AirAsia Name Change Policy

Making errors while entering your details during flight reservations is a common phenomenon. Various airlines provide their passengers the opportunity to rectify these errors. Similarly, AirAsia, through its name correction policy, facilitates such features for its customers. The AirAsia name change policy is formulated to permit name corrections after making a reservation. This policy is not only accessible to all but also simple to comprehend. Utilizing this feature correctly can benefit the passengers of this airline. 

Rules To Change/Correct Name On AirAsia 

To be eligible for name modification at AirAsia, you will have to obey specific rules given by the airline. Following these regulations can help in making the AirAsia air ticket change name procedure simple. These name correction rules apply to passengers of all classes of service. They also apply to both domestic and international travelers flying with this carrier. Therefore, all the passengers who wish to modify their names are expected to adhere to these regulations properly.

The following are the main AirAsia name change rules set by the airline: 

  • All the reservations made by the flyer with the operator directly online or offline will be eligible for name modifications. 
  • Passengers can request their name corrections in case of any spelling errors in any part of their name. 
  • Removal or addition of an English name especially for Chinese passengers is also considered under name modification. 
  • Under the name change policy, travelers will have the option to change their family name also. They can even replace their surname with their given name. 
  • Changing gender on your ticket after booking a reservation will also be categorized as name modification at AirAsia. 
  • Under any circumstances, the entire name of the passenger cannot be changed on the ticket. 
  • Transfer of ticket to another passenger is not allowed. You will have to cancel your reservation and rebook your flight if you wish to transfer your ticket. 
  • You will have to provide a copy of your passport for the AirAsia booked ticket change name in order to make corrections to your misspelled name. 
  • In case you want to modify your name due to reasons such as marriage or divorce, you will be required to submit legal documents like marriage or divorce certificates. 

Note: In case you provide a valid request for your name correction, it will most likely be approved by the airline. 

Methods To Modify Name On AirAsia Airlines 

To make its name change feature accessible to different types of passengers, this airline has given various options for name correction. These methods include using the AVA chat feature or contacting customer care. Both of these AirAsia change name policy options are extremely easy to use since they do not involve an elaborate procedure. 

Method 1: Name Modification Via The AirAsia AVA Chat Option 

This method enables you to talk to a bot that will make all the necessary corrections to your name. This feature will be available for use 24 hours a day. Hence, it completes your name change process within a few minutes, thus proving to be time-efficient. 

To use this option, all you need to do is to navigate to the official site of the airline. The detailed process of accessing AVA chat is mentioned here: 

  • Go to the AirAsia’s official website 
  • On the utmost bottom right of your home page, you will find the AVA chat icon with the description “Need Help? Chat with Tia”. Click on this icon. 
  • Now, the chat box will be opened. Here, from the various options provided, select the “Modify Booking Details” tab. 
  • Then, you will be provided a list with four options including name, gender, DOB, and title correction. 
  • Select the “Name Correction” tab. 
  • You will now be asked to provide your PNR number or Booking Number. 
  • Once your booking is retrieved by the airline, a copy of your passport or any other identification card can also be asked for. 
  • Now, follow the instructions given by “Tia” and make the necessary corrections to your name as per the AirAsia name change policy. 
  • Complete the process by paying the required name change fee, if necessary. 
  • You will receive a confirmation mail to your registered address about your successful name change. 

Note: While using the AVA chat option, you can click on “Start Over” in the middle of your conversation if you wish to modify other details. 

Method 2: Name Correction By Contacting The Customer Care

One of the easier methods of modifying your name on this airline is by contacting the customer service of this carrier. The agents will provide you with complete information regarding the name change procedure. Further, this method is also suitable for those who are not accustomed to the latest updates in technology. 

Upon connecting with the agents: 

  • Inform them of the error you have made in your name and request an AirAsia Air ticket name change. 
  • You may be asked to submit some details like your booking code or the PNR number, along with your information like first and last name. 
  • Also, provide a copy of your passport, if requested by the agents. 
  • The airline authorities will soon begin the process to correct your errors. 
  • Once the procedure gets completed, you may receive a call from the airline along with a confirmation email. 
  • Sometimes, you may also be required to pay additional charges by the carrier.

Note: If you want to make other alterations on your ticket apart from the AirAsia change name, you can use the “Manage Bookings” section on the official site of this air company.

AirAsia Name Change Fee

You will most likely not be charged an AirAsia change name fee for making minor name modifications. Corrections made due to spelling errors will not require any additional charges by AirAsia. However, you may be required to pay extra fees in case of a few last-minute requests. Furthermore, these charges also depend on your flight itinerary. 

Now, when your name modification results in the complete amendment of your ticket, you will have to pay additional fees. These fees vary as per your arrival destination. They are as follows: 

  • A change fee of USD 42 or MYR 120 may be applied on international flights. 
  • On domestic flights, the change fee can be around MYR 116 or USD 26. 

Note: Since the AirAsia air ticket change name fee can get updated frequently, you can contact its customer care service for more information about the latest charges applied. 

Bottom Line

The AirAsia name change policy is simple to comprehend and easy to use. It provides different options to the passengers for making name modifications. Further, the name correction feature is accessible to travelers all over the world. Hence, this airline ensures efficiency and convenience when processing the name changes of its passengers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to change misspelled name on AirAsia ticket?

When you have misspelled your name on the booking ticket, you can use the AirAsia change name Policy to correct it. To access this feature, you can either use the AVA chat option or contact customer care. For the former, visit the official site of the airline and go to the AVA icon on the bottom right. You need to select the “Name Correction” option under the “Modify Booking Details”. For the latter, you can call the customer care agents at the toll-free number given on the official website.

Can AirAsia change name feature be accessed online?

To use the AirAsia air ticket change name feature online, you will have to visit the official site of the carrier. On this site, find the virtual chatbot, that is, the AVA chat icon. Select the “name correction” option from the list of various options offered by the website. Follow the directions given by AVA and modify your name as per your requirements.

What is the offline AirAsia Air ticket change name feature?

If you wish to use offline methods to correct your name on this airline, you can connect with the customer care agents. Inform them about the error in your name and submit your details as asked. You will also be required to provide your passport. The name change process will be then initiated by the agents.

How much does AirAsia booked ticket change name cost?

Usually, you can use the AirAsia booked ticket change name option cost-free under standard conditions. However, based on your itinerary, you may be charged minimal amounts for using the name change option. This fee, in the case of international flights, is around USD 42. For domestic flights, it can be around USD 26. To know the exact amount of the change fee, you can contact the air provider.

Is the AirAsia air ticket can change name option available?

Passengers who have made errors in their names during reservation can correct them later on AirAsia. This can be done through both online and offline methods. However, please note that only minor corrections can be made and not whole name changes. Transfer of tickets to another passenger is also prohibited. Name modifications can only be limited to changes in characters and the addition of the first or last names of the flyers. 

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