Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy

It is possible for the passengers to make an error in their names while making a reservation. It could be a misspelled name. In other cases, travelers may want to change their names due to legal compulsions.

When flying with Alaska, you can be at ease regarding these changes. The Alaska Airlines name change policy offers a number of options for name changes and corrections.

What are the Guidelines to Change Name on Alaska Airlines Ticket?

Alaska Airlines change name on ticket can be requested online as well as over the phone. Whether you are selecting seats or modifying your bookings, the name must appear exactly identical to the government-issued photo ID.

Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy

The Alaska Airlines name change policy adheres to the regulations given below –

  • You will have permission to have Alaska Airlines change last name on the tickets you reserve due to divorce or marriage.
  • The airline facilitates change in case of extended first names, that is, to submit full names.
  • You can change the letters in your name up to 3 characters
  • Passengers may invert their names as it would match with the government-issued photo ID.
  • Alaska name change request may require a re-issuance of the flight ticket. Fare difference may apply. To know more about reissuance works, refer to Alaska Flight Change Policy.
  • All flight segments would be rebooked in the same available class of service following the name change. In addition to the Alaska Airlines Name Change Fee, the fare difference can be applicable.
  • The name change is permitted for free within 24 hours of booking the flight.
  • No name change request is permitted after the passenger completed the Alaska Airlines check-in.

What are the Restrictions to Change Name Online on an Alaska Airlines Ticket?

To be able to change or correct your name through the online procedure, you will have to meet certain conditions given under the Alaska Airline name correction policy. The following are such regulations of the airline:

  • You should have purchased your ticket directly from Alaska Airlines or any other direct sales channel.
  • The booking should not include any kind of discount fares, government fares, or special saver fares.
  • Ensure that the reservation is not a group ticket. There should be no more than 7 people on the reservation.
  • Your ticket can only include a maximum of 8 flight legs.
  • Passengers must add pets to their travel. To know more refer to Alaska airlines pet policy.
  • Changes in names of only general reservations are acceptable online.

Note: When changing your Alaska name online is not possible, you have the option of using another method. Otherwise, you can chat with or email the airline directly putting forward your concerns.

What are the types of name changes on tickets allowed by the Alaska airline?

Alaska airline caters to the name change requests covered within the Alaska name change policy as follows. Present the required documents and cooperate with the airline representative to get desired outcomes.

Alaska Airlines name change on the ticket can be allowed due to the reason of marriage or a divorce. You may present the legal documentation to the airline in such cases.

Due to similar circumstances, a passenger’s name may only be changed to their last name. You could first be able to officially modify the details with the airline in a divorce circumstance. The employment of judicial orders is required in this situation.

The following documents may be required by the airlines for the official name change:

In the Event of DivorceIn the Case of Marriage
Necessary paperwork for a piece of legal information modifiedExisting proof of identity
Orders of the courtCertificate of marriage
Name change due to marriagePrevious evidence of identification

What type of name changes are covered in Alaska Airlines Change Passenger Name?

As per Alaska airlines name correction policy travel agents may not be permitted to transfer their full name to another person by following the policy rules. At times –

  • The passenger may choose to change his or her complete information on the ticket. In such cases, passengers may need to first cancel the flight ticket.
  • Additionally, you can purchase a new flight ticket with the correct name as mentioned in the passport or government-issued photo ID.
  • If the name corrections require more than 4 characters, passengers need to cancel the flight, claim a refund and book a new flight with the same itinerary.
  • To know more about cancellation, refer to the Alaska flight cancellation policy.

What name corrections are allowed in Alaska Airlines Name Correction Policy?

As per Alaska Airlines name correction policy, passengers can rectify a misspelling or remove a space between their names up to four characters in the middle, first, or last name. In addition-

  • Up to 4 characters – The 4-character limit should not be interpreted as four characters for each of the first, middle, and last names.
  • Correct middle name – As long as the name on the ticket exactly matches the name on the passport or other government-issued photo ID, passengers may change, add, or remove Alaska Airlines middle name on ticket.
  • Adding Title/Suffix/Prefix to the name – The suffix and/or prefix in a passenger’s name may be added or removed as long as it corresponds to the name on the passport or any other official document.

How to Change Name on Alaska Airlines Ticket?

The American carrier facilitates travelers to make changes/corrections both online and offline as per the Alaska Airline name change policy. Hence, you can choose the method that you find the easiest.

Given below are the main methods by which you can make a change:

  • Online via the airline’s official website

The offline methods include:

  • Contacting Airlines Customer Care
  • In-person, at the airport kiosk

These methods allow you to change your name on the reservation. Additionally, you will be able to correct your Alaska Airlines misspelled name as well.

How to contact the airline to Change Name on Alaska Airlines Ticket online/ Website?

One of the simplest ways to change or correct your name is by doing it online. This method is mainly suitable in case of minor changes. The steps include –

Step 1: Open the Airlines website through the URL “”.

Step 2:  On the home page, you will find the “Manage Trip” option. Click on it.

Step 3:  You will now provide some details including the “Passenger’s Last Name” and “Confirmation Code” or “E-Ticket number”.

Alaska Airlines Name change online
This snapshot was obtained from the authorized web page of Alaska Airlines.

Step 4: Navigate to the “Change Name” option. You can now make the necessary changes or correct your name.

Step 5: Print the correct boarding pass after Alaska Airlines Change Name on Reservation request.

Note: Alaska Airlines name correction request can be made online. Passengers are not allowed to correct more than 4 characters in the flight reservation.

How to contact Alaska Airline for name changes and corrections over the phone?

Passengers can also approach the airline’s customer service representative to make changes/corrections to the name on the flight ticket. All it takes –

  • Dial the airline’s Customer Service Phone Number (1-800-252-7522) for more details you can visit the Alaska Help Section and ask the representative to request a name change.
Contacting Customer Care for Alaska Name Change
The screenshot above is taken from Alaska’s official website.
  • Provide them with all the necessary information about your reservation including the date of travel and aircraft number.
  • You may also have to give your boarding pass details. The agent will confirm your details and proceed with the process.

How to contact Alaska Airline for name change via Airport Kiosk?

A Kiosk is a self-service machine that allows customers to perform various activities. With this, you can check-in, upgrade seating options, print boarding passes, and make name changes to your reservations.

Use Airport Kiosk to Change Name on Alaska Ticket

You can access this machine at the airport. You can do this without going through a lengthy process to change or correct your name:

  • You can simply click on the “Change Flights” option on this machine to correct your name.
  • Select the flight itinerary.
  • You may now have to provide certain details concerning your reservation.
  • Then, select the name you want to change and enter the new name to complete the process.

The kiosk machine is self-operated and reliable, making it one of the most efficient options under the Alaska Airlines name change policy. It can be accessed by airport officials in case of any issues.

Is Alaska Air available on social media for Name change?

You can connect with Alaska Air for various concerns like Alaska unaccompanied minors, flight cancellations, etc.

Take a look at the social media portals of Alaska air-

Social Media PlatformsLinks

What are some tips for Alaska Airlines Change Name on Ticket?

Passengers should avoid writing any information in a rush when reserving a ticket, and can easily modify their names by using the additional advice listed below.

  • Before submitting the information, a traveler should double-check that the required information matches with the government-issued photo ID.
  • When making your ticket reservation, you might need to have all of the information on hand. It can be necessary to present documents like your birth certificate, passport, and other official records.
  • You might require that person’s correct details if you are buying a ticket on their behalf.

What is Alaska Airlines Name Change Fee?

The Airlines makes it simple for customers to change or correct names. Below is the overview of the name change fee assessed by the airlines.

Alaska Air name change fee is as follows –

Name Change ConditionsName change fee
Name change under legal compulsion125 USD
Name correction up to 3 characters125 USD
Name change/correction within 24 hours of bookingFree

Note: Connect with the airline for updated name change fee and other queries.

When you are a member of the MVP Gold or Gold 75k Mileage Plan, you are not required to pay the Alaska name change fee.

Alaska name change policy is designed to provide the best value to its passengers. Choose the diverse offline and online methods, free name change with 24 hours of booking, and dedicated staff members to make the name change process care free.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to change name on Alaska Airlines account?

You can either contact customer care or use the official site of this carrier to change the name on the ticket.

How to change passenger name on Alaska Airlines Online?

To change the passenger name, you can access the “Alaska Airlines Change Passenger Name” option at the Manage Booking section. Follow the on-screen commands to make the change.

How to change your name on Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan?

Contacting customer service will allow you to update the name on your Mileage Plan ticket. Call the number and let the representative know what you want.

Do I have to pay a fee for changing my name on Alaska Airlines?

No fee would be applied if you change your name within 24 hours of booking your flight. Change fees apply outside 24 hours of purchase.

What happens if I put the wrong name on the Alaska Airlines flight ticket?

You will be given the option to change your name once you realize the error. You can talk with the airline’s officials through the help center and request a change.

Can I change the name on my Alaska Airlines ticket?

Yes, passengers can only change names due to marriage or legal considerations. Passengers need to submit the original government-issued photo ID at the time of Alaska airlines name change request.

Does Alaska allow name change?

Yes, the airline allows name change on the flight operated and marketed by the Alaska Airlines.

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Aaron J. Crespo
Aaron J. Crespo
2 years ago

My wife was in a hurry. For this reason, she has written her name wrong on the ticket. Later I had to send mail regarding the Alaska airlines name change on ticket. Nevertheless, the response was too late. One day before they replied to our mail. We managed the situation otherwise for the airline’s fault we would not be allowed to board.

Jesus D. Kimmel
Jesus D. Kimmel
2 years ago

Because of the marriage reason I had a query about the alaska Airlines change name on ticket. For the name change, I needed documents related to marriage. But the registration was late and my documents also did not arrive. So the airline has cancelled my name change request. At least they have to inform me or ask me how much time it will take. I suggest, please ask your passengers once regarding their issue.

Allie H. Brady
Allie H. Brady
2 years ago

While I was trying to book a ticket to Alaska for the first time online. By completing the process, I saw my name had been added incorrectly. Then I had to ask for the Alaska air name change online. The process was too long and complicated that I had to sit and understand it in detail.

Jack Romy
Jack Romy
2 years ago

I want to go abroad for my meeting. But by mistake, my name was incorrect on the flight ticket. So I had a request for Alaska Airlines change passenger name but Unfortunately, my plans were also changed. Then I requested the transfer of my name to another person. However, the airline denied my request and at last, I had to cancel my flight and I didn’t receive any refund.

Billy L. Gantz
Billy L. Gantz
1 year ago

By scrolling, I got to know about the Alaska Airlines change name on reservation policy. The policy was great as many things are mentioned clearly and in detail. However, one clause I didn’t like at all is that when a person books the ticket through the travel agent, and issues have been created the airline may not help them. In such cases, the traveller has to connect with the travel agent only.