Ryanair Check in Policy

Managing the transit of customers has been made easier with the Ryanair check in policy. It majorly deals with the timeline for marking arrival and various flight-related actions. Further, it comes in handy to get information on required documentation for air travel.

What are the Guidelines under the Ryan Air Check in Policy?

The main set of guiding points provided by this check-in policy includes:

  • Up to 2 hours before the departure of the plane, fliers can check in online.
  • 40 minutes prior to the flight, you can finish this process at the airport.
  • For OTA/third-party bookings:
    • The verification of ID is mandatory to check in on Ryanair.
    • Only airport check-in is available.
  • Travelers can either take a printout or use the mobile boarding pass.
  • Failure to adhere to the bag-drop and boarding cutoff times may result in a Ryanair flight cancellation.

What are the Travel Requirements Ryanair Check in?

In general, every passenger is required to carry valid documentation to mark their arrival.

  • All the documents must meet the immigration rules of:
    • The carrier
    • And, other regulatory bodies
  • Visit or contact the embassy/consulate of the countries on the itinerary to learn more.

Documents Required for Airport Check-in

These documents can be demanded at the airport check-in desk:

  • Carry your booking reference
  • Relevant photo IDs
  • Immigration Documents (whenever applicable)
  • Visa (if applicable)

Traveling with a Non-EU Passport

Before you complete Ryanair check-in, passport holders from outside the European Union must make sure of the following:

  • Your passport should be valid for a minimum of 3 months from the departure date.
  • This is not required if you have:
    • A residency permit issued from a Schengen country
    • Or, a long-term visa

Flying with a British passport

For British passport holders (excluding Ireland), the following requirements apply:

  • The passport validity is for a minimum of 3 months from the departure date from:
    • EU countries
    • Schengen member nations
  • This is not needed when you have:
    • A residency permit which is issued from a Schengen country
    • Or else, a long-term visa
  • The visa/residency permit must have been issued within 10 years after entering:
    • An EU country
    • Schengen country

Note: These regulations are not applicable for traveling on the UK/Irish domestic route.

Identification Requirements for Minors

Parents or guardians must be aware of the necessary documentation for their minor. Prior to check in on Ryan Air, they must collect such information from the destination country’s embassy/consulate.


French/Alien underage fliers traveling on Schengen and Non-Schengen flights, must present AST. It must be appropriately filled with attested documents.


Spanish young travelers below 18 years taking flights between EEA nations must have:

  • Valid national IDs
  • Written authorization forms from the local police


Italian travelers under the age of 14 taking journeys between the Schengen/EU with one parent can travel with a new pattern of ID.

  • If the parent’s name is not on the ID, they must carry the minor’s birth certificate.
  • For the kid to travel with a third person, the individual must have an “Affido” from:
    • The child’s parents
    • Legal guardian


French or Alien travelers younger than 18 years require appropriate authorization for traveling to/from non-Schengen nations.

  • The travel authorization document must be signed by the parents/legal guardian.
  • Or, the Portuguese embassy/consulate must authenticate it.

How to Find Additional Travel Requirements for Ryanair Flights?

For checking in, the documentation requirements vary with the:

  • Origin
  • Destination
  • Citizenship
  • Age of the traveler

Visit the airline’s official website and follow the steps below to learn more about Ryanair check in requirements:

The screenshot is sourced from the official Ryanair’s website.

  • Select the relevant “General Terms & Conditions of Carriage” again as per a booking.
  • On the side panel of the fresh page, locate “Our Regulations”.
  • Scroll down and locate “2 Travel Documents – Photo ID”.
  • Refer to the following sections:
    • 2.1 “Photo ID Needed for Traveling Abroad”
    • 2.2 “Domestic Flights – Photo ID Accepted”

When to Check in on Ryanair Online?

Ryanair online check in is available for travelers two hours prior to departure. They can mark their arrival at different timeframes for free.

Ryanair Check in Early Facility

People who purchase their seat assignments in advance have the chance to complete this process 60 days prior to the take-off date.

  • Travelers who purchase Flexi Plus fare also have access to this option.
  • All the flights in the itinerary must be scheduled to depart 60 days from booking.
  • Group reservations can use the Ryanair check in early option by selecting seats together.

Check-in within 24 hours

For those, who did not make the seat purchase, they can mark their arrival online.

  • They can do so 24 hours before the departure time.
  • Such travelers are allotted seats for free.
  • This timeline is valid for reservations made on or after 28th January 2021.
  • For bookings made before January 28, 2021, this window begins 48 hours before takeoff.
  • This window is open up to two hours before the scheduled departure.

How Do You Check-in Online for Ryanair Flights?

By visiting the official website or utilizing the mobile application, travelers have two options for marking their arrival online on Ryanair.

Method 1: Through the Website

Navigate to the main page and abide by these instructions for Ryanair online check in:

  • From the action bar at the top of the page, tap on “My Bookings
  • Travelers can log in to their account via:
    • Email ID
    • Password
  • Or, retrieve the booking by adding:
    • Reservation/Booking Number (6/six-character code)
    • Registered email address
  • After the details are available, click on the “Check-In” button.
  • Carefully add the required documents.
  • You can buy any “Check-In Extras”, like:
    • Insurance
  • Following this, you can view and print the boarding pass.

Method 2: Via Smartphone App

The mobile app – Ryanair – can be installed on both “iOS” and “Android” smartphones. After its installation and initial setup, these steps can be useful Ryan Air check in:

  • On the front page itself, tap on the “Boarding Pass” option.
  • Next, click on “Check-In for a Flight”.
  • Select the trip you want to mark the arrival for.
  • Following this, hit on the “Check-In” button.
  • Add any required travel documents or information.
  • You can select the:
    • Passenger names
    • Or, add extra items
  • Now, the process will be complete and you can access the boarding pass.

What are the Other Ryanair Check-in Options?

Travelers who are unable to use the online feature in advance can opt for the airport check in by Ryanair. Reach the counter of the airline to initiate this.

Airport Check-in Charges

Passengers who want to use this facility will have to pay a small fee. The check-in cost at the airport is as follows:

Fare TypeRyanair Check in Fees
Flexi PlusFree
Plus (Purchased after December 11, 2019)Free
All other ticket categories£/€ 55 (Spain: £/€ 30)

What is Ryanair Verification for Online Travel Agent/Unauthorized Intermediary Bookings?

Several times there are bookings made with a third-party source or agent, who may not have authorization.

  • During such reservations, the passenger may not have any contact with the airline.
  • This verification helps this carrier know that the said passenger personally checks in.
  • It must be finished online or at the airport, 60 minutes before takeoff.

Online Verification

The most convenient way to complete this process is by using the mobile app.

  • To complete the process, you can initiate it through:
    • A link sent to the registered email ID,
  • Use a front-facing camera gadget.
  • Add the required documents, like:
    • National ID,
    • Or, passport
  • Your face will then be matched with the available documents.
  • Following the verification, you will be prompted to update your email ID.
  • From this point forward, the airline can contact you directly.

Cost of Verification

Travelers will be charged a minimal fee for online or airport verification. The charge is €0.35.

Where Can I Obtain the Ryanair Boarding Pass?

The boarding card for each passenger can be obtained after online check in. He/she can either print the pass or access it on their smartphone.

Printing Boarding Passes

To take a printout of the boarding pass:

  • Head to Ryanair’s website.
  • Check in on Ryanair online.
  • You will be eligible to view the boarding card.
  • Download the PDF file and take a printout.

Boarding Card Reissue Cost

At times, the boarding card may be lost or not be available. For such situations:

  • The carrier’s agent at the airport can provide another one.
  • This is a chargeable service and the fee is £/€ 20.

Are there Any Regulations for the Ryanair Mobile Boarding Pass?

One of the most convenient features introduced by this airline is the digital boarding card. It is available for access after online Ryanair check in.

Eligible Passengers

The digital version of the boarding card is accepted by most airports. Nationals from the following regions are eligible to use it:

  • The European Union
  • Or, the European Economic Area
  • The United Kingdom

These travelers must have a national ID or passport issued by the government of the United Kingdom or an EEA country.

Country Restrictions

This digital boarding pass is not accepted at the airports of the following countries:

  • Turkey
  • Kefalonia
  • Israel
  • Morocco
  • Lebanon

What are the Deadlines on Ryanair for Checking in Bags?

Especially when dropping bags, this carrier strictly abides by the timeframes to avoid any flight disruptions. Complete all the formalities in advance to avoid the last-minute hassle.

Bag Drop

On Ryanair check in bag facility should be used at the earliest.

Opening time of the baggage drop counter2 hours before the flight’s scheduled departure
Closing Time of the counter40 minutes prior to the departure time

Boarding Deadlines

Travelers must arrive on time, complete check-in, and pass through the security screening.

Arrival at the boarding gateA minimum of 30 minutes prior to the departure
Closing of the boarding process20 minutes prior to the take-off time

How Do I Contact Ryanair to Address Check-in Doubts?

To resolve any important doubts, travelers can communicate with the carrier’s representative.

Option 1: Through the Chatbot “Molli”

The chatbot’s assistance is available 24/7 to all customers. Hence, read the instructions below to chat:

  • Visit the official website.
  • Go to the end of the main page.
  • On the right-hand corner, find the “Contact Us” hyperlink.

The original source of this screenshot is Ryanair’s website.

  • Tap on this option and head to the fresh page.
  • You will be able to find the chat icon on this web page.

Ryanair’s website has been used to capture the screenshot.

  • Click that icon and begin the chat.
  • You can type relevant check-in texts.
  • The chatbot will provide all the necessary details and instructions.

Option 2: Via Social Media Handles

Before attempting Ryanair check in, travelers can also reach out to the carrier on the following platforms:


In short, fliers must abide by the check-in timelines to successfully complete the process. One must even keep tabs on the airport deadlines. This policy should work as a reference to understand such details.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you have to check-in before a flight Ryanair?

When you buy a seat, you can check in online 60 days before the flight and up to two hours prior to takeoff.

How do I check-in for a Ryanair flight?

Travelers can check in for their flights online, using the official website.

Can I check-in before 24 hours Ryanair?

Yes, if your reservation is made on/after January 28th, 2021, you can mark the arrival online 24 hours before take-off.

How does Ryanair check-in work for OTA bookings?

For OTA reservations, the passenger must complete their verification online or at the airport and then check-in.

What documents do I need for Ryanair check-in?

This carrier accepts a valid ID card or photo ID and country-specific documents.

Why will Ryanair not let me check-in?

If you have an OTA/ “Unauthorized Intermediary” booking and your identity isn’t verified, you can’t check-in.

Do I have to print my Ryanair ticket?

No, it may not be essential to print a ticket. You will receive an e-ticket.

What happens if I can’t check-in online?

When you are unable to check in online, mark your arrival at the airport 40 minutes before departure.

Can I check-in at airport and not online?

Yes, you can mark your presence at the airport in case you do not want to check in online.

When to check in Ryanair baggage?

On Ryanair, for checking in bags, drop them off at the relevant counter up to 40 minutes before take-off.

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