to complete check in, security screening, and other requirements timely to ensure you can board the flight on time.
  • To complete check in, choose Web check in at one of the kiosk counters, and enter the PNR and the other necessary information to gain access to the flights.
  • You can request meals and other special facilities and services as required.
  • The airline will process the check in request. You can download and request an aeromexico print boarding pass request and head to the boarding gate area.

How to request an Aeromexico Flight Check in at the Airport Counter?

Airport check in is one of the most preferred methods among travelers. It is ideal for those with special needs, document verification, or special requests. Follow these steps-

aeromexico check in time
  • Head to the airport check counter up to 2 hours before the flight time for an efficient process.
  • Provide details like the confirmation number, E-ticket number, Frequent flier number, and the last name of the passenger.
  • Once the airline staff can access the flight details, provide the personal details and the travel documents.
  • You can request special facilities or services, if applicable.
  • Once the check in request is complete, you will receive the boarding pass.
  • Head to the boarding departure gate area with the Aeromexico electronic boarding pass or printed pass.

How do I connect with Aeromexico Airlines social media platforms for Queries?

Aeromexico airline is available on a wide array of social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and a Youtube channel. You can connect with the airline representatives for Aeromexico airline pet policy, check in requirements, and restrictions.

Take a look at the social media platforms for Aeromexico check in and other queries-

Social Media PlatformsSocial Media Profile URL/ Link

What is the Aeromexico Boarding Process?

Passengers receive the Aeromexico boarding pass once they complete check in using their preferred online and offline methods. In addition to that –

  • Passengers can share the boarding pass, forward it via email, or add the pass to the Apple Wallet for iOS devices.
  • Ensure that the boarding pass Aeromexico include important details like –
    • Boarding zones
    • Terminal number and names
    • Passenger number
    • Reservation code/ E-ticket number
    • Flight number
    • QR code
    • Origin and destination/ Arrival airport details
    • Gate number/ Boarding gate
    • Seat number
    • Departure time of the flight

What is Aeromexico Boarding and Check in Timeline?

The Aeromexico check in time is listed below –

Type of TravelerDomestic Flights (Within Mexico)International Flights
With Checked BagWithout Checked LuggageWith Checked BagWithout Checked Luggage
Without boarding pass2 hours (120 minutes) before flight departure90 minutes before the scheduled departure3 hours (180 minutes) before the flight departure –
With boarding pass (Digital Boarding also applicable)90 minutes before the flight departure30 minutes before flight departure90 minutes before the flight departure40 minutes before flight departure

NOTE – Connect with the airline for updated check in timeline and boarding deadlines prescribed by the airline.

Passengers can make decisions based on the information discussed above when they want to check in for any flight. Aeromexico flight check in makes the journey easy and enjoyable for the passengers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to check in online with AeroMexico?

Aeromexico online check in is not compulsory. However, online check in is convenient and allows travelers to conduct check in up to 60 minutes before the flight departure.

Do I need to print my boarding pass AeroMexico?

No, you may not print the boarding pass for airports that allow digital boarding passes. Otherwise, print the boarding passes before heading out to the airport.

How to get boarding pass on AeroMexico?

Once the fliers conduct check in using the confirmation number, and the last name via online and offline methods, the airline issues boarding passes on the page.

Why can’t I check in online AeroMexico?

Online check in is not admissible for passengers traveling with pets, with unaccompanied minors, or those requiring special needs and guidance.

When should I check-in for AeroMexico flight?

You can check in between 48 hours and 45 minutes for domestic flights and 24 hours and 60 minutes for international flights.

Does AeroMexico allow online check-in?

Yes, Aeromexico allows online check in for passengers on domestic and international travel and provides the boarding pass after completion via email.

How early do I have to be at the airport for an international flight AeroMexico?

It is recommended to reach the airport up to three hours before the estimated flight departure to complete check in and security screening requirements.

When can I check-in online with AeroMexico?

Online check in is available up to 24 hours before flight time for international flights and up to 48 hours before flight for domestic flights.

Can you check-in on the AeroMexico app?

Yes, the Aeromexico app check-in requires providing the e-ticket or confirmation number and the last name and downloading the boarding pass from the app.

Where is AeroMexico check-in?

Aeromexico check in is available at the airport counters to complete check in, make special requests, and obtain the boarding pass.

How early can you check-in for Mexico flight AeroMexico?

You can check in between 48 hours up to 45 minutes depending on the route and type of travel – Domestic and International.

How to check in Aeromexico?

You can check with Aeromexico via online methods – Website and Mobile app and offline methods – Airport ticket counter and Kiosk counters.

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