Air Canada Cancellation Policy

The Air Canada cancellation policy is in place to serve its customers. This helps when customers want to modify their plans due to emergencies or any life situations. A cancellation request can be submitted to the concerned authority at any time after the booking is confirmed. Flyers can avail of refund and non-monetary service benefits as well upon reversal.

Conditions to Revoke an Air Canada Flight Booking

This airline has outlined certain terms and conditions for its customers who want to avail the benefit of revoking their flight bookings. As per the Air Canada flight cancellation policy, the rules for domestic and international flights are detailed as follows:

  • In case you have a confirmed flight booking for any date up to 5 July 2023, you may revoke your tickets. 
  • In the above case:
    • You can opt to receive a full refund on Air Canada Travel Voucher. 
    • You can also convert it into Aeroplan points with a 65% bonus.
  • In the event of booking basic fare tickets on or after 6 July 2022, it is not refundable.
  • Non-basic fare tickets booked on or after the above-mentioned date are refundable. 
  • Such tickets can be transferred to Aeroplan points with a 65% bonus or Air Canada Travel Voucher.
  • Passengers can undo their existing flight bookings only up to 2 hours before the departure time mentioned on the ticket. 

When can You Revoke Your Air Canada Flight?

Passengers can revoke their flights under the following conditions:

  • Exceeding or not following the baggage allowance limit
  • In case the passengers booked their tickets using the:
    • Air Canada mobile application 
    • or the official website
  • When you have an Aeroplan flight reward booking
  • Failing to check in on time
  • In the event that passengers want to undo their complete booking
  • When you revoke your ticket at least 2 hours before your scheduled departure 
  • Given that identification during boarding fails due to incorrect names

For name changes/corrections on Air Canada, the airline has another policy in place. You can try using it to avoid such hassles in the future.

Air Canada 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

The carrier offers a 24 hour cancellation policy for its flyers. It aids in quick reversals and can be used by most passengers. Under this policy:

● If the ticket is eligible for a full refund, the flier will receive the amount on his/her airline ticket.

● This is applicable only when the booking is revoked within twenty-four hours of purchase.

Methods to Cancel Your Air Canada Flight Booking

It is crucial that the customer reverses his/her flight booking through the original point of purchase. Since every such point has a different booking system, when the customer contacts a different service point, cancellation requests may not be honored.

Method 1: Via the Ticket Counter 

You can go for flight cancellations using the ticket counter at the airport. You will get in-person assistance through this method.

  • Visit the airport ticket counter of this operator.
  • Present your confirmed air tickets to the executive at the counter. 
  • State that you want to discontinue your ticket along with the reason for doing so.
  • In case you want to book an alternate flight or fly at a later date, provide the details to the Air Canada executive.
  • The executive will check the availability to serve your request and cancel your booking.
  • You will receive your refund information at the counter.

Method 2: Cancellations on Call

Air Canada flight cancellations can happen on call. You will require the official phone number of the airline. Ensure that you keep your flight details handy since they will be essentially required on call.

  • Dial 1-888-247-2262 to reach the airline’s ticket booking department.
  • Provide your ticket details. 
  • Submit your reversal request.
  • An executive will honor your request after checking your ticket. 
  • Then he/she will provide you with the refund details.

Method 3: From the Website  

You can prefer discontinuing your booking online. For this, you can move to the authorized website of this carrier. From your registered account, you can revoke your ticket as well as seek confirmation for it.

  • Visit the official website of Air Canada Airline
  • Login to your Air Canada customer account.
  • Go to the cancellations page. 
  • Select the ticket you want to undo.
  • Enter the first name and last name of the passenger. 
  • You will receive a confirmation number on your registered e-mail address or phone number. 
  • Enter the confirmation number.
  • Click on the “Cancel My Reservation” button at the bottom of the page.

Note: To reverse your flight booking through travel agents, you will have to directly connect with them. 

Method 4: Canceling Air Canada Business Bookings

This airline offers a free flight booking and travel management program for small and medium-sized businesses. It is termed Air Canada for Business. 

  • Travelers who have booked their tickets through Air Canada for Business can utilize the flight cancellation policy. 
  • Dial customer assistance number 1-888-247-2262. 
  • Verify your account and confirm the ticket you want to reverse. 
  • Follow the steps outlined over the phone call to revoke your ticket.

Method 5: For Air Canada Vacations

Air Canada Vacations offers travelers the benefit of building personalized flight packages for their tours. Customers who have booked their flight tickets via this program can reverse their bookings by contacting customer assistance. 

  • Dial the official phone number to reach an executive. 
  • Verify the passenger details. 
  • Confirm the ticket to be revoked. 
  • Act according to the steps provided by the executive and reverse the ticket.

Air Canada Cancellation Fee

You may have to pay a fee for discontinuing your tickets. This is subject to some conditions. To know the cost applicable, you can rely on the cancellation method. While you perform it, you should receive information regarding this fee. Otherwise, you can get in touch with the air operator to know the same.

In case this charge applies, you may or may not receive Air Canada cancellation fee refund. This can also be confirmed by the operator.

Tip: When the charges are high, you can try to change your flight. This will be subject to certain terms.

Eligibility Criteria to Request a Refund

The eligibility to receive a refund on the reversal from your end depends on the type of flight ticket you have purchased. Location is another important factor. 

After your Air Canada flight booking is confirmed, you can request the cancellation of your tickets. Then you can receive a refund under the following conditions:

● You can request a full refund of your unused ticket.

● In case the flight is delayed for more than 3 hours than the scheduled time, you may request a full refund of your unused flight ticket.

The details of eligibility to receive a partial and full refund, under Air Canada’s cancellation refund policy, are mentioned in the table below.

 Location Comfort/Flex Latitude Premium Economy  Business Class
 Within Canada Refund available  Refund available Refund available Refund available
 To The US Refund available  Refund available Refund available Refund available
 To International Destinations  Refund available against a fee Refund available Refund available  Refund available against a fee
 To Sun Destinations No refund Refund available N/A Refund available under Flexible Class 

Please note that this is not comprehensive information and Air Canada airline may decide otherwise in exceptional cases. The decision to refund and the amount varies on a case-to-case basis. Please contact the airline directly to find out the exact amount.

Refund on Taxes and Additional Charges

Apart from the basic air travel fare, taxes and other charges are levied. They are based on the regulations of the boarding location (country), destination location, and type of ticket. When travelers revoke their tickets, certain taxes and charges are refundable. 

Note: This is applicable only for air tickets that are fully unused. 

If there is no departure from Canada against the ticket, the traveler can claim a refund of the following charges:

  • Air Travelers Security Charge that includes:
    • Goods and Service Tax, 
    • Harmonized Sales Tax 
    • and Quebec Sales Tax.
  • Airport Improvement Fee including:
    • Goods and Service Tax,
    • Harmonized Sales Tax 
    • and Quebec Sales Tax.
  • Passenger Facility Charge (U.S)
  • Transportation Tax (U.S)
  • Flight Segment Tax (U.S)
  • Passenger Security Fee (U.S)
  • Customs Fee (U.S)
  • Civil Aviation Tax (France)
  • Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (U.S)
  • Air Passenger Solidarity Tax Surplus (France)
  • Solidarity Tax (France)
  • Passenger Service Charge for domestic and international flights (France) 

Refund on Air Canada Vacations during COVID-19

Customers who had made flight bookings in advance to fly during the outbreak of COVID-19 can claim a refund. Customers whose flight bookings were canceled by this airline due to this pandemic are eligible to receive a full refund.

Customers can opt for the mode of refund:

· Original payment method – credit card/debit card/bank account

· Air Canada Travel Voucher

· Aeroplan points

What Happens When Air Canada Cancels My Flight Booking?

Sometimes, Airline authorities will have to revoke flights due to unforeseen circumstances. It could be due to: 

  • delays in in-flight services, 
  • mechanical issues in the aircraft, 
  • or safety purposes. 

If the Airline authorities undo your flight, you will be notified of the reason. Then you can receive Air Canada cancelled flight compensation.

Compensation amounts are calculated as follows:

  • For a delay of 3-6 hours on arrival – 400 CAD
  • If there is a delay of 6-9 hours at arrival – 700 CAD
  • In case the delay is of 9 hours or more once you have arrived – 1,000 CAD

Eligibility Criteria to Receive Compensation

Air Canada has defined guidelines for customers to be eligible to receive compensation upon revocation. You will receive monetary compensation from this carrier if your Air Canada flight is delayed or canceled for more than three hours.

Compensation is not issued under the conditions mentioned below:

In the event that the Airline has informed you of the revocation or delay 15 days before the scheduled date of departure

  • In case your Air Canada flight booking is not confirmed
  • Given that denied boarding compensation is already credited to you
  • In the instance, you do not claim compensation within 12 months of the delay/cancellation
  • When your flight is discontinued or delayed for safety reasons
  • In case you have been compensated under another clause for the same reason
  • If you are traveling with your pet on Air Canada and your flight is canceled, you can get professional help to know your alternatives.

Service Compensation:

Apart from monetary compensation, Air Canada provides canceled flight compensation by service. This is during the waiting period at the airport that is due to the late operation or reversal of flight. 

Under Air Canada cancellation policy, service compensation will be provided when you fall under any of the two conditions mentioned below:

  • When you have to wait for two hours or more beyond the time of departure of your flight.
  • If the air operator has informed you of the cancellation fee, refund less than 12 hours before your flight’s departure

The details of this benefit are listed below.

  • You can avail free drinks and meals during your wait time at the airport.
  • Communicating about your flight delay to your family, friends, etc., is possible.
  • In case of an overnight flight delay, accommodation will be provided for passengers from another town.
  • Please note that accommodation is subject to availability.
  • Unaccompanied minors on Air Canada will remain under the supervision of a representative until a guardian arrives.

The passengers of this carrier can avail of the benefit of the cancellation and refund policy. By following the steps, guidelines, and conditions listed above, they can undo their reservations with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you cancel the Air Canada flight ticket to get a refund?

Yes, you can undo your flight as per the cancellation policy to get a refund.

What if Air Canada Airlines cancelled my flight?

In case this carrier revokes your flight, you are eligible to get a full refund on an unused ticket.

How to claim flight cancellation compensation for Air Canada?

Use your original point of purchase to claim compensation for a canceled flight.

Can I get compensation if an Air Canada flight is cancelled due to bad weather?

This situation may not be controllable. Hence, there is no certainty to receive compensation.

Does Air Canada have a flight cancellation policy?

Yes, a policy for canceling flights can be found with this carrier.

How much is the ticket cancellation fee for Air Canada?

The exact amount of a reversal fee can be identified after contacting this airline.

Can I get my money back if I cancel my flight?

You can seek a refund after your booking’s cancellation is confirmed.

Does Air Canada 24 hour cancellation policy?

Fliers can access a policy to reverse flights within twenty-four hours.

Can I cancel the Air Canada flight after checking in?

You may be able to undo a booking after checking in but you can confirm the same from the airline.

What if I cancel my Air Canada ticket within 24 hours? Can I get a refund?

Depending on your eligibility, you can cancel your ticket within 24 hours and obtain a refund.

Is it possible to get a refund from Air Canada?

Yes, passengers can get refunds, subject to a few conditions.

What happens if you cancel a non-refundable flight?

Refunds or compensation on non-refundable tickets will depend on your eligibility and the terms of this air operator.

When do Air Canada vouchers expire?

Certain vouchers of this company can be used at any time because they have no expiration dates.

Will Air Canada waive my cancellation fees?

The carrier may waive your fees under some extraordinary conditions.

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Mattie Newman
Mattie Newman
1 year ago

Please ensure me that “Can i cancel my Flight and eligble to get a refund through out Air Canada Cancellation Refund Policy”, Because suddenly i need to go somewhere else due to some urgent work. And i booked a Flight recently but didn’t receive any confirmation so that in this situation what can i do so that i can cancel my Flight and on the other hand i will be able to receive my Flight booking charges as a refund. 

Charles Black
Charles Black
1 year ago

Recently I booked a Flight from the Air Canada official site and I was about to catch my Flight, instantly I got a call that my meeting has been postponed for 2-3 hours onwards. And my Flight is about to Fly within 2-3 hours.So please let me know if I can cancel my Flight 2-3 hours before departure and if will I be accepted for a refund under the Air Canada Flight Cancellation Policy.