10 Best Things To Do In Niagara Falls

10 Best Things To Do In Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is one of the most famous and beautiful waterfalls in the world. They are located in the far northwest of New York State, across the Niagara River. Water from Lake Erie cascades over a nearly 200-foot drop into Lake Ontario, bringing more than 12 million tourists each year. The picturesque fall which is straddled between the US and Canada border of the Niagara offers both sides a plethora of attractions and is ideal for families, couples, and backpackers. With so many best things to do in Niagara Falls NY,  picking an itinerary can be a tedious task. Therefore, we have shortlisted one exclusive list of the most unique things to do here. 

10 Fun Things to do in Niagara Falls, NY 

Fun Things to do in Niagara Falls, NY

Niagara Falls is a must-see fun attraction that everyone should visit at least once in their lives. From both New York and Ontario sides, there are a variety of ways to witness the falls. Don’t go until you have had your fill of observing the falls. The Niagara Falls area is a favorite vacation spot with a variety of activities ranging from stunning vistas and world-famous sights to gardens, and excursions. Pick your favorite activity from our selection of fun things to do in Niagara Falls, NY.

  1. Take a View From Prospect Point Observation Tower

From Niagara Falls, NY, the Prospect Point Observation Tower offers the best view of the falls. The tower is accessible by a vast viewing platform that stretches further than the tower and then over the water. It is near enough to the falls to periodically experience their invigorating spray. Tourists may see all falls, namely American Falls, as well as the captivating rapids, from this vantage point. One of the most fun things to do in Niagara Falls is to take in the gorgeous scenery.

  1. Get Your Adrenaline Rush with Whirlpool Rapids

The river switches route again three miles underneath the American Falls. It generates a whirlpool in the enormous cauldron caused by geological movements, before heading north well over Lower Rapids and into Lake Ontario. Boasting 100,000 cubic feet of water pouring down the tight Whirlpool Gorge every second, these falls are among the most deadly in the world. 

If you are the one who loves adventurous spots, then this can be among the most fun things to do in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Travelers can descend down a set of trails and steps from the New York bank of the water to an aerial view that was originally a halt on the Great Gorge Railway. 

The Whitewater Walk, which is wheelchair-friendly and requires a journey to Canada’s Niagara Park in Ontario, provides a more manageable approach to experiencing the whirlpool and waves. The  Whirlpool Rapids Bridge, which spans the Niagara River across the United States and Canada, is another popular spot for viewing the waterfalls from above. 

  1. Spot Your Favorite Fish at the Aquarium of Niagara

The Aquarium of Niagara is a terrific option for fun family things to do in Niagara Falls. It is a fascinating escape for families during the winter or rainy days. Over 200 marine animal species and 30 instructional exhibits can be found here. A sea lion performance, harbor seal demonstrations, and penguin feeding are among the aquarium’s attractions.

Guests can also enjoy an animal interaction with dolphins and Humboldt penguins, which includes a behind-the-scenes glimpse at their maintenance, training, and lifestyle. The aquarium is a wildlife conservation center for injured animals too.

  1. Explore the Castellani Art Museum of Niagara University

Castellani Art Museum was established in 1976 by the Castellani estate to promote art education and enthusiasm at Niagara University and in the community. From the 1850s to the present day, the national gallery has about 5,600 works in a variety of mediums. Paintings, sketches, photography, sculpting, as well as pre-Columbian pottery, are examples of great things to enjoy watching at this museum. 

A majority of the national art gallery focuses on contemporary art made during the 1970s, with established and new artists featured. On the Niagara University grounds, the museum is situated. This place offers all fun free things to do in Niagara Falls, NY when you enjoy exploring artistic paintings.

As you decide to visit the falls in NY, make sure to fly with a carrier that makes your journey more awesome. American Airlines is a suggested carrier that you can choose. Keep in mind that for a comfortable and problem-free journey, you use the correct name to fly with it. To overcome the slightest of trouble due to incorrect names, you may also see how the other airline’s name change policy works.

5. Visit the Clifton Hill 

The great shops and attractions that fill the streets of Niagara Falls are a must-see for any visitor. Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Dracula’s Castle, Wax Museums, Haunted Houses, and Midways hint at what are the best things to do in Niagara Falls. Clifton Hill has just the right amount of fun to be entertaining.

Simply, for the thrill of it, you must visit one of its spooky houses. It’s a relic from the 1970s. The Clifton Hill Fun Pass is a fantastic alternative. It offers you entry to the Movieland Wax Museum, Niagara Skywheel, and the 6D Adventure Interactive rides. When you are seeking the best things to do in Niagara Falls in winter, this hill is a great option!

6. Get Some Goosebumps with Nightmares Fear Factory

Nightmares, which is situated at the top of Clifton Hill, next to Ripley’s Believe it or Not, is a fun option for everyone who enjoys a good scare. It is quite terrifying; rumor has it that it was constructed on the site of a former coffin factory. The owner was murdered in a botched joke and since then has haunted the hallways.

You can go out when you get too afraid inside the horror maze. When you do, do not even feel awful; over 95,000 individuals have backed out throughout the years. If you are the one who wants to go and look out for the best things to do in Niagara Falls, USA, do not miss out on this one!

7. Taste the Delicious Wine at Niagara Wine Region

Take a visit to the Niagara wine area at Niagara on the Lake, following all the thrills of the more hazardous attractions. Award-winning wineries are just 15 minutes near Niagara Falls and are ready to be discovered. 

You can enjoy a wine tour by taking a bus via Niagara Falls. You can hire a bicycle and travel on your own or take a bicycle tour, provided that you have a car or prefer to camp in Niagara on the Lake. There are limo trips, wacky bus tours, horseback tours, and more options for consuming wine without driving. Should you wish to explore the best things to do in Niagara Falls, then try out the popular wineries such as Peller Estates, Inniskillin, Trius, Two Sisters, Vineland Estates, and Wayne Gretzkys.

8. Boat Through Niagara on the Lake

When it comes to amazing things to do in Niagara falls, New York, Niagara on the Lake is a great place to start. The town on the lake itself is nice to visit. Sleep in a bed & have breakfast where you can eat in luxury at a variety of fine establishments.

In this location, the Shaw Festival welcomes theater buffs, as well as those who enjoy visiting shops and watching local craftspeople at work. Take a horse-drawn buggy trip through the historic attractions of Niagara on the Lake when you’re feeling amorous.

9. See the Glowing Fireworks at Night

During the summer, fireworks are held every night, and these are among the best free things to do in Niagara Falls, New York. The Falls are illuminated with brilliant lights every night. There is a spectacular fireworks show most evenings during the summer. When the sun sets, find your way over to the falls to enjoy. But come here early since it fills up quickly and you’ll have to select your area. Alternatively, dine late at several of the eateries that surround the falls for a fantastic view.

10. Take a Stroll at White Water Walk

This stroll, which includes a 0.25-mile riverfront promenade and observation platforms, enables you to see the waterfalls in a much more natural setting. The White Water Walk allows your family to get a close view of the beautiful Niagara Falls’ tremendous force. This trek, albeit short, includes a number of platforms from which you may view the river’s powerful rapids.

Even more, the panels illustrating the area’s plant and animal diversity are quite educational. White Water Walk is a family-friendly attraction that appeals to people of all ages. If you’re going on holiday with your family and children to find the best things to do in Niagara Falls, this is a fantastic spot to go.

7 Things to do in Niagara Falls, NY for Families

Family Things to do in Niagara Falls, NY

Family Day is mostly about enjoying time with your family to interact and create memories. There are, of course, other ways to bring your family together than a wonderful day at Niagara Falls. We’ve come up with a list of intriguing ideas for some fam-jam excitement in Niagara Falls, NY, which is overflowing with loads of action for all ages.

  1. Travel to a Serene Tropical Sanctuary 

Some of you may seek relaxing things to do in Niagara Falls, NY for families. There’s a tranquility that comes with being surrounded by 2,000 butterflies. You can view 45 different species of butterflies within one of North America’s biggest glass-enclosed butterfly conservatory. Inside this stunning rainforest-like ambiance, flutter through the lush flora and cascading waterfalls. You might even hear the roar of Niagara Falls in the distance when you listen intently. Enjoy this naturally transforming experience while taking a break from the oceanic environment. Your family’s animal lovers will be grateful that you booked this tour.

  1. Take a Look at the Whirlpool Aero Car’s History

Tourists may have literature aficionados in their families who would love to see the Falls from a bird’s eye view. The aero automobile might be exactly what they require! An old cable vehicle, the only one of its sort in the world, will take you across the Niagara Gorge. The journey over the beautiful Niagara Whirlpool and the next friend, the fierce whitewater waves, will be one of the fun family things to do in Niagara Falls. 

Since 1916, this vintage cable car has already been traversing the Niagara Gorge. Don’t be concerned about its antiquity; you’re safely hanged by six strong cable lines. To see the Falls upwards is an ideal moment for the photographer in your group because it provides you with a unique perspective.

  1. Fly into the New Heights With the Niagara Helicopter Tour

A helicopter trip is among Niagara Falls’ most renowned tours for a reason. Treat your kids to a once-in-a-lifetime ride and an unforgettable experience with this. If you are the one who is looking for kid friendly things to do in Niagara Falls, then this helicopter ride is amazing. While looping around at the Rainbow Bridge, the chopper pursues the Niagara River, hovering above the Whirlpool Rapids. Rainbows will emerge and vanish out of nowhere, so keep a close eye out and your cameras ready. Don’t overlook these breathtaking Falls vistas. 

  1. Get Lost in the Fury of Niagara Falls

The ground below your feet will be shaken by Niagara’s Fury. This is a 4D multi-sensory entertainment that immerses you in the construction and building of the Falls, replete with spray bottles and ice-age-like conditions.

The eight-minute cartoon pre-show is one of the nicest kid things to do in Niagara Falls, NY, which stars Chip the Beaver and describes how well the Ice Age built Niagara Falls, a hit with the kids. The illustrated geological lesson is followed by a six-minute 4D ‘Fury’ display. You’ll get wet, but the blue blanket should keep you from being too cold.

  1. Roam Around the Niagara Parks Power Station

We have added a new destination to our list of things to do in Niagara Falls for families. The newly restored Niagara Parks Power Station is a fascinating testament to almost 115 years of industry expertise. It’s among the most fascinating activities to do in Niagara Falls with kids, and anybody interested in history or knowing a little about the united forces of nature and science will find it fascinating. 

The Canadian Niagara Power Station has been harnessing the tremendous force of the Horseshoe Falls and converting it into a great supply of energy for almost a century. The magic of this hydroelectric innovator is coming back to life in an exciting and informative experience, long after its turbine came to a rest. Immersive exhibitions, refurbished artifacts, and engaging storytelling bring the very first significant power plant on the Canadian section of the Niagara River to life. At night, a spectacular interactive spectacle brings the once-dormant pumping station to life.

  1. Take a View of the Colorful Rainbow at Horseshoe Falls

Horseshoe Falls, at 2,600 feet in diameter and 188 feet in height, are the biggest waterfalls that help compensate for the world-famous Niagara Falls. Horseshoe Falls is a breathtaking sight that will captivate your entire family. Once the sun is shining brightly, you and your children are likely to see rainbows. The waterfall is also adorned with something like a variety of bright lights at night, giving visitors a spectacular experience. This is a must-see site, especially if you’re looking for cheap family things to do in Niagara Falls. Horseshoe Falls is a great place for teens, adults, and kids of all ages to have a good time. The boat tours, on the other hand, are best for children aged 7 and up.

  1. Take a Stroll at White Water Walk

This stroll, which includes a 0.25-mile riverfront promenade and observation platforms, enables you to see the waterfalls in a much more natural setting. The White Water Walk allows your family to get a close view of the beautiful Niagara Falls’ tremendous force. This trek, albeit short, includes a number of platforms from which you may view the river’s powerful rapids.

Even more, the panels illustrating the area’s plant and animal diversity are quite educational. White Water Walk is a family-friendly attraction that appeals to people of all ages. If you’re going on holiday with your family and children to find the best things to do in Niagara Falls, this is a fantastic spot to go.

4 Fun and Cool Things to do in Niagara Falls During COVID

Fun and Cool Things to do in Niagara Falls During COVID

This location is all set to welcome its tourists this summer in 2022! Many attractions here opened last year due to immense traffic of local people and tourists visiting this beautiful place.  Here is a list of several things to do in Niagara Falls During COVID.

  1. Take a Stroll at Niagara Falls State Park

Recognized as one of the oldest parks in the United States, Niagara Falls State Park remains open 365 days a year. During the COVID-19 outbreak, this place has worked on giving its people the best hygiene standard protocols. As you will enter the garden, you may find sanitizers as well as reusable masks for the usage of its tourists. 

This place features thrilling attractions, hiking trails, historic exhibits, and multiple dining spots. Taking a walk in this park is one of the best things to do in Niagara Falls post-coronavirus. In addition, it also has adventure-packed experiences. 

Note: All group tours of this fall are private. This means no one is going to be present on your booking except the travel guide. Guests are requested to wear masks that can be provided by the garden premises. Vehicles parked outside the garden will be cleaned up and disinfected every 7 hours. 

  1. Hear the Falls’ Roar on Maid of the Mist

This is something that should not be missed out on as it is the most memorable activity that will stay with the visitors traveling here for the first time. For experiencing unique things to do in Niagara Falls, NY during COVID, you will get many options here. Hop on the Maid of the Mist boat, which has been taking many passengers to hear the roar of the majestic falls since the 19th century. Be prepared to get soaked as you would practically get dunked under the roaring falls. 

This could be one of the most captivating and amazing moments of your life that let you experience the charm of Niagara Falls right from the horse’s mouth. The boatman will provide you with all the COVID-19 precautionary measures that you need to have a smooth trip with your group.

  1. Feel the Vibes at Journey Behind the Walls

Everybody wants to travel in a non-crowded area during the COVID-19 crisis. So, this place is going to be the one for those travelers. If you are the one who would want to explore and hear the roar of the fallen curtain of water, then this place is unbeatable. The tour begins by taking you straight to the observation deck via elevator where you can have a bird-eye view of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls, and the Niagara River. 

What fascinates the tourists here is the powerful vibrations of these falls. This is among the best fun things to do in Niagara Falls, NY in COVID. These vibrations will encapsulate you as you descend over 100 feet and venture through 130-year-old passages. Once you step out onto the observation, you’ll be awestruck.

  1. Experience the WildPlay MistRider Zipline

Another instance of perspective that you can experience alone with no worry of COVID-19 outbreak is this zipline. This magnificent zipline will elevate you above the roaring falls, as you will be awestruck and feel like a bird soaring through the sky. It is the most adrenaline-pumped activity that comes among the cool things to do in Niagara Falls, NY in this crisis. It lets you experience an incredible view of the falls, as you choose to zipline across Niagara Falls Gorge during this unique expedition. 

5 Things to do in Niagara Falls for Couples

Things to do in Niagara Falls for Couples

Should you be planning for a romantic break this time of the year, then Niagara Falls would be an excellent choice for you. Taking a vacation with your beloved here is a fantastic option since the region’s beautiful scenery makes it a truly attractive spot.

You must view Niagara Falls either by walking or boating. You may also take a stroll through one of the world’s largest enclosures. Then you may enjoy a horse-drawn sleigh ride and a delicious supper with wine pairings at one of the vineyards. 

  1. Get in Waters with Your Beloved on a Niagara Cruise

One of the coolest couple things to do in Niagara Falls is to sail on the boats of the cruise. You will get plenty of options for the cruise to choose from. Whichever type of cruise you choose, you will surely experience heaven in your life. The pricing of the tour includes mist ponchos. Throughout a complete mist tour, the Hornblower Niagara boats approach quite close to Horseshoe Falls. So, you will receive a once-in-a-lifetime thrill.

  1. Take a Walk at Bird Kingdom

When you love hanging around with your partner in the park gazing at the birds, this place is worth going to. The Bird Kingdom is among the highest peak aviaries with free-flying birds. Especially during the cold season, you can witness colorful birds here. Therefore, this place is considered one of the best things to do at Niagara Falls, NY, in winter. It’s close to the northwest of the Rainbow International Bridge which unites the Niagara River’s Canadian and American banks. 

The cage, which spans 4,200 square meters, is home to around 400 species, the majority of which are throughout the southern hemisphere. You’ll get the ability to engage with the birds by feeding them on your journey in an artificially heated tropical environment. Snacks, beverages, and the Macaw Market souvenir shop are all present at the Bird Kingdom.

  1. Spend Your Romantic Day Together having a Couple Spa

Among the greatest things to do in Niagara Falls, New York, for couples is spa therapy. Allow yourself to be pampered with a soothing massage and body therapy at one of Niagara Falls’ premier spas. Christienne Fallsview Spa, which is part of the beautiful Sheraton on the Falls Hotel, offers an excellent ‘just the two of us’ experience. 

On Fallsview Boulevard, you can also get an “Original Couples Massage” at the freestanding Serenity Spa by the Falls. The Five Lakes Spa Aveda at DoubleTree Fallsview Resort & Spa by Hilton is yet another excellent spot for a soothing getaway. Here, the “Duet Massage” feels like heaven on earth.

  1. Taste Wine and Dine Together 

The wines of the Niagara Falls region are well-known. Wine tasting is one of the most romantic things to do in Niagara Falls, New York. Niagara-on-the-Falls, the town immediately north of the location, is home to some of the best wineries and villas in the area, where you can enjoy romantic gastronomic outings. Some of the well-known places for wineries include: 

  • Konzelmann Estate Winery
  • Peller Estates Winery
  • Trius Winery & Restaurant

Each one provides first-rate wine tasting and combination excursions.

  1. Ride in a Horse-Drawn Chariot for a Romantic Excursion

A horse-drawn chariot excursion for two is extremely romantic and transports you back through time. Some couples love to spend their alone time riding to a quiet nice place. A horse ride can be amongst the best things for couples to do in Niagara Falls. Sentineal Carriages has been providing horse-drawn buggy trips in Niagara-on-the-Falls, a 10-minute drive north of Niagara Falls, since 1989. 

The views and aromas of the flowerbeds are complemented by the clip-clop of horses, making visits to the Botanical Gardens or the Floral Showhouse very charming. From May to October, every one of those tours is accessible for around C$85 for a thirty-minute journey.

6 Free Things to do in Niagara Falls, NY

Free Things to do in Niagara Falls, NY

It’s time to set out on a journey that brings us to the realm of liberty. It’s a destination drenched in beautiful nature, without a lot of money loosening from your wallet. As you travel to Niagara Falls, you’re likely to be overwhelmed by all of the flashing lights, expensive experiences, and mouth-watering meals that will drain your bank account. When visiting Niagara Falls, though, many people overlook all of the free attractions that are available. If you’re looking for a way to save money while visiting Niagara Falls, then these 6 free things to do in Niagara Falls, NY, can be quite helpful to be on your budget. 

  1. Queen’s Royal Park for Amazing Memories

In case you plan a trip to Niagara on the Lake, one of the greatest places to visit is The Queen’s Royal Park. It is famed for its wineries and wonderful summertime festivals. The gazebo is not only a great place to have a picnic, go for a stroll, or simply enjoy the sunshine but it’s also best to take the cutest family portrait. 

The ancient Fort Niagara in Youngstown, New York, and also Lake Ontario, can be seen from this park. Among the best things to do in Niagara Falls, NY for free, one would be just to grab a coffee or maybe a sandwich from a local nearby cafe and plan your perfect picnic here!

  1. Floral Clock for the Best Pictures

This Floral Clock, in the spirit of cities like Geneva and Edinburgh, integrates aesthetics and efficiency in a tourist-friendly packaging. The attraction, which opened in 1950, makes use of roughly 16,000 trees to generate its unique look. To meet temperature changes and plant sensitivity, the complete face of the clock is switched out twice a year. 

Floral Clock would be considered one of the free things to do in Niagara Falls. The 40-foot-diameter clock also has an elliptical pool at its bottom which is a touristic photo location. This is one sight that you don’t want to skip because you will find special places in The Niagara Region all of which are yours for free.

  1. Niagara Gorge Discovery Center for Trekking

Another one among the great trekking spots in the Central Valley is the Niagara Gorge. You will be blown away by its splendor as you travel through its difficult landscape. The gorge is amongst the ideal cheap things to do in Niagara Falls, NY. This trekking destination will get you immersed in all its magnificence, with the scenery of the Niagara River and gigantic rocky outcrops protruding out from the pathways. 

If you want to understand much more about the gorge, visit The Discovery Center. Here, you can wander through museum games and presentations that show how the river eroded out the surrounding topography. When you walk through The Gorge’s ancient and modern, it will undoubtedly be a day to remember.

  1. Oakes Garden Theater for Historical Glimpses

One spot on our list of free things to do in Niagara Falls, USA is checking out the Oakes Garden Theater. This is a gateway to the famous Queen Victoria Park. The Oakes Garden Theater Park is remarkable in that it was constructed on the site of a demolished hotel. The hotel was finished in 1937 and the remains could still be spotted all through the park. 

It resembles the form of an amphitheater and the theater uses the Falls as a background which is both interesting and appropriate. The garden is conventional in design, with marble hardscaping, steel doors, a curving pergola, and geometric plantings. Water features and rock gardens add charm as well, making this a very gorgeous area to enjoy some wallet-free time.

  1. Queen Victoria Park for Flora and Fauna

The floral and fauna that you observe as you go around Queen Victoria Park exemplify the ‘wow’ element that is displayed in places like Niagara Falls. The appeal of this location is that it is completely free to explore and is all about the environment. When trying to know what are the best things to do in Niagara Falls, trying visiting Queen Victoria Park is a brilliant suggestion. 

This is because when you are tired of being inundated with all things associated with Niagara Falls’ glamorous side, it’s one of the greatest places to relax. This park, known for its amazing scenery of the Falls and periodic swaths of floral color, is lovely at any time of year. Plants from all over the world can be found in the park. Perfection is cultivated everywhere, from Magnolia trees to beautifully manicured plants.

  1. Niagara Falls Illumination to be Amazed

Throughout the day, Niagara Falls is breathtaking, but then at night, the splendor is amplified by a cascade of lights that illuminate the immense waterfall. You would be struck by the grandeur of light, music, and elegance as you stroll along the Parkway. The thundering water will hypnotize you and the pink, green, and flashers lighting the Falls will leave you speechless. 

It’s a sight to see with twenty-one xenon lighting centered on the waves crashing. The lighting plan varies by season and sunset time, although information is available. During the summer, an additional advantage is that every Friday night, a fireworks show is brought to the scene. For all of the above, watching the sparkling light around the falls is surely included in the cool things to do in Niagara Falls.


On a Niagara Falls trip, there are always enjoyable and thrilling things to do. The resources of this landmark destination, which serve as the world’s eighth wonder, are what make it so beautiful. When you’ve finalized your schedule and know precisely what to do in Niagara Falls, all you can do now is choose a date and go ahead with your plan.

FAQs – Things to do in Niagara Falls New York

1. What are some things to do in Niagara Falls USA?

There are many places to visit in Niagara Falls, USA. You can head to see the falls from Whirlpool State Park. Or, you can also take a cruise to enjoy the waves of the sea from Maid of the Mist. If you are planning on some adventurous things to do in Niagara Falls, then go on a boat tour with your group.

2. What are the things to do in Goat Island Niagara Falls?

Goat Island is a renowned destination for all the tourists visiting Niagara Falls. One of the best things to do in Goat Island, Niagara Falls is that you can enjoy a variety of water activities here. From snorkeling and swimming to diving in the waves, there is a lot to explore on this beautiful piece of the island.

3. What are the things to do in Niagara Falls, NY on New Years eve?

There are many things to do in Niagara Falls, NY on New Year’s eve. Niagara’s Power Transformed event takes place every New Year’s eve which the tourists can enjoy. The beautiful illumination of lights and music will surely keep you thrilled. Another option would be to see the amazing fireworks occurring at American and Canadian Horseshoe Falls.

4. What are the things to do in Niagara Falls in January?

Visiting Niagara Falls during the winter of January is the best. When you can endure the freezing temperatures of this place, winter is the ideal time. You can witness these falls in their frozen glory. You can also enjoy some well-known firework shows here. When you explore the waterparks, you might get excited as you will get to see the cold icy waters and get drenched in the beauty of nature.

5. What are some things to do in and around Niagara Falls?

Niagara Falls itself is beautiful to watch during any time of the year. Given that you wish to see some more places around Niagara, there are several options. Maid of the Mist Boat Tour, Cave of the Winds, and Hiking Trails are some of the things to do in and around Niagara Falls.

6. What are things to do in Niagara Falls on the American side?

One of the best things to do in Niagara Falls, USA is to explore Niagara Falls State Park. Here is a Prospect Point from which you can find the observation tower and the center of the park visitor gate. People can walk through the “Hurricane Deck” or participate in a boat ride to “Maid of the Mist” when they are on the American side of the falls.

7. What can be some cheap things to do in Niagara Falls?

As you may know, this place is famous for its wineries. You can visit any of the wineries with local transportation and, thus, save on your expenditure. One of the cheap things to do in Niagara Falls, NY is to go on a Niagara Skywheel Ferris wheel. It can cost you somewhere around $11 for an adult and $7 for small children.

8. Are there any non-touristy things to do in Niagara Falls?

Yes, there are many non-touristy things to explore in Niagara Falls. You can start by taking a nature walk in the Heartland Forest. Enjoy a family picnic or just stroll around there. Another non-touristy thing would be to try your luck at Niagara Casino. You can also have a great time there because it has over 3000 slot gaming machines, so, you can also just look around and have your time.

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