Asiana Airlines Baggage Policy

Baggage Policy can be daunting for passengers to understand. Asiana airlines Baggage Policy utilizes the weight allowance approach for domestic and international airlines. The baggage allowance further depends on the routes and items chosen by the passengers.

Here is an in-depth guide regarding the Asiana Baggage Policy allowance for a calm and comfortable travel experience for the passengers.

What is Asiana Baggage Policy?

The number of items to be carried as checked and carry baggage are based on the size, dimensions, and number. Here are the key details of the Asiana airlines Baggage Policy.

  • The passengers can carry a free Asiana baggage allowance for domestic and international flights depending on the weight permitted by the airline.
  • The airline permits the passengers to carry the baggage as checked baggage or as a carry-on.
  • The passengers can request plastic wrap from the airline for a fee. It is non-refundable.
  • The passengers must write their names in alphabetic characters/ letters and contact information on the name tag.
  • The baggage must be properly labeled and attached outside each of the luggage.
  • The name tag must be placed on the visible side of the baggage and include details like name, nationality, address, email, phone number, and passenger itinerary details.
  • The passengers must take care of their valuables and perishable items like jewelry, instruments, cash, gold, etc. are the responsibility of the passengers.

Keep Note: The luggage must comply with the weight, size, and number limitations as stated by the airline.

What are the Guidelines for Codeshare flights?

Here are the common guidelines for codeshare flights-

  • The codeshare flight regulations state that the Asiana airlines baggage allowance is followed based on the agreements between the participants of the airline.
  • The passengers must check whether the guidelines for the marketing airline or the operating airline apply to the baggage allowance.
  • The Asiana airlines baggage rules are stated on the final e-ticket.

What is Asiana Airline Carry-on Baggage Policy?

Asiana airlines baggage policy states that the passenger must understand the specifications, type, and number of bags allowed in the cabin for a safe, secure, and comfortable travel experience.

What are the Guidelines for Carry on Baggage?

Following elements must be taken into consideration for carry-on baggage-

  • The passengers are responsible for their luggage security.
  • Carry-on baggage items are allowed in the cabin at the discretion of the airline and if the passengers take full responsibility for the items.
  • The passengers must follow the carry-on baggage rules to carry items restricted under the checked baggage guidelines.
  • The items under the carry-on baggage allowance must not exceed the weight and size allowance.
  • For connecting flights, the free baggage allowance standards may differ.
  • The rules for Asiana carry-on weight limit/ baggage are subject to change/alteration as per the aircraft limitations, regulations, and country’s rules.
  • Travel amenities and items that may restrict access to the emergency aisle/ exits or affect other passengers are not allowed in the cabin. But, they can be carried as a carry-on item if it fulfills the guidelines.

Allowed Dimensions- Here are the allowed dimensions to carry items as carry-on baggage-

  • Weight- Maximum allowed weight is 10 kg.
  • Size- The dimensions of the Asiana carry-on size are as follows-
  • The maximum length of each side is A (Height)- 55 cm, B (Depth)- 20 cm, and C (Width)- 40 cm.
    • The maximum three dimensions (Including handles and wheels) as Asiana airlines carry on size must not exceed 115 cm.

What are the Rules for Carry-on Baggage in the Cabin?

The passengers can carry some items in the cabin as long as they fulfill the given guidelines stated by the airline.

  • Guidelines- Keep in mind that-
  • Baggage is allowed if it can be carried below the seat or on the overhead bins.
  • It is subject to availability. The passengers may have to carry the items as checked baggage if they are not permitted as a carry-on.
  • Allowed Items- Passengers can carry some items as carry-on baggage, in addition to the carry-on baggage. Make sure they comply with Asiana carry-on weight limit.
  • Laptop computer
    • Staff or crutches for disabled passengers Guide dog for visually impaired passengers Book Handbook Small duty-free item Small foldable stroller Small briefcase
    • Infant food
  • Dimensions for Asiana baggage policy in the cabin- Here are the allowed specifications and quantities of Asiana airlines carry on baggage allowance to carry the items in the cabin-
Class TypeSpecificationsMaximum Quantity Allowed
Economy ClassUp to 10 kg1 baggage
Business ClassUp to 10 kg2 baggage

Exceptions: Here are the items allowed as carry-on baggage only when the passengers purchase an additional seat and the rules associated with them for a comfortable journey.

  • Items Permitted- Cello, geomungo, gayageum, guitar, or other large instruments following the maximum height and width dimensions.
  • Maximum Dimensions- The dimensions cannot exceed 115 cm if the passenger wishes to carry the items with an additional seat for comfort.
  • Maximum height for Instruments- The maximum height allowed is 155 cm for the additional seat.

What is the Checked Baggage Policy for Asiana flights?

Asiana airlines baggage fees for checked baggage are free. The baggage allowance differs for the routes chosen by the passengers. The policy differs for domestic and international routes, and also has a special allowance for travelers with membership class.

What are the Guidelines for domestic flights?

The airline states a free-baggage allowance policy under the following specifications-

  • Checked Baggage- Keep these things in mind-
    • The free baggage allowance depends on the weight of the items.
    • Domestic Flights connecting with international flights follow the checked baggage guidelines for international flights.
    • The airline reserves the right to refuse large items like a stroller at the boarding gate if there are any issues with the same.
    • The large baggage is allowed for a handling fee of approximately 7 USD.
      • The airline charges 1.5 USD  per kilogram for excess baggage.
    • There is no handling fee applicable for wheelchairs, service animals, strollers, and other means to assist the passengers in traveling. The passengers can connect with the airline for Asiana pet policy for more information to carry service animals.
  • Dimensions- The dimensions for the luggage are as follows-
    • The dimension of the checked baggage must not exceed 158 cm.
    • The airline must be informed if the baggage dimensions are between 159-203 cm.
  • Weight Allowance for Checked Baggage- The allowed weight for the baggage with Asiana is-
    • The maximumAsiana airlines baggage weight limit for the baggage items should be less than 32 kg.
    • The airline can deny the baggage if it exceeds 32 kg.
  • Free Baggage Allowance- To carry free baggage allowance, follow the given guidelines.
    • Economy Class- Maximum weight allowed is 20 kgs (44 lbs).
    • Business Class- Maximum weight allowed- 30 kg (66 lbs).
  • Infants/ Children- If you are traveling with infants, the following items are available for free. You can also check out the Asiana unaccompanied minor policy if they are traveling alone.
    • Economy Class- 1 folding stroller, 1 bassinet, or 1 infant car seat.
      • Business Class- 1 folding stroller, 1 bassinet, or 1 infant car seat.
    • The passengers are allowed to carry a portable stroller, bassinet, car seat, or baby walker.
  • Large Baggage- The Asiana check-in baggage categorizes the large baggage as follows-
CategoryItems and VolumeApplicable Handling Charges
Small/ MediumItems- No restrictions on the items Size- Sum of length, width, and height cannot exceed 158 cm.No handling fee is charged.
LargeItems- Large musical Instruments, Skis, Snowboards, Surfboards, Bicycles, etc.   Size- The sum of width, length, and height exceeds 158 cm.Handling fees of 7 USD are applicable.   Additional charges are applicable if the free baggage allowance is exceeded.  

What are the Free Baggage Allowance guidelines for International flights?

The airline states the following rules for the passengers for free baggage allowance.

  • Guidelines- There are some of the Asiana baggage allowance international guidelines that the passengers must keep in mind-
  • The free baggage allowance depends on the routes chosen by the airline i.e Non-US routes and US  routes.
  • The travelers can carry one of the following for infants/ children- Car seat, portable stroller, baby walker, or bassinet
  • Free Baggage Allowance- The free baggage allowance for US and non-US routes is as follows-
ClassUS RoutesNon-US Routes
InfantsQuantity: 1 piece Max weight: Equal/ less than 23 kgQuantity: 1 piece Max weight: Equal or less than 10 kgs
Economy Class (Adult/ Child)Quantity: 2 pieces Max weight: Not more than 23 kgQuantity: 1 piece Max weight: Not exceeding 23 kg
Business Class (Adult/ Child)Quantity: 3 pieces Max weight: Not more than 32 kgQuantity: 2 pieces Max weight: Not exceeding 32 kg

Note: The business class free baggage allowance depends on the business class regulations.

What is the Baggage Allowance for Passengers with the Asiana Club Elite Membership Level?

The passengers who are part of the Asiana Club Elite Membership Level can enjoy the benefits of the baggage allowance depending on the size and weight allowed for the items.

What are the Guidelines for Asiana Club Elite Membership level passengers?

Here are some of the key things that the passengers must keep in mind-

  • The passengers with Elite Membership receive free baggage allowance based on the boarding class and the Asiana club membership benefits.
  • The free Asian baggage allowance may or may not be applicable if there is a connecting flight.
  • Keep in mind that Diamond, Diamond Plus, and Platinum members receive the benefits of the Star Alliance Gold membership on-boarding a Star Alliance flight.
  • The flyers can request one free extra luggage based on airline regulations. Make sure to contact the airline for any changes.

Free weight allowance for Domestic Flights- The Asiana Club Elite Membership Members can enjoy the free luggage as follows-

Membership TierEconomy ClassBusiness Class
Silver20 kg30 kg
Gold30 kg40 kg
Diamond40 kg50 kg
Diamond Plus50 kg60 kg
Platinum50 kg60 kg

Baggage Allowance for International Flights- The passengers with the membership may have to pay the different charges applicable for non-US and Us routes.

Membership TierEconomy Class (Non-US Routes)Economy Class (US Routes )Business Class (Non-US and US Routes)
Silver23 kg/ per item (1 item allowed)23 kg/ per item (2 items allowed)32 kg/ per item (2 items allowed)
Gold32 kg/ per item (1 item allowed)Item 1- 23 kg, Item 2- 32 kg  (2 items allowed)2 Items- Max weight- 32 kg 1 item- Max weight- 9 kg
Diamond23 kg/ per item (2 items allowed)23 kg/ per item (3 items allowed)32 kg/ per item (3 items allowed)
Diamond Plus23 kg/ per item  (2 items allowed)23 kg/ per item (3 items allowed)32 kg/ per item (3 items allowed)
Platinum23 kg/ per item (2 items allowed)23 kg/ per item (3 items allowed)32 kg/ per item (3 items allowed)

What are the Excess Baggage Guidelines with Asiana Baggage Policy?

The excess baggage policy allows the passengers to carry more baggage than allowed for non-US and US routes.

Guidelines for Excess baggage for Domestic Flights – The policy states that-

  • The excess baggage charges are applicable for domestic flights for luggage exceeding the free baggage allowance.
  • It costs 1.53 USD per kilogram for excess baggage.

Guidelines for excess baggage for International Flights – Here are the guidelines for International flights’ excess baggage-

  • The excess baggage is allowed at the discretion of the airline with respect to the cargo space availability.
  • The maximum permitted size (Length + Width + Height) cannot exceed 292 cm.
  • The Asiana airlines extra baggage fee is charged for baggage that exceeds the free baggage allowance.
  • The excess baggage charges may differ for flights leaving from overseas.
  • The excess baggage fee includes the quantity, size, and weight of the baggage.
  • The fee is subject to change due to the time and route of the flight.
  • The maximum weight and volume allowed for Asiana checked baggage may vary depending on the country of arrival and departure.

What is the Excess Baggage Fee by Route?

The Excess baggage fee may vary for US and Non-US routes.

US Routes- If the baggage exceeds both the weight and the maximum specifications limit decided by the airline, the passenger must pay for both under the excess baggage chargers.

The fee for excess baggage for US routes is as follows-



Route- US Routes + Asia (Including Oceania Routes)

Excess Baggage Fee

Dimensions- 158 cm, Weight- 23 kg (1 item)

200 USD

Excess Weight Fee

24 kg to 32 kg

100 USD

33 kg to 45 kg (Advance notice needed)

400 USD 

Excess Bulk Fee

Sum of dimensions- 158 cm to 203 cm

200 USD

Sum of dimensions must be between 204 cm to 292 cm

400 USD

Non-US Routes- Here are the excess baggage charges for the following non-US routes-













Short-haul routes within 1.5 hours from Korea

Korea-Japan/ China/ Hong Kong/ Macau/ Mongolia/ Taiwan

Within Asia

Asia- Europe/ Oceania/ Middle East/ Africa

Guam/ Saipan

Europe, Oceania- Saipan/ Guam

Asia- Saipan/ Guam

Excess Baggage- 23 kg, dimensions- 158 cm

1 piece


60 USD 

80 USD 

110 USD

140 USD 

200 USD

100 USD

2 pieces or more (Per added item)

90 USD

110 USD

160 USD

210 USD

200 USD

100 USD


Excess Weight Fee

24 kg to 28 kg

35 USD

40 USD

60 USD

90 USD

100 USD

100 USD

29 kg to 32 kg

50 USD

60 USD

90 USD

110 USD

100 USD

100 USD

33 kg to 45 kg

90 USD

110 USD

170 USD

210 USD

400 USD

200 USD

Excess Bulk Fee

Size between 59cm-203 cm

90 USD

110 USD

170 USD

210 USD

200 USD

100 USD

Size between 204 cm to 292 cm

160 USD

200 USD

320 USD

400 USD

400 USD

200 USD



Note: For more details, the passengers must connect with the airline or visit the official website.

What is the Asiana Baggage Policy for Non-Standard Baggage?

Asiana airlines specify that the passengers can carry musical instruments and sports equipment as special items as checked baggage.

Here is an overview of the Asiana airlines Baggage allowance for special items.

  • Valuable Goods- The guidelines for the good is as follows-
    • If the declared combined value of the goods is above 2,500 USD, it is considered valuable goods.
  • The staff must be informed about the items during the baggage check.
  • The passengers must pay an additional fee for special baggage to guarantee compensation in case of damage or loss.
  • Musical Instruments- Here are the guidelines to carry instruments as checked baggage.
  • As the instruments are sensitive and prone to damage, the passengers must carry the instruments as air cargo or buy an additional seat for the same.
  • The instruments must be carried in hard cases with cushioned material.
  • The excess baggage charges are applied on the total number of bags including both checked luggage and instruments, size, and the exceeding weight above the free allowance limit.
  • Items allowed as musical instruments is as follows-
Small instrumentsDimensions (length, width, and height) must be less than 115 cm. Allowed free of charge in the cabin or under the seat.Example- Violin
Large instrumentsLarge and valuable instruments are allowed if passengers buy an additional seat. Length of instruments allowed on the seat must be below 150 cm.
  • Sports Equipments- Here are the required guidelines for sports equipment-
  • It is not allowed if the total dimensions exceed 292 cm.
    • The weight of ski, golf, and snowboard cannot exceed 23 kgs. It is not counted as an equipment bag if the weight exceeds.
  • The equipment must be packed cautiously.
  • Here are the items allowed as Sports equipment with Asiana airlines.
Golf Equipment1 golf bag with its 1 regular bag is considered 1 checked bag if the weight is less than 32 kg1 golf bag with its 1 regular bag are considered 2 checked bags if the weight is between 32 kg – 45 kg.
Snow/water skiing, snowboarding equipment1 ski/ snow bag with 1 regular bag under 32 kg is 1 checked baggage. 1 ski/ snow bag with 1 regular bag between  32 kg- 45 kg are 2 checked bags.
Surfboards, Windsurfing, and Wakeboard equipmentIt should be packed in a surfboard bag. Excess baggage/ weight fee will be charged if it exceeds the given dimensions.
Scuba diving equipmentIt should be packed in a secure, safe special bag. 1 checked bag includes 1 empty scuba tank and 1 scuba diving bag. The valve must be revoked from the tank, and left open for internal inspection. Tank must be completely empty. Sea lanterns are not allowed as checked baggage and must be carried on board. The battery must be transported separately and comply with weight standards.
BicyclesIt should be packed in a special hard case with a shock-absorbing buffer after the pedals and handles are removed. Motorized bicycles, jet skis, motorcycles, or equipment including engines are not allowed as baggage. Excess baggage fee may apply.
Fishing equipment1 checked baggage includes 1 fishing bag and 1 tackle bag. Each fishing tackle packed separately is counted. (Excluding 1 fishing bag + 1  tackle bag)Excess baggage prices may apply.
Hockey/Lacrosse Equipment1 checked baggage includes one equipment bag and one hockey stick. If the passenger checks in only with the stick, the stick is seen as the checked item. The bag and stick can not exceed 23 kg, otherwise excess charges may apply.

What are the baggage restrictions and the items not allowed on Board with Asiana?

Here is an in-depth guide of the Asiana airlines baggage restrictions, restrictions, and prohibited items on Asiana airlines-

Prohibited Items- Here are the prohibited items specified by Asiana airlines-

All lithium battery operated riding vehicles, Lithium battery exceeding 160WhAirwheels, Solowheels, Hoverboards, Mini Segways, electric bicycles (electric scooters), electric kickboards, etc. Exception- Eclectic wheelchairs for old people and handicapped
Explosive, flammable, and toxic substancesGrenades, bleaching agents, mercury, dynamites, fireworks, oxidizing agents, poisonous substancesAlcoholic beverages with 70% alcohol content or higher, tear gas, fire extinguishers,  etc.
Containers with flammable, high-pressure gasButane gas, personal oxygen tanks, etc.For personal oxygen tanks, the passengers must use the oxygen tank allotted by the airline on the reservation.
Carry-on LiquidsTotal capacity or the individual capacity of more than 1 liter is prohibited. It must be in small containers of 100 ml or less.

What are the Items allowed as Checked Baggage?

Here are the items restricted and can only be carried as Asiana checked baggage.

  • Guns of all kinds, including handguns, shotguns, stun guns, and others.
  • Swords, knives, and other sword items
  • Dumbbells, Baseball bats, golf clubs, and other sporting goods
  • Hammers, nails, drills, and other tools
  • Self-defense tools like handcuffs, assault weapons, and collapsible batons.
  • Liquids more than 100 ml (for international routes)
  • Aerosol-containing toiletry products with a capacity under 2 liters.

What are the Items allowed as Carry on Baggage?

Here is the list of restricted items allowed as carry-on baggage.

  • 1 liter and 1 matchstick (Prohibited on flights from China)
  • Spare lithium batteries under 160Wh power.
  • Electronic cigarettes
  • Health-related medicines
  • Laptop computers, camcorders, mobile phones, cameras, MP3 players, and other costly personal electronics or data
  • Fragile and sensitive items prone to decomposition or easy damage
  • Medication that must be carried in the cabin or at the destination in the itinerary.
  • Fragile objects for damage or decomposition, jewelry, costly items, valuables, currency, securities, etc.

What is the procedure for receiving support in case of delayed, damaged, or lost baggage?

If there is a delay, damage, or loss of baggage, the passengers can request compensation under the following conditions.

  • The passengers must contact the airline within 7 days of the day of the baggage claim in case some/ all of the contents of the bag are lost.
  • If the bag is lost or damaged, the passengers must report the facts in writing within 21 days when the baggage was claimed by the airline.

Follow the given steps to inform the airline-

  • Report the issue- The passengers must report the missing bag or damaged bag to the airline staff as soon as possible. You must connect with the airport staff at the counter to report the missing bag.
  • Provide a detailed description of the missing/ lost items- Make sure to provide an in-depth description of the bag, its features, its items, etc.
  • Keep the Baggage Receipt- Asiana airlines lost baggage receipts may help the airline to detect bags. 
  • Track the Bag- You can contact the airline for details on the bag. Ask the airline to provide a bag tracking detector for the issue.
  • Follow up- Contact the airline for an update and request compensation when required.

What is the compensation for lost or damaged baggage with Asiana airlines?

If the baggage is lost or damaged or stolen, you can contact the airline for compensation, which has the liability to pay the passenger if the issue persists under the Asiana airlines baggage policy.

What are the General Standards for lost or damaged baggage?

The passengers can receive the compensation as per the following general standards-

  • The airline offers 20 USD  per kg if the transport follows the Warsaw convention or 1,288 SDR if it follows the Montreal convention.
  • If the goods worth higher are reported, and the closing prices were paid at the time of reservation in advance, the airline may offer higher compensation. Check more details in the Asiana Manage Booking section.

Compensation as per Type of Damage- Here are the guidelines given by the airline-

Loss and Theft20 USD per kg as per Warsaw convention and 1,288 SDR as per Montreal convention.   The actual amount will be compensated for the passenger’s loss.   Weight will be recorded as per the bag check row of the ticket   Lower amount is given if only a portion of the baggage is lost.
Breakage and DamageRepairs- Repair compensation is offered based on the repair invoice and cleaning invoice for wet damage.   If repair is not possible, compensation in case or new baggage will be given after deducting the 10% depreciation amount.   Compensation may vary based on the convention applicable to the airline.
Delayed DeliveryThe airline may offer a daily necessity fee that will be paid 1 time per passenger.

In Conclusion, understanding the baggage policy of Asiana Airlines is crucial for any traveler planning to fly with them. Asiana Airlines baggage policy outlines the rules and restrictions regarding baggage size, weight, and contents that passengers must adhere to. It is essential to check the airline’s policy before packing for your trip to avoid any inconvenience or extra fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What items are not allowed in checked baggage Asiana?

Inflatable items, lighter, electronic cigarettes, etc. are not allowed in Asiana.

Can I carry a guitar on Asiana?

Yes, it is allowed as long as it is less than 115 cm.

Can I carry musical instruments on Asiana?

Yes, the airline allows instruments like cello, guitar, violin, etc.

What is the weight allowed for check-in baggage for Asiana?

You can carry luggage with 20-32 kg as checkedAsiana baggage size with the airline.

Can I take 2 carry-on bags on Asiana?

Yes, you can carry two pieces of luggage if you have booked business class.

What is the weight limit for carry-on baggage in Asiana?

The weight limit is a maximum of 10 kg for carry-on luggage.

What happens if my checked bag is over 50 lbs Asiana?

You may have to carry the luggage as excess baggage and pay the required fee.

What are the baggage dimensions for Checked baggage Asiana?

The allowed baggage dimensions are 158 cm or less.

Is Asiana Strict with checked baggage size?

Yes, the airline is strict and entails excess baggage charges if the limit is exceeded.

Can I carry alcohol on Asiana?

Yes, you can carry alcohol if the limit alcohol level is less than 70%.


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