Air Transat Pet Policy

Ensuring easy traveling with a pet is a comfort for many passengers. Air Transat makes pet travel easier by assuring the safe transport of your animals. This is facilitated under the Air Transat pet policy. This policy regulates the rules and conditions needed to be followed by the passengers flying with pets. The opportunity to carry different animals in different ways is also provided by this carrier. For some passengers, it might be a necessary requirement to fly with their pets. This policy makes sure to cater to such specific needs as well. Therefore, comprehension of the rules of this policy will help you to make your journey secure.

Terms of the Air Transat Pet Policy

Every airline has set its own guidelines when it comes to carrying pets on the flight. Similarly, the Air Transat pet travel policy operates as per specific conditions and regulations. Every pet owner who wishes to fly with their animal is expected to adhere to these regulations for safety purposes. You may be penalized if you disobey any of the rules or exceed the given limitations. Hence, to avoid such hassle onboard, it is important that you duly follow these guidelines. 

Mentioned below are a few of the main pet travel instructions given by this operator: 

  • Pet owners are permitted to carry their animals inside the cabin. Otherwise, transporting them as checked baggage in the hold of the airline is also approved by this airline. 
  • You can fly with only domestic cats or dogs on the flight. That means, no other animal will be accepted to fly with this airline. 
  • Pets can be added only to the reservations made directly with this operator. 
  • Service animals including emotional support and guide dogs can accompany their owners inside the cabin. However, they will only be permitted on the condition that they are legitimately certified and carry legal documents as well. 
  • Air Transact pet reservation should be made well in advance prior to the actual take-off of your flight. 
  • In case you are using a carriage or a cage to safeguard your animals, it must be in alignment with the crate requirements mentioned by this policy. 
  • An additional fee may be charged for carrying your pets on this air company. This fee can be different based on the method of pet transportation and the flight destination. 
  • Specific weight and size restrictions will be provided by the airline at the time of shipping your animals. Should you exceed these limitations, your pet will not be accepted or you may be subjected to a penalty charged by the airline. 
  • Before booking a pet travel service, you must possess all the important documents and proofs that are to be submitted to the carrier. 
  • Passengers who want to bring along their pets must let the airline authorities know at least 3 days before their flight takeoff. This can be done via connecting through an email or a phone service. 

Note: Sometimes, the aforementioned rules of flying with Air Transat pets might get updated or changed. To know more about these updates, you can go to the online website of this airline. You may also contact the customer care service at their toll-free number given on the site. These services can also be used to access other features like Air Transat change name on ticket, flight change, or seat selection option.

Air Transat Pet In Cabin Policy

In-cabin animals refer to those pets which can be brought onboard by the owner. These pets will stay with the respective passenger throughout the course of the journey of the flight. Therefore, to guarantee the safety of the other fliers onboard, this airline has imposed the Air Transat pet in cabin policy. It consists of some basic guidelines and regulations. These regulations involve conditions regarding the pet’s container size, the maximum allowed weight, and the procedure to book your travel ticket. 

General Conditions:

The basic rules of the in-cabin pet policy are as follows: 

  • Passengers who need to fly with their pets should book the pet travel service of Air Transit well in advance. 
  • One flier can bring only a single animal onboard. Also, only dogs and cats will be allowed to travel inside the cabin. 
  • When you are bringing a pet on the flight, you will not be entitled to a carry-on item. Your animal carrier itself will be considered a carry-on item. 
  • Bulkhead seats and emergency exit seats cannot be reserved by the fliers traveling with their pets. Similarly, seats in the Club Class may be open for reservation when you want to fly with animals. 
  • The airline does not allow unaccompanied minors to bring along their pets onboard. 
  • In case you are flying with medical supplements or equipment on the flight, then in-cabin pets cannot be carried. 
  • Air Transact pet in cabin service cannot be availed by passengers on codeshare flights. 
  • When you have booked an in-cabin pet service, you will be required to arrive at the airport at least an hour and a half before the flight’s departure. 
  • Pets that are in poor medical condition, behave aggressively, or are emotionally distressed will not be approved to fly by this operator. 
  • During the entire course of the flight journey, the pet should be kept in a cage. This cage should be kept under or in front of the pet owner’s seat. 
  • The animals’ control rules of your arrival destination may be different from your departure destination. Therefore, while booking Air Transat flying with pets service, you are recommended to refer to the animal policy of your end destination as well. 
  • Restrictions will be imposed on the transport of certain breeds of dogs and cats. 

Note: Some passengers may be allergic to certain animals. These passengers will be seated 5 rows further from the travelers who are flying with their pets. The fliers carrying pets should change their seats immediately in case this arrangement is not possible by the airline.

In-cabin Pets Weight and Size Restrictions

To ensure that the airplane does not exceed its maximum weight limit, animals only up to a certain weight will be accepted by the air service. Air Transat pet carrier size limitations have also been imposed that need to be adhered to. Any cat or dog overweighting the given limitations will not be allowed inside the flight. 

Sometimes, you may even be required to pay penalties for disobeying the following given restrictions. 

  • The maximum weight of the animal allowed onboard should be below 10 kgs. This weight can include the weight of the crate or carrier as well. 
  • The dimensions of the animal carrier should be within 24.1 cm * 25.5 cm * 43.2 cm or 9.5 in * 10 in * 17 in terms of height, width and length respectively. 
  • Your pet should be at least 12 weeks old to be accepted for traveling onboard. 
  • The crate should be designed in accordance with the IATA animal policy regulations. 

Note: Irrespective of the weight and size of your animal, the Air Transat pet policy requires the passengers to always carry a pet pad when they are flying with their pets.

Air Transat Pet Shipping Under Checked Luggage

Some passengers might not be able to bring their pets along on the flight. In such cases, pets can be transported as checked baggage. This does not mean that there will be separate Air Transat pet flights. Rather your pet will be shipped on the same flight but in the hold section of the aircraft. The airline follows different safety precautions to make sure that your pet reaches the destination securely. However, you will not be able to contact your animals during the flight’s duration. 

General Conditions:

Some of the basic regulations that apply to checked baggage pet travel are as mentioned here: 

  • The air carrier transports only dogs and cats as check-in baggage. 
  • In case your reservation includes “Train + Air”, then approval for pet travel on hold will not be granted by the airline. 
  • Only travelers who are 16  years old and above will be qualified to use this service. 
  • The Air Transact pet cost for this type of transport will depend on the size of your animal and the flight itinerary. 

Tip: Before making a checked baggage pet reservation, make sure you possess all the necessary documents. This will help you to save time during the check-in procedure.

Check-In Pet Travel Weight and Crate Requirements

Under hold luggage, animals weighing more than a certain limit will not be allowed. Hence, pet owners will be under the obligation to follow the given Air Transat pet carrier dimensions. The crate requirements are also given here: 

  • The maximum accepted weight under checked pet travel should be under 45 kgs or 99 lbs including the weight of the cage. 
  • The Air Transact pet carrier cannot be more than 122 cm * 81.3 cm * 89 cm or 48 in * 32 in * 35 in. 
  • Only crates constructed with sturdy plastic material can be used to place your animals. You cannot ship your animals in crates made with wire or pure wire mesh-type material. 
  • The cage should be spacious and well ventilated to allow free movement of the pets. It should also allow the pet to sit and lay down. 
  • The crate’s width should be twice the width of your pet. When it comes to height, it should be suitable for your pet, whether a cat or dog. 

Note: In each cage, you can carry only one animal. Also, only one crate per passenger can be allowed by the carrier. You can check with the airline authorities to confirm how many pets are allowed on your ticket.

Air Transat Cargo Policy For Pets

When animals are needed to be sent alone, the cargo feature can be used. Under cargo shipments, you can transport your pet to the arrival destination. These pets can then be received when they reach their end destination. 

Some of the general regulations of the Air Transat pet cargo policy are as follows: 

  • Animals exceeding the checked baggage weight limit will be accepted under the cargo luggage of the aircraft. 
  • The crate requirements of pet cargo are the same as that of checked baggage. 
  • The Air Transat pet cargo cost may depend on the time of purchasing the animal transport service. Your flight destination is also taken into account when calculating this fee. To get information about the exact applicable fee levied, you can contact the airline authorities directly. 
  • To book a spot for the animal in the cargo, passengers can directly contact the cargo department of the airline at 1-800-855-0511. The agents will then explain to you the process of transporting your pet as cargo. 

Note: Certain health documents and medical certificates of your pet are to be submitted even when the passengers are choosing to send them via cargo travel.

Air Transat Pet Travel Fees

Passengers traveling with pets on this airline will be under the obligation to pay the applicable fee. This fee applies to Air Transat cargo pets, cabin pets, and pets transported under checked luggage. However, the amount for each different type of transport varies. The time of buying the pet travel service can also affect these charges. 

Given below are the rates for pet travel in the hold under checked luggage: 

Destination Prepaid Charges Airport Charges 
Inside CanadaUSD 100 USD 115
USA USD 150 USD 175 
Regions in the South USD 275USD 300
Europe USD 275 USD 300

You can pay the prepaid charges 72 hours before the flight’s departure. The airport charges will be applicable in case you exceed this time period. Also, this fee will be charged per pet and according to the single Air Transat approved pet carrier. 

Note: An extra fee of CAD 30 will have to be paid when flying to Canada with pets. These charges will go to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. However, passengers arriving from the USA do not have to pay these charges on board. 

The cost of carrying pets in the cabin can vary. The Air Transat pet policy in cabin fees is given below: 

Destination Prepaid Charges Airport Charges 
Inside CanadaUSD 50USD 75
Regions in South USD 100USD 115
Europe USD 100USD 115

Mentioned above are the average charges levied by the airline. Based on the change in demand due to seasonal variations, this fee can be higher or lower. You can visit airline’s website “” home while booking your ticket to know the change in fee.

When to Add Pets to Flight on Air Transat?

You can add your animal to the flight a few days in advance or at the time of boarding as per the Air Transat pet policy. Travelers opting for the pre-booking option should make a pet reservation at least 72 hours in advance. This can be done by contacting the airline authorities and paying the necessary fee to the carrier. In case, you wish to add your pet at the last minute, you can do so by reaching the airport. For this, visit the check-in counter at least 90 minutes before the take-off of your flight. Pay the pet travel fees and you will be able to fly with your pet easily.

Note: Sometimes, due to no space, the pets will not be allowed inside the cabin. To avoid this hassle, you can reach out to the airline authorities and ask them does Air Transat allow pets in cabin for your respective flight. You can then make your reservation based on the information given to you.

Flying With Service Animals on Air Transat

Travelers with disabilities might require some assistance from service animals. These service animals can be brought inside the cabin under the Air Transat pet on board policy. You will be eligible to fly with your guide pets in case of any physical or mental disorders or disabilities. 

The following points describe the conditions that apply to the travel of service pets: 

  • Only dogs can be accepted as guide or emotional support animals on the flight. 
  • No pet travel fee will be incurred on the transport of these types of pets. 
  • Passengers who wish to fly with their assistance dogs need to inform the airline at least 7 days in advance of the flight’s departure. 
  • A valid and eligible certificate must be submitted stating that your service animal is properly trained to offer assistance. This is mandatory for your pet to be accepted on board. 
  • The rules of the animal policy of the passenger’s destination country should also be complied with. 
  • Service animals will not be allowed to fly on flights to certain destinations like Jamaica. 

Note: When onboard, your guide animal can either be kept in an Air Transat pet carrier or it can be just harnessed. Either way, it should stay near the owner and must be muzzled, if required.

Restricted Animal Breeds on Air Transat

Some breeds of animals may be at a higher risk of catching or transmitting certain diseases. In other cases, some animals may not be fit for flight travel. Taking all the potential dangers into consideration, the Air Transat pets policy has given a list of restricted breeds. These breeds of pets will be prohibited on both in-cabin and hold transport of this air operator. These pets include: 

  • Doberman Pinscher
  • Wolf-dog hybrids
  • Rottweiler
  • Caucasian Ovcharka
  • Karabash Dog
  • Akita
  • All breeds of Pit Bulls
  • All breeds of Mastiffs 

To carry snub-nosed, otherwise known as Brachycephalic pets, you will have to submit the given certificate. This is a special requirement because these animals are prone to respiratory diseases. Other conditions may also need to be followed, such as:

  • You will have to fill out the ‘Acknowledgement and Exclusion of Liability Form’ when you want to carry such animals. This form can be found at the following link

  • The airline will not be liable or responsible for the health of these animals. This will solely be the responsibility of the pet owner. 
  • Following the Air Transat pet travel crate requirements for brachycephalic animals, the cage or kennel should be a size larger than the average size. 
  • The crate should be properly ventilated with openings on all sides. 

If you fail to meet these requirements, your animal will be rejected by this operator.

Documents to be Submitted for Air Transat Pet Travel Approval

Whether you wish to carry your pets in the cabin or send them in cargo, the provision of legal documents is mandatory. Firstly, passengers are required to provide basic details of the Air Transact pets like age, gender, breed, and size and weight of the animal. Then, a health certificate showing that your dog is free from rabies and is vaccinated should be given. Additionally, entry documents and agricultural certificates that are required by the destination country may also be needed by the carrier. 

Keep all the required certifications ready well before reservation in order to avoid trouble at the last moment. 

Summing Up,

The Air Transat pet policy offers the utmost convenience to pet owners. It provides different options through which travelers can carry their animals on the flight. The fee details are also mentioned under this policy. In case of cargo or hold transport, the airline ensures the safety of your pets. Not only regular animals, but this policy also offers a provision for service animals. Therefore, no matter the type of pet or purpose of travel, this airline is efficient and facilitates comfortable pet travel. Hence, this airline is known to be one of the most pet-friendly carriers.

FAQs- Air Transat Pet Policy

Are pets allowed in Air Transat pets in cabin?

Yes, as per the pet policy of this carrier, passengers are allowed to bring pets on board on Air Transit Airlines. Only cats and dogs will be permitted inside the cabin. They have to be kept in a crate throughout the entire journey of the passengers and must be properly muzzled. Pets will also be required to be under the weight and size limits as set by the policy.

What is the in-cabin Air Transact pet travel weight limit?

For animals to be accepted inside the flight’s cabin, they cannot be more than 10 kgs or 22 lbs. The size of the cage should not exceed  24.1 cm * 25.5 cm * 43.2 cm or 9.5 in * 10 in * 17 (height, width, and length respectively). Pets going over this limit may not be approved by the airline.

Can I transport pets as checked luggage on Air Transat?

Larger animals can be sent in the hold as checked luggage on this airline. However, the maximum weight of the pet should be about 45 kgs or 99 lbs. The Air Transat pet carrier size should be restricted to 122 cm * 81.3 cm * 89 cm or 48 in * 32 in * 35 in under checked luggage.

How much should I pay for carrying in-cabin Air Transat pets?

The charges for in-cabin pets depend on your destination and the time of purchase of the animal transport service. To fly to the USA with pets, you will have to pay USD 75, the same for destinations inside Canada, and USD 115 in the case of Europe and the South. The pre-paid fee can range between USD 50 and 100

What is the Air Transact pet fee to transport pets in the hold?

The Air Transact pet cost for in case of checked luggage is USD 115 in regions within Canada, USD 175 for the USA, and a fee of USD 300 will be incurred to fly to areas in the South and Europe. Also, an additional amount of CAD 30 will have to be paid when entering Canada.

How do I book a dog on Air Transat?

To add your animal to your flight, you will have to contact the airline at least 72 hours in advance. Submit all the basic details about your pet and provide the necessary documents as well. Pay the necessary fee. The same process has to be followed for sending animals as Air Transat pet cargo.

How strict is Air Transat with pets?

This airline is quite strict when it comes to flying with animals. The Air Transat pet policy has to be duly followed by the passengers. Penalties might be charged in case you do not meet the given conditions. Also, only the animals that adhere to these regulations will be approved by the operator.

In which cage should I keep my pet, Air Transat?

This airline only accepts cages that are approved by the IATA regulations. The crate should be made of plastic, not wire or wire mesh. It should be spacious and appropriately ventilated. Your pet will be approved for Air Transat pet shipping only when the cage is proven to be safe and secure.

What are the Air Transact pet flights restrictions?

The restrictions of pet travel on this airline mainly extend to specific breeds of animals. Certain dog breeds like Doberman Pinscher, Wolf-dog hybrids, Rottweiler, Caucasian Ovcharka, Karabash Dog, and Akita cannot be carried on this airline. Also, unvaccinated animals, pets yonder than 12 weeks, and snub-nosed dogs are also subject to restrictions.

Is Air Transat pet friendly?

Yes, this operator is one of the most pet-friendly airlines. Customers will be allowed to transport their pets as cargo, checked baggage, and even inside the cabin. Moreover, as per the general Air Transat pet reviews, this airline facilitates pet travel with absolute convenience and efficiency.

Does Air Transat pets policy allow service animals?

Only dogs will be accepted under the category of service animals and emotional support pets. No additional charges will have to be paid for flying with guide dogs. But, valid documentation showcasing that the animal is rightly trained to offer assistance to the disabled must be submitted to get the required approval.

What should I submit to book the Air Transat pet service?

To make an Air Transat pet reservation, travelers will be required to provide general information about the animal. Health certificates and medical proof stating that the pet is vaccinated should also be submitted. All of these documents must be valid and should be issued by a licensed veterinarian.

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Tina G. Wheeler
Tina G. Wheeler
1 year ago

I want to take my two Persian kittens from Texas, US to Canada. Can you tell me the procedure and charges for cabin? I concluded Air Transat pets in cabin are allowed after paying certain fee so I want to enquire how much will I have to pay to take them both in cabin with me.

Uriel Keebler
Uriel Keebler
1 year ago

How can I take my Husky with me on plane if he exceeds the given Air Transat pet carrier size? Huskies are big and I cannot leave him alone at home for 10 days as nobody else will be there to take care of him. I can pay extra and I have no problem getting him in cargo.

Francisca Parker
Francisca Parker
1 year ago

Does Air Transat allow pets in cabin? I have heard about people taking their pets in cargo but I cannot fully trust that they can keep my cat safe. It’s a long halt international flight and would take about 9 hours to reach so I want to keep my cat with me in cabin possibly on my seat since she’s very small and fragile.

Lori Williams
Lori Williams
1 year ago

I have a question about Air Transat flying with pets system. I want to fly with two small puppies in independent carriers (in cabin) because one of them was rescued recently and prefers to be alone, will the airlines allow me to buy a second full-price seat next to mine so I can put my other pet carrier under the extra seat?