28 Best Things To Do In New Orleans and Have Fun with a Historic Blend

Best Things To Do In New Orleans

28 Best Things To Do In New Orleans and Have Fun with a Historic Blend

From fine dining to ghost tours, New Orleans has a lot to offer. This historic city of the states is home to glorious remains of American history. The city is beautifully set on the banks of the Mississippi River. It radiates effulgence with its distinctive music, cuisine, and festivals. 

The popular tourist destination does not fall short of ways to entertain you.  Keep your itinerary ready in hand while choosing the best things to do in New Orleans. Not taking a proper note of liking will make you overwhelmed with the choices that the city has to offer.

5 Fun Things To Do In New Orleans

While on a trip, it becomes a sort of task to have fun. But, it’s not true when you are in New Orleans. You can experience the history and immerse yourself in jazz alike. The city is very lively and fun. You will have fun even when you wouldn’t be specifically thinking of it.

Wander around in a Streetcar

The historic streetcars of New Orleans are a perfect way to explore the city. They have been in the transport system since the late 1940s. You can get yourself a ticket for the same and wander around the city.

Wander around in a Streetcar Orleans

Charges for the cars differ on the type of journeys you choose. It usually starts at 1.25$ and goes up. Several lines run up these cars. So, if you are interested in actually going to all the places by this, you can. The usual tour goes around the french quarter to St. Charles Avenue.

Enjoy Music at the Jazz Museum

Jazz as a genre was born in the city itself. You can sense the amount of glorified history it has. The genre is celebrated throughout New Orleans. It is pretty much the reason to organize a museum on a genre.

Enjoy Music at the Jazz Museum in Orleans

The Jazz museum hosts more than 365 concerts per year. At any time of the year you visit the museum, it is pretty considerate to walk in concerts. It is also home to tons of artifacts throughout history. To all Jazz lovers, this is the perfect place to be at.

Get Close to Reptiles at the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas

The Audubon Aquarium of the Americas is quite an impressive aquarium. It holds more than 530 species of animals. It’s fun to watch the white alligators here. The aquarium holds about 10,000 animals making it very interesting to explore. This tops the list of fun things to do in New Orleans.

You can see any water animal you think of. The theater in the aquarium offers gullible natural shows to watch. You can even spot sharks, penguins, and jellyfish. The aquarium is a popular tourist destination. It turns out to be a fun activity to immerse yourself in the activities. You can witness one of the rare animals including their stories.

Have Fun at The Music Box Village

The Music Box Village is an old rustic establishment that is used as a place of thorough enjoyment. The box offers fun things for kids and adults alike. This is the go-to place if you and your family like music. It is entirely made up of three attributes. There are shack-like houses, a playground, and musical instruments. 

Music Box Village in Orleans

You can enjoy hand-curated cocktails and har drinks at the bar. The Latin street offers marvelous food popup options. It is located at 4557 N. Rampart Street, New Orleans, LA 70117. The box is open from 10 am to 7 pm.

Witness South American Culture at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art

Located at 925 Camp St. New Orleans, LA 70130, the place is a must-go. It focuses on visual arts and South American culture. The museum has about 4000 features in many forms. It is an attempt to bring you closer to the life stage of South American glory. 

Ogden Museum of Southern Art in Orleans

The connection established in the Ogden Museum of Southern Art is pretty interactive. You can learn a lot about the culture in a fun way. You get to see drawings, prints, photographs, crafts, and sculptures. It showcases works of artists from the south American states.

6 Things To Do In New Orleans With Kids

New Orleans offers a bunch of ways you can entertain the kids. The city offers a hefty balance between the places. You can stay close to nature and can even enjoy it in trampoline parks. You can take your kids to museums and to zoos.

Take them to the places mentioned below for unlimited fun.  You can make your choices with the things to do in New Orleans with kids and have fun. 

Get Close to Wildlife at the Audubon Zoo

A zoo is a place full of curiosity for children. Do not miss the Audubon Zoo while on a trip with kids to New Orleans. It is pretty obvious that you can go through the animals there. But, there is one cool thing in the park too. There is a water park attached to the zoo as well. While in season you can have fun at the cool zoo water park. 

Audubon Zoo in Orleans

The Audubon zoo is home to reptiles, seals, swamps, and other land animals. Check this place out to invoke the inquisitive nature within your children. You will have a lot of fun exploring wildlife while eating ice cream.

Make it exciting with a ride in Mule Driven carriage

Little things excite children. There is nothing better than offering them something that they might otherwise haven’t seen. So is this possibility of riding a mule-driven carriage. You can book yourself a carriage and enjoy it with your kids. 

Mule Driven carriage in New Orleans

The carriages can be booked from Jackson Square. You can roam around the city in the carriage itself. There are different packages available, choose the one suiting you. Do not forget to get your hands on the mule-driven carriage when in New Orleans. 

Louisiana Children’s Museum: The Kids Museum

As the name suggests, the Louisiana Children’s Museum is primarily focused on kids. It is situated in the city park in the lake view district.  It features a lot of things for kids to play around with.

Louisiana Children's Museum in Orleans

You can:

  • Move with the river in a 100 feet water table
  • Play with me for toddlers
  • Harvest, ship, and shop at the Follow that Food 
  • Nurse and explore animals at Dig into Nature
  • Play, build and craft at the Make your Mark
  • Click photos in a gigantic square bubble 

Undoubtedly this place is heaven for kids. It is one of those places you wish would let you do stuff.

Get Close to Insects at the Audubon Insectarium

You read it right, it indeed is an insectarium. Perfect for raising inquisitive kids. You can take them here to witness and identify insects all along. You get to touch the insects and feel them. You can experience free-flying moths and butterflies. You can also feel the millipede’s legs. 

What is significant is that there is a restaurant inside. The restaurant does have bugs on its menu. Yes, you can enjoy treats made with bugs here. It is weird but a lot of people try out the bug cookies here. Go to Audubon Insectarium to have a lifetime of insect experience. 

Ride at the Storyland Theme Park

It is one of the biggest theme parks located on around 1300 acres of land. The exciting thing is that there are two adjacent parks. The carousel garden and the storyland stand together in the city park. The latter consists of 20 life-size sculptures from favorite kid characters. This is one of the nicest things for kids to do in New Orleans.

Storyland Theme Park in Orleans

Kids get to slide from the dragon’s tongue, get aboard captain hook’s ship, and can even climb up the hill of jack and jill. The carousel garden on the other hand has 16 rides to offer. 

Play Miniature Golf

The City Putt Miniature Golf Course is a perfect place to go with your family. The unique thing about this golf course is its method of organizing the course. The golf course is a fun and educational trip as well. Each golf hole is included with an explanation of the course point. 

Play Miniature Golf in Orleans

There are two 18-hole courses which you get to choose from. You can choose to learn about either culture of the state. Or you can focus on the one with historic things in the city. This is a perfect blend of fun, play, and learning altogether.

6 Free Things To Do In New Orleans

A tour of a new city is never complete without some sightseeing. What’s even more fascinating in New Orleans is its wide variety of portable options for circling.

What’s more interesting is that you can do it for free. From swirling around the city to learning about the culture, there are many free things to do in New Orleans.

Stroll around the Frenchmen Street

The street is a popular spot for locals, distinguishing you from polarized tourists. It is quite different from the otherwise popular spots of the city. Just in case you do not like crowded places, you should definitely check the street out. Other than hoards of people it lacks nothing.

Stroll around the Frenchmen Street in Orleans

You can get hands-on comparatively cheaper food and drinks to enjoy alongside good music. At Frenchmen Street, you can also walk around art galleries, good bars, and fascinating nightclubs. 

Witness the Historic Market at the Royal Street

Feed your historic and royal quench alike. Roam around the old royal city and fill your eyes with marvelous architecture. The architecture mixed with wild plants makes it stunning to go through. Plan ahead before going to the place. 

Witness the Historic Market at the Royal Street in

It becomes pedestrian-only in the afternoons with high inflow. You can roam around the city and click fabulous pictures. It is quite Instagram worthy and has by far worked as a background for millions of pictures. 

Enjoy the Music like nowhere else at the Armstrong park

When on a budget, this park is a perfect place to go. The music that is played here is specific to the neighborhood. It comes with a tinch of history in it. It features beautiful walkaways to stroll through. 

nowhere else at the Armstrong park in Orleans

You can also enjoy the beautiful sculptures spread along the park. Just in case you are lucky you will find yourself in between shows. The park has a reputation for holding concerts and festivals throughout the year. Armstrong Park is a handsome place to go with the family. If you are wondering what to do in New Orleans, this is your go-to place. 

Witness the Culture at Mardi Gras Festival

Mardi Gras is significant to New Orleans. It is a huge festival that the city celebrates. The festival is very popular all across the globe. It is often described as the greatest free show on the earth. Primarily because of the show and game the festival pulls up. 

Mardi Gras Festival in Orleans

Two and a half weeks before the festival a large carnival is set up. It has free parades and live music for you to enjoy. The cheap food and fabulous ambiance make it one of the nicest cheap things to do in New Orleans.

The French Quarter: The Historic Square

The french quarter is the most historic place in the city. It is one of the oldest neighborhoods of New Orleans. Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne De Bienville established it in 1718, while it was also known as the Quarter.

The Historic Square in Orleans

You can enjoy the plethora of bars, restaurants, and pubs around. There are numerous galleries and museums to stroll around. People who like witnessing the development of the city do not wish to leave such places. After all these historic landmarks made the city what it is today.

Go to the New Orleans Public Library

The New Orleans Public Library is located in the Central Business District. It started in 1958 becoming one of the earliest libraries./ It has three floors which consist of huge records. The most fascinating segment is the New Orleans 300. It is a group accompanied in the form of workshops, symposiums, and presentations. 

Public Library in Orleans

It even has several departments that you can visit. Some of them are Youth Services, Louisiana Division/City Archives & Special Collections, YMCA Educational Services, and Teen Tech Center.  It is situated at 219 Loyola Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70112.

5 Family Things To Do In New Orleans

Going along back and forth while making a list is daunting. Also, not all places in the world are family-friendly. But, New Orleans screams families in all possible ways. From immersing into the Jewish culture to strolling around the nicest parks of the city, you can do it all.

It is the destination for family vacations. Hence, there are a bunch of family things to do in New Orleans.

Learn about Jews at the Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience (MSJE) 

This museum is the newest museum in New Orleans. The unique characteristic of the place is that it tells stories. They aren’t boring artifacts to wander around. These are in fact stories of Jews. The stories revolve around Jews from the 13 southern states. It tells their stories of faith and ideologies. 

Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience in Orleans

The Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience (MSJE) is a good place to be at. You can learn about the ideological advancement of the community. You can witness the story alongside the development of the religion.

Seek Blessings at the St Augustine Church

Not only is the church magnificent, but it is also well backed by history. The St Augustine Church has the reputation of being the oldest black church in the states. It holds an immense deal of importance in the glorious black American history. 

Augustine Church in new Orleans

It features the “Tomb of the Unknown Slave, ” a moving sculpture. You can go to the church with your family and together witness the history of a race. It is a meaningful trip to make and to learn from.

Witness War history at The National WWII Museum

Make your family a part of world history. Take them to the WWII Museum and let them soak the history in. Immerse yourself in the experiences of soldiers and countries that became a part of it. Witness the struggle behind and the conclusion of the war. 

National WWII Museum in Orleans

It is important to remember the war and its atrocities. The museum features detailed descriptions and lessons to gain knowledge. This is one of the many things to do in New Orleans.

 Enjoy the Exhibits of the Presbytère Museum

This museum is among the later parts of the Louisiana State Museum. It holds two permanent exhibits. It holds presentations, records, and videos of cyclones and their aftermath. It also displays the jubilee sides of the Mardi Gras tradition. It even has flammable figures, elaborate costumes, and decors used in the festival. 

Presbytère Museum in  Orleans

The Presbytère Museum is fun and enriching. Kids can enjoy the big figurines of characters. The adults can soak into the submissive history that the museum has to offer.

Visit the Lively Jackson Square

The square is a very lively place. You can get hold of full-on entertainment of all kinds. It is a fun place to chill with the family. You can even visit the nearby Saint Louis Cathedral. It caters to all your needs for fun in one singular place.

Jackson Square in New Orleans

It is a sort of fair market in Jackson Square. You can buy artifacts, wooden work, and other small things. You can enjoy live music and skits. The main attraction is the carts of fortune tellers. You can go to them and have your future unfolded.

6 Romantic Things To Do In New Orleans

Couples often visit New Orleans. It is a place where you can be romantic all around and no one would care. You can go on romantic rides and have very fine romantic dining experiences. There are a lot of romantic things to do in New Orleans for your romantic getaway.

Go on a Romantic Peddle ride at the Bayou

Bayou is a “Historic and Scenic River”. It is a perfect spot for an outdoor picnic. While on your romantic getaway count this place in. It is specifically focused on young couples. A lot of people visit the Bayou year around. 

Romantic Peddle ride at the Bayou in Orleans

This recreational area is full of picturesque sites and street food. You can rent peddle bikes or kayaks and paddle through the river. Make your evenings romantic by peddling into the river while gazing at the night lights of the city.

Book yourself a Personal Parade

The idea is not very famous per se, but nothing is in the way of you doing it. You can hire a band for yourself in the city. It is fascinating and hellishly romantic. With your band, you can sign along the road, propose to your partner or just surprise them.  

This counts as one of the top things to do in New Orleans. It is the perfect thing to do during proposals and anniversary celebrations. You do not have to do much. You can find a local who will help you out. Numerous websites list this service in the city.

Adventure trip with your partner at the Louisiana Swamp Adventure

Swamps are land permanently filled with water. On top of it, these swamps are interesting places to glide through. If you and your partner wish to be a bit adventurous this is for you. A lot of residents run these excursions to the nearest Louisiana Swamp.

Louisiana Swamp Adventure in New Orleans

You can book a private tour for yourself and your partner. You get to explore the swamp area, its rich ecology, and its geographical history. You can even spot boars, alligators, and bald eagles. Once booked, you will be picked up from your hotel and ride to the honey island. From there on you will get a private boat to explore the swamp.

Get Romantic at the Natchez Cruz

 It is one of the perfect things to do in New Orleans this weekend with your partner. You can go on a romantic ride at the Natchez. There are cruises to enjoy the night. You can have a romantic dinner with your partner on the cruise. 

Natchez Cruz in New Orleans

Move on some romantic beats with your partner or enjoy the live music onboard. The right time of night gifts you a scenic skyline of the city. It is beautiful onboard with water all around and stars above your head. 

Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve: Enjoy the beauty 

The park is situated alongside the Louisiana Mississippi River Delta. It contributes to the protection of endemic natural resources. It is borderline to the local culture. The preserve is named after  Jean Lafitte, the pirate. It is a good place to venture about. It is home to 6 distinctive sites within the premises. These are:

Jean Lafitte National Historical Park in New Orleans
  • Acadian Cultural Center in Lafayette
  • Prairie Acadian Cultural Center in Eunice
  • Chalmette Battlefield
  • Barataria Preserve in Marrero
  • Wetlands Acadian Cultural Center in Thibodaux
  • National Cemetery in Chalmette
  • French Quarter Visitor Center in New Orleans

Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve are located at 419 Decatur Street, New Orleans.

Enjoy great food at The Southern Food & Beverage Museum

South Louisiana is known for its cuisine. The Southern Food & Beverage Museum is dedicated to the same history. There are interesting walks, and galleries full of tastings in the museum. You can buy a ticket and get into the museums. With your loved ones you can try your hand out at the culinary tactics. 

Southern Food & Beverage Museum in new  Orleans

You can also learn south Louisiana cuisine. The cooking classes are reorganized every Monday and Thursday for the visitors. You can learn to cook:

  • Gumbo 
  • Banana fosters
  • Jambalaya

The museum is located at 1504 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70113, USA.


New Orleans has a lot of answers to the questions about things you could do in the city. The plethora of options is daunting. From getting close to nature to actually being in the sway of romanticism it has all to offer. Therefore, it is advisable to create a list of your liked places beforehand. 

Hope you have a wonderful getaway.

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