Air Canada Check-in Policy

For passengers of Air Canada flights, it is crucial to check-in on time and follow all the procedures outlined by the airline. This is to ensure security and smooth onboarding. air canada check in policy procedure can be executed in various ways. It also involves certain guidelines that you should know before executing it.

When to Arrive at the Airport to Check in for an Air Canada Flight?

The arrival time of passengers at the airport to board their scheduled flight depends upon their destination and the time of flight. It varies for flights within Canada (domestic) and international flights. 

To Fly from Canada to Any International Destination:

Air Canada passengers are expected to arrive 3 hours prior to the departure time mentioned in the flight ticket. 

Check-in Guidelines on Air Canada

Check-in Guidelines on Air Canada

This airline offers a special facility for families to check-in. It is available for air tickets for children under 6 years of age. To avail of this facility, tick the check box of “Traveling with Children” while booking your flight tickets.

The other guidelines are as follows:

  • Review your seats under the “My Bookings” tab online.
  • Validate your seat while checking in.
  • For bookings made through Air Canada Vacations, check from the “View & Print Itinerary” link.
  • In the case of Air Canada Reservations, inform the agent if traveling with a child under 14 years of age.
  • The early boarding facility is for families traveling with kids under 6 years of age.
  • Use the “Preferred Seat” option to manually select seats at an additional charge.
  • The family check-in facility is available at the following airports:

For International Flights:

  • Toronto-Pearson International Airport, Ontario
  • Montreal-Trudeau International Airport, Quebec

For Domestic Flights:

  • Vancouver International Airport
  • YYC Airport Domestic Terminal, Calgary International Airport
  • Edmonton International Airport

Baggage Drop-off Rules While Checking in

Baggage Drop-off Rules While Checking in

To check in to an Air Canada flight while you are carrying bags, you will have to complete another procedure. This will help you drop off your luggage. 

The rules applicable to this are listed below:

  • Confirm baggage fee and free baggage allowance for your flight ticket before checking in.
  • Free allowance is calculated by considering:
    • Ticket fare
    • Destination
    • Frequent flyer status
    • Date of purchasing the ticket
  • Pay the fees through the official website of Air Canada, mobile, self-service check-in kiosk, or counter at the airport.
  • For international flights, the charge is calculated in the local currency of the country of departure.
  • Cash payment for baggage charges is available only at selected airports.
  • It is mandatory to complete bag drop-off 90 minutes prior to the scheduled departure.
  • Passengers with extra and special baggage must arrive before 4 hours.
  • Security and customs will not process the luggage beyond the scheduled 90 minutes time.
  • Nexus and priority passengers must check in 90 minutes prior to the departure time.

Any delays observed in this process can lead to inconvenience. Then, it will be best to change your flight so that you can board it on time.

Note: Check-in might take longer than the specified timelines amidst COVID-19. Arrive at the airport well ahead of time to avoid missing your Air Canada flight.

Check-in and Boarding Deadlines

Air Canada check in times has specified as per the location. This is to ensure smooth processing. It also helps prevent the spread of the virus amidst the pandemic. 

Hence, it is crucial for the passengers to know the following deadlines: 

For Flights within Canada

  • Customers must arrive 120 minutes prior to their flight.
  • Check in and drop off your baggage 45 minutes earlier than the boarding time.
  • Reach the boarding gate 30 minutes before the scheduled departure.

For Flights from and to the U.S.

  • Users must arrive 120 minutes earlier than the boarding time to the airport.
  • Check-in and baggage drop-off must be completed 60 minutes before departure.
  • Arrive at the boarding gate 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time for departing.

Flying to the U.S.

  • Clear U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) before you depart from Canada.
  • For morning flights, arrive at 04:15 am at Toronto-Pearson and 05:00 am at Montreal-Trudeau.
  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection timings are as follows:
    • 04:30-20:30 at Toronto-Pearson
    • 04:30-20:00 at Montreal-Trudeau

Please Note: Any delay in the scheduled time by the passengers may result in their air canada ticket cancellation. Otherwise, denial of boarding compensation or reassigning seats due to the flight process may be seen.

Entry Requirements by Air Canada at the Airport

The fliers of this carrier must meet the entry requirements listed below. Though they differ based on the destination country of the flier, there are some common requirements. 

While entering the airport to check in for Air Canada, fliers will need the following:

  • A certificate proving full vaccination
  • Negative test report of COVID-19 taken 48 hours before the time of departure
  • Submission of the entry form
  • Face mask
  • On-arrival testing (at the airport, if required)
  • Quarantine (when needed by the country)

Note: Please contact the carrier’s help desk/counter or embassy of the country you want to travel to. Then you can get to know the current laws of the land that you must abide by to fly to your destination country. Confirm the embassy’s or Air Canada’s ticket counter hours before you do so.

How to Check-in to an Air Canada Flight?

Travelers must have access to their travel documents, ticket number, Aeroplan number, and booking reference number to check in for their flight. They can do so through any of these ways:

  • Web-based method
  • Through mobile 
  • Via the ticket counter at the airport
  • Using a self-service kiosk 

Method 1: Via Web Check-in

Air Canada travelers can check in online for their flight using the official website. Users who have booked their flights through any online or offline methods can also rely on this method.

  • Login to the site of the carrier.
  • Go to the home page.
  • Scroll down to the “Check-in” tab.
  • Enter the “Aeroplan Number” or the “Booking Reference Number”.
  • Alternatively, users can enter their “Ticket Number” or “Air Canada Employee Number”. 
  • Enter the last name of the passenger. 
  • Click on the “Check-in” button as shown on the screen.
  • The user will be checked-in to his/her flight.
  • After this, the flier’s boarding pass will be generated.
  • He/she can print it and carry the physical copy of the boarding pass.
  • The user can also download an e-copy of the boarding pass on the mobile. 

Long before you catch your flight, ensure that your name is correct on this document. Or else, opt for changing your name on Air Canada to avoid identification issues later on.

Method 2: Mobile check-in

Mobile check-in

Air Canada mobile check-in is open for passengers 24 hours prior to the departure time of their flights. They can use this option by following these steps.

  • Open the “Air Canada Self-Serve Mobile Service” web page on your device’s web browser.
  • Select the “Check-in” button.
  • Enter the requested details:
    • Passenger’s first name
    • Last name
    • City of departure
    • Aeroplan number/Identification number/Booking reference number
  • Select the passenger for marking his/her availability.
  • Then pick/select the seat and enter the total number of checked bags.
  • Complete the process as per the appearing directions.

Mobile Check-in Window Deadlines:

Flight BookingCheck-in Deadline (Before Departure)
Within Canada45 minutes 
Canada to International location60 minutes 
Flights from Toronto20 minutes 

Note: The local time of the airport is to be considered while checking in to connecting flights.

Who is Not Eligible for Mobile Check-in?

This process is made available at certain locations via mobiles or smartphones. Customers can go through their airline ticket to find out if it is eligible for the same. They cannot utilize mobile check-in in case:

  • There is a flight that Air Canada does not operate.
  • A flight booking is for 10 or more passengers.
  • The mobile check-in option is not available at the departing airport.

Method 3: From the Airport-based Ticket Counter

Passengers can mark their presence for their flights at the ticket counter of their boarding airport. They can check in their bags as well as pay the baggage fee. Through this method, in addition, they can get their boarding passes printed. It is also useful to change their flight seats.

Note: In case you are using this method while traveling with a pet on Air Canada, try appearing earlier. When flying with animals, more time may be needed to check in.

Method 4: Accessing the Self-Service Kiosk

Fliers who have purchased their tickets through Air Canada Reservations, official sources, or via a travel agent can utilize self-service kiosks to check-in. Only Air Canada and Air Canada Express flight passengers are eligible to use the kiosk. 

Note: Young travelers of 12-17 years of age are suggested to use this method. Unaccompanied minors can also utilize it and seek the help of a representative nearby to complete the process.

The fliers must enter any one of the following details at the kiosk to check-in:

  • Booking reference number
  • Passport
  • Barcode as on itinerary receipt
  • Aeroplan/Star Alliance frequent flyer card
  • Payment card details

Kiosk Check-in for Group Travelers

Multiple passenger bookings can be checked-in through kiosks for flights. The maximum number of people that can be marked in a single session is 9. For instance, if there is a flight booking for 20 people, three sessions of 9, 9, and 2 passengers will be allowed.

  • Enter the first name and last name of each person individually.
  • Provide the total checked bags of each individual.

Tip: For reporting the availability of a big group, it is suggested to arrive early at the airport. Otherwise, being late for this process may cause flight delay for air canada.

For International Flights

Fliers traveling from Canada to another country using this air operator must have the below-mentioned information handy to check in using the kiosk.

  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Country of residence
  • Travel documents
  • Passport number, country of issue, and expiry date
  • If traveling to the U.S. – the destination address

For Connecting Flights 

Customers can check in to any connecting flight booked through Air Canada using self-service kiosks. The only condition is that the transition flight must be a part of the same reservation made for the journey. Customers can mark their availability and receive Air Canada boarding passes as well.

Boarding Pass for Air Canada Flight

Boarding Pass for Air Canada Flight

After checking into their flight, passengers must collect their Air Canada boarding pass to catch their flights. This is an identification document for the passengers to travel on a particular flight. 

  • They can get their boarding pass from the:
    • self-service kiosk at the airport 
    • or through an official agent. 
  • If the air ticket is eligible for an Electronic Boarding Pass, they can get it using mobile check-in. 

Air Canada fliers can report their arrival for their flight using any of the above-mentioned methods. Confirming the check-in deadline for your ticket with the airline authorities in advance is important. It will help in reaching the airport on time and smoothly finishing the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What options do I have to check in for my Air Canada flight?

You can check in through the web, mobile, and self-service kiosks at the boarding airport or the ticket counter.

What should I know about the Air Canada check-in method?

Passengers must carry all the necessary documents and know the timing to report their presence.

Are there any restrictions on Air Canada’s official site’s check-in?

This method may not be available for group bookings having 10 or more people.

What if the Air Canada mobile check-in method is not working?

Use web check-in, self-service kiosk, or ticket counter to check in to your Air Canada flight when the mobile-based method does not work.

What is the earliest check-in time for my Air Canada flight?

24 hours from the flight’s departure time is the earliest duration to report your arrival

How early can I drop off my bags for my Air Canada flight?

If you check in through mobile or the web, you can drop off your bags 24 hours before the leaving time. When you do so through a kiosk, it is 12 hours.

What is the Air Canada check in Policy link?

The official website of Air Canada is the link for checking in. You can find a tab for executing this process on the home page itself.

What is the Air Canada check-in time for all flights within Canada?

120 minutes prior to the departure time, you can start checking in for your domestic trip.

What are the Air Canada check-in times for international flights?

You must mark your presence 3 hours prior to the departure time mentioned in the flight ticket.

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