Air France Check-in Policy

According to the Air France check-in policy, passengers may check in before the planned departure of their journey. Passengers may easily choose a seat, purchase the latest Air France dietary options, and make the most of the last minutes even if the passenger fails to request online check-in.

What are the Available Air France Flight Check-In Options?

Passengers may save time and request check-in as well as seat selection and receive an Air France online boarding pass starting 30 minutes before the departure.

The following alternatives are available for customers to check in for flights operated by Air France:

  • Online Check-in (Web check-in or mobile app check-in)
  • Air France Check-in over the phone
  • Airport check-in (Kiosk or counter check-in)

What type of passengers are not allowed to avail of Air France online check-in?

Following passengers are not allowed to request Air France web check-in:

  • Passengers availed of Air France unaccompanied minor service.
  • If passengers have any special service requests such as a wheelchair, or extra legroom seats.
  • For passengers with visual and hearing impairments.
  • For tickets with a reduced or combined agency rate, enhanced flight vouchers, and travel for Air France workers.
  • International credit or debit card for which the payee must be verified at the airport.
  • For a group larger than 9 people who are traveling under the same reservation.
  • Passengers opted for the Air France pet travel program.

What is the check-in time for Air France?

Check-in times may vary for domestic and international flights as mentioned.

Air France App Check-in

Using the app, Air France check-in is very easy and the users may fulfill check-in requests through the mobile app:

  • For domestic flights, the mobile app check-in is accessible 48 hours until 1 hour before scheduled departure.
  • For international flights, the Air France app check-in by mobile is accessible 48 hours before departure and ends two hours prior to that time.

Please Note– The check-in time desktop check-in is the same as above.

Air France airport check-in

Passengers can check in at the airport keeping in mind the following timelines –

  • For domestic flights check in 2 hours prior.
  • For international flights check in 3 hours prior.

What is the Air France Check-In Time for Various Destinations?

The final destination or length of the passenger’s layover determines the check-in deadline for the flight. Here are the following points of departure to know when to check in for your flight according to the Air France Check-in policy.

Check-in CountyCheck-in time
United States2 hours before the scheduled departure
Paris (Charles De Gaulle)40 minutes before scheduled departure for flights from Europe to Paris
Paris (Orly Airport) 40 minutes before scheduled departure for flights from Europe to Paris
Europe to French regional cities30 minutes before the scheduled departure
Within Europe 40 minutes before the scheduled departure
UK, in Heathrow30 minutes before scheduled departure (if traveling without any checked luggage)
Brussels Midi Check-in30 minutes before scheduled departure (if traveling without any checked luggage)
Mexico90 minutes before the scheduled departure
Dublin2 hours before the scheduled departure
Zürich40 minutes before the scheduled departure
Israel40 minutes before the scheduled departure
Canada60 minutes before scheduled departure if traveling with any checked luggage
Dubai2 hours before the scheduled departure
Argentina2 hours before the scheduled departure
Geneva 60 minutes before the scheduled departure
Canada (for flights within the country)1 hour prior to the scheduled departure for flights within Canada

How to request Air France flight check-in?

There are several methods that allow passengers to request check-in, such as

Check-in Through Mobile App

Follow these steps to complete the mobile app Air France check-in request –

  • Download the Air France check-in app.
  • Use your six-digit booking reference or Air France Rapid Rewards number to log in as a guest.
  • To continue, tap the check-in button. Decide which traveler(s) to register for the flight on Air France.
  • Fill out the seat request form. Additionally, travelers must submit their Covid vaccination certificate online in order to compete to indicate their health condition.
  • The digital Air France online boarding pass can be printed immediately by the traveler.

Web Check-in Process

The following easy procedures must be followed in order to complete the Air France Web Check-in process using the Air France desktop portal:

  • To start an Air France Internet online check-in request, enter the passenger’s last name and the six-digit booking reference.
  • Pick the travelers that need to check-in. You could be prompted by Air France to enter Secure Flight Passenger Details if the destination point needs it (SFPD).
  • Since each passenger will receive an electronic boarding ticket, passengers must complete the online check-in process and choose their seats.

Please Note – Air France’s “my booking” Section, helps passengers check-in, select seats, issue boarding passes, add baggage tags, and more.

Over-the-Phone Flight Check-in

The flight check-in form may be easily completed by passengers by calling the Air France customer care hotline. Here is how to check in for an Air France flight over the phone in detail.

  • Connected to the Air France flight executive.
  • Provide the booking details that help agents retrieve your Air France reservation.
  • Passengers must check-in for their reservation up to 2 hours before the departure time.
  • Give your request for a seat, and special services like a wheelchair, dietary needs, exit row seats, extra legroom seats, etc.
  • The agent will send the link for the boarding pass to your email.

Airport Check-in (Kiosk or Counter Check-in)

The deadline is specified in the flight ticket information, although passengers may check in at the airport on the day of planned departure up to that point.

  • At the airport, Air France check-in hop kiosks let travelers check in and print their boarding passes.
  • Simply input the booking reference, choose your seats, and print your boarding pass for the Air France hop check-in.
  • Passengers may choose their seats and get their airline boarding tickets at the check-in kiosk.

Please Note – From 24 hours before the scheduled departure time until an hour before it, Air France kiosk check-in is available.

What to do After Checking In?

After checking in, you need to avail your boarding pass. You have a choice in how you wish to get your boarding pass:

  • Obtain it via email
  • Install it on your mobile device.
  • Print it immediately.
  • Alternatively, use an interactive Air France kiosk to pick it up at the airport.

You must visit an Air France check-in desk at the airport if you are unable to get your boarding card online or via an interactive kiosk. Plan to go to the airport early because additional screenings may be necessary before boarding.

When can I print my luggage tags?

When doing the Air France check-in online and receiving your boarding card, you may print your luggage tags. Following that, you have a choice between printing your boarding pass and luggage tags straight once or opting to get them by email.

Where Do I Put Tags on my Baggage?

Your luggage tag should be folded four times along the dotted lines. Ensure that every tag has a barcode that can be seen clearly from both sides. Then, just place the luggage tag into the free, reusable Air France luggage tag holder that was given at the airport.

Please Note – In order to get the baggage tags hassle free, passengers must comply with the Air France checked baggage guidelines.

In a nutshell, Air France’s check-in policy allows passengers to make their check-in hassle-free. Not just this but also gives them options to do check-in in 3 different ways as mentioned in the article.

Frequently Asked Questions

How early can you check in with Air France?

Air France app check-in for domestic and international flights can be done by mobile plus is accessible 48 hours before departure.

What happens if you don’t check in 24 hours before your flight?

Not to worry, you can check in at the airport even 24 hours prior.

How do I check in for a flight?

You can do it online, over the phone, or at the airport.

Does Air France charge for check-in?

No, it doesn’t. But if your check-in luggage exceeds a certain amount you’ll be charged.

Do I need to check in online or can I do it at the airport?

It can be done either way. Checking online is preferred as it is easier as well as quicker to do.

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