Can You Bring a Selfie Stick on a Plane

Can You Bring a Selfie Stick on a Plane? What are the Rules?

On an air journey, photographs can help you cherish beautiful moments forever. To have such memories, you must have a camera or phone with you. While carrying a phone, you might have doubts about the selfie sticks too. Whether you can carry a selfie stick on a plane or not can be an arising concern.

In simple terms, selfie sticks are permitted but certain guidelines should be followed prior to bringing them on board. These guidelines and rules are typically created by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) as well as by some airlines.

Are Selfie Sticks Allowed on Planes under the TSA Rules?

TSA Rules

The TSA is the authority that has a team available at the airport. The responsibility of this team is to screen and check the bags for weapons and other restricted items. 

When it comes to selfie sticks, they are simply not prohibited. But yes, the stick should have a specific brand and should not look too offensive, in this regard. 

Additionally, it must not wrack people or fellow passengers over their heads. If this happens, you will either need to check it separately or simply surrender it at the airport.

Can Selfie Stick be Carried on Planes in a Carry-On Bag?

According to TSA’s rules, passengers are allowed to keep selfie sticks in their carry-on bags. However, they are suggested to check with their airline to know their specific rules and regulations.

Remember: While you carry a stick, ensure that the cabin baggage weight limit is not exceeded.

Can I Bring a Selfie Stick on a Plane as Checked Luggage?

The rules and regulations of the TSA allow travelers to keep their selfie sticks in their checked luggage. But yes, it is always a good idea to know the weight, size, and other aspects. Accordingly, you will be able to store it with ease.

What Size of a Selfie Stick is Allowed on a Plane?

While you decide to fly with your selfie stick, its size may be a concern. For this, you may need to directly connect with the TSA agents. Or, the airline’s representative can also help clarify it. 

However, the standard size for hand luggage is 21 inches x 14 inches x 8 inches. To keep selfie sticks as checked luggage, on the other hand, is 62 inches (linear). This should give you some hints about the stick’s size.

Are Selfie Sticks and Tripods Allowed on Planes?

Are Selfie Sticks and Tripods Allowed on Planes

Simply, yes, passengers are permitted to travel with selfie sticks along with the tripods. However, you must see the guidelines and rules of the respective airline for more clarity. 

While you do so, kindly confirm:

  • Ideal sizes for both.
  • Approved weight limits.
  • Storage rules in specific. 

Are Metal Selfie Sticks Allowed on a Plane?

Considering the TSA regulations, metal selfie sticks can be carried on planes. They need to be placed in carry-on bags. Even though it is a permitted item, it is subject to additional security checks and screening. 

Country-Specific Rules to Carry Selfie Sticks on Planes

Airlines and TSA have formed rules regarding selfie sticks. But these are also in sync with the guidelines of certain countries. When you wish to bring these devices to locations like the USA, New Zealand, and Canada, you should know which rules to follow. 

The United States of America

  • You can bring this item in checked and cabin baggage.
  • In your handbag, the stick should remain inside and then under the front seat.
  • Other carry-on rules can apply.
  • The product will be allowed in most cases depending on the material.
  • But when the makes are the same as that of potential weapons, you may face difficulties.
  • Heavy sticks may not be allowed.
  • Items with built-in gimbals can be approved.
  • You can also bring those that can be converted into tripods.
  • Travelers cannot use selfie sticks onboard.


  • A selfie stick can be carried on a plane without any special rules in place.
  • When they are not harmful, you can get approval for the same.
  • The authorities can approve tripods too but in checked luggage.
  • In case the stick is heavy and/or long, you should store it in cargo.

New Zealand/Canada

  • You may not find any specific rules for this item in these countries.
  • However, the conditions applicable in the US can be followed.
  • Also, you will be able to place the stick in both baggage types.


  • In this country, the guidelines can differ. This depends on the airport and airline you have preferred.
  • Certain carriers like IndiGo Airlines can prohibit selfie sticks as carry-ons.
  • You may pack this item in your checked suitcases.
  • However, for confirmation, you must get in touch with the airport as well as your airline.

The United Kingdom/Europe

  • Fliers can store this product in their checked luggage.
  • They may also bring it as a carry-on.


  • This item is banned/restricted in hand baggage due to safety reasons.
  • It will be easier to store it in your checked luggage.

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Final note

To put it simply, passengers are allowed to bring selfie sticks and tripods either as carry-ons (hand luggage) items or checked baggage. But this does not allow you to use it while on the flight. As per the rules, it must remain inside your personal item or carry-on bag throughout your journey.


Can I keep a selfie stick on a plane?

As per the regulations of the TSA, you are allowed to bring selfie sticks on a plane.

Are metal selfie sticks allowed on planes?

Yes, metal selfie sticks are permitted on a plane. But you will need to go through the additional safety and security checks to successfully carry it in your bag.

Can I bring a selfie stick on the plane in my personal bag?

The TSA lets the passengers carry their selfie sticks in their personal item bags. But they are not permitted to use it at any cost. It must remain inside the bag only.

Can selfie sticks on a plane be kept in checked luggage?

Yes, this item can be kept in checked luggage. However, it will be subject to additional security screening.

Can I use my selfie stick on a plane?

Passengers are strictly not allowed to use selfie sticks on a plane. You can only bring it on a plane but it has to be in your bag throughout the trip.

Can I bring selfie-stick tripods on planes?

Yes, travelers are allowed to bring selfie sticks or/and tripods on a plane. But they should not hamper others’ comfort or poke out.

What are the size requirements for selfie sticks in hand luggage?

For hand luggage, the recommended size for selfie sticks is 21 inches x 14 inches x 8 inches.

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