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Various guidelines are a part of the Spirit Airlines check in policy. To initiate the process, knowing these rules is suggested. Using these, domestic and international travelers can check in with ease. Moreover, through this policy, the limitations associated with the procedure can be found.

What are Spirit Check in Rules?

The following rules/conditions have to be ensured while a flier executes the check-in procedure:

  • Ensure that the check-in is completed on time and before take-off.
  • For third-party bookings, confirm the rules from the source of purchase.
  • Fliers must get their boarding passes after completing the Spirit flight check in process.
  • Your boarding pass must be authentic.
  • Present this document at the departure airport when asked.
  • Seats can be purchased while checking in.
  • This process can also facilitate buying more bags.
  • For all kinds of trips, whether domestic or international, the process is mandatory.
  • The check-in process is vital for all fliers including Spirit Airlines unaccompanied minors.

Can You Access Spirit Airlines 24 Hour check in?

When you have to confirm your presence using the online modes, you can access the Spirit Airlines 24 hour check in feature. Other than this, you can contact the airline to find out the availability of this service.

What is the Spirit Airlines Check-in Time Frame?

To understand the time frame for marking the presence for flights, this airline has given the following terms:

  • It is mandatory to follow the time limits in relation to check-in.
  • For international and domestic trips, these limits differ.
  • The Spirit check in time further varies as per the location being traveled to.

Time Limits for International/Domestic Fliers

Keep in mind the following limits to complete the check-in procedure on a timely basis:

Type of FlightMinimum Time to Check in before Departure
International3 hours
Domestic2 hours

When Carrying Baggage

The time frame for checking in your baggage is different depending on the travel location. This is explained as follows:

Flight TypeSpirit Airlines Baggage Check in Time (Minimum)
Domestic45 minutes
International1 hour
For the US Virgin Islands1 hour

Time Limits for Checking in Offline

When there are 4 hours left before your flight’s departure, you can initiate the check-in process offline.

Duration for Online Check-in

The Spirit Airlines online check in time begins 24 hours prior to the take-off of a flight. This duration closes when there is 1 hour left before the leaving time.

Time Frame for Boarding

Once passengers complete Spirit Airlines check in at airports, they have to reach the boarding gate. For this, the time frame is:

InternationalAround 30 minutes before departing
DomesticAt least 15 minutes prior to take-off
For the United States Virgin IslandsNearly 30 minutes prior to departure

When is the Spirit Airlines Check in Process Canceled?

Owing to some conditions, this air operator can revoke the process of checking in for some or all fliers. These conditions are:

  • Spirit Airlines flight delays may be caused.
  • Exceptional events may take place, affecting the check-in and flying processes.
  • The boarding pass is not received within 15 minutes prior to the take-off.
  • Or, if this pass is not authenticated, Spirit Airlines ticket check in is canceled.
  • A flier may himself/herself discontinue a reservation.

What is the Procedure for Spirit Airlines Check in Online?

Following 2 ways, you can check in online on this carrier. These ways comprise using the website and application of Spirit.

Method 1: From this Carrier’s Website

Spirit web check in comes with the benefit of a cost-free procedure. To utilize it, follow these steps:

  • You have to open the site of “Spirit Airlines”.
  • Opt for the “Check in” tab.
  • Fill in “Passenger Last Name”.
  • Then add the number in the “Confirmation Code” space.
  • Now, you have to hit the button for “Check in”.
  • After this is initiated, manage Spirit Airlines booking and get your boarding pass.
  • Verify the details in this pass to ensure that it is valid.

Method 2: Using the Spirit Airlines App

The Spirit Airlines application can be downloaded on both iOS and Android to execute the check-in process.

  • Find the “Check in” option after logging in on this app.
  • Provide the information needed to continue.
  • You will see certain directions. Follow them to proceed.
  • Afterward, you can access the boarding pass via the Spirit Airlines check-in app.

Benefits Available with Web or Online Check-in

When you choose to check in using the application or website of this operator, you can access these benefits:

  • You can select seats on Spirit Airlines with ease.
  • Passengers can buy more bags at discounted costs.
  • They can also access the “Bag Drop” services for items exceeding 40 lbs.

Who can Complete Spirit Airlines Check in Online?

The online check-in service is limited and can be used by passengers who meet these conditions:

  • They have no additional seats reserved.
  • No special facilities have been booked.
  • They have citizenship in the United States and are traveling internationally.
  • Passengers shouldn’t have a military ID.
  • A passport is available.
  • They are not unaccompanied minors executing Spirit Airlines check in online.
  • The reservation has no infants.
  • Group reservations should not involve 10+ people.
  • Passengers should not be flying with Spirit Airlines pets.

Note: There can be more conditions depending on the location of travel.

How to Complete the Spirit Airlines Check in Procedure Offline?

For offline check-in, you can go to the airport. Here, counters and self-service devices like kiosks are available for this method.

Method 1: Through a Kiosk

At the departure airport, you can find kiosks. Through these, you can initiate check-in for your flight.

  • You will have to find a kiosk and self-initiate the process to confirm your presence.
  • Look for the option of checking in.
  • Insert your details to use this option.
  • It will provide you with certain directions to go ahead. Follow them.
  • In the end, you will have to collect your boarding pass.

Method 2: Using the Ticket Counters at Airports

When you wish to execute Spirit check in at airports, proceed to its ticketing counter. Then ensure the following:

  • Within the defined time frame, you have to approach the counter of this carrier.
  • Inform the executive about your request.
  • Then share your information.
  • Also, give any required details for your flight.
  • Complete the check-in process with the help of the executive.
  • Then make certain to collect your boarding pass.

What is the Process for Spirit Airlines Check in for Baggage?

There are 2 ways available to check in your luggage:

  • You can go to the baggage drop-off area available at the airport.
  • Otherwise, the counters for ticketing have executives who can help you with the same.

What is the Spirit Check in Cost?

You can confirm your arrival at the airport through offline and online ways, based on which the check-in cost is determined or waived.

Mode of Checking inCosts for Check-in
Through web/appNo charge applicable
Spirit airport check in feeUSD 25

Note: In case you qualify for online check-in, yet the service is available, the airport procedure will be executed for free.

What are the Limitations of the Spirit Check in Policy?

This policy comes with a few limitations, as listed below:

  • The flight check-in policy serves direct reservations.
  • Not complying with the terms of this process or policy can cause Spirit Airlines cancellations.
  • Without the correct/valid documents, check-in cannot be completed.

Using Social Media for Spirit Flight Check in Queries

Provided that you are checking in for a flight and have certain queries in mind, it is best to clear them. This can be done by contacting the airline’s representative via social media:


To Conclude, the Spirit check in policy is inclusive of various rules. Regarding time, eligibility, modes, and other things, it has clear guidelines. Using these, travelers can check in for their journeys without undergoing any hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Spirit Airlines baggage check-in online available?

You can execute the online check-in to know whether it is available for baggage. Or, confirm the same from Spirit Airlines.

Can I use the Spirit check-in app?

On an Android or Apple device, the check-in app can be used by passengers.

How to do web check in Spirit?

Click on the “Check in” option on the website of this airline for starting the web-based method.

How to check in for Spirit flight on app?

Simply download and access the application of this airline. Use the check-in option for the procedure.

Is there a Spirit Airlines check in phone number?

A phone number to contact this airline for check-in may not be available. It is best to use its website for this purpose.

Is there a Spirit Airlines check in mobile app?

Yes, the Spirit Airlines mobile application is provided for check-in.

Why is Spirit not letting me check-in online?

In case you have extra seats, special facilities, or infants in your booking, online check-in is limited.

How early do you have to check-in for Spirit Airlines?

24 hours before your journey, you can check-in.

Does Spirit have self check-in?

At the airport, you can find self-check-in services via kiosks.

Do you need a printed boarding pass for Spirit?

It is not compulsory to have a printed boarding pass when flying with Spirit.

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