Aeromexico Pet Policy

Nowadays, travelers with their pets prefer to travel by air routes. Since different airlines are offering several pet travel features, it has become easier to fly. To further enhance this feature, Aeromexico has given a separate pet policy, suitable for its fliers. This Aeromexico pet policy allows them to conveniently travel with their furry companions. In order to be able to carry your pets without any hassle, it is important to have a clear comprehension of this policy.

Basic Terms of the Aeromexico Pet Policy

When flying with a particular airline, it is important to comprehend the rules and regulations determined by the said carrier. Similarly, when you wish to bring animals on board, it is necessary to adhere to the conditions of the Aeromexico pet travel policy. 

By doing so, you can ensure the safety of your pet at its best. These regulations are applicable to all types of pet transport, both cabin and cargo travel. Additionally, passengers flying to both national and international destinations will have to obey these terms, in order to board their flights without any trouble.

In this regard, some of the main terms of the policy are as explained below: 

  • The pet travel service will only be available for passengers who have booked their tickets on official reservations made through the legitimate sources of this carrier. These can include both online and offline ticketing options. 
  • On this airline, you will be able to carry your pet either as cabin or cargo baggage. The option to check in your pet is provided as well. 
  • Generally, cats, dogs, and birds can be carried on this airline without any hassle. 
  • To be able to seek approval for the transport of your animals, you will have to meet the Aeromexico pet requirements. These can include certain weight and size requirements/limitations. 
  • Each pet will have to be kept in a particular crate or carriage. Hence, the airline has determined certain crate requirements. 
  • The reservation has to be made before booking your ticket. Last-minute pet requests might not be accepted by the air operator.
  • Valid documentation has to be submitted to the air authorities when making a pet travel reservation. 
  • The airline permits the travel of service animals. However, the rules of the Aeromexico Airlines pet policy for these might differ from those of regular animals. 
  • Payment of a certain fee is required for booking the pet transport service. 
  • Usually, your animal will be transported on the same flight as you. 

Note: Sometimes, these terms may be updated by the carrier. To stay informed, you can visit the official site ““. This site can be used for other purposes as well. For example, checking your reservation status, knowing the Aeromexico name correction policy, and flight change policy among other things. 

Aeromexico Pet-in-Cabin Policy

In-cabin animals refer to those who can be brought inside the aircraft. These are generally considered under the category of carry-on luggage. They can be carried as a part of your carry-on baggage. However, certain regulations apply to these Aeromexico pets in the cabin. 

Since bringing animals on board requires a safe environment, the airline requires all pet owners to follow these guidelines for their overall well-being. They relate to the size and weight of the animal, its crate, and the breed. If you are looking to utilize the in-cabin pet travel service, then you ought to know these conditions beforehand. 

Aeromexico Pet Policy Guidelines for Traveling in Cabin

Before you make a reservation on this airline for your pet, you must go through some basic guidelines for your safety. You can continue with the Aeromexico pet in cabin booking if you meet all of these conditions. 

The following points highlight some of these essential regulations: 

  • This air carrier allows only cats and dogs to be brought inside the flight as cabin baggage. 
  • The in-cabin transport service will only be made available on certain flights whose duration does not exceed more than 6 hours. 
  • To get appropriate approval for your pet, it must be 8 weeks or older. 
  • Animals that are too young to travel will be rejected by the carrier. Breastfeeding animals will not be accepted. 
  • Importantly, the Aeromexico pet transport service will not be accessible to those animals which are in the middle of receiving any kind of veterinary treatment. 
  • The maximum number of pets allowed to fly on each flight varies as per their accommodation on the aircraft. On E-190 aircraft, passengers can bring a total number of 3 pets, 2 in the Tourist class and 1 in the Premier class. 
  • On 737-700 Y aircraft, a total of 6 pets can be brought, 4 in the Tourist class and 2 in the Premier class. 
  • A maximum of 4 pets will be allowed in the Tourist class of 787-8 aircraft. This aircraft does not have space in the Premier class to accommodate the facilitation of animals. 

Note: These aforementioned pet-in-cabin rules on Aeromexico are applicable to different routes like CUN, MTY, JFK LAX, and BOG. 

Weight and Size Restrictions of In-Cabin Animals

An aircraft will only be able to bear a certain amount of weight. That is why there are weight limits set by the airline to bring your carry-on baggage. Similarly, your in-cabin animal cannot exceed a certain weight limit. Along with weight restrictions, there are Aeromexico pet carrier size limitations. These details are elaborated here: 

  • Your pet should be under 9 kg or 20 lbs to fly as in-cabin. This includes the weight of both the container and the animal. 
  • The maximum dimensions of the Aeromexico pet carrier can be 40 cm * 30 cm * 20 cm or 16 in * 12 in * 8 inches in terms of width, length, and height respectively. 
  • Sometimes, the weight limit of the pet can change depending on your end destination. In such cases, the carrier will inform you at the time of booking. 

Note: Animals exceeding the given weight and size limits will not be able to enjoy the pet travel service. 

Aeromexico In-Cabin Animal Restrictions

Apart from just weight and size restrictions, the in-cabin pet policy has determined other limitations as well. These restrictions mainly relate to the safety of the animals. They are implemented by the air operator to make sure that all pets flying experience a secure trip. 

Given below are the prohibitions to be followed while choosing the Aeromexico service for flying with pets: 

  1. The animal must be kept in the container or the crate before, after, and during flight hours. 
  2. A PETC (Pet in the cabin) label must be attached to the crate of your animal, at all times. 
  3. The owner of the pet must be in charge of the animal when using the ‘Salon Premier lounge before boarding the flight. 
  4. You will have to pay the Aeromexico pet fee without fail. Otherwise, you will not be permitted to bring your animal on board. 
  5. Owners can only feed their pets before the flight takes off. They will be prohibited from giving food or water to the animals during their journey. 
  6. Each passenger will be allowed to carry only one animal on the aircraft. 
  7. Animals cannot occupy the seats even if they are empty. 
  8. Only window seats will be assigned to passengers flying with their animals except on bulkhead rows. On Embraer 190 aircraft, an aisle seat can be assigned as well. 
  9. The pillows and blankets provided inside the airplane are meant exclusively for passengers, not for the use of pets on the flight.
  10. As per the Aeromexico pet policy, it is mandatory to first use oxygen for the passenger and not the animal in case of any emergencies. 
  11. Animal containers must be stored under the passenger’s seat. They can be kept opposite to the owner as well. 
  12. Your seat will be changed in case the passenger next to you is allergic to animals. When there are no extra seats available, your flight will be changed. However, you will not be entitled to receive any compensation due to these modifications. 
  13. Minors, especially unaccompanied minors, will not be permitted to fly with any pets. 
  14. The in-cabin animal transport feature may not be available on connecting flights where another airline is involved. You will have to check the animal policy of the second airline. 

Note: While carrying pets on board, it is the duty of the owner to clean up after their animal. This is a basic responsibility that goes unsaid. 

Crate Requirements for In-Cabin Animals

The airline only approves of crates or carriages that are safe and secure to use on the flight. For this reason, you will have to make certain that the crate you choose meets all the necessary conditions. Transporting your animal in a proper container is one of the most important Aeromexico pet travel requirements. 

Given below is a list of regulations that you will have to adhere to: 

  • The container in which the animal is placed must be soft and flexible. It can have a plastic pouch as well. 
  • The inside of the crate must be lined with absorbent material. This can be a one-piece material. 
  • Your pet should be able to freely move, lie down and turn. The container must not be suffocating and should have adequate ventilation for the safety of your pet. 
  • In case any part of the container is damaged or broken, it will not be accepted for Aeromexico pet shipping. 

Your animal cannot be left free during any part of the journey. It should remain in the crate throughout the entire course of the flight. Hence, you are advised to select a good container with all the proper facilities. 

Aeromexico Pet Check-In Policy

All the animals that are not accepted under cabin baggage due to their weight can be transported as checked luggage. Under the Aeromexico pet check in policy, the animal will be transported on the same aircraft as its owner. 

The temperature and pressure conditions in the check-in storage area are similar to those in the flight cabin. The only difference is that you will not be able to contact your animal when shipping it as checked baggage. However, some conditions do differ. These are explained below. 

Check-In for Pets and Travel Guidelines:

Transporting your pets as checked luggage is relatively an elaborate process. Hence, you need to follow the given guidelines when you wish to opt for the Aeromexico travel with pets checked baggage service: 

Check-In for Pets and Travel Guidelines
  • Cats, dogs, and also birds can be registered under this feature. However, reptiles, rodents, and fish will not be accepted. 
  • Passengers with check-in pet travel reservations should be present at the airport at least 3 hours before the flight’s departure. 
  • Pets flying as checked baggage are not considered under the general luggage allowance. This means that a separate pet travel fee will have to be paid to the airline. 
  • The airline agents will examine the pet container at the time of check-in and boarding. 
  • In case your animal depicts any signs of aggressive behavior, irritation or abrupt movements after checking in, it will not be permitted to fly as per the Aeromexico pet policy. 

Weight and Size Limitations for Check-In Animals

Just as the cabin animals, even pets flying as checked luggage will have to obey certain weight and size limitations. These are as given below: 

  • Pets in the check-in hold cannot weigh more than 45 kg or 99 lbs. 
  • The pet policy Aeromexico allows animal crates for up to the dimensions of 100 cm * 90 cm * 80 cm or 40 in * 36 in * 32 inches in terms of length, width, and height, respectively. A maximum of 8 animals can be transported on this aircraft. 
  • On B 737-700 and B-737-MAX-9 flights, the maximum allowed dimensions to be carried in terms of length, width and height include 120 cm * 110 cm * 90 cm or 48 in * 44 in * 36 in. A total of 10 pets can be accepted on these flights. 
  • In the case of birds, 4 birds or cocks can be kept in one container. 

Note: The cargo service of the airline may become available to those pets which weigh more than the mentioned weight limits. 

Restrictions of the Aeromexico Pet Check-In Policy

Mostly, the check-in pet travel feature is utilized on international flights. Due to this, the Aeromexico pet travel international policy has determined certain restrictions to protect the animals from any kind of danger or harm. These are mentioned here as follows: 

  • For the animals being shipped as checked baggage, food can be served only once during the entire journey. 
  • The availability of the check-in animal transport service depends on the temperature conditions of the arrival and departure airports. Hence, animals will not be allowed to fly when the temperature falls below 7°C or rises above 30°C. 
  • In case your flight itinerary includes any connecting flights or stopovers, you may not be able to use this type of pet travel service. 

Aside from these general restrictions, it is important to look at several breed restrictions as well. Certain breeds of animals, be they cats or dogs, are not suitable for flying on this operator. This might be due to their inherent health conditions or their size. 

Therefore, the Aeromexico pet policy prohibits the following brachycephalic pets from flying. These are also called snub-nosed or short-nosed animals, as shown below: 

Cavalier King CharlesEnglish Toy Spaniel
Dogo ArgentinoChow-Chow
Dogo de BurdeosJapanese Spaniel
Grifón de BruselasBichon Maltese
Lhasa-apsoPug (all races)
Mastiff / Mastin (all races)Newfoundland
AffenpinscherAmerican Staffordshire Terrier
Boston TerrierBrussels griffon
Boxer (all races)Bull dog (all races)
Bull MastiffPekinese
San BernardoShar-Pei
Shih-TzuSpaniel inglés nano
Spaniel TibetanYorkshire terrier
Cavalier Spaniel

Prohibitions are imposed on the following breeds of cats: 

  • Burmese
  • Exotic Shorthair
  • Himalayo
  • Persa.

Generally, some restrictions may be imposed on the transport of flight cocks when it comes to birds. Some destinations may not allow specific breeds of birds that might not have been mentioned above. These conditions are to be followed when selecting the Aeromexico traveling with pets feature. 

You can know more about which birds or pets are prohibited by navigating the official website of Aeromexico Airlines.

Aeromexico Check-In Pets Crate Requirements:

When flying under checked baggage, the pet owner will not be in direct contact with the animal. Hence, the crate requirements are to be taken care of beforehand. This will help in securing the safety of your animals. These requirements are as given below:

  • The container should be constructed with a hard or stable material to support the pet on the flight.
  • It should have lifting handles. This will help the passenger to easily carry their animals. 
  • The design of the container must be filtration-free. 
  • This airline will only accept Aeromexico pet friendly containers. Therefore, there should be enough ventilation in the crate allowing the animal to easily breathe without suffocating. 

Note: The other requirements of the pet container for checked baggage are similar to those mentioned under the carry-on baggage policy. 

Aeromexico Pet Policy Cargo

Cargo transport means that your animal will be transported in the hold. The Aeromexico pet cargo service is generally used when pets are to be shipped alone without any company. The animals, upon reaching the arrival destination, can be collected by the owner. A separate fee can be charged for accessing this service. 

The weight and size limitations and the general guidelines remain the same as for the check-in pet travel service. The breed restrictions are also the same. However, the cargo facility may not be available in some countries and regions. For this information, you can check with the airline before confirming your ticket. 

Note: Aeromexico cargo pets will have to be shipped in a proper crate to use the service. Hence, the crate requirements that are mentioned in the earlier sections apply here as well. Also, in case your pet is traveling alone, its food and water necessities will be taken care of by the respective animal handlers. 

Flying With Service Animals On Aeromexico

This airline accepts both service animals and emotional support animals onboard. Both these types of pets provide physical or mental comfort to their owners. This initiative of the Aeromexico pet policy makes flying more comfortable and convenient for passengers with disabilities on the flight. 

The rules for flying with service animals may slightly differ from those for emotional support pets. These are as described below. 

Rules for Service Animals:

These animals mainly provide assistance to blind and deaf travelers. They are also trained to offer support in case of seizures or any other motor disabilities. The rules for traveling with these pets are given below: 

  • Only dogs will be accepted as service pets. They must be kept on a leash and should have an identification card or a bag. 
  • The size of the animal plays an important role in deciding whether it will be approved or not to be traveled. The animal cannot be younger than 8 weeks. 
  • Animals traveling under the service pet category of the Aeromexico pet transport facility must be checked in at least 2 hours before the flight’s departure. 
  • No fee will be charged for the transport of these pets. 
  • These animals must be seated near the owner’s feet throughout the flight. They must also be well-behaved and obey orders as per their owner’s instructions. 
  • A certain weight limit has not been determined for service pets. However, irrespective of their weight and size, they will not be allowed to occupy a seat. 
  • A vaccination proof and a training certificate have to be submitted to the carrier. This is to ensure that the animal is sufficiently trained to provide the needed assistance. 

Emotional Support Animals Rules:

These animals provide company and thus, emotional assistance to their owners, They offer support in case of depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders. Under the Aeromexico pet policy, the following guidelines apply to the transport of these pets: 

  • The owner must submit a valid certificate from a licensed psychiatrist that they require the assistance and company of the emotional support pet. 
  • The weight limit for these animals should be under 12 kg or 16 lbs. The container should not exceed 22 in length * 12 in height. 
  • Each passenger will be able to fly with only one emotional support pet except when traveling to the US. 
  • The animal cannot be fed during the flight. 
  • It is not mandatory to keep the guide animal in a pet container if it is properly trained. 

Note: According to the Aeromexico pet travel international policy, the service animals must travel on connecting flights if they are included in the original itinerary. 

Documents Required for Flying With Pets On Aeromexico

Before you can book an Aeromexico pet travel reservation, you will first have to get approval from the airline authorities. In order to get this approval, you will have to submit certain documents and certifications. These certificates may include medical reports and pet passports as well. 

The list of needed documents is given below: 

  • Valid vaccination certificate
  • General medical reports including the Certificate of Good Health 
  • Rabies vaccination certificate for dogs 
  • Pet passports ( on some destinations) 
  • CDC required documents when traveling to the US
  • Health certificate as issued by the origin country’

Other than these basic certificates, some countries might require other specific documentation, as well. You can refer to the official site’s page to know more information on this. 

Aeromexico Pet Travel Fee

The Aeromexico pet shipping fee applies to all animals except service pets. You will be obliged to pay the charges for transporting your animals as check-in, carry on or cargo luggage. This fee can vary depending on the flight’s itinerary, time of pet travel you choose, arrival destination, time of the request, seasonal demand, and space availability. 

The average fee for carry-on pet travel is as follows: 

  • On domestic flights, a fee of about MXN 1350 or USD 68 will be incurred during the low season. During the high season, these charges can be up to MXN 1700 or USD 85. 
  • On international flights, the Aeromexico pet carrier fee is USD 162 during the low season. During the high season, the fee may fluctuate to USD 168.

The fee for check-in pet transport is as follows: 

  • The fee on domestic flights during the low season is MXN 1600 or USD 80. It reaches up to MXN 1950 or USD 98 during the high season. 
  • You will have to pay about USD 253 on international flights during the high season which might go up to USD 258. 

This Aeromexico pet fee includes taxes on domestic flights. Passengers need not pay them separately. 

Summing Up, 

The Aeromexico pet policy is quite liberal in its approach. It permits its customers to transport pets through all the different means available. It makes clear the restrictions and regulations. The airline facilitates smooth journeys for your animals by ensuring their safety. The process of transporting your pets with utmost safety and protection. Overall, this airline is a good option in case you are looking to fly with your pet.

FAQs- Aeromexico Pet Policy

Does Aeromexico allow pets?

The Aeromexico pet policy allows the transport of certain animals onboard. Pets can be brought inside the flight as cabin baggage. Otherwise, you can transport them as checked baggage or ship them in the hold as cargo luggage. In all these situations, a separate pet travel fee will have to be paid to the airline.

Does Aeromexico allow pets in cabin?

Yes, passengers can bring pets inside the cabin on this airline. Cats and dogs are eligible for cabin transport. To reserve a spot, you will have to book your ticket well in advance since this feature is subject to space availability. Further, you will be required to show up at the airport well before your flight’s departure.

Can I carry pets for free on Aeromexico?

This airline charges a fee for the transport of animals. The Aeromexico pet fee is applicable in all types of pet transport except for service animals. Service animals and emotional support pets can travel for free. Other than this, the pet fee depends on the destination, the size of your animal, and the flight itinerary.

What are the Aeromexico pet travel requirements?

To carry pets on this airline, owners have to meet various requirements concerning the weight of the animal and its crate. The pet’s crate must be made with stable material and it should not be damaged. The animal must not be able to escape. It should provide enough space for the cat/dog to comfortably move and lie down.

What is the Aeromexico in-cabin pet weight limit?

The weight limit for in-cabin animals should be under 9 kg or 20 lbs. This weight takes into account the combined weight of the pet and the crate. The Aeromexico pet carrier size limit for in-cabin animals includes 40 cm * 30 cm * 20 cm or 16 in * 12 in * 8 inches in terms of width, length, and height respectively.

How to add my pet to the Aeromexico ticket?

To make an Aeromexico pet travel reservation, you will have to contact the airline authorities at the toll-free number found on the carrier’s site. Inform the agents that you wish to bring your pet. Give all the necessary details including the breed, size, and weight, of your animal. Pay the required fee and your pet will be added to your booking.

How many animals can I bring on my Aeromexico flight?

The number of animals allowed depends on the type of travel method. In the case of in-cabin service, about 4 to 6 pets will be allowed based on the aircraft type. Under the check-in Aeromexico pet transport facility, you can bring about 8 to 10 pets in total. Passengers can always confirm the maximum limit by contacting the airline agents.

Can I bring my pug on Aeromexico?

Your pug may not be accepted to travel by this airline. There are certain breeds of dogs and cats which are restricted under the Aermoexico pet in cabin policy. This is because these animals are prone to higher risks. Some of these breeds of animals may include Cavalier King Charle, Dogo Argentino, Dogo de Burdeos, Grifón de Bruselas, and Japanese Spaniel.

Am I allowed to bring service animals on Aeromexico?

Passengers with some physical and mental disabilities will be permitted to bring along their service animals. As per the Aeromexico pet travel policy, no additional fee has to be paid for the transport of these pets. However, valid documentation needs to be provided that your animal is well-trained and well equipped to offer the needed assistance.

What is the Aeromexico pet cargo policy?

On this airline, animals can be shipped in the hold as cargo luggage. These animals generally travel alone without the company of their owners. You will have to call the airline to book this service. Afterward, the animal can be collected at the arrival airport. The cargo shipping fee will have to be paid separately.

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