Air Arabia Name Change Policy

When traveling by air, a passenger will be under the obligation to meet various conditions of the airline. One such criterion includes entering the correct name of the passenger during reservation. In case of any errors, travelers will be required to change their names. To make this process simple, Air Arabia has given a comprehensive name change policy. The Air Arabia name change policy allows the customers to modify and correct their name as per their requirements. Hence, a good understanding of this policy can help you to complete the name change process easily. 

What Is The Air Arabia Name Change Policy? 

This is a policy that determines the rules and regulations of name modification of Air Arabia Airlines. It lays down the procedure to correct the errors in the passenger’s name. It facilitates the flyer to alter their name in case of spelling mistakes, last name additions, and changes in the maiden name. The different ways to access the Air Arabia passenger name change option are also disclosed by this policy. Therefore, this policy is also designed to enable smooth processing of the name change procedure. 

Rules To Change/Correct Name On Air Arabia Airlines

The Air Arabia change name policy gives certain rules for initiating the name modification process. Adhering to these rules is essential to both the passengers and the authorities. These regulations apply to both name corrections and changes. Given below are some of such important rules that needs to be abided by the flyers as well as the airline: 

  • All the flight reservations made directly using the Air Arabia website will be eligible for making modifications and corrections in the name. 
  • Changes and corrections can be made to the traveler’s surname and middle name. 
  • The name change request must be made at least 24 hours before boarding the flight. Any last-minute requests and changes may not be encouraged by the airline. 
  • Members holding the Air Rewards Account of this carrier will also be permitted to modify their names. However, this process may differ from the regular name change procedure. 
  • Any tickets booked with the Air Arabia Maroc will not be qualified to use the name change feature. 
  • Based on the status of the reservation, an additional fee may be charged for the modification of the name on your ticket. This fee may include a fare difference as well. 
  • This policy can allow minor corrections to the passenger’s name limited to only single characters. 
  • Sometimes, passengers may need to submit certain documents including their passport for the implementation of the Air Arabia name change process. 

Note: Some of the terms and conditions may change based on the circumstances. You can visit the main website of the carrier for any new updates. 

How To Change Your Name On an Air Arabia Ticket? 

There are different methods the passengers can undertake to modify their names on Air Arabia Airlines. This air company provides online options by navigating to its official website and offline methods via contacting customer care. Some travelers can also modify their names using the email option. Hence, you can go through any of these methods to utilize the Air Arabia passenger name change feature. 

Method 1: Name Change Via Air Arabia Website 

This is the most commonly used online option for Air Arabia name change. This is the most suitable option used by travelers in the case of the international itinerary. It mainly caters to those flyers who are accustomed to using the internet and online sites. This online method proves to be efficient and convenient as it is open for use at any time. 

For opting this method, you can go to the “Modify Flight” section on the airline’s official site. The steps below explain how to change name in Air Arabia ticket using the online site in detail: 

  • Initially, open the link “” through your web browser. 
  • On the homepage of the site, you will find a panel of tabs situated on the top right. Here, just go to the “Manage” section. 
  • In the drop-down list, select the “Modify Flight” option under the “Modify/Cancel” heading. 
  • You will now be redirected to the Manage Booking page. Here, by entering the details like “Reservation Number”, “Contact Person Last Name” and “Departure Date”, you can retrieve your booking. Click on the “Continue” button after submitting these details. 
  • Now, select the ticket on which you wish to modify your name and use the Air Arabia name change option to make the desired alterations. 
  • Complete the procedure by paying the name change fee, if necessary. 

Note: You may receive a confirmation email after the completion of the online name change process. 

Method 2: Name Change Via Air Arabia Customer Care 

You can easily request to change your name using the customer care number of this airline. For this, you may connect with the call center or sales office of Air Arabia. This option enables a quick response from the authorities. This method can also be hassle-free and effective for passengers as the customer care department itself will make the appropriate name changes on the ticket. 

The contact numbers to connect with the call centers vary depending on your region. For obtaining this number, open the “Contact Us” tab under the “Customer Service” section of the website. You can also try the general toll-free number 866-888-8764. Upon reaching the agent, you need to do the following:

  • Inform them of your request to change or correct your name along with the reason to do so. 
  • Provide all the enquired details like the ticket number and the passenger name. 
  • After scrutiny, the agent will complete your Air Arabia change name request. 
  • Clarify any doubts if you have any and continue by paying the service charges when asked. 

Method 3: Name Modification Via The Email Option 

The Air Arabia name change though email feature is mainly available to the users of the AirRewards Account. AirRewards is a loyalty program offered to the frequent flying customers of this carrier. Through this program, you can avail of various benefits like cash back, discounts, and offers. To change or update your name on the tickets booked via this program, you can follow the given procedure: 

  • Open your g-mail account and compose a mail from your registered ID to the address
  • Clearly explain your reason to change or update your name on the reservation ticket. 
  • Provide all your personal details including your full name. Also, submit your flight details like the reference code and the booking ticket number. 
  • You will have to attach the photo of the main page of your passport as well to confirm the name change process. 
  • After sending the mail, the authorities will get back to you and soon complete your request. 

Air Arabia Name Change Fee

The cost to change your name on an Air Arabia ticket mainly depends on the confirmation of your booking. In case your reservation is not yet confirmed, you can change your name for free. When your booking is confirmed and paid for, you will have to pay the following charges for name alteration: 

  • AED 350 or USD 95 on Air Arabia Sharjah and Abu Dhabi reservations. 
  • EGP 600 or USD 32 on Air Arabia Egypt reservations. 

Note: On certain tickets, a difference of fare may also become payable for accessing the Air Arabia name change. 

Bottom Line 

The name change policy of Air Arabia is inclusive and meets the needs of various types of customers. It is easy to understand and explains clearly how to change name in Air Arabia ticket. Further, this policy benefits the customers by charging a minimal name change fee and providing various options to correct and change their names. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Air Arabia allow name changes after reservation?

Yes, by using the Air Arabia change name feature, you will be able to modify your name after making a reservation on this airline. You can make both minor and major modifications to your name on the ticket. These modifications may include correction of misspellings, minor additions to the last name, and changing of surnames. 

How to change name in Air Arabia ticket online?

For altering your name on an Air Arabia ticket, you can choose either the online option or the offline method. For the former, you will have to visit the official website of the carrier and go to the “Modify Flight” tab under the “Manage” section. Enter all the necessary details as per the Air Arabia name change policy and follow the instructions displayed on the screen to change your name on the ticket. 

How to contact customer care to change my name on Air Arabia?

For the offline procedure of Air Arabia passenger name change, go to the “Contact Us” section. This tab can be found under the heading of “Customer Service” on the home page of the airline’s official site. Here, you can find the contact number based on your region. Connect with the agent and make your request for a name change. You need to submit the necessary details to the agent for initiating the process for your name change.

How can I change my name on the Air Arabia AirRewards account?

The users of the AirRewards Account can access the Air Arabia change name feature through the email option. For initiating this method, you will have to send an email to the address Along with an email you also need to attach a copy of the first page of your passport to update your name on the Arabia AirRewards account. 

Can I book a ticket without a last name in Air Arabia?

Usually, this airline requires the customer to enter both their first and last names while making a reservation. However, if your last name is not mentioned in your passport, you may be allowed to book a ticket without it. Therefore, for making Air Arabia no last name bookings and changes, you can contact customer care and seek further clarity on the same. 

How much does it cost to change my name on Air Arabia Airlines?

You can avail of Air Arabia passenger name change for free when your reservation is not yet confirmed. Upon the confirmation of your booking, you will have to pay about USD 95 for having name changes on Air Arabia Sharjah and Abu Dhabi tickets. On Air Arabia Egypt bookings, you can be charged a fee of around USD 32 for making certain name modifications. 

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