Air Canada Name Change Policy

Sometimes a passenger may provide inaccurate information while purchasing a ticket. When you are unable to share the proper details with the airline like your name, then you are likely to face problems such as delays on the trip. For ease of travel, you need to provide the correct information on the flight ticket. That is why the Air Canada name change policy has been made so that you can correct or modify your details when required.

What is Air Canada’s Name Change Policy?

This carrier offers its customers the facility of modifying their details on a ticket. For that purpose, the airline has created the Air Canada name change policy. 

This policy may apply to a variety of situations in which a name change can be required. The passengers should follow the requirements outlined while correcting or modifying their names.

Name Correction Policy

It is important to check your personal information twice on the ticket before flying with this airline. In some circumstances, a passenger’s information may be mentioned incorrectly on it. Air Canada’s name correction policy allows you to correct up to a few letters in your complete name. 

The corrections can include: 

  • Initial name 
  • Middle name
  • Surname

Policy of Air Canada for Middle Name on Tickets

Some travelers may have added their middle names on bookings. Others may have skipped adding these. As per the policy of this airline, when this information is not present, it will not be an issue. 

However, when the information is incorrect, whether or not it can be fixed is not clear. You can contact this carrier for confirmation.

Guidelines of Name Change Policy

Adhere to the guidelines of the airline to use this change or correction policy. A complete name modification may be assured when these guidelines are met. The policy also helps protect your personal information. 

One of these guidelines says you can make only minor edits to your ticket’s information. Some other points regarding the alteration of details are as follows:

  • The ID and the ticket name of the passenger should be matched as per the transportation department regulations.
  • Here, you can also correct your typo mistakes in the ticket name.
  • For the correction or alteration on the ticket, you may be required to submit the necessary paperwork to the airline. 
  • In the case of Air Canada’s name change policy for marriage, divorce, or any other legal proceedings, you may present legal documents to confirm it. 
  • The carrier considers the modification or edit of the name to be a reissue of a similar price class. 
  • However, it includes price differences and the cost of changing or correcting. 
  • A full name change cannot be allowed by the airline. 
  • Furthermore, flight tickets cannot be transferred to any other individual. 
  • Check Air Canada’s cancellation policy to cancel and rebook your ticket during such situations.
  • When you have connected flights with several airlines, you may have to make a request separately to them for the modification of the information. 
  • Hence, you may have two hours before your flight to make alterations. 
  • These guidelines can also be used for services such as Air Canada seat selection
  • It can ensure that your information on the ticket is written accurately. 

Note: No modifications to the flight schedule, location, or date can be authorized in the Air Canada name correction or change policy. 

Process of Air Canada Name Change

The airline offers several online and offline methods for modifying the details on the ticket. After analyzing the complexity of each method, the traveler can select the one that suits his or her requirements.

Methods that are available for changing or correcting this information on the tickets are discussed below.

Method 1: Alter Name via Call

When this carrier misspells the name on the ticket, travelers can contact its agent. They can connect through the department of customer assistance. This method can be beneficial for last-minute modifications or edits.

  • On Air Canada, the name change contact number is 1-888 247-2262.
  • Once you connect with the carrier, place your request. 
  • The agent should ask for your flight details. 
  • Give the relevant details, such as your full name and booking reference.
  • Provide your proper name so that it can be modified. 
  • The carrier agent may begin the process of altering your inaccurate details as soon as possible. 
  • After the procedure is complete, you should receive an email confirmation for the same. 

The following table has the phone numbers for several other regions:

LocationContact Number/ID
Australia0011 800 6699 2222
Note: Toll-Free number to North America
Belgium00 800 669 92222
France/Germany00 800 669 92222
Saudi Arabia800 844 1952 
ThailandTel: +662 632 6620Fax:  +662 237 6156
United Arab Emirates971-4-2112-537

Note: For the contact number/ID of other regions, visit the official website. Here, come to the page for “Other Numbers”.

Additional contact numbers are mentioned below for regular customers of this airline who are registered under Aeroplan (a loyalty program): 

LocationContact Number/ID
USA, the Caribbean, and Canada1-800-361-5373
United Kingdom0800 756 3865
For Other regions1-514-395-0300

Method 2: Using the Website

The online approach is the most used method on Air Canada to fix misspelled names on tickets. Usually, it can be used for requesting adjustments. This is because small corrections can be made quickly.

Here are some steps to follow for correcting your details under this policy:

  • Access the link to the official website of this airline.
  • Scroll down the homepage of the website. 
  • Tap the “My Booking” feature. 
  • Provide the “Passenger Last Name” and “Booking Reference”. 
  • Post entering the details, you must click on the “Find” button. 
  • You should be redirected to the page “Manage Booking”.
  • However, when your flight is allowed for online adjustment or modification, a “Change” option can appear on your display. 
  • By selecting it, you can alter your details.
  • Submit your identity to go ahead with the procedure of Air Canada to change the name on the ticket.
  • Make the payment for the fees or the price gap.
  • Later, you will receive a confirmation mail regarding the successful change or correction.

Note: For bookings made through a travel agency or agent, request them to assist you with Air Canada’s process to change passenger names.

Method 3: Modify Names Through Social Media

To modify your details on the ticket, directly connect with the airline through social media. You can describe your issue and wait for the operator’s reply. 

To proceed, you must follow the steps listed below:

  • Mention your request regarding the Air Canada name correction or alteration on a post.
  • The officials will respond to your query and guide you through the other steps.
  • Keep the necessary documents ready.
  • Later, you may have to pay some fees for the modification. 
  • Once the procedure has been completed, you can get the confirmation through an email. 

To connect with this carrier, click on the links below:

Social Media PlatformOfficial Handle

Method 4: Using Email Service

This air operator provides an email service for the passengers to resolve their name issues on the ticket quickly. They can correctly explain their queries regarding Air Canada’s misspelled name on the ticket using this approach. 

To complete the procedure, you should follow the steps mentioned below:

  • The first step is to go to the official website of this carrier.
  • On the homepage of the site, you will have to scroll down. 
  • There, you can find the “Customer Support” section. 
  • Click on the “Contact Information” option. 
  • Next, you will be redirected to another page. 
  • Use the “Send Us An Email” feature. 
  • Based on this option, you can fill in the form to reach out to the airline.
  • Mention that you want to use Air Canada’s service to change the name on the ticket.
  • Attach some documents for the verification of the name. 
  • Once you provide all the needed documents, you will have to wait for a reply from the airline. 

Required Documents Change Name on Tickets

The name on the flight ticket should match the one on the actual documents. On Air Canada, when wrong names on tickets are found, then a flier must apply for a form. He/she must provide the original documents for the alterations.

The documents needed for the correction/change process are as follows: 

  • Request a name change form at the earliest. 
  • Keep the previous ticket, where the information should be replaced with the number of the ticket. 
  • In case of a divorce or marriage, legal papers are necessary. 
  • The list also includes certificates of marriage or divorce documents. 
  • Additionally, you may need the proof-of-request documentation. 

Note: To claim Air Canada’s flight delay compensation, make sure your personal details, like your name, are correct.

Air Canada Name Change Fees

The airline may charge a fee for the alteration of the name on the booking. You may be charged different costs depending on the situation. To confirm the Air Canada name change fee, you can contact it at 1-888 247-2262. Passengers can also obtain additional information regarding Air Canada’s name change cost from the official website.

In Essence,

The Air Canada name change policy allows passengers to rectify spelling errors. But they should address the issue as soon as possible. It has various types of approaches for travelers to alter or edit their details. The airline consistently strives to make this process simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you need a middle name on Airline Ticket Air Canada?

On the Air Canada flight ticket, a middle name is not needed. The middle name may be optional as per the guidelines. However, contacting the airline is the quickest approach to learn about the most updated information whether a middle name is required or not.

2. How to correct misspelled names on Airline Tickets on Air Canada?

Air Canada misspelled name on ticket is corrected up to a few letters. You can alter your name on the ticket through the official website of the airline. A passenger should go to the website’s homepage. Then, you have to select the “My Booking” option for correcting your name. Furthermore, you may have to provide some information for the verification of the name. At last, the airline may send you a confirmation email regarding the modification of the name.

3. Does Air Canada charge for a name change?

Yes, the airline charges a fee for the name change on the ticket. The fees may be chargeable as per the situation. For the exact service cost to be known, you can contact the airline.

4. How to do Air Canada middle name correction?

The passenger can make the Air Canada middle name correction through social media. You may get the social media pages by visiting the official website of the airline. Various media pages can be available for the correction of names on the ticket. You can mention your issue and request the name correction procedure. Further, you may submit the paperwork to the airline. In the end, the airline may go ahead with the procedure.

5. How does the Air Canada name correction policy work?

Air Canada name correction policy adheres to a set of guidelines. Only a few characters are to be allowed for correcting a name on the ticket. You can verify that the name is correct when you keep this limit in mind.

6. Can you change Air Canada first and middle name on a ticket?

As per the policy, you can change your first name and the middle name on the ticket. The initial name is vital for traveling, so it should be mentioned accurately. If not, you can modify it as per the requirement. However, it is not necessary to add the middle name, but if you have added it and it is not correct, you can alter it.

Can you change the name on the Air Canada ticket?

Yes, you can change your personal details on the ticket.

How much does it cost to change the name on a plane ticket to Air Canada?

The cost of the change depends on the type of fare you have booked.

Does Air Canada require a middle name on the ticket?

This airline’s bookings don’t require a middle name.

Do you need the middle name on the airline ticket for Air Canada?

Passengers do not have to give their middle names to book their trips on this carrier.

How to change the name on an Air Canada ticket?

You may modify your name by directly calling the airline’s contact center.

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1 year ago

How many letters are allowed to be edited in air canada name correction rule? My laptop was having some issues at that time when i was booking my ticket so some letters are omitted in the ticket details I was wondering if i can get it corrected without having to cancel my ticket. 

Drew Beckmann
Drew Beckmann
1 year ago

It is seriously better to book another ticket if anybody has put a wrong name than going for Air Canada name change on ticket option. It happened with me once I had to put so much time and struggle in getting my name corrected. My travel agent entered somebody else’s name on my ticket I had to waste so much time eventually booked another ticket and got refund for the first one.

Sofia Jeckson
Sofia Jeckson
1 year ago

I booked my ticket a week ago and now my ticket number has been produced. I recently noticed in my ticket with Air Canada name spelled wrong is there any scope for correction now to avoid getting in trouble at the time of boarding the flight?

Timothy Miles
Timothy Miles
1 year ago

What is basically Air Canada name change marriage criteria? If I try to do it over call or website what will be the procedure of document verification? My husband booked tickets for us after marriage and forgot to put my after marriage last name on the ticket can it be easily corrected or shall we book another ticket?

Mary Bradley
Mary Bradley
1 year ago

I want to confirm whether it is necessary to put middle name in ticket details while booking Air Canada flight. I have my middle name on my visa and passport and other documents but mistakenly entered incorrect spelling on my ticket so according to Air Canada middle name correction policy how should I edit my name?

Erin R. Vance
Erin R. Vance
1 year ago

From my personal experience I’m telling Air Canada first and middle name can be edited easily but honestly asking them to change your last name is quite difficult and time consuming. The only way I think one can do it easily is by asking the staff at the airport in person way ahead of the departure date.

Iason Misho
Iason Misho
1 year ago

According to Air canada name correction policy till when can I correct my name on ticket? I was quite busy with work lately and didn’t notice there was a minor error in my name, my flight departure time is tomorrow, is it possible to correct the name at the airport?

Floria Riddan
Floria Riddan
1 year ago

I was just checking my flight tickets for self-confirmation and I got a mistake in my tickets, just because of a hurry I made a huge mistake in my name details. Air Canada Name Change Policy help me to change my name on pre-booked tickets.f

Jerry D. Burger
Jerry D. Burger
1 year ago

I do a job in another country and for that, I booked a flight ticket, but the day before my flight I noticed a mistake in my name details on booked flight ticket. Please share with me the procedure to change my name as per identity proof. So that I can easily move toward my flight.