Best Things to do in Miami

Best Things to do in Miami

Being the second-most populous city in Florida, Miami is excellent for exploring the best tourist attractions. It is famous all over the world for its museums, restaurants, beaches, and pleasant climate. This city is a place that will amaze you with its sparkling glitz and beauty. The natural splendor of the city will capture your heart away with Biscayne Bay and the brilliant blue sky of South Florida. With the best things to do in Miami, it is a great spot for all kinds of people- families, kids, adults, and so on. 

As you plan to spend a holiday in Miami, head on to read our guide on picking the best things to do and explore in this beautiful city in Florida.

6 Fun Things to do in Miami

Being home to some exotic beaches and seas, this crowded city is full of fun for visitors of all ages. Having so many fun things to do in Miami, tourists are often spoiled for their choice of destination. So, get ready to pack your walking shoes because there’s a lot to explore in this magic city!

1. Discover Your Party Animal on a Sunset Boat

Sunset Boat Miami

South Beach Party Boats features the right party boats before your future excursion to Miami Bay. From celebrations and bachelorette parties to New Year’s Eve and Christmas festivities, if you are 18 and above, then the sunset boat is one of the fun things to do in Miami for adults.

Having a couple of beers of roofies under your pocket, whether you’re traveling in a group or alone, it’s the ideal approach to broaden your circle of friends and find like-minded travelers in Miami!

2. Take the Skyviews Miami Ferris Wheel for a Ride

Skyviews Miami Ferris Wheel

The Skyviews Miami Ferris Wheel is absolutely among the fun things to do in Miami, Florida. This amazing beach provides an unforgettable experience with its pure cool breeze and unrestricted views of the neighborhood. Get into your capsule, relax back, and enjoy the rush of rising above the water. Once you have reached the top, you will be rewarded with breathtaking spectacular views of the bustling streets below the Ferris.

3. Delight Your Taste Buds at Little Havana

Little Havana Miami

When food seems fun to you, then nothing is better than Little Havana. It is a complete must-see for anybody who sometimes remotely perceives himself/herself as a food lover. It melds all of the finest Cuban and American flavors into one delicious parcel.

A culinary short walk of Little Havana is indeed among the fun things to do in Miami at night as you get to taste all the cuisine specialties this place has. You will learn more about all the renowned Cuban dishes by visiting this beautiful place at night.

4. Enjoy the Day at the Eco-park Jungle Island

Eco-park Jungle Island Miami

A trip to Jungle Island mixes excitement and wildlife with real-time entertainment, top attractions, and playful critters eager to say hello. Experience the zip line ride for a thrilling tree-to-tree journey. You can also encounter the wild animals up close, and replenish your energy with a snack or a cappuccino at the on-site cafeteria.

5. Explore a Day Trip at Key West

Key West Miami

To get to Key West, go south via the Florida Keys. Visit the town, its sights, and its beaches, as well as the many and varied outdoor pursuits available in Key West. Evening cruises, snorkeling adventures, and kayaking expeditions across the mangroves are some of the most fun things to do in Miami Beach. Do not even skip the opportunity to photograph the southernmost tip of mainland America, which is only 90 miles from Cuba. 

Tip: If you plan on staying in Key West for more than a day, then reap the benefits of the city’s easy access to the Dry Tortugas National Park, a snorkeling paradise.

6. Taste the Deep Freeze At Lulu’s, Edgewater

Lulu’s, Edgewater

Lulu’s Ice Cream has grabbed Miami by storm with its ice cream craze. Every ice cream offered is made fresh with pure and real ingredients and finished with a dash of liquid nitrogen, which gives it a great deal of delight. As you come in the door, you could see the smoke billowing from the liquid nitrogen. Choose from classic flavors like vanilla, mint, and Nutella, or try something new with the revolving seasonal goods, which change based on the seasons of local partners. It is one of the fun things to do in Miami this weekend. Also, it is a great place for your kids to take along!

4 Things to do in Miami this Weekend

In this metropolis, you can find a number of places to visit on Saturdays and Sundays. The top things to do this weekend in Miami include museums and art-oriented places. For calm and relaxing weekends, you can also attend cabaret-style events and enjoy the views of the botanical gardens of Miami.

1. Fun Trip to Philip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science

Things to do in Miami this Weekend

When you are the type of person who wishes to do something extraordinary on the weekends, there is one perfect place for you. The Philip and Patricia Frost Museum is as interesting as its name. It has a large aquarium that will highly engage you. 

There are also other best things to do in Miami’s museum. Let us see some of them below:

  • You will love checking out the planetarium available at this museum.
  • Your knowledge can be enhanced at this place’s galleries where tons of science exhibits are found.
  • As you head to the terrace of this place, you can look at downtown Miami as well.

2. Enjoy Art Deco on Weekends 

Art Deco on Weekends

Given that your Sundays are free, you should see what art deco truly means. You can visit Ocean Drive in Miami. The place is iconic for 3 things:

  • Art Deco Museum
  • Welcome Center
  • Art Deco District

What is so special about these things is that they all have been endowed with unique architecture. This is the prime reason why the entire area is included in things to do in Miami this weekend, especially on Sundays. To enjoy the complete architecture of the place, you need to invest nearly 2 hours. 

Tip: It is more fun to be here in the evenings on weekends as you get to see awesome lighting as well.

3. Faena Theater to Enjoy Weekend Shows

Faena Theater Miami

This theater is remarkable for its shows, the best ones of which are held around the weekends. Coming to what to do in Miami this weekend at Faena Theater, you can take the joy of live shows. This place is significant for Tryst—a Lovers’ Rendezvous. If you get a chance to get the tickets to this one, then try not to miss it at all.

4. Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden for Cool Evenings

Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden

Your weekends can be made memorable with a garden as special as this one. Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden is best enjoyed during the weekends due to its cool atmosphere. This is mainly because of the tropical plants added here. 

What keeps this botanical garden among the fun things to do in Miami this weekend is its awesome design coupled with the selection of plants. It also hosts an exhibition called Wings of the Tropics. It is said that at this event, you can witness a beautiful display of numerous butterfly species.

6 Awesome Things to do in Miami with Kids

This city tempts you to check out its amazing places when you are coming here with kids. These places can nicely engage you and your kids to ensure that qualitative time is spent. One thing, for certain, that you need to do is go fishing on the blue and beautiful beaches of the city. Picnics at significant spots, visiting the aquarium, etc., are additional things to do with kids in Miami.

1. Deep Sea Fishing with Kids

Deep Sea Fishing with Kids in Miami

Some of the best things to do in Miami, Florida involve fishing. Deep-sea fishing is more fun in the metropolis. With kids, this activity can ensure an experience to remember for years. Not to forget, the city in Florida has an endless number of beaches where you can go fishing with your little ones.

Going by the best recommendations from travelers and locals, you can find these beaches to be ideal spots for fishing with children:

  • Haulover Park Beach
  • South Beach
  • Bal Harbour Beach
  • Mid-Beach

2.  A Great Picnic Spot: Cape Florida Lighthouse

Cape Florida Lighthouse
Cape Florida Lighthouse at sunset

In Miami, you can get glimpses of South Florida. This is possible through Cape Florida Lighthouse. It is interesting to hear that this lighthouse has stood for as many as 200 years. Clearly, it is one of the places Miami is known for. Showing such places to kids can be enjoyable as well as educational.

These are the 3 things to do in Miami with kids on heading to Cape Florida Lighthouse:

  • You can teach your kids about the significance and history of this place.
  • Prefer to visit here in the evenings to enjoy better climatic conditions.
  • The lighthouse is located around a beach. Therefore, you and your children will love being here for a nice picnic.

3. Zoo Miami for Learning About Animals

Zoo Miami Florida

It may be surprising to know that Miami is proud of its subtropical zoo. Being one-of-its-kind in the entire US, when you head to this city, Zoo Miami is a spot you should not skip. Its attribute enables the visitors to see animals of the most exceptional kinds. 

Coming to what to do in Miami with kids in this zoo, you can definitely see the animals and learn about them. In addition, the place has a monorail. Riding it with kids is an excellent experience.

4. Fun Interactions at Miami Seaquarium

Miami Seaquarium

You would have often taken your kids to watch fish at the aquariums. To give them a completely different experience this time, you can take them to Miami Seaquarium. It does teach about sea animals but in a quite extraordinary way. Your kids will love seeing how the animals interact with the crowds. Besides, the splash of water will connect you all better with the experience.

You should know 3 awesome things for kids to do in Miami Seaquarium:

  • You can handshake and interact with kids.
  • Kids can learn how the sea animals are cared for.
  • This place has options for shopping as well as eating with kids.

5. Swim, Splash, and Play at Flamingo Park 

Flamingo Park is a huge space in Miami. It features a park that is big enough to accommodate a multitude of activities. A part of it is divided into a massive pool area. The park also has an area dedicated to sports. Thus, from swimming to playing, there are various things to do in Miami for kids heading to Flamingo Park. Not only the kids but even adults can also engage in plenty of things here.

When you are at this park, you can follow the route close by to head to cities such as Orlando. This is another city in Florida which can promise you more things to do with kids. Roughly 234 miles is how far is Orlando from Miami by road. Accordingly, you can plan an extended vacation. 

6. Miami Children’s Museum for Ultimate Fun

Miami Children’s Museum

A place dedicated to kids, Miami Children’s Museum comes with an atmosphere most favorable for children. It has exhibitions, events, and constant learning all under one roof. The museum aims to give your kids an awesome experience on the whole.

Go through the most fun things to do in Miami with kids at this museum:

  • Fun exhibits are worth exploring in this place.
  • For your kid, you can organize a birthday party here.
  • Education-oriented programs are often held at the museum. On its official website, you can find the details of these and take your kid on the most momentous day.

Note: Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the museum is following every important protocol to limit the virus. From the safety point of view as well, taking children to this place will be a great idea.

5 Free Things to do in Miami

There are plenty of things to do in the city when you are traveling on a budget. Miami lets you visit its beaches, streets, parks, and more such places. At no cost, you can engage yourself in various activities. Among all of these, the top things to do in Miami for free are such that you can relax your mind.

1. Spending Time at Bal Harbour Beach

Bal Harbour Beach

Visiting Miami and not exploring Bal Harbour beach doesn’t seem fair. Knowing that the beach has so many activities to do cost-free, you have all the reasons to be here. The travelers enjoy sunbathing to the maximum at this beach. They also like the other best things to do in Miami’s beach like swimming in its cool water and walking on the warm sand along with enjoying the splendid view. 

2. Wynwood to Find Amazing Art

 Wynwood Walls Miami

Readers will find it enticing to know that Miami has multiple locations where street art is celebrated. One of these locations is Wynwood. It is a district in the city which is recognized for multicolor murals. As you go through the streets of this district, you can watch excellently created art. This is what to do in Miami for free whether you are a kid, an adult, or traveling in a group. 

3. Tour at No Cost with Metromover

This is one of the cities that lets travelers move free of cost. Metromover is available on all days of the week. It stops at multiple destinations. As you get down to any destination, you will have more options of the activities to do. 

Besides these, while you are on metromover, you should know about 2 additional things to do in Miami for free:

  • You will love enjoying the view of the city comfortably sitting in the metromover.
  • Making friends on the go is an additional benefit of the ride.

Note: Before you plan to take a tour of the city with metromover, please be aware that it largely covers Brickell as well as downtown Miami.

4. Cool Your Mind at Bayfront Park 

A park as big as Bayfront calls for your attention when you are looking for free things to engage in. The park remains open on most days. Even when you have plans to go here today, you will find the park open. Coming to the free things to do in Miami today if you are at this park, then you should surely attend the yoga sessions. Free classes are often conducted for visitors. 

Tip: While the sessions demand you to pay no cost, you are less likely to get things like mats or water for free. To make the best of the sessions, you will be advised to bring your own mat and other things you may possibly need.

5. A Free Visit to Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park

Florida is known for places such as Everglades National Park. Luckily, when you are in Miami, you can get the chance to see it. To your amazement, this park is also among the things to do in Miami free of cost. The park lets you observe animals absolutely free. You are likely to find many species. 

If you are coming to Everglades National Park, then you can get a cost-free trolley ride. It will take you to the park via Historic Downtown Homestead. You are also free to choose your own mode and route depending on your location.

What is there to do in South Beach Miami?

What to do in South Beach Miami

South Beach is a proper neighborhood in the city. As one of the famous neighborhoods, there is no doubt why you should not explore this area. It is true that the beach is the most popular part of this neighborhood. Additionally, you should also go find out how it feels to walk in different locations featured by South Beach. Moreover, travelers will love attending the parties and the best spots for shopping.

Know further about what to do in South Beach Miami with the details of these options.

1. Enjoy Walking on Sand

This neighborhood is best known for its beach. The most exciting thing about it is that when you are on the beach, walking on its sand is an entirely different experience. Why it is among the main things to do in Miami South Beach is because this activity can completely relax you. Thus, when you have spent a lot of time and energy seeing the city, you can come and walk here to cool off.

2. Check out Lincoln Road Mall

Lincoln Road Mall is made up of 10 blocks. It has various kinds of shops and stores. Clearly, it is a place big enough to shop for most of the things that you need or wish to take back home as souvenirs. You can also grab the tastiest snacks and satiate yourself with awesome dishes.

Let us now look at the things to do in South Beach Miami:

  • Aerie is an excellent store to shop for clothes featuring trendy styles.
  • To have food on the go, you can go to The Salty. It has a number of snacks to eat but is known more for its donuts.
  • There are plenty of spots where you can sit and chill.

3. Ocean Drive for a Walk

Ocean Drive is a part of South Beach in Miami that is a great highlight for its appearance. This appearance is nothing less than art. Travelers can find as many as 900 buildings that are sightly for art-deco. The designs are classic and will take you down the memory lane of the 1950s. Walking is one of the great things to do in South Miami Beach. Moreover, youngsters love clicking photographs with beautiful buildings as the backdrop.

4. Gear up for Pool Parties

When you are at South Beach, do find out whether any pool parties are happening. These are likely to occur due to the perfect location and atmosphere. If you are wondering about the charges, then you should know that free entries are possible at times. Hence, this makes pool parties among the best things to do in Miami’s neighborhoods.

Via the routes near South Beach, you can visit other cities from Miami. Tampa is a wonderful suggestion when you are planning to do so. Before you proceed with the plan, make sure to find out how far is Tampa from Miami and then take the best route.

4 Things to do in Miami Beach

Lummus Park Beach

Miami Beach is among the exciting locations in this city. Along with the people of Florida, visitors prefer coming here for massive parks and beaches. Shopping, eating, relaxing, and more are the fun things to do in Miami Beach. With these activities available, from youngsters to the elderly, almost everyone is invited to Miami Beach.

1. Miami Beach Boardwalk to Walk, Eat, and do More

Among the attractions that you must see in Miami Beach, there exists an open space that gains the attention of numerous travelers. Miami Beach Boardwalk is a splendid pathway. Walking is one of the free things to do in Miami Beach Boardwalk. Not limited to this, you can sit and get engrossed in the beauty of the place. 

The additional things that you can do here include these:

  • Eating and drinking are the definite things to be engaged in.
  • At night, the lighting of the place is more sightly and should not be missed.
  • If you are coming here in a group, then you can surely plan a picnic.

2. Lummus Park Beach to Delve into the City Vibes

Lummus Park Beach reflects the spirit of the city located in Florida. This place is close to Ocean Drive. So, when you are here, cross some more miles to check out what Lummus Park Beach has to offer. Sports lovers enjoy coming to this beach. However, for kids, families, and couples too, the place is not disappointing at all.

Find below a list of things to learn what to do in Miami Beach’s Lummus Park: 

  • Sunbathing is a definite activity in this location.
  • You can surely go for a swim.
  • The vegetation of Lummus Park Beach cannot be missed.
  • Travelers can find numerous options for refreshments. 

3. Shop at Collins Avenue

Collins Avenue is best for shopping. All your fashion and beauty desires can be settled at this place. Additionally identified as State Road A1A, you can also find galleries in this place. This district attracts plenty of youngsters. When you want to keep your fashion level up, however, you too can head to Collins Avenue. 

Aside from shopping for trendy stuff, there are also other fun things to do in Miami Beach’s Collins Avenue. You can see several restaurants and hotels on State Road A1A. Thus, for eating and relaxing, the place will only make you happy.

4. South Pointe Park for Fun and Relaxation

Your wish to go to an urban park gets fulfilled with South Pointe. Towards the south of the city, this park is available. Not just a park but the place has tons of exciting options too. These are inclusive of cafes, barbecue spots, playgrounds, and more. Truly, parks are one of the best things to do in Miami Beach but you should also have fun at the swings, eat great snacks, and enjoy the landscape. 

As you decide to visit Miami, you can rely on the best carriers to help you with your journey. Carriers like AA offer great flying services to the city. To make the best use of these services and have a convenient journey, make sure that you fly with the correct details. On the off chance that your identification information is incorrect, this carrier will let you use the other airline’s name change feature.

6 Things to do in Miami for Adults

Get Down in the Waters of the Sea

This city is an excellent choice for vacations for adults. You can happily stay occupied if you are here for a week or just a night because there are so many interesting and entertaining things to do in the city. If you are seeking the best things to do in Miami, Florida for adults, go through this list now!

1. Get Down in the Waters of the Sea

You will undoubtedly sigh with yearning as you gaze out over the ocean at the gorgeous ships cruising down the bay. You can join them for experiencing fun things to do in South Miami beach for adults. Take a Biscayne Bay Sightseeing Boat Cruise as well as experience a mix of instructive commentary and pure pleasure. You will explore all there is to see in Miami. 

2. Appreciate the Visual Arts

It is no wonder that some of the most gorgeous cities in Florida encourage adults to create even greater things. From the world-renowned festivals to fine art galleries, this extremely creative city has a lot to offer art enthusiasts. 

The captivating Pérez Art Museum, that largely showcases galleries of modern world art, is among the most popular museums. There is also a lovely hanging garden where you can sit and sip a cappuccino. It is one of the coolest things to do in Miami for adults as they can spend the evening with their loved ones.

3. Head to the South Beach

A trip to Miami does not get finished without a relaxing day at the beach, and the greatest part is that there is something for everyone. Visit the Art Deco District as well, in which you can halt for a curbside brunch or evening dinner (it comes alive after dark) — it’s a little surprise is that it is one of Miami’s major attractions. 

You can also go to the Bayside Marketplace, which is situated along Miami’s beachfront. There are a lot of things to do in Miami Beach for adults. The beach has: 

  • Unique and tourism shops
  • Cafes
  • Eateries
  • Well-known chain businesses 

4. Explore New Heights with a Private Plane Tour

There are two types of private plane excursions: romantic and non-romantic. Flying high above Miami will take your romance to bigger and better heights. Seeing the city’s magnificent grandeur from above while enjoying Italian champagne on a personalized air tour is a spectacular experience by any standard. Enjoy a private flight to major Miami attractions including South Beach, Sunny Isles Beach, and Coconut Grove to experience fun new things to do in Miami beach for adults. Throughout the journey, skilled and experienced pilots and crew provide live narration. Pick your ideal romantic adventure from a variety of day and night trips, and feel the excitement in the air.

5. Drive over the Streets of Miami with a Supercar

Drive a supercar around the streets of Miami—check this off your wishlist and step behind the wheel for an unforgettable supercar adventure. Choose from a variety of high-performance vehicles from brands like Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce, and cruise around Miami’s most scenic roadways. Whatever level of driving experience you possess, a tour via the range of cars will take you out on the racetrack. We bet this would be one of the fun things to do in Miami for adults for sure.

6. Parasail the Miami Waters

This Viator trip may be perfect for you if you want an adrenaline rush and exhilarating activities. Have a unique viewpoint of this bustling and gorgeous city by parasailing with Miami Water sports activities. There is no requirement for you to have any prior experience to engage in this tour; novices are extremely welcome! You will be able to ride above the famed Biscayne Bay as a couple or with two more passengers on this adventure. 

4 Things to do in Downtown Miami

Bayside Marketplace Miami

The central part of Miami in Florida is best for families, friends, kids, and partners. This is because of the fantastic things to do in Miami downtown for everyone. The favorite places of travelers here are museums and beaches. Shopping and going on a cruise are the other options that will help you kill the time.

1. Boat Cruise: For the Perfect View of Downtown

Downtown Miami is marked by water bodies and numerous spots that are sightly. As you take a boat cruise, you can greatly enjoy the sight of these places. On such a cruise, there are also 3 more best things to do in Miami downtown:

  • You may feel merry as you eat and drink amidst the cool waves of the water.
  • For those of you who are cruising early in the morning, watching the sunset is highly suggested. 
  • Cruise tours often feature games. Make sure to attend them.

2. Up Your Knowledge at HistoryMiami Museum

In this part of Miami, Florida, you will find HistoryMiami Museum. Your best chance to learn about the city is given by this place. Travelers will find it astonishing to know that the museum has almost a million images that hint at the history of this city. 

This is not all. You should know more things to do in Downtown Miami’s museum:

  • Aside from images, exhibits are also available. Finding the archaeological details of these is always fun.
  • The museum is located in Miami-Dade Cultural Plaza. In this place, you can have additional options to keep yourself entertained.

3. Hobie Island Beach Park 

Downtown city is a great place for visiting beach parks as splendid as Hobie Island. Similar to a beach, this is a paradise in nature. It is an amalgamation of a park as well as a beach. Thus, the fun too gets doubled. You can have the joy of more activities at this location.

Read further to identify what to do in downtown Miami’s beach park:

  • Travelers will love watching the sunset at this place.
  • With family and friends, this park is recommended for having a great time.
  • The beach park welcomes dogs. You can certainly take your pet along.

4. Bayside Marketplace to find Boutiques and Stores

When you are on a tour in Miami, you can find the most awesome things to buy at Bayside Marketplace. Whether you are looking for jewelry, clothes, food, or anything else, this is a shopping complex that can satisfy most of your requirements. This place is among the top things to do in Downtown Miami at night. You can visit here during the day but you are likely to find a huge crowd. To shop in a relaxed and cool environment, visiting here at night will be a great idea.

What to do in Miami During the Night?

What to do in Miami During the Night?

The vibes of the city grow stronger at night. So, while you are here, you must try out amazing things that The vibes of the city grow stronger at night. So, while you are here, you must try out amazing things that are the most favorable in late evenings. The top recommendation is jazz music. In the lovely weather of the city, this activity can give you great pleasure. To tell you further what to do in Miami at night, the activities can range from partying at nightclubs to taking a tour of the city.

1. A Fun Air Tour of the City

For those of you who are fond of flying, Miami is one of the cities where you should try doing this. The city in Florida has iconic buildings and structures that you cannot miss. As you fly over these, you can have the best view for sure. 

On planning to make time for this, remember that this is one of the recommended things to do in Miami tonight. This month is also great for events and festivals. The air tour is going to be great with all the lighting and excitement.

2. Tune in to Jazz Music

A unique form of music, jazz can amazingly engross you. Whether you are looking for some relaxation or deciding to do something extraordinary, tuning in to jazz is just perfect at night. On going ahead with the best things to do in Miami at night like this one, you should know the top events that feature jazz performances:

  • Diana Krall
  • The Sunshine Jazz Organization
  • Next Generation Jazz Greats
  • Jazz and Motown

3. Try out Night Photography

Some of you may have a great fondness for photography. When you do this at night, you can get a different perspective of the fun activity. Without any vibrant elements, clicking pictures can also be a wonderful thing to do.

These are 3 fun things to do in Miami at night while you are trying out photography:

  • In some parts of the city, you can see clear stars. You can get their best shots.
  • You can enhance your photography skills better in the peace of late evenings.
  • In dark surroundings, the lighting of the city is magnificent to look at. To cherish the vibes for a long time, snaps will be an awesome idea.

4. Party at Nightclubs

Miami is a nice city for relieving your stress. Having said that, nothing is second to partying at nightclubs to feel happy and relaxed once again. At these clubs, you can head out with friends. From drinking and dancing to eating and spending quality time, you can have various things to do at night in Miami’s clubs.

Here is a selection of the best nightclubs in this city in Florida:

  • Space
  • LIV Miami
  • E11even
  • ATV Records
  • Club Space

5. Big Bus to Tour at Night

Miami offers you countless options to discover what all the city has in the most comfortable way. Here, you can take a night tour with Big Bus. This bus can offer you a nearly 2-hour tour. It will take you all around Miami and give you an awesome view of the city.

Do take a look at the amusing things to do in Miami, Florida, at night when you are on Big Bus:

  • You can sit back and enjoy a great view of Miami.
  • Travelers may witness games being organized on the tour.
  • You will love meeting new people on the bus.

4 Best Things to do in Miami for Couples

The lovely landscapes of Miami await you and partner with a lot of things to try out. Unique rides, fantastic museums, and romantic walks are some of the things for couples to do in Miami. The city can assure you of awesome memories with your loved one.

1. Reach Heights via a Hot Air Balloon Ride

 Hot Air Balloon Ride in Miami

Picturesque views are sure to be captured when you ride on a hot air balloon. This activity is recommended for couples who love doing new and exciting things. Being one of the romantic things to do in Miami, you will find pleasure in the gorgeous landscapes. The windy ride gets more and more fun as you go up the clouds.

2. Head on to Romantic Strolls at Miami Riverwalk

From Biscayne Bay to Miami River, the pathway that stretches is Miami Riverwalk. Couples often flock to this location as it is among the top favorites in the city. Along this walkway, couples can find scenic views of the place. That is why going here for a stroll is among the fun things to do in Miami for couples.

3. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens to See a Treasure of Artwork

When you have the curiosity to explore the rural life of Miami, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is the place to be. Based on Miami Avenue, the museum has artwork along with rural furnishings. Your attention will be definitely captivated when you and your beloved take a tour of this museum.

Note: Prior to planning fun couple things to do in Miami’s museum, please note that it may not be open on Tuesdays. Also, the afternoon is the best time to be here.

4. Enjoy Spa Sessions with Your Partner

Miami has so many locations to see that you would surely look for something soothing to relax your body. In that case, enjoying a spa session with your partner will be the finest thought. To get the most rejuvenating experience with couple things to do in Miami like this one, you should know which places are the best for spa sessions.

To save your time, here are a few spas that you can consider:

  • Tao Spa Miami
  • mySpa
  • The Palms AVEDA Spa
  • Acqualina Resort & Spa
  • Lapis Spa

Unique Things to do in Miami Today

Miami Film Festival

It is enticing to hear that Miami has tons of unique events, festivals, and fairs waiting to welcome numerous locals and travelers. There is a different charm in these things in the city. As the options become countless, you are likely to be confused as to what thing to do in Miami, Florida that is unique.

1. Ultra Music Festival for Unique Music Vibes

In 2022, Miami is witnessing Ultra Music Festival. It is said that this is the most popular and biggest festival in the city that is apt for music. Thousands of visitors enjoy spending time here as they tune into the music. Not just the music but the overall vibes and atmosphere make this festival count in the unique things to do in Miami today. If you wish to come here today, then do get your tickets right in advance. 

2. Art Fairs to Explore Amazing Creations

When you have never been to an art fair where numerous artists are ready to capture your attention, you should visit the best one in Miami. Superfine Miami Beach holds one of the largest fairs where hundreds of artists are available. As you get engaged in their art, you can see unique creations getting formed.

See here what to do in Miami, Florida, when you are at the fair:

  • Here, art has no bounds. For the artist in you, make sure to grab as many ideas as you can.
  • You can connect with your favorite artists and also get photographs with them.

3. Miami Film Festival to Cultivate Your Passion

Miami Film Festival is known for its celebrations of films. The unique festival is annually held in Florida and is the most notable for international as well as American films. For filmmakers, this is a part of the best things to do in Miami due to the various opportunities available to connect with professionals in the filmmaking field. In addition to this, you can watch screenings amidst the crazy crowd.

4. Watch an Exciting Tennis Tournament

Hard Rock Stadium is a unique place in Miami. Centralized in Miami Gardens, the location and events hosted here just cannot be missed. As you seek the most unique things to do in Miami, you can go to this stadium for a fabulous tennis tournament. With a crowd as big as you can imagine, watching the tournament will ensure you have a great time here.

5 Family Things to do in Miami

Miami has many opportunities for gaining memorable experiences with family members too. The activities involved in this beautiful location make it count among the best cities to travel to. From parks to outdoor venues, there are many things to do in Miami with family. So, without any further delay, let’s read ahead.

1. Sightseeing Cruise at Biscayne Bay

 Biscayne Bay Miami

Some families love to be around the ocean. Spending time on the ocean is one of the greatest ways to really get to know a little more about Miami. A Biscayne Bay Sightseeing Cruise is the ideal way to explore some great things to do in Miami for kids and family. So, when you are at Biscayne Bay, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the natural glory as you cruise. 

As you go around this magnificent harbor, you will come across many places where you can indulge in water things to do in Miami:

  • Miami Herald Building
  • Miami Beach

2. Lion Country Safari for an Awesome Drive

A fascinating four-mile drive comprises the Lion Country Safari in Miami City. This place allows you to get up and meet with over 900 free and gazing wild animals. Zebra, Giraffe, Wildebeests, Rhinos, and of course Lions can all be found in the park which is divided into seven distinct regions. Some may get inside the inches of your vehicle! 

Furthermore, you can have access to the majority of the park on foot and visiting the zoo can be among the greatest things to do in Miami this weekend with family. Here you can participate in more hands-on animal interactions such as giraffe feeding, bird feeding, etc.

3. Have Fun in the Three Kings Parade

The Three Kings Day Parade, also known as Da de Los Reyes Magos, is an entertaining official festival in the city of Miami. As there are many Christian holidays, this one is particularly appealing since it commemorates God’s revelation of his Child in the human figure of Lord Jesus Christ. If you want to see this procession in the Latin Quarters on your visit to the city, then check out the event schedule online. Latin Quarter, also known as Little Havana, is a distinctive neighborhood where visitors may enjoy a variety of family friendly things to do in Miami.

4. Unleash Your Childhood with Topgolf

Head to Topgolf’s golf course in Miami Garden or Doral, where you can earn points depending on how near your microchip ball gets to the hole. With golf, casino, and restaurants, this entertainment area is entertaining for the entire family and kids of any age. Whether or not you’re a newbie to golf, instructions are available, and there’s even a KidZone featuring clinics and training for kids.

5. Roam the Brickell City Centre

Brickell City Centre is located in Brickell, Florida. Don’t miss Miami’s combined shopping complex in the center of Brickell for the high-fashion lovers in your families. Brickell City Centre, which is fronted by Saks Fifth Avenue, houses it all from Sephora and Lululemon to Giuseppe Zanotti. Casa Tua Cocina, Pubbelly Sushi, and Tacology are just a few of the enticing dining alternatives.

The CMX luxury cinema theater is also located in the city where you can indulge in watching a film. One of the best things to do in Miami at night with family is having a delicious dinner while viewing the current blockbuster on a reclining chair.

4 Cool Things to do in Miami, Florida

Sawgrass Recreation Park for crazy Adventures

There are tons of cool and fun things to do in Miami, Florida. This magnificent city has developed a lot over the past few decades. It grew from a sleepy artistic wasteland tourist resort to a major hub with pools, parks, and marketplaces. 

Here’s a list of all the greatest things to do in this exciting city to ensure that you have the coolest time of your life!

1. Venetian Pool with Friends and Family

Venetian Pool is the most unique to the city. This is a public place where you can swim in the cool water of the pool. At a minimal fee, adults and children can have the coolest memories at this place. While you head out for the best things to do in Miami, Florida, at this pool, choose afternoons for your visit. Since the water can be pretty cold, you will enjoy it here more in the sun.

2. Sawgrass Recreation Park for crazy Adventures

Sawgrass Recreation Park is an adventurous spot. This park is best for airboat rides. When you have never been on such a ride, you can make the finest choice now at this park. Some of you may be planning to come here today. Before you do that, check out what to do in Miami today when you are in this park:

  • You can immerse yourself in educational events in this place.
  • Animals are among the highlights of this place. Don’t miss the chance to observe them.
  • Witness plenty of wildlife exhibits at Sawgrass Recreation Park.

3. Monkey Jungle

A park as distinctive as Monkey Jungle is a must-see in Miami. True to its name, the park is home to monkeys.  Growing over so many years, this park now welcomes as many as 300 animals. Monkey Jungle is usually open on all days of the week although it remains closed in the evening.

Take a look at what is there to do in Miami’s Monkey Jungle:

  • The unique wildlife at this park is recommended for seeing.
  • This place is full of vegetation and features a cool environment.
  • Monkey Jungle vouches to be a fantastic picnic spot for kids.

4. Robert is Here: Serving Fresh Produce for Everyone

Tasting fresh fruits and vegetables is one thing but enjoying the delicacies made with them is a completely different experience. This is exactly what River is Here promises to give you. It is a marketplace mainly to amaze your tastebuds with the fresh taste of food.

Let us look at 3 cool things to do in Miami’s marketplace:

  • Locally produced fruits and vegetables can be purchased here.
  • You can explore multiple food counters.
  • The place is best for thick and delicious milkshakes.


Miami is among the most exciting places to visit at any time of the year. With several things to do in Miami, you will never run out of ways to enjoy the best fun activities the city has to offer. In this magnificent city, there is something for everyone, whether it is an ideal date, family time, or just catching up with your old friends. The vibrant feelings, good ambiance, and excellent activities will make you feel energetic all day long!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What to do in Miami today?

Miami can be great for experiencing a boat ride today, tomorrow, or any day of the week.  There are additional riding options available for tourists too. You can try out Skyviews Miami Ferris Wheel. Other than this, one of the best things to do in Miami today with a group is to explore Eco-park Jungle Island in Florida.

What to do in Miami beach?

Miami Beach offers you to do plenty of things for all ages groups such as taking a walk. The location is as beautiful as one can imagine. It can be an ideal spot for making a picnic plan as well. So, you can come and enjoy yourself here with your friends and family.

What to do in Brickell Miami?

A neighborhood like Brickell attracts businessmen and professionals at large. However, tourists also are invited here to see attractions like Brickell City Centre. More things to do in Brickell Miami include a visit to CMX Cinemas and Mary Brickell Village. You can roam in this village for a whole day and we bet you won’t get bored here.

What are the best things to do in Wynwood Miami?

Wynwood is a part of Miami that is always acknowledged by travelers for its art. This is one thing that you should definitely do when you are here. The colorful creations on the street walls are sure to capture your attention.

What are some fun things to do in Miami when it’s raining?

You can head to Miami Riverwalk when it is raining in the city. It can be pleasant to see this beautiful place. The fantastic location gets even more magnificent to watch and spend time at amidst rainfall. Although this place is great to take a stroll, you can also rest and be amazed by nature’s beauty.

What to do in Miami for adults?

There are various things to do in Miami for 18-year-olds. Going to the sea is the prime thing of all. Here, cruising is the most popular activity. Adults who prefer boozing can do so on the cruise on the beach. Also, adults who have an understanding of art can prefer Pérez Art Museum to see galleries filled with contemporary creations.

What to do in Little Havana Miami?

Little Havana is best for those who love to delight themselves with good food. For lunch, this place can be an awesome selection. You can find new dishes as well. There are more than 6 different cuisines for you to try here. It will be fun to get the taste of new flavors in the bustle of the city.

What are the fun things to do in Midtown Miami?

Taking a tour of Midtown Miami is a recommended activity for all the tourists visiting this city. The location additionally comes with many stores and shops. You can check it out for shopping for most of the stuff that you need. In case you feel like eating, several restaurant options are also available here.

What can I do this week in Miami, Florida?

In this city, there are a multitude of options. Thus, you can plan so many things to do this week in Miami. From cruising to thrilling rides, the options may vary. Besides, you can also go to museums like the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Philip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science, etc., if you are fond of seeing artistic historic things.

What are the things to do in Miami in December?

In December, the evenings are usually cool in this city in Florida. That is why you can plan outdoor things. You can also explore the things to do in Miami Christmas weekends like attending parties, winter festivals, etc. There are also several events that come up in the month of December. Hence, you can plan your trip to Miami accordingly.

What are the things to do in Miami with teens?

Teens should consider going to the Art Deco Museum at least once. For the creative beings in them, the museum is nothing less than a great source of inspiration. They can try out fishing as well in the sea. Above all, Zoo Miami is a recommended spot to visit for teenagers.

What to do in North Beach Miami?

A number of attractions exist in North Beach Miami. Among all of these, the best one is the Ancient Spanish Monastery. A short visit can be planned here especially when you are on a vacation with your family members.  This location is known for its amazing spa services too. For relaxing evenings, this option can be excellent both for your family and friends.

 What to do with friends in Miami?

Miami is a nice city to choose for a vacation with friends. The top things to do here include day trips to Key West. Weekend shows at Faena Theater are preferable for those group members who love live performances. You should also take a look at the things to do in Miami when you are specifically in Wynwood.

What are the things to do in Miami at night during COVID-19?

The vibrant city can have some places open during the pandemic. The best-rated restaurants are the safest options among the things to do in Miami at night during COVID-19. Good meals can be enjoyed here and your safety will also be assured. Thus, it is best to go for dates, lunches, or dinners, during such times.

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