Air China Seat Selection Policy

The features like seat selection offered by Air China are beneficial to different flyers. You can access various seating options irrespective of whether you are looking to fly on a budget or in First class. Along with this, the Air China seat selection policy also facilitates the provision of other benefits.

These include the option of advance choice and change of seating assignment. Hence, understanding this policy can help you in planning your travel easily.

Selecting Air China Seats in Advance

You can block your option in advance through the Air China online check-in seat selection option. Picking it in advance will allow you to access the best seats available. Hence, this feature can assist in the comfortable journey of a passenger. 

To choose your seats online, you can follow the step-by-step procedure given below: 

  • First, go to the official site of Air China by visiting the link “”.
  • On the panel of tabs given, go to the option titled “Booking Management”.
  • Here, go to the section “Manage My Trip” in the “Looking for More” section.
  • In the drop-down list, you can find the tab named “Online Check-in”. Click on it. 
  • You will now be asked to enter the following details: 
  • Ticket Number or Passport Number 
  • Passenger’s First Name 
  • Passenger’s Last Name 
  • Flight Number 
  • After filling in the details, click on the “Continue” button highlighted in red. 
  • You can now analyze the availability of seats and go to the Air China choose seat online option. 
  • Here, based on your requirements, select the positions by following the on-screen instructions. 
  • Pay the required amount, if necessary to complete your selection. 

Note: Air China U.S. seat selection is only available before or during check-in. Hence, picking it at least 48 hours before departure is recommended.

Different Types of Air China Seats 

This airline allows the users to avail themselves of several seating options at their disposal. The Air China seat assignment policy ensures to accommodate the requirements of each passenger. There are three main cabins available on Air China’s aircrafts. These are discussed here: 

  • Economy Class: These are the seats that allow the passengers to enjoy a comfortable journey while still meeting their financial restrictions. These are the lowest-priced options available on Air China. All the seats in this cabin come with an installed monitor through which various entertainment services can be accessed. This cabin is aesthetically designed to facilitate the passengers to enjoy a traditional Chinese environment. The allocation for legroom is standard. You can select your seats in advance and also purchase an extra baggage allowance when flying by the Economy Class. You can easily book these ticket fares through the Air China online seat assignment feature. Overall, this cabin can be recommended for frequent flyers. 
  • Premium Economy Class: Located in the main cabin, these seats offer relatively more amenities. These options offer personalized services with dedicated cabins. The seats are usually of the measurements 39 inches. They provide additional legroom to the passengers, thus ensuring convenience. On-board entertainment services include the provision of a 12 inch HD monitor screen and access to various TV shows. In this class, passengers can also utilize the benefits of USB ports and power outlets to charge their electronics. An amenity kit is also given to the holders of these fares. You can pick your Premium Economy options in advance through the Air China online seat selection feature. 
  • Business Class Cabin: To have a luxurious flying experience, you can choose the Business Class seats. They justify their high prices by the provision of improved amenities and immaculate services. Passengers of this class can enjoy lavish lounge facilities which are equipped with innumerable beverages, books, snacks, and drinks. The in-flight seat features include access to a personal reading lamp, amenities kit, and refreshments. Personal tables, increased storage space, and 3C power outlets are also provided in this class. Flyers can enjoy the features of a modern 18 inch TV monitor to access various entertainment services. Dining facilities include various cuisines and custom-designed menus. Hence, flying in this cabin can certainly offer a first-class experience to travelers. 

Note: Air China Business Class seat selection can be availed free of cost. 

The availability of China Air seat selection may vary depending on the airbus and the flight destination. Hence, you are recommended to check for this option before reserving it.

Changing Tickets on Air China Airlines

You may want to switch your seating positions after making your reservation. It may be because of a change in the travel plan or a personal preference. As per the Air China seat assignment policy, you cannot directly make changes to your reserved tickets. However, this airline allows its customers to cancel their tickets 24 hours before departure. Hence, you can cancel your existing reservation and make a new booking. You can now select your desired seat on the new reservation.

To cancel your reservation, you can visit the main site of Air China Airlines. You may now cancel your tickets through the “Manage Your Booking” option and make new reservations. Follow the above-mentioned steps to select your seats on your new tickets. For additional information about seat change and ticket cancellation, you can go to the Air China website. The information about the latest updates in the Air China seat selection policy can also be found here. 

Note: Upon cancellation of your reservations, you can also avail of refunds subject to conditions. 

Air China is one of the fastest-growing airlines in the world owing to the great number of modern features it offers. It not only allows travelers to reserve seats at reasonable costs but also select them in advance. Additionally, the Air China seat selection policy can prove to be advantageous to first-time flyers in making their journey comfortable. Moreover, the different in-flight services offered in each cabin make flying a great experience.

Air China Seat Selection Policy FAQs

1. Can I select my seat on Air China?

Under the Air China seat selection policy, you will be given the option to specify your seats beforehand. Advance seat selection will offer you the comfort of flying in your desired options. Hence, the given feature of the airline can extend the utmost convenience on your flight journey.

2. How to select seats on Air China?

You can use the Air China choose seat online option to go ahead with such a purpose. For this, please open the airline’s official site and head to the “Booking Management” section. Then navigate to the online “Check-in” tab through the “Manage My Trip” option. Enter the necessary details here. Afterward, follow the on-screen instructions to pick your seats.

3. When can I select seats on Air China?

If you are looking to pre-select your seats, then you can do it in two instances. You can opt for your seats at the time of the initial booking. In the other case, you will be allowed to select them after the reservation. Thus, you can use the seat selection option from the time of booking to check-in before the flight’s departure.

4. How does the Air China seat assignment work?

You will be given a random seat in case of no prior selection. This is as per the Air China online seat assignment policy. This can be avoided if you have already chosen your seat. When you do not make an advance selection, you will have to fly in the seat randomly assigned.

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