Air France Name Change Policy

Passengers who wish to change names on the ticket due to the wrong name on flight ticket at the time of booking, need to access the Air France change name policy. Flying with the right name is compulsory to avoid legal irregularities or while boarding connecting flights.

The airline Name Change Policy assures a safe and convenient experience and caters to a wide variety of requests at economical prices. Take a look at the Air France name change guidelines.

What are the Rules Under Air France Passenger Name Change Request?

Under Air France change passenger name rules, passengers can correct their name or request modifications if they comply with the following guidelines-

  • Flight tickets are not transferable; hence the airline prohibits name changes to a different passenger once the reservation is ticketed.
  • Passengers may need to cancel the flight in order to transfer ownership of their ticket. Check Air France flight cancellation for more details.
  • Passengers must enter their Air France full name when making reservations and purchasing tickets and the details must match the travel documents.
  • Middle names and titles must be shown on the ticket in the same sequence as the passport or photo ID.
  • For flights to and from destinations outside of Europe, the request must be made up to 24 hours prior to departure.
  • The Air France name change/correction request must be made up to four hours before departure for travel within France.
  • Changes like changes in title, gender, or date or birth are not applicable under Air France name change correction.
  • Name changes or corrections are not applicable under the flight codeshare agreement.
  • No name changes are permitted post-checking in at the airport. Refer to the Air France check-in policy to learn more.
  • The flights with a stock number starting with 057 are eligible for a name change, irrespective of fare type or cabin class.
  • The airline re-issues the ticket/ boarding pass once the Air France ticket name change or name correction request is completed.
  • Flight tickets must be re-issued for each name correction request. Fare difference may apply.
  • The airline allows only one name change or correction per passenger per ticket.

What Types of Requests are Accepted Under Air France Name Change?

Air France name change policy allows the following name changes or corrections. Take a look at the applicable changes and keep the documents handy.

Types of Name Corrections offered by the Air France

  • Title correction – If you find an erroneous title while making a reservation, it can be altered to match the passenger’s passport. The ticket would be reissued, subject to availability.
  • Correction of first or middle name – The passenger’s first and Air France middle name may be changed to match the passport.
  • Last name correction – Only the last name that appears on the passport or official photo ID may be corrected, and it may only be changed by a maximum of three characters. The Air France Manage Booking area allows you to make a name adjustment request.
  • Addition of a last name – You may add a second last name to match the passenger’s name as it appears on their passport. However, in this case, no changes to the first name is allowed.
  • Correct the inverted name – The first and last names should be changed to match the order on the person’s passport or other official photo ID.

Change name on air france ticket requests are only accepted under legal considerations such as name change due to marriage, divorce or any other legal reasons. Add to that –

  • Air France name change marriage – Passengers flying with Air France can correct or alter their name due to marriage. The request is applicable mid-travel.
  • Passengers need to present the following documents for changes due to marriage/ divorce-
    • Legal affidavit or certificate of marriagePassport or government-issued photo IDMarriage certificatesCourt order or legal affidavit for divorceLegal affidavit for name change Air France
    • Booking confirmation

How to request a Name Change on an Air France Flight Ticket?

It is necessary to stay updated with the website changes or modifications and contact the airline early to issue necessary Air France change name and name corrections.

You can issue name changes using the popular methods described below –

How to request Air France change ticket name online or via website?

By accessing the airline’s manage booking section, passengers can submit an Air France name change request. To request the name correction online, follow these steps:

  • Head to and select the “My Booking” tab.
  • Login in to your account” or use the “Booking reference number details” to access the flight details.
Air France Manage Booking
This screenshot has been captured from the official website of Air France.
  • Enter “Booking reference number” and “last name” of the passenger and click “Submit”.
Air France Name Change Online
The authorized website of Air France is the source of this screenshot.
  • You cannot access the booking details if there is Air France no last name on ticket.
  • Choose the required flight and enter the correct name of the passenger.
  • Supplement the request with necessary travel documents and government-issued documents.
  • Pay the applicable name change fee and fare differences.
  • The airline will send the confirmation email with the new corrected name after processing the Air France change name on ticket request and issue a new flight ticket.

How to access Air France changes the ticket name over the phone facility?

Passengers can call the carrier and connect with the representative for name change or other queries like Air France unaccompanied minor policy. Follow the steps –

  • Head to the official website and choose “Contact us” from the menu i.e. the three lines on the top left corner of the page.
Air France Check in or manage and change my Booking
The screenshot is sourced from the Air France website.
  • Choose the option “Check in or manage and change my Booking”, then proceed to choose “I want to choose my Booking”.
Air France Change Name through website
From the main website of Air France, this screenshot is taken.
  • You will see a “Need further assistance” button. Click on it to access the phone numbers.
  • You must change to the desired location and contact the airline to request Air france change name on booking.
  • The popular locations and the contact numbers are listed below –
LocationAir France Service Line
United Arab Emirates+971 42 37 80 95, 800 23 823
United Kingdom+44 20 766 00 337
United States of America+1 800 237 2747
Costa Rica+506 2539 7413
Canada+1 800 667-2747
Australia+61 29 33 82 260

NOTE – Make sure to head to the official website and choose locations and the respective contact numbers as desired.

How to request Air France Name Change via Social Media?

Air France is well established on popular social media platforms and addresses issues like name change, name correction, Air France baggage guidelines, and more. You may receive a response within 24 to 48 hours and they will forward the request to designated departments.

Here are the Air France social media platforms for name change –

Social Media PlatformProfile Link/ URL

What is Air France Name Change Fee?

The airline levies a different price for the name correction and the name change in accordance with the Air France name change. The cost varies depending on the fare type and service class.

The Air France name change fee is as follows –

ConditionsChange made online or at the airport kioskChange made on same day as flight at the airportChange made by phone or Air France ticket office
Ticket purchased online or at Air France ticket counterNo fee16 USD16 USD
Ticket purchased via third party agent/ siteNo fee16 USD33 USD

NOTE – Contact the airline for defined information on name change charges on tickets.

Air France name change policy is efficient and convenient to use. Passengers can issue name changes at economical charges. Make sure to contact the airline at least 24 hours before scheduled flight time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name change fee for Air France?

Air France name change fee ranges between 15 USD to 50 USD including fare differences and service charges.

How do I change passenger names on Air France?

You can request name change via Air France official website or over the phone and correct name to match the official document Air france name format.

How to change name after marriage on Air France?

In such circumstances, the passenger must provide the airline with a copy of their marriage certificate. Air France name change fee would be applicable.

Can you change the name on an Air France ticket?

You can alter your name on the ticket. The airline policy is now known to be flexible, so you can easily change your name.

How to change last name on Air France flights?

Head to the official website, choose “My Bookings” and enter the booking reference number and last name. Issue a legal name change under “Edit Bookings” or change, enter the correct name and submit documents.

Does Air France require a middle name on tickets?

Middle names are not compulsory on the tickets. However, if you add it make sure to input in the same sequence as the official documents.

What is the Air France name correction policy?

The Air France name correction policy states that the changes must be limited to 3 characters on the first, middle, and last name.

How does Air France name change policy work?

Name change requests offer flexibility for passengers for minor changes, but may require legal documentation for marriage or divorce.

How to contact Air France for Name change/correction over the phone from the USA?

Head to the “Contact us” section from the website, and choose the number – +1 800 237 2747 to contact for a name change from the USA.

What are the documents required for Air France name change?

Present documents like Legal affidavit or certificate of marriage, Passport or government issued photo ID, Court order or legal affidavit for divorce, and Booking confirmation to issue a name change.

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