Air France Check-in Policy

Check in guidelines are detailed by the airline to ensure that the passengers are well versed with the terms and conditions, requirements, and check in deadlines and abide by the airport regulations. AirFrance check in policy is drafted for passenger’s guidance to reduce the chances of restrictions at the airport.

The AirFrance check in procedure is discussed below.

What are the general Air France check in rules?

The check in guidelines present check in details, deadlines, Air France check in international flights and domestic flights, etc. Following are the check in rules for a traveler’s effortless and straightforward travel process.

  • Travelers must present the official government documents, travel documents, and additional documents (For some passengers) to complete check in.
  • Passengers can request check in request cancellation up till the time of check in closing time.
  • It is mandatory to complete online or offline air france checkin for all flights handled by Air France and its partner airlines.
  • For codeshare flights and connecting flights with other airlines, it is recommended to connect the respective airlines.
  • For connecting flights, the time limits and check in deadlines for each individual flight must be followed.
  • Keep note that the boarding passes are non-transferable and only the person whose name is mentioned on the pass is allowed to board the flight.

What are the Travel Document Requirements for Air France Check In?

It is important that the travelers present adequate and updated documents like travel documents, health certificates, and location-specific requirements for health, VISA, etc. You can submit the documents on the website portal or present them at the airport counter.

Take into the account the following travel documents and other official attested copies given below for easy reference –

Insurance Certificate  Passport or Official Passport or Alien PassportAttestation Letter
Service PassportVaccination Certificate  Diplomatic Passport
Consular Letter and/ or Notice Of ActionHealth Records and TestsHealth Form
Facilitation DocumentPassenger Locator FormTourist Card
Emergency Travel DocumentMainland Travel Permit for Taiwan residents  GCC Residence ID Card
Hong Kong and Macau Travel Permit for Mainland residentsSEVIS Certificate Of Eligibility (Form I-20 or DS-2019)Passport for Public Affairs
Sports Event Accreditation CardTaiwan Travel Permit for Mainland residentsHong Kong and Macau Travel Permit for Mainland residents – Public Affairs
Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macau residentsFamily Member Residence CardTransportation Letter
Council of Europe Card CredentialsMinors ID CardSocial Security Card
National ID and Document/CardBorder Crossing Card  Military ID
Smart Card  Visa and Visit Permit  Travel Document
Work Permit  Travel Certificate  Declaration of Identity
Birth Certificate  Driving License  Citizenship Card  
Refugee Travel DocumentParole AuthorizationPilgrim Pass
Voters Registration CardLaissez-PasserCertificate of Citizenship
Pilot LicenseSeaman BookResidence Permit and Re-entry Permit
Certificate of IdentityLibreta Civica and/ or Libreta de EnrolamientoNEXUS Card
Titre de VoyageCertificate Of TravelCertificate Of Baptism issued by immigration
Accreditation CardEntry Permit and Exit PermitIndian Status Document
Temporary Passport, Emergency Passport, Child Passport, Group PassportEmployment Authorization DocumentPolice ID Card and Photo ID Card  
Hong Kong and Macau Travel Permit for Mainland residents – One WayCrew General Declaration FormDocument of Identity
Crew Member Certificate, Crew Member ID Card, Crew Member LicenceCertificate of NaturalizationStateless Person Travel Document
Special Passport, Consular PassportAPEC Business Travel CardTravel Permit
District ID DocumentNotarized Affidavit of CitizenshipPrior permission to enter

NOTE – If the airline fails to verify the flight ticket at the time of check in and security checkpoints, the passengers can be denied boarding and must purchase a new ticket.

What are the Available Air France Flight Check In Options?

Air France offers two online and offline check in methods for travelers to ensure a wide variety of check in availability and accessibility, and facilities to save time and effort.

Take a look at the available check in options –

What are Air France Online Check In Methods?

The airline allows passengers to check in online via online/web check in Air France and Mobile check in. Add to that –

  • Passengers can check in via online methods whether they are traveling alone or as group booking reservations.
  • Passengers can complete air france check in online and collect the boarding pass digitally.
  • Airfrance web check in is applicable to passengers whether traveling with or without belongings and items.
  • Online check in is also available for the return flight if it is scheduled within 24 hours of departure of the outgoing flight.
  • Travelers can request check in for a new flight if they are flying on a flexible ticket. It is subject to the availability of seats on the aircraft.
  • Air France online check in/mobile check in is not permissible for flights operated by Air France partner airlines or connecting flights with other airlines.
  • Head to the airport check in counter for check in for flights handled by Air France partner airlines/ other airlines.

What is Air France Online Check in Times?

Passengers can complete check in via the official website following the given check in timings reference –

  • Online check in time – It starts 30 hours before the flight departure time.
    • Departure time for Delta airline flights from the United States – Up to 24 hours before the estimated flight departure time.
    • Departure time for Air France flights from Detroit and Atlanta – Up to 24 hours before the flight departure time.

What is Air France Mobile Check in Timings?

A mobile connection is necessary for mobile check in across all service providers and mobile device models. Take a look at the Air France app check in timings –

  • Air France Mobile check in time – The check in starts up to 30 hours up to 2-3 hours before flight time.
    • Departure time for Delta flights from the United States – Up to 24 hours before the flight departure time.
    • Departure time for Air France flights operating from Detroit and Atlanta – Air France check in time before flight is up to 24 hours.

When should the passengers collect boarding passes at the airport post online check in?

Here are the circumstances under which passengers must head to the airport ticket counter to collect the air france boarding pass check in and head to the boarding departure gate area.

Conditions for FlightsLocations Covered
Travelers on flights departing fromMumbai, Algiers, Cairo, Kinshasa, Djibouti, Marrakech, Malé, Havana, Punta Cana, Casablanca, Delhi, Rabat, Santo Domingo, and Tunis
Travelers on Flights between destinationsBetween Charles De Gaulle and Paris, and between Tel Aviv and Marseille
Itineraries including travel segments via rail from destinationsDeparting from Brussels and Strasbourg

Which passengers are not allowed to request Air France online check in?

You cannot request online check in and must resort to offline check in methods – Kiosk and airport ticket counter check in if –

  • Trip including travel segments via train excluding Brussels and Strasbourg.
  • Fliers opted for Flying Blue Miles online membership for an upgrade
  • Traveling with a pet/ service animals in the hold
  • Itineraries with connecting flights requiring airport changes excluding flights between Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly
  • Passengers are traveling via flights handled by Air Bulgaria from the city – Sofia
  • An additional seat is reserved by the fliers

What is Air France Kiosk Check in?

Air France kiosk check in further simplifies the check in experience at the airport by eliminating the requirement for airport staff intervention. Add to that –

  • Kiosk counters are available 24/7 to avail facilities like check in, flight modifications, etc.
  • Air France Kiosk check in time – The general timings are as follows –
    • The Air France kiosk check in window closes up to 2 hours before the flight for flights originating from Europe.
    • The kiosk check in specifies closing time 3 hours before the flight time as air France check in time international flights.

What is Air France Airport Counter Check in?

Air France check in at airport timings differ widely based on the departure airport location and city. Add to that –

  • Air France check in counter open time – The general AirFrance checkin timings for flights are given below –
    • For flights originating in France and Europe – The check in window closes 2 hours before the estimated flight time.
    • Air france international check in time – Up to 3 hours before the flight departure time.

What is the Air France Airport Check-In Time for Various Destinations?

The Air France check in deadline at the airport and other formalities differ from one airport to another based on the departure zone. Make sure to arrive early to get through the security checkpoints, drop off bag items, and obtain the boarding pass.

Here are the check in timings and deadlines for passengers traveling from the given point of departure.

Locations/ CountriesCheck in DeadlineSpecial Cases
Europe (excluding metropolitan France) From Europe to Paris-Charles de Gaulle: 40 minutes  
From Europe to Paris-Orly: 40 minutes   From Europe to French regional cities: 30 minutes   Within Europe: 40 minutes
Hannover, Istanbul: 60 minutes  
Petersburg, Moscow, Kyiv (Kiev), Milan, St. Yerevan: 50 minutes  
From London: 30 minutes (15 mins for those without checked bags)  
Brussels-Midi to Paris-Charles de Gaulle 2 by TGV: 30 minutes (15 mins for those without checked bags)
All regions (outside of Europe) From all regions – 60 minutes Flights from Cayenne, Fort-de-France, and Pointe-à-Pitre: 90 minutes  
Flights departing from other French locations and regions abroad: 45 minutes  
Flights from Beijing, Nairobi: 75 minutes
Flights from Cotonou, Dakar, Djibouti, Ouagadougou, Caracas, Abuja, Lomé, Conakry, Luanda, Antananarivo, Brazzaville, Douala, Freetown, Kinshasa, Cairo, Monrovia, Niamey, Algiers, Libreville, Malabo, Port Harcourt: 90 minutes  
Flights departing from Lagos, Banjul, Abidjan, Nouakchott, Accra, Bamako, Bangui, Yaoundé: 120 minutes
Metropolitan France – Paris-Charles De Gaulle 2 to locations – Cities within France: 40 minutes
Europe (within the Schengen region): 40 minutes
Great Britain and Ireland: 40 minutes
Europe (outside the Schengen region): 60 minutes
Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia: 60 minutes  
Israel: 90 minutes  
Africa (except Cairo, Bamako, and South Africa): 90 minutes  
Bamako: 120 minutes
South Africa and Cairo: 60 minutes
French overseas territories: 60 minutes
Other countries: 60 minutes  
Refer to the official website for countries covered in the Schengen area and those covered outside the Schengen area.
From Metropolitan France – Paris-Orly covering locations like – Other countries: 60 minutes
Other regions/ locations within France: 40 minutes
Europe: 40 minutes
French overseas territories: 60 minutes
Metropolitan France to other cities within the designated area to locations like – Other cities within France: 30 minutes
Paris-Orly: 30 minutes
Paris-Charles de Gaulle: 30 minutes
Europe: 30 minutes
For flights originating from Nyon, Lyon, oe Nantes to Europe excluding metropolitan France – 40 minutes
For flights originating from Strasbourg rail to Paris-Charles de Gaulle: 30 minutes
For flights originating from Marseille to Algiers, Tunis: 60 minutes

What is Air France Boarding Deadlines?

It is important to reach the boarding gate area timely. The boarding deadlines are as given below –

  • For departure between metropolitan France and Paris- Orly destinations – The door closes 15 minutes before flight time.
  • For departure for all other flights – 20 minutes before the flight departure time.

How to request Air France flight check in?

Travelers can request check in policy methods via online and offline platforms. You can save time, request Air France flight changes, check flight status, check in items, submit health vaccination reports, etc.

Refer to the following popular check in methods in your next travel schedule with Air France-

How do I request an online check in Air France via the official website?

You can use the interactive easy to understand web interface to request check in and experience other services and facilities provided by the airline. The following steps must be followed for Air France flight check in online.

  • Head to the official website for air france web check in online.
  • Choose “Check in” from the taskbar on the webpage.
air france checkin online
Via the Air france, this screenshot has been referenced.
  • You can retrieve the booking reservation details by logging in by entering the Flying Blue number or the email address and clicking “Continue”.
  • Or you can enter the flight details like Loyalty Program Number and Booking Reference (6 characters) or Ticket Number (13 or 14 digits), flight number, and the passenger’s last name.
  • Verify the details and choose “Check In”.
air france online check in
The authorized website of Air france is the source of this screenshot.
  • Choose the desired flight, enter the personal details, upload the travel documents, make special requests for meal preferences, Air France seat selection, check in belongings, etc.
  • It is necessary to choose the preferred seating selection for every individual booked under the reservation.
  • Verify the details and submit the information.
  • The airline will initiate check in requests and once the check in process is complete, an electronic or digital boarding pass is issued to the passenger.

NOTE – Contact the airline for more details on the airports where online/ digital/ mobile boarding passes are enabled for passengers.

How to request Air France mobile check in?

Passengers can enjoy various facilities and services at their fingertips via Air France online check in app. Here are the steps to complete mobile check in –

  • You can download the Air France mobile app on your Android or iOS devices like mobile smartphones and tablets.
  • Select “Check In” and enter the booking reference number, Ticket number, flight details like the number and departure airport, and the last name.
  • Submit the details. Choose the flight, and decide the number and names of the travelers for the trip.
  • You must choose the seating arrangement, preferred meals, check in belongings, etc.
  • For some arrival locations, it is mandatory to provide relevant health tests, vaccination reports, and other records.
  • Verify and submit the details. You will receive a digital mobile boarding pass after check in is completed.
  • You can carry the E-boarding pass or Air France check in online boarding pass to the designated airport or print it at home before heading to the airport.

How to request Air France Airport Kiosk check in counters?

Airport kiosk counters are open 24/7 and ensure various facilities like upgrading the cabin class, booking or canceling flights, checking in Air France baggage, etc. Here are the steps to issue a kiosk check in –

  • Head to the nearest kiosk counters and request “Check in” from the on-screen interface.
  • You can swipe your credit card, and use the Frequent Flier Number, booking reference/ ticket number, and the passenger’s last name.
  • You will be able to access your flight details and choose the desired flight.
  • Enter the names and the names of the passengers on the booking, choose meals, preferred sitting arrangement, luggage, etc.
  • You can also request Air France unaccompanied minor check in at the kiosk.
  • Confirm the details. The request is finalized and boarding passes are issued ready to be printed via the Air France check in print boarding pass feature.
  • Obtain the boarding pass and head to the security checkpoint and head to the boarding departure gate area.

How to request Air France Airport Check In?

Travelers can complete check in at the airport if they abide by the check in deadlines of the designated airports. Here are the steps to request Air France airport check in –

  • Head to the airport ticket counter within the stipulated time deadlines for domestic flights and international flights.
  • Convey the request for check in to the airport personnel.
  • Offer the ticket number, booking reference code, and the passenger’s last name to retrieve the booking and flight status.
  • Provide personal details like the names of the individuals in the booking, travel documents, and other necessary documents.
  • You can choose from the applicable sitting arrangements on the aircraft, meal choices, number of belongings, etc.
  • You can check in at the airport counter if you are traveling with a pet under Air France pet policy.
  • The Air France staff can also offer assistance and guidance on matters related to boarding passes, flight schedules, booking options, special services, and charges for Air France excess bags.
  • After you confirm the request for check in and provide the relevant details, the airline initiates and completes the passengers’ check in.
  • Receive the boarding pass from the airport personnel and head to the boarding departure gate area to board the carrier.

How to connect with Air France over the phone?

Fliers can connect with Air France over the phone by following the given steps as follows –

  • Head to the official Air France website and click on the three lines for Menu on the top left corner of the website.
Air France Menu
The original source of this screenshot is Air france website.
  • Choose “Contact Us”, then “Check in or Manage and Change my Booking”, followed by requests like “I need help checking in for my flight”, “I need an invoice”, “I want to cancel my booking”, etc.
Check in or Manage and Change my Booking
The screenshot is sourced from the official Air france website.
  • Choose the preferred option and select “Need Further Assistance” for telephonic numbers of various countries.
Air France Assistance
Air france website has been used to capture the screenshot.
  • Here are the contact details like Air France check in phone number and the opening hours to address concerns like check in.
Countries/ LocationsContact NumbersOpening Hours
India1800 4192 03308:00 AM – 08:00 PM
Algeria+213 21 98 04 0408:00 AM – 20:00 PM
Belgium+32 26 200 18408:00 AM – 08:00 PM
Australia+61 29 33 82 26009:00 AM – 07:00 PM
Brazil+55 11 38 78 83 60  08:00 AM – 08:00 PM  
Canada  +1 800 667-2747  08:00 AM – 11:00 PM  
China+86 4 008 106 251  08:00 AM – 07:00 PM  
Czech Republic  +420 22 543 97 97   08:00 AM – 08:00 PM
Denmark  +45 82 332 701  08:00 AM – 08:00 PM  
Dominican Republic+1 809 686 843208:30 AM – 13:00 PM
2:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Costa Rica+506 2539 741307:00 AM – 19:00 PM
France+33 9 69 39 36 5408:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Germany+49 69 299 93 77208:00 AM – 08:00 PM
India1800 4192 03308:00 AM – 08:00 PM
Japan+81 36 634 49 8308:00 AM – 07:00 PM
Mexico+52 55 50 91 24 2106:00 AM- 21:00 PM
United Arab Emirates+971 42 37 80 9508:00 AM – 08:00 PM  
United Kingdom+44 20 766 00 33708:00 AM – 08:00 PM  
United States+1 800 237 274708:00 AM – 11:00 PM

NOTE- Head to the official website “Contact Us” Section to find the contact details of other locations.

How to contact Air France via social media portals to settle queries?

Social media is one of the most interactive ways to connect with the airline for concerns like Air France flight cancellation, check in queries, ways to connect with airport representatives, etc. You can expect to receive a response within 24 hours from the time of the direct message/ text message sent.

Here are the popular social media platforms where you can connect with Air France.

Social Media PlatformProfile Link/ URL

What to do After Completing Air France Check In?

After passengers complete check in via online and offline methods, here are the next steps involved in the journey.

Course of ActionAfter Online Check inAfter Offline Check in
Receiving and obtaining boarding pass You can receive boarding pass via –   Receive via email.
Download and save on your mobile device.
Print at home or office printers
Use Air France interactive kiosks at the airport
Obtain the boarding pass from 24/7 kiosk counters/ ticket counters.
Head to security checkpoints.
Printing Luggage Tags You can print the bag tags via the website with the boarding passes with the links offered by the airline or request them via email.
Allot the tags to your belongings to save time at the airport.
Obtain the tags at the interactive kiosk counters.
Dropping off Baggage For checked baggage – Head to the drop-off counter directly.
No checked baggage – Head to the boarding hall.
● Once the tags are allotted successfully to each belonging, drop it off at the drop-off area.
Heading to the airport and boarding gate● Keep in mind the flight boarding deadline.
● General deadlines are between 15 to 20 minutes before flight time.
● Follow the airline boarding and check-in deadline.
● For those without any belongings, head to the boarding hall directly.

What are the Air France Boarding Zones?

Air France allows different boarding zones and zone numbers to the passengers based on their Flying Blue membership status and cabin class. There are five zones reserved for airline passengers.

Refer to the air france online check in boarding pass or printed pass for the boarding zone numbers. Refer to the table given below for a general bifurcation for the boarding zones.

Boarding Zones NumbersPassengers Allotted
Air France Early Check inTravelers with Gold and Platinum memberships
Zone Number 1Travelers with Gold and Platinum Frequent flier membership in First class and Business class
Zone Number 2Gold and Platinum Frequent fliers with Economy and Premium Economy memberships
Zone Number 3Silver membership passengers
Zone Number 4 and 5All other passengers

NOTE – Connect with the airline for updated details regarding boarding zones number and other associated details.

It summarizes the Air France check in requirements and guidelines dedicated to simplifying the overall check in process for the passengers. Use the diverse choices, special facilities, on-demand kiosk counters, etc. on your next travel with Air France for a great travel experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can you check in with Air France?

You can check in between 30 hours and 2 hours before the flight departure timings based on the route and type of flight.

How soon can you check in with Air France?

You can Air France check-in time before flight as early as 30 hours via online check in.

When can you check in online with Air France?

You can check in 24 hours before for flights originating from Detroit and Atlanta, and 30 hours before for other locations for check in Air France online.

How early can you check-in with Air France?

You can check in 30 hours before for the majority of the departing airport locations if you are checking in online via the website or mobile app.

How to check-in Air France?

You can check in with Air France via online methods – Air France web check in, Mobile app check in, and offline methods- Kiosk check in and Airport check in.

How to check in with the Air France app?

Head to the mobile app, choose “Check in”, enter the booking reference number, and flight details, etc. follow on-screen instructions to complete the mobile app check in.

Why can’t I check in online at Air France?

Travelers with animals, those with special needs/ disabilities, itineraries with connecting flights to certain locations, and those with Flying Blue miles membership, etc. cannot check in online.

Is Air France customer service 24 hours?

No, Air France allows passengers to contact them within the operating hours specified with different country toll-free contact details.

Can I check in for Air France at the airport?

Yes, you can complete Air France check in at the airport up to 2 hours for domestic flights and 3 hours for international flights.

How do I get my boarding pass Air France?

After you complete check in via online and offline methods, you can receive a boarding pass via email or print it at the kiosk counters.

Do I need to check in for Air France flight?

Yes, it is compulsory to complete check in for all the flights handled by Air France.

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