Can You Bring Toiletries on a Plane? Know the Rules before Traveling

Can You Bring Toiletries on a Plane

Can You Bring Toiletries on a Plane? Know the Rules before Traveling

Traveling with “carry-on-items” only is a challenging task for any passenger. It is because when you are going to a different nation or a state for a certain period, you will surely need some items like toiletries to make your stay comfortable. You should know if you can bring toiletries on a plane. Moreover, what kinds of items are allowed by airlines should be understood. Likewise, travelers should infer whether they can be placed in checked baggage.

Can You Take Toiletries on a Plane in a Personal or Carry-on Bag?

The TSA is the authority body that sets rules for permitted as well as restricted items. When it comes to carrying liquid items on flights or toiletries in carry-on baggage, their rules will be applied. 

Can You Take Toiletries on a Plane in a Personal or Carry-on Bag

It simply means that the 3-1-1 rule should be abided by a passenger if he/she wants to bring all favorite toiletry items on a flight. Here, this rule stands for the following:

  • 3.4 ounces or less quantity per bottle
  • 1 zip-lock and quart-size bag
  • One bag per ticketed passenger 

It means that you will be allowed to bring only 100 ml/3.4 ounces or less of your favorite or desired toiletry item. You can keep it in a travel-size bag. But this rule has some exceptions. 

Check the following points to learn more:

  • You will be allowed to bring a larger quantity if the liquid item is medicated or prescribed by a doctor. 
  • However, you will need to declare the same to the TSA agent at the gate or checkpoint.
  • While screening, you will need to check them separately. 
  • So, always keep them in a different bag.
  • If you are bringing juice, formula milk, or breast milk for your infant, then you can bring more than 100 ml or 3.4 ounces. 
  • You will need to screen them separately. 
  • Importantly, you do not have to travel with your little one to carry breast milk on a plane.
  • Passengers can also bring certain items such as:
    • frozen gel, 
    • ice packs, 
    • or freezer packs. 
  • These items can be more than the mentioned limit. 
  • But yes, they will be subject to additional security checks and screening. 

What Kind of Toiletries Can You Take on a Plane?

It is inferred through the rules of the TSA that passengers can bring the following toiletries items in their carry-on bags:

Hair ProductsFor Personal HygieneOthers
ShampoosLiquid soapsLotions
Hair spraysAloe vera gelGel items
Hand washesLip gloss
Face washesPerfumes
  • You can bring items like shampoos in a quart-size bag of 3.4 ounces or less. 
  • Powders and other similar substances can also be carried on a plane but not in a carry-on bag like:
    • certain makeup items 
    • and baby powder. 
  • The quantity over 12 ounces will need to be screened separately. 
  • Such quantity can be subject to some additional security checks.

What Size Toiletries Can You Bring on a Plane?

The TSA guidelines clarify that you can bring only 3.4 ounces of liquid toiletries on a plane. Accordingly, this can indicate the size of the item. This limit can be kept in your carry-on bag. However, it is good to have a separate zip-top bag of quart size. 

Can You Carry Liquid Toiletries Can You Take on a Plane?

According to the recent terms of the TSA, people can only bring liquid toiletries. They can store them in their carry-on bags. One noteworthy point here is that you can also bring liquid makeup items on a plane. But for solid ones, you will need a separate bag.

What Toiletry Items can You Take on a Plane in Checked Baggage?

You should be able to place several toiletry items in your checked suitcases. You may not observe any size or quantity restrictions on these. However, you should not exceed the overall weight and size limits of checked luggage. 

What Toiletry Items can You Take on a Plane in Checked Baggage

In addition to the above, you can connect with your air carrier. It can help you understand which items you can take and the other applicable guidelines.

Can You Bring a Toiletry Bag on a Plane?

Airlines can allow various bags on planes. Toiletry bags can also get approval for this. But to be sure, you can get in touch with your airline. In case it has any specific rules such as where to store this bag or what its ideal size is, make sure to follow the same.

Can You Take Toiletries on Planes Internationally/Domestically?

Usually, liquids are allowed on international and domestic trips. With reference to this, you should be permitted to bring toiletries too. But the limits can vary in both cases. Likewise, there can be different size restrictions. Such details can be confirmed by the carrier you are flying with.

Closing Remarks

Various toiletries can be carried on flights. In general, you cannot bring more than 3.4 ounces on a plane but exceptional cases are observed. Always check with your respective airline or the destination country about the items that they permit. Knowing all these aspects will help you make your trip better and hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

What toiletries can you take on a plane?

All ticketed passengers can bring items on a plane like the following:
Liquid soaps
Body washes
Face washes
Mouth wash
Liquid makeup 

What size of toiletries can you take on a plane?

You can only bring 3.4 ounces of your desired liquid item or toiletry on a plane in a small-sized container or bag.

Can you take travel-size toiletries on a plane?

Yes, travel-size containers are allowed to be brought on a plane.

How much shampoo as toiletries can you take on a plane?

The permitted quantity for toiletry items including shampoos is 3.4 ounces on flights.

What type of toiletries can you take on a plane in your carry-on bag?

In general, liquid items are allowed in the carry-on bag. You can even bring solid makeup items as toiletries but in a separate bag.

Can I take face washes as toiletries?

Yes, you can bring face washes on a plane, not more than 100 ml in your carry-on bag.

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