Air New Zealand Pet Policy

Traveling with pets is one of the most common requests of many passengers. Be it a family trip, or a vacation, the owners wish to bring their pets on board. To facilitate safe and convenient flight journeys for animals, Air New Zealand has come up with a pet policy. This Air New Zealand pet policy determines all the rules concerning passengers traveling with pets. Referring to this policy and understanding its rules clearly can help you carry your pets onboard with utmost safety. It will also assist you in planning your journey easier. 

Basic Guidelines of the Air New Zealand Pet Policy

There are some basic guidelines that you need to follow in case you wish to bring your pet on board. The guidelines have been made to facilitate a smooth boarding process for both the pets and passengers. These Air New Zealand pet transport rules are designed to ensure a safe journey as well. Flying with animals and birds can be risky in some aspects. Obeying these regulations will help you in evading these risks. Hence, it is important to know these conditions beforehand.

Given below are some of the main guidelines as per the pet policy of this carrier:

  • Pets must only be carried in a carrier that is spacious enough for the animal to sit, walk, and lie down comfortably. 
  • Air New Zealand pets international cannot be transported as checked baggage. They have to be carried as a travel in the cargo hold of the aircraft. Temperature and pressure will be controlled in this hold. The rules differ for domestic pet travel.
  • In case you want a pet transporter, the agent must be approved by IATA and pass the veterinary checks. 
  • Cats, dogs, birds, livestock, and other domestic pets are some of the pets that are allowed by this airline. 
  • You will have to inform the airline in advance if you want to travel with your pet. This can be done during the booking process itself. 
  • Travelers can transport their pets by entrusting them with the airline’s ‘pet transporters’.
  • You may be charged some extra fees for flying with animals. These charges depend on various factors. 

Note: The latest updates on these basic Air New Zealand pet travel can be checked on the official site of the carrier. 

Informing the Airline About Your Air New Zealand Pet Transport

It is essential to get approval from the airline when you want to fly with your animals or pets. For this, you will have to let the airline know about your requirement for bringing in your pet well before departure. Once you get the positive nod from the authorities, you will have to pay the Air New Zealand pet travel costs and you are all set to go. 

In the case of domestic flights, you can inform the agent in the following way: 

  • Passengers will be required to email the airline with the given details: 
  • Booking reference of your ticket 
  • Age of your pet
  • Your pet type 
  • Name of the animal 
  • The pet’s weight 
  • The weight of the pet carrier 

Once you send the mail covering all the above-mentioned details, the airline agents will get back to you within about 48 hours. You will be informed whether or not your pet is approved for the flight. Then, you can proceed accordingly.

  • Travelers who have directly purchased tickets with the airline can contact the customer care service with the aforementioned details to seek approval as per the Air New Zealand pet policy. 
  • In case you have made your reservation via a travel agent, you will have to contact your agency and submit the same details. 
  • Only one pet carrier will be allowed per person. You will be required to pre-book cargo allowance when you wish to carry more pets. 

Air New Zealand International Pet Travel Policy

You can transport your pets on international flights as well. However, you need to note that on these flights, animals will not be permitted as checked baggage. They can only travel as cargo luggage onboard. As per this Air New Zealand pet cargo policy, a transporter should be booked to carry your pets. These transporters must meet all the regulations set by the IATA. 

Other than this, the following rules apply to this cargo policy: 

  • Animals with the following qualities will not be accepted under international cargo: 
  • Extremely young animals 
  • Brachycephalic breed 
  • Banned animals and breeds according to the rules of the arrival destination 
  • Animals that are not tamed or not domestic 
  • On flights to and from Europe and Asia, the Air New Zealand pet travel international cargo policy does not allow the transport of racing greyhounds. A request can be made to the airline authorities regarding the transport of domesticated greyhounds. 
  • Flying on the same flight on which your pet is being transported may not be guaranteed. 
  • The fee incurred to book a cargo transporter for your pet varies as per the arrival destination, weight of the animal, and the size of the cage. The exact amount of fees charged can only be known by contacting your pet transporter. 
  • Passengers can collect their pets at the “cargo collection point” at the arrival destination.
  • You can locate your collection point by visiting the following link 

Note: Air New Zealand pets international cargo allowance can be booked in advance by contacting the pet transporters of this airline. 

How to Carry Pets on Air New Zealand?

This airline allows its flyers to carry their pets in two ways. You can either carry them as check-in luggage or as cargo. The pet travel Air New Zealand rules for each of these luggage options differ. Some restrictions apply to the size, and weight of the animal. Certain animals will only be allowed as under cargo and not as checked baggage and vice versa. Hence, to know how to transport your pet safely without any repercussions on the flight, it is important to follow the given regulations. 

Air New Zealand Pet Transport Rules for Cabin Baggage

Carrying your pets as cabin baggage will only be allowed on domestic flights. Only specific animals like domesticated cats, dogs, and certain birds will be allowed under this baggage. The Air New Zealand pet policy for different animals and their size restrictions are as described below. However, first, we need to check out the rules set for carrying pets as checked baggage.

The following are the rules for carrying cats and dogs as checked baggage: 

  • In case your pets are younger than 6 months, then you can carry three of them as cabin baggage. The weight of these animals must be limited to 9 kgs. 
  • Only two animals will be permitted on a flight in case they are older and are of considerable size. The weight of these pets should not exceed 14 kgs. 
  • Air New Zealand pet travel for cabin luggage allows only one animal if its weight is more than 14 kgs. 

Note: For dogs weighing more than 40 kgs, a special carrier should be used. The usual carriage transporters cannot be used in such cases. 

  • The size of the carrier in which you wish to transport your pet must adhere to the dimensions mentioned. On ATR aircraft, the size cannot exceed 150 cm in height and 120 cm in width. 
  • The pet carrier should be constructed with materials like fiberglass, hard plastic, wood, metal, or plywood. It should also have proper and sufficient ventilation allowing the animals to breathe.
  • The carriers should also be leakproof. Handles and wheels, if present, must be correctly operable. 
  • In case your carrier is made with welded mesh or open wire, it will not be allowed to be carried on the plane. 
  • At least 2 fasteners should be present on your pet carrier. The presence of cable ties on the corners is also mandatory to avoid the animal from opening the carriage box. 

Note: Although the pet travel Air New Zealand policy permits food bowls fitted within the carrier, water troughs cannot be given to the pet on flights less than about 4 hours. 

Other than dogs and cats, this airline also permits its customers to bring birds as checked baggage. 

Given below are the rules that apply to bringing birds on board: 

  • For carrying small birds, you can use the cat or dog carrier. They can be used as well when you do not have a proper carrier to carry them. However, perches should be fixed on these carriers to allow the birds to rest on them. Otherwise, you can get a special carrier designed for your bird specifically. 
  • The perches fixed within the pet carriers will not be qualified when they are spacious enough for the birds to comfortably rest on and hold onto. 
  • The Air New Zealand pet transport policy for birds permits the passengers to carry more than one bird in a single storage carrier. 
  • The tail of the bird should not touch the floor of the carrier and its head should not hit the roof while perching. This might make the birds upset or irritable. 

Note: You can place food and water bowls within the carrier box for your birds when transporting them on the flight. 

  • Under the checked baggage pet policy of this airline, there is a different rule. This rule is your checked-in pet and the carrier box will be considered as only a single item. 
  • Your pet carrier must obey the general guidelines of the check-in baggage allowance. Passengers will be given the opportunity to pre-book additional checked-in bags for their pets. For this, you will be required to pay some additional Air New Zealand pet travel costs. 

Note: You can check in your pet separately at the baggage arrival area after checking in on your regular luggage. 

Air New Zealand Pet Cargo Rules

Apart from checked baggage, you can also transport your pet under cargo luggage. This means that your pet will be sent to the arrival destination alone. They will be transported without any company as opposed to transporting as checked baggage. This is the case for all international flights. However, passengers on national flights within New Zealand can also utilize this method of sending their pets under cargo. The rules of pet cargo Air New Zealand are relatively stricter. They are described as under.

  • On national flights, the cargo pet service can only be used on the condition that your pet is traveling solo. In case you wish to fly with it, you will have to carry them as checked luggage. 
  • Guide dogs, Tuataras, and Kiwis can also be sent as cargo pets. 
  • Booking a reservation for your pet directly will not be allowed. To send your pets alone, you must book a pet transporter. 
  • The pet transporters should obey all the regulations given under the Air New Zealand pet policy. They must also adhere to the rules of ‘Animal Welfare Compliance’ and ‘Civil Aviation.
  • Some of the pet transporters approved and accepted by this airline are as follows: 
Venture PetPopular PetsGlenstar KennelsGlobal Pets
Flying Paws  Elite Pet ServicesCanterbury Quarantine ServicesDogtainers 
Auckland Airport Pet ServicesFree Range PoochesPine Valley KennelsThe South African Restaurant Group Limited
Cat’s Cradle4 Paws Pet TravelQualified Pet ServicesKiwi Pride Labradoodles

You can book any of these approved pet transporters. Upon arrival, you can collect your animal at the end destination. You can check the official site of the airline to know your collection point based on your location. 

What is the Cost of Traveling With Pets on Air New Zealand?

Travelers who wish to fly with their pets are subjected to pay certain charges. These charges have to be paid for both checked baggage and cargo luggage. However, the Air New Zealand international pet travel costs differ from those of domestic flights. Sometimes, this fee can also depend on your flight itinerary, class of service, and the weight of your animal. 

Checked Luggage Pet Transport Charges:

  • You will have to pay NZD 75 or USD 46 when the weight of your pet is about 25 kgs. 
  • In case your animal weighs more than 25 kgs, you will be subjected to Air New Zealand pet travel costs of NZD 100 or USD 62. 
  • The payment for this fee can only be made at the airport and not online. 
  • The amount for checked baggage includes charges for carrying both the pet and the carrier combined. 

Note: By paying the costs for pet travel, you can ensure the safety of your animal. 

Cargo Pet Travel Charges:

Given below are the Air New Zealand pet cargo transport in case of transporting pets within national destinations: 

Type Of Transport Pets Up to 15 KgsPets Up to 25 KgsPets More Than 25 kgPets More Than 50 KgsPets with More Than 100 kgs
Metro to Metro destinations NZD 77 or USD 48NZD 5 or USD 3NZD 4 or USD 2NZD 3 or USD 1NZD 3 or USD 1
Metro to Regional destinations NZD 32 or USD 19NZD 2 or USD 1NZD 2 or USD 1NZD 2 or USD 1NZD 1 or USD 0.62

The domestic pet travel charges for transporting livestock are as follows: 

Type Of Transport Pets Up to 15 KgsPets Up to 25 KgsPets More Than 25 kgsPets More Than 50 Kgs Pets with More Than 100 kgsPets with More Than 200 kgs
Travel within island NZD 67 or USD 41NZD 4 or USD 2NZD 4 or USD 2NZD 4 or USD 2 NZD 4 or USD 2 NZD 4 or USD 2 
Travel inter-island NZD 105 or USD 65NZD 7 or USD 4NZD 7 or USD 4 NZD 7 or USD 4 NZD 7 or USD 4 NZD 7 or USD 4 

The national pet carrier charges based on the carrier box are as follows: 

Pet Carrier Pets Up to 20 Kgs Pets Up to 25 Kgs Pets More Than 25 Kgs 
One cage (Within Island) NZD 200 or USD 124NZD 8 or USD 4NZD 6 or USD 3
One cage (Inter Island) NZD 300 or USD 187NZD 15 or USD 9NZD 10 or USD 6
Empty cage (about 14 kgs)NZD 50 or USD 31—-—-
Large cage (more than 14 kgs) NZD 118 or USD 73—-—–

The Air New Zealand international pet travel cargo charges depend on the following criterion: 

  • Size and weight of the animal 
  • Cage required 
  • Availability of vet certificates 

The fee charged by each pet transporter is different. You will have to contact them directly to know the exact amount. For further information, you can refer to the following link.

Note: All the national and international pet travel fees mentioned above can be changed or updated by the airline authorities. You can check the official website of Air New Zealand to get information on any such updates. 

How to Book Pet Travel on Air Zealand?

All the pet owners are required to inform the airline in advance that they are going to fly with their pets. You will only be qualified to bring your pet on board after receiving approval from the airline. Hence, it is necessary to let the airline know before your departure. 

For this, you will be required to fill out a form as per the rules of the Air New Zealand pet policy: 

  • You will have to fill out an “Acknowledgement and Indemnity form” before flying with your animals. 
  • Print out this form and enter the necessary details carefully.
  • Submit the filled form to the airline by visiting the airport. Otherwise, if possible, you can do it online. 
  • You will get approval after the airline authorities scrutinize your details. 

Since Air New Zealand pet transport international can only be done via cargo luggage, you will have to directly contact a pet transporter to book pet travel. Either way, you will be required to fill out this form in advance. You can also contact the airline for various other services like flight modification, Air New Zealand name change, or baggage information. 

Summing Up,

The Air New Zealand pet policy facilitates easy to travel with animals. This provides different options for the passengers to carry their pets. It also details the requirements and the restrictions clearly. Further, it makes the transport of your pets easier by providing a list of approved transporters. Pet travel on this airline is affordable due to the low prices charged. Overall, Air New Zealand is one of the best airlines chosen when you wish to fly with your pets. 

FAQs- Air New Zealand Pet Policy

Can I transport my pets as cargo on Air New Zealand?

Yes, you can carry your pets as cargo on this carrier. The Air New Zealand pet cargo policy allows passengers to transport their pets as both checked baggage and cargo. Carrying them on cargo is allowed on both national and international flights. Passengers can send birds, cats, and dogs under cargo luggage. You can later take your pets to the collection point upon arrival at the destination airport.

What is the Air New Zealand pet policy?

The pet policy of Air New Zealand explains the various rules that apply to pet travel. It also highlights the different methods by which you can carry your animals. The type of pets allowed, their cages, and the fees for flying with them are also highlighted under this policy. Further, it gives a list of approved pet transporters as well.

How to carry my pets as checked luggage on Air New Zealand?

Carrying your pets as checked baggage is only allowed on national flights at Air New Zealand carrier. You will first have to meet all the conditions set by the Air New Zealand pet transport policy for check-in baggage. Then, passengers will be required to fill out the “Acknowledgement and Indemnity” form to get approval from the authorities. After this, you will be qualified to carry your animals.

What is the fee charged for Air New Zealand pet travel on domestic flights?

To carry your pets as checked baggage on domestic flights on this airline, the fee can range anywhere between USD 46 and USD 62. USD 46 is charged in case your pet is about 26 kgs. USD 62 is payable when your pet weighs more than 25 kgs. This fee can be charged for both the animal and its cage combined.

Can I carry pets on international Air New Zealand flights?

This airline does not allow its travelers to fly with their pets or bring them on board. According to the Air New Zealand pets international policy, animals can only be sent solo to destinations outside New Zealand. This comes under the cargo luggage. However, approved pet transporters will take care of your animal at each stage.

Is Air New Zealand pet friendly?

Yes, this is one of the most pet-friendly airlines. It allows you to carry and transport different types of animals and birds. Pet travel Air New Zealand is further facilitated by the availability of various luggage options. Choosing this airline is viable if you wish to fly with your animals on board.

How much does it cost to fly my pets on Air New Zealand?

In case you wish to send your pets alone on national flights, your fee can be anywhere between USD 2 and USD 124. These charges depend on the size of your animal and its cage. Whereas, the Air New Zealand international pet travel costs depend upon the pet transporters. You can contact them directly to know the exact charges.

What is the pet cargo Air New Zealand fee for transporting livestock?

The fee for transporting livestock mainly depends on the size of the animals. USD 41 can be charged for pets up to 15 kgs, USD 2 for 25 kgs, and USD 2 for more than 50 kgs. The charges remain the same at USD 2 in the case of animals weighing more than 100 and 200 kgs. There might be only a small difference. 

How to add my pet to flight on Air New Zealand?

You can add your pet to your reservation by informing the airline in advance. You can do so by filling out the pet travel form online by going to the official website. Otherwise, you can also contact the airline directly. Once you get the necessary approval, pay the Air New Zealand pet travel costs and your animal will be added to your reservation.

Can I carry my pets for free on Air New Zealand?

No, passengers who want to fly with their pets will be under the obligation to pay the necessary charges. This fee varies for both Air New Zealand pet transport international and domestic flights. Hence, pet owners will only be allowed to carry their animals on the condition that they pay the required fee.

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