Breeze Airlines Delay Policy

Even after multiple regulations, there might be flight disruptions. Such disruptions include flight delays, miscommunication, luggage delays, and even cancellations of itineraries. During such events, the Breeze Airlines delay policy helps in making free changes and getting some compensations and refunds.

Guidelines of Breeze Airways Delay Policy

Several reasons contribute significantly to flight schedule disruptions. In such cases, this function allows passengers to file claims without difficulty. Furthermore, these guidelines make it easier for distressed travelers to submit claims and requests.

  • Customers are updated within 30 minutes of flight disruptions.
  • They are offered timely updates on the flight status:
    • At the boarding gate 
    • Through the text service
    • Via the “Breeze Airways” app notification
  • You can cancel Breeze Airways flights when the delay is up to 119 minutes (less than 2 hours).
  • Such actions can be taken without paying an additional cost.
  • Any Breeze Airways delays over 120 minutes (2 hours) are eligible for date modifications without any fee.
  • Flight delays over 3/three hours:
    • Can be revoked 
    • Qualify for a full refund
  • The operator typically presents rebooking as the first practical choice.
  • Distressed passengers are rebooked for no additional cost on the next flight.
  • When rebooking is not available on the same day, accommodation is offered.
  • Such compensations are not offered for the following reasons for the delay:
    • Extreme weather
    • Severe air traffic control

Breeze Airways Policy for Delayed Baggage

Any customer traveling with this carrier company who experiences Breeze Airways delays or damage to their bags is assisted. It aims to act quickly to minimize the loss using Breeze Airways’ baggage policy.

  • Ensure that you are at the destination airport
  • Promptly notify an “Airport Team Member”.
  • Make certain that you provide accurate information.
  • If the contact information is inaccurate, rectify using the name change services.
  • Disruptions must be reported within about an hour of the arrival at the destination.
  • When the baggage is not found and returned in 5/five days:
    • Contact the carrier.
    • Submit a follow-up claim. 
  • All compensation claims must be made to the carrier:
    • Through a “Breeze Representative” 
    • And at the baggage claim counter
  • All claimed goods with a stated value of $50.00 or more must be accompanied by credible purchase proof (invoices and receipts).
  • Include any additional documentation in the claims.
  • They should be submitted within 30/thirty days after landing.
  • Passengers can spend appropriate reimbursable charges.
  • Such costs are restricted to the following things bought as a result of the delay:
    • Clothing
    • Toiletries

The initial purchase price determines the actual value for baggage Breeze flight delay compensation of all damaged luggage.

How to Get Flight Delay Compensation From Breeze Airways?

Compensation for delayed and disrupted flights at Breeze Airways is in the form of services. There are a few conditions to get it. Moreover, you can avail of the service assistance either at the airport or by connecting with the airline on chat.

Method 1: At the Airport

When there are Breeze Airways delays, the carrier tries to make alternate arrangements. You need to be quick enough to connect with the airline representative to avail of the service instantly. 

  • You must head to the operator’s office at the airport. 
  • Share your concerns with the officers. 
  • They will come up with some quick solutions.
  • The alternate arrangements include:
    • Rebooking for the next available flight
    • Accommodation at the hotel

Method 2: Connect with the Contact Center

The operator doesn’t offer any on-call assistance. To manage bookings, as well as delayed compensation claims and queries, customers can contact it via chat mediums. Or, use email services.

Links for all forms of contact are highlighted in the table below:

Message MediumLink or ID to contact
SMS Text501-273-3931

Note: You can connect with the operator through this medium for queries regarding flight change, refunds, and reimbursements too.

Select any platform to get in touch with the airline agent quickly to submit claims for Breeze flight delay compensation. By following the pointers provided below, you can contact the virtual representative:

  • Describe your issue in a message or email.
  • Be specific about the claim you require.
  • The following reservation-related information may be attached:
    • Reservation or ticket number
    • Name of traveler

The agent will note your request or claim and might even send you a confirmation for your records.

When to Claim Refunds on Breeze?

This airline operator provides refunds for lengthy, disrupted flights in an effort to lessen passengers’ discomfort. Any flight delay longer than 3/three hours (180 minutes) entitles them to: 

  • Cancel their tickets.
  • Receive a full refund. 

Note: The Breeze Airways delayed refund policy sends the return to the original form of payment. 

How to Request a Refund for a Breeze Flight Delay?

Visiting the website/mobile application or using the support option is the simplest way to get a refund. You can also contact the airline in writing or check the cancellation policy.

Method 1: Refund for the Whole Reservation

By accessing the “My Trips” section through the smartphone app or official site Breeze Airways, the user can get the return for the whole itinerary. 

  • From the main page log in to the “Guest Account” that was used to make the reservation.
  • Click on “My Trips” from the action menu. 
  • Select the trip you would like to cancel.
  • Revoke the flight by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Refund Trip”.
  • The fresh page will highlight the refund amount available. 
  • To finish the procedure, hit “Confirm Refund”.

Method 2: Refund for One Segment of the Itinerary

The flight disruption may be associated with one segment of the itinerary. Hence, the Breeze Airways delayed refund policy offers returns for both the first and the return flight. You can proceed as described below to get the amount in such a situation.

  • Fill out the “Breeze Airways Refund Request Form” completely.
  • The form is accessible through the following link:
  • The following information must be added carefully:
    • Passenger’s Name
    • Confirmation Number
    • Refund for any one flight: “Outbound” or “Return”
    • Email Address

Method 3: Requests in Writing

The airline company will accept written requests for refunds from its customers. 

The request can be made to the carrier and sent at:

  • “Breeze Airways Attention”: Guest Refunds 6430 South 3000 East, Suite 400 Cottonwood Heights, Utah 84121

Here are a few ideas that can be helpful for writing the refund request for Breeze Airways delays: 

  • Mention your letter’s purpose in your salutation to the sender.
  • Include the flight information, such as:
    • Date of reservation
    • Date of ticket cancellation
    • Name of traveler
    • Booking or ticket number
    • Method of payment
  • Please include accurate and multiple contact information for the carrier to connect with you in the future.

How to Change the Disrupted Flight of the Itinerary?

In response to flight disruptions, the operator has frequently offered to let passengers modify their itinerary. They may alter the flight date in the event of any delays or changes in the status lasting longer than 2/two hours (120 minutes). 

Their needs are accommodated by the Breeze Airlines delay policy which changes the date without charging extra. 

  • Navigate to the “My Trips” option on the:
    • Mobile app 
    • Or, website
  • Retrieve your flight information by adding:
    • Name 
    • Booking Number
  • Click on “View Flight” to select the flight from the reservation that needs to be modified. 
  • Change the date of the flight.
  • Use the option “Change Trip” on the “Flight Actions” page.
  • You won’t be charged the date change fees.
  • Any baggage or seat assignment associated with the modified flight will be:
    • Forfeited 
    • Refunded as BreezePoints
  • The credit will be issued to the “Guest Account” used to make the booking.

Breeze Airlines Flight Delay Notification

The low-cost carrier is aware that customers want timely updates on any flight cancellations or diversions. Hence, it has set up several alternatives in the Breeze Airlines delay policy for those who have tickets within the United States. 

Such flights shall be scheduled to depart no later than seven days thereafter. Within 30 minutes of learning about the delays and disruptions, the operator will inform passengers of any changes to the flight status. 

Information will be communicated to impacted passengers by: 

  • Announcements will be made at the boarding gate after the passenger’s check-in.
  • Flight status information is updated on the “Breeze Airways” app and official site.
  • Questions are addressed about the status that comes in through the “Contact Center”.
  • In airports in the United States:
    • Data is provided on flight status screens under the control of the carrier.
    • Likewise, it provides information to airports for use in the display systems.

You can subscribe to the text service or the flight status notification of the smartphone application. You will receive notifications and updates from the airline company when the flight’s status changes.

Types of Breeze Airways Compensation for Delayed Flight

Compensation and assistance are actions taken to help travelers in unfortunate circumstances. The following is a discussion of any relevant rules:

  • There is no financial compensation available under the Breeze Airlines delay policy. 
  • It is only capable of providing service assistance. 
  • To maintain the health and safety of the customers, amenities, and services are provided for:
    • Delays in flights, and 
    • Reversals of flights

You may expect other service compensation when rebooking is not feasible for the same day of the flight delay.

Rebooking for Breeze Airways Delayed Flight

In order to reduce the inconvenience brought on by reversals and delays, the operator includes rebooking as a crucial feature. This is dependent on a flight’s or a seat’s availability. 

  • For passengers with Breeze Airways delays, these services are free.
  • On the next available flight, such rebookings are handled with top priority.
  • You may have a direct or connecting flight scheduled to get you there.

Such passengers are permitted to modify their bookings under the following conditions: 

  • Airports for origin and destination are the same.
  • Within the timeframe specified by the carrier company (14 days from the initial departure date).

Service Compensation Provided Due to Breeze Airlines Flight Delays

On the day of the disruption, travelers might not always be immediately rebooked on an alternative trip because of: 

  • Missed connections
  • Lengthy delays
  • Canceled flights

The following circumstances call for the service:

  • In hotels that are registered with the carrier, overnight stays are offered to such passengers.
  • Only out-of-town travelers are given accommodations.

When Cannot the Passengers Get Service Compensation?

In case the following factors contribute to disruptions or delays, you cannot get Breeze flight delay compensation: 

  • Unpredictable events, such as:
    • Control of air traffic
    • Extreme weather
  • The following are not given when the take-off was from a city specified on tickets:
    • Accommodation
    • Lodging

The traveler may receive lodging information from the airline agent so they can make their own reservations. 

Clearing Queries through Social Media

While you request aid due to flight delays, you may also have some queries in mind. You may want clarity regarding the reimbursement of fees paid while booking Breeze Airways for pets, especially when you can’t fly. 

Such queries can be redirected to the airline through the following points of contact:


The inconvenience of such an unfortunate flight status change can be unpleasant. When it happens, you can make a claim for compensation and a refund using the information provided in this policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are breeze airways tickets refundable?

No, the tickets offered by the airline are not refundable.

Can I get a refund if my flight is delayed 2 hours?

When the delay is for 2/two hours, you might not be eligible for a refund.

How much does a flight need to be delayed to get a refund?

In case the flight is delayed over 3/three hours, you can get a full refund.

Can I get compensation for 1 hour delayed flight?

Connect with the operator at 501-273-3931 via text to find out the precise compensation for a 1-hour delay.

What if flight is delayed by more than 1 hour?

When the delay is less than 2 hours you may change or revoke the ticket and expect credits.

What happens if Breeze Airways cancels my flight?

If your flight is reversed due to controllable reasons, you can get refunds, rebookings, or accommodations.

How do I talk to a Breeze Airways live person?

The operator does not provide on-call assistance. Visit its office to speak with a representative.

What happens if my flight is cancelled last minute?

When the flight is revoked at the last minute, distressed customers are rebooked.

Can I get a refund for Breeze Airways 24 hour cancellation?

You can get a full refund for flight revocations within 24 hours of reservation.

What is Breeze flight delay compensation?

When rebooking is not an option, providing overnight accommodations to visitors is the service compensation.

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