Alaska flight Check in

The Alaska Airlines check in policy informs passengers about the complete process of confirming their arrival, obtaining the boarding pass, etc. It has rules for people with different requirements. With different online/web-based and offline facilities, the check-in process is made more convenient.

What are Alaska Flight Check in Rules?

When you have to confirm your presence for a flight, the rules to be aware of are:

  • There are well-defined timeframes for checking in.
  • The duration of this process varies for domestic and international trips.
  • Fliers with/without bags, pets, and carry-ons will be subject to slightly different rules.
  • Regardless of the check-in process selected, boarding passes should be validated.

For Standby Fliers

Those who are on the standby list have to ensure the following with respect to the Alaska Airlines flights check in policy:

  • The process of marking the arrival must be completed on time.
  • Fliers should be available for boarding.
  • They have to be present at boarding gates 40 minutes prior to departure.
  • Seats will be assigned post this procedure.

Are there Terms for Alaska Airlines Check in Boarding Pass?

Certain terms are applicable to obtain the Alaska check in boarding pass. These are:

  • To receive your boarding pass, check-in 1-24 hours before take-off.
  • The document must be valid.
  • Once collected, reach the boarding gate within 30 minutes of departing.
  • In case delays are observed, Alaska Airlines cancellations are initiated by the carrier.

How to Initiate Alaska Airlines Check in Online?

For the online or web check-in, 2 mediums are available. These include the smartphone application and the website of Alaska.

Method 1: Using Mobile App

Download and use the mobile application of this operator with the help of the following to mark your arrival:

  • You can download the “Alaska Airlines” mobile app via:
    • “App Store”
    • “Google Play”
    • “Amazon Appstore”
  • This application works on:
    • Phones
    • Tablets
  • 1 hour before the flight, the Alaska Airlines app check in can be initiated.
  • The maximum time to use it for flight check-in is 24 hours.

Method 2: Through Alaska Airlines’ Website

To check in for your trip online, you can use the official website of this airline.

  • On this site, come to the “Homepage”.
  • Then you have to press “Check in”.
  • In “Departure City”, fill in the required information.
  • Under “Look up Reservation”, choose one of these:
    • Mileage Plan Number
    • E-ticket Number
    • Or, “Confirmation Code
  • In the appearing option followed by selecting the above, add the needed details.
  • Then hit “Check in”.
  • Follow any remaining prompts for the Alaska Airlines web check in if shown on the screen.

Facilities Available with Online Flight Check-in

Those who opt for the app or web-based check-in can get the following facilities:

  • Fliers get to check in up to 24 hours prior to leaving.
  • Boarding passes can be printed quickly.
  • This method is suitable for checking in bags.
  • For extra baggage, charges can be paid online through this method via:
    • Debit card
    • Credit card

What is the Alaska Air Check in Procedure Offline?

The ticketing counters and kiosks available at airports, as well as dedicated to this airline, are useful for offline check-in.

Method 1: Via Ticketing Counters

Fliers can check in for their flights via the ticketing counters available at airports. They can contact the agents of Alaska Airlines. In case fliers are carrying checked luggage, this process must be done up to 4 hours before flights leave.

Method 2: With the Aid of a Kiosk

Kiosks are devices that enable self-services like check-in. As per the Alaska Airlines check in policy, to use a kiosk, the process is as follows:

  • At the departure airport, access a kiosk.
  • Provide the information regarding your booking to sign in.
  • Find the option for checking in.
  • Again, supply the information required in this process.
  • Then perform the prompts you can find to complete it.
  • Opt for the Alaska Airlines manage booking services while using the kiosk.
  • Ensure that you print your boarding pass at the end.

What is the Alaska Airlines Check in Baggage Policy?

A baggage policy has been facilitated by this carrier to help passenger’s check-in their cabin luggage or checked bags. This comes with the below-mentioned terms:

  • To check in Alaska Airlines baggage, you can go to:
    • “Bag Tag Stations” at the airport
    • Or, kiosks of this carrier
  • As per the Alaska Airlines check in baggage policy, if pre-clearance for US Customs is involved, then:
    • For Vancouver (YVR), check in with bags 3 hours prior to departing.
    • In the case of Calgary (YYC), the facility is available up to 2 hours before leaving.
  • In case you have to pay for bags, you can check in within 4 hours of departure.

Note: The opening hours of the counter can vary as per airports. Confirm the same before using this service.

What is Alaska Airlines Check in Time?

Alaska check in time (minimum), along with certain rules, is described below:

  • When you are flying without luggage, the minimum time for checking in is:
    • 40 minutes for domestic fliers
    • 60 minutes when traveling to international locations
  • Timing can vary as per departure airports.
  • The above timing applies even when flying with carry-ons.
  • It will be mandatory to have a boarding pass.

With Baggage

The minimum Alaska Airlines baggage check in time invites terms given as follows:

  • Reach the drop-off area before the time for cut-off.
  • Check the website of this airline to know the airport-wise cut-off timing.
  • Ensure that all your baggage is deposited.
  • Receive an authenticated boarding pass.
  • This pass must be received during the cut-off timing:
Flying Internationally60 minutes
For Domestic Trips40 minutes
  • In case the pass is received later, the passenger’s flight will be rebooked.
  • For certain locations, the cut-off timing for checking in baggage is:
LocationCut-off Time before Take-off (In Minutes)
Flying from Guadalajara90
Las Vegas Atlanta Denver Salt Lake City Portland Philadelphia45
Departure via Dillingham/King Salmon60

Note: The above timing remains the same for these locations even when flying with just cabin bags.

When Flying with Pets

For pet travel on Alaska Airlines, the rules for check-in are:

  • In case your pet will travel in the luggage hold:
    • Deposit your bags on time.
    • Complete the procedures for pets within the timeframes suggested by this carrier.
    • Get a boarding pass that is valid and within the cut-off timing.
  • As per locations/airports, the Alaska Airlines flight check in time with pets is:
Locations: Guadalajara Seattle90 minutes
For Airports in Other Locations60 minutes
  • Reach the drop-off area without exceeding the cut-off timeframe.
  • Complete the check-in within 2 hours of your flight’s departure.
  • Verify the timing of departure airports prior to completing this process.

Is the Alaska Airlines 24 Hour Check in Facility Available?

24-hour check-in is available with this airline through EasyBiz. This program offers corporate flying services for this airline’s frequent fliers. The terms of this facility are:

  • The check-in window is available from 1-24 hours of the departure.
  • It can be used to print a boarding pass.
  • The facility is functional for the following while checking in:
    • Changing seats
    • Printing flight receipts
    • First Class upgrades
  • It is useful for:
    • Gate assignments
    • Alerts regarding flights post sign-up.

For Baggage Check-in

Using the Alaska Airlines 24 hour check in EasyBiz service for baggage, you can do the following:

  • Pay for luggage online.
  • Card payments are accepted.
  • Quickly drop off luggage.

Is there an Alaska Airline Check in Electronic Bag Tag Service?

An electronic bag tag service is provided by this airline. It is offered while checking in when these conditions are met:

  • You should have a smart device.
  • This device should support “NFC” or “Near Field Communication”.
  • Passengers have checked in via the mobile application of the carrier.
  • The flights are initiated by this airline or SkyWest/Horizon.
  • Only 1 person is flying on the booking.
  • 1 bag is to be checked in throughout the journey.
  • The travel is within the US.
  • Passengers are eligible for waived luggage costs.
  • In November, they signed up for guest trials.
  • Exceptionally, from 04 April 2023 onward, you have:
    • Various bags for checking
    • More than 1 traveler is part of a booking
    • Paid for the bags

Activating Electronic Bag Tags

When you qualify for using the electronic bag tag facility, do the following to activate it:

  • See to it that you are at the departure airport.
  • You will require the check in Alaska Airlines app on your iPhone/Android device.
  • This will be connected to the electronic bag tag facility.
  • Initiate the check-in process on this app.
  • Then follow the directions to activate the bag tag.

Note: Connect with this carrier’s executives to get the tag off your baggage.

Fees for Bag Tags

In the process of activating the electronic tags for your bags, you will have to pay the following amount:

$301st bag
$402nd bag

Note: For some fliers and for specific items, the airline can give fee waivers.

What is Alaska Check in Facility with Security Express Lines?

Security Express Lines provide priority boarding for certain fliers post their check-in.

  • It caters to fliers having the following:
    • Mileage Plan MVP, 100K, Gold, and 75K
    • First Class
    • Or, Oneworld Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphire
  • This facility is provided for shuttle flights after Alaska Airlines check-in for trips:
    • To and from Spokane/Seattle
    • From or to Seattle and Portland

Get Assistance for Alaska Airlines Check in

Provided that you have doubts regarding the procedure to mark the arrival, you can get offline and online assistance directly from this air carrier.

Option 1: Through the Chatbot

You can chat with this airline by using its bot services. Come to the website of Alaska Airlines to initiate the same.

  • When you are on this website, tap on “Help Center”.
  • Scroll down to the new page and press “Start Chat”.
  • Add these details in the pop-up:
    • Name
    • And “Mileage Plan Number
  • Fill in “How can We Help?”.
  • Then push “Start Chat”.
  • Share your queries regarding Alaska flight check in with the bot and receive answers.

Option 2: Using Social Media

It is feasible to talk to the representatives of this air operator. They can handle check-in queries through social media sites like the following:


Option 3: Via Call or Text

Passengers can obtain offline help regarding the check-in procedure by texting at 82008. Otherwise, they can dial the following phone numbers:

Country/Location (International)Contact Number
Costa Rica00-800-25275200
New Zealand0-800-25275200
Spain  00-800-25275200
For Other Nations:001-206-244-0751

Tip: You can access contact numbers for other locations using this carrier’s site.

In Summation, you can check in on Alaska Airlines in various ways. Their terms are cleared under the check-in policy. For both domestic and international fliers, it defines the rules to be followed, hence, making the overall process simpler.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Alaska Airlines check in time before flights?

Minimum 60 minutes before take-off, check-in can be completed.

How early do you have to check-in for Alaska Airlines?

You can check in up to 24 hours prior to a flight’s departure.

What is the Alaska Airlines domestic check in time?

Around 40 minutes prior to starting a domestic trip, you can complete the check-in process.

Does Alaska allow check-in?

Yes, this airline allows you to check in for its flights.

What is the Alaska Airlines international check in time?

At least 1 hour before an international trip’s take-off, fliers must check in.

Is Alaska flight check in online allowed?

Yes, this airline allows its fliers to complete this process online.

How to complete web check in Alaska Airlines?

Select “Check in” on the website of this carrier to start and complete the check-in method.

How to get Alaska Airlines check in print boarding pass?

After you complete the check-in process with this airline, you can print your boarding pass.

What is the Alaska check in baggage time internationally?

Nearly 60 minutes before your flight has to depart, you can check in with your bags.

Do I need to print my boarding pass on Alaska Air?

It is useful to have your boarding pass but printing it is not mandatory.

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