China Airlines Name Change Policy

Flying with the correct name on your ticket is one of the most important requirements put forward by any air carrier. This will ensure that the passengers can travel without any trouble on the flight. So, in case you have entered the wrong name on your ticket, it is essential to correct or change it. This correction feature is provided by China Airlines through its name change policy. In this regard, the China Airlines name change policy facilitates different types of name modifications available to the passengers. It operates under a specific set of rules which needs to be followed by both the carrier and its visitors. Hence, a quick glance at this policy can help you to correct the errors in your name easily. 

Terms of the China Airlines Name Change Policy

While accessing the China Airline name correction or change feature, you have to obey certain conditions and follow specific terms. These regulations are designed for passengers making name modifications without any trouble. Therefore, every passenger who wishes to change their name must duly obey the rules. This proves to be beneficial to both the flier as well as the airline. 

The following are the main terms and guidelines given by the name change/ correction policy of this carrier: 

  • Booking reservations made through the official online and offline sources of operators will be eligible for name modifications. 
  • Name corrections can be allowed when the name on the flight ticket does not match the name on the traveler’s passport. However, your name on the other travel documents should match your passport.
  • Generally, changes to the name will be permitted before the reservation has been completed and the payment is made. In case you want to modify your name after the completion of the payment process, you may need to pay some additional charges or buy a new ticket. 
  • Passengers whose full name is less than 50 letters can use the China Airlines change name on ticket feature. That means the airline will not allow any changes made to the name with more than 50 characters or letters.
  • However, you always have the option to contact the airline when your name has more than 50 characters. 
  • Only four letters can be changed in the title. Similarly, four letters in the first name and just two characters in the last name on your ticket can be altered. 
  • Sometimes, the name change feature may not be available on your China ticket at the last minute. In such a situation, you can cancel your reservation and go for a rebooking. Or else, you can request a refund as well from the airline after making a cancellation. 
  • You will be allowed to make alterations to your name only once. Hence, you are advised to stay mindful of your modifications. 
  • All the travelers who have booked their tickets through third parties like travel agencies should contact their agent directly to request a name modification. 

Note: For any queries regarding these basic terms of the China Airlines change name policy, you can visit the official site of the airline.  

Methods to Change Name on Ticket China Airline

There are different methods through which you can modify your name on this carrier. These methods consist of online and offline options. The China Airlines name correction policy offers these various options to provide great help to the customers. This can assist the passengers to choose the method they are most accustomed to. 

The following are the two main ways through which you can alter your name on this carrier: 

  • Online option – official site of the airline 
  • Offline option – contacting the customer care service 

Although the operating processes of each of these options are different, both of them offer the same level of efficiency. Hence, it is best to know how each of these methods works so that you can select the option that suits your preference. 

Method 1: Online China Airlines Name Change

The online option is the most viable method of accessing the change passenger name China Airline feature. While using this option, passengers will not be posed with any trouble or hassle. Additionally, irrespective of your area or country, you will have the opportunity to use the online site. There will be no problems faced when it comes to convenience as well. This is also the fastest way of modifying your name on the ticket. 

To alter your name using the online site, fliers will be required to submit their details under the “Manage Booking” section. For the step-by-step instructions, you can go through the points mentioned below: 

Step 1: Go to your primary web browser and enter the link to the official site of China Airlines

Step 2: On the first page of this site, there will be a few tabs located. You have to select the “Manage Booking” tab from the given list of options. 

Step 3: A new page will be displayed. Through this page, you will be able to view your reservation by submitting certain essential information. The following details will have to be provided: 

  • Passenger’s Last Name 
  • Passenger’s First Name 
  • Reservation Number

Step 4: Then, you can go ahead by clicking on the “Next” button given in red. 

Step 5: Your booking details and the reserved flight can now be viewed. Choose the respective flight on which the name has to be corrected or changed. 

Step 6: To further continue the process, you can go along with the instructions and directions which will be displayed on the screen. This will help you to make the required name alterations on your ticket through the China Airlines change name option. 

Step 7: To finish this procedure, you can make the payment for the name change fee. This can be done via the provided payment options. 

Step 8: In the end, once your ticket has been successfully changed, you can confirm the changes in the confirmation email sent to your official address. 

Note: Using the online method of China airline name correction is most suitable in the case of international flights. It is quick, efficient, and also secures the traveler’s privacy. 

Method 2: Contacting the Customer Care Service

Some customers might find it difficult to navigate through the online site. They may not find it comfortable enough to use the online feature because of internet issues, no availability of the network, etc.

To them, the China Airlines name change policy gives the opportunity to use the traditional offline method. It is also the most frequently used method by several flyers around the world. Customers of this airline will be able to reach the agents at any time 24×7. 

Under this method, you will first have to dial the following number to reach the customer care service of this carrier: 

  • 00 886 2 412 9000

There are specific contact numbers that are respective to different regions. You can find these numbers on the website by following the given steps: 

  • Go to the main site of the airline by keying in its official link. 
  • Scroll down to the utmost bottom of this page to find the “Support” section. Here, you need to select the “Contact Us” option. 
  • A new redirected page will be opened where you can select the “Service Hotline” icon. 
  • Here, different regions along with their respective numbers can be found. 
  • You can dial the number suitable to your country to access the change passenger name China Airline feature. 

Once you connect with the agents, you can: 

  • Inform the agent about the reason for calling. Also, let them know why you wish to alter your name on the ticket. 
  • Provide him or her with what part of your name needs to be altered.
  • You will be asked to submit certain flight details like booking number and reference code. Personal information like the passenger’s full name and number can also be asked. 
  • Then, make a request to change name on ticket China Airline by paying the charges required. 
  • Upon the completion of the modification process, you will either receive a confirmation call or mail. 

Note: As per the China Airlines name change policy, you might be required to submit valid identity proof when you want to change your name. 

China Airlines Name Change Fees

Passengers will be subjected to a certain fee while changing their names. This name change fee varies with factors like flight itinerary, end destination, and your ticket fare. This fee can also depend on the extent of your modification, whether you want to change your China Airlines middle name, first, or last name. Additionally, additional service charges will also be included, especially when you use the offline mode of the name change. The airline agents will inform you of the total and accurate amount of these charges. You can contact the customer care center for any queries. 

In Conclusion,

The China Airlines name change policy assists its travelers in different ways. It makes name modification not only simpler but also more efficient. This policy provides various options through which passengers can alter their name, hence making it easily accessible. Overall, it makes your travel hassle-free by allowing you to correct, modify and alter your name as per your requirements. Therefore, customers can utilize this feature at their convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does China Airlines allow name change?

Yes, as per the China Airlines change name policy, you will be permitted to change or correct your names. However, this can only be possible before you have completed your payment. Also, only reservations made through the official sources of this airline will be eligible to make such changes to your name.

How to change name on ticket China Airline online?

To modify your name online on this airline, navigate to the official site of this carrier. On the homepage of its site, find the “Manage Booking” section. Submit all the necessary details here including the flight information and personal details. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the process accordingly now by paying the required fees.

Can I correct my name on China Airlines?

Yes, you can correct your name on this airline under the China Airlines name correction policy. You can make corrections up to four characters in the title and four characters in your first name. No more than 2 letters can be altered in your last name. Further, you can correct your name only once on this airline.

What is the China Airline name correction fee?

The name correction and modification fees differ with various kinds of changes. Your flight itinerary and arrival destination also play the main role in determining this fee. Therefore, the exact amount of these charges cannot be known beforehand. For this information, you will have to connect with the customer care service of the airline.

How to access the China Airlines change name on ticket option offline?

Under the offline mode of the name change, passengers can directly get in touch with the airline authorities. To do so, you can call the customer care number at the toll-free number 00 886 2 412 9000. Inform the agents about your request and submit the details asked. Pay the required change fee and your request will soon be processed.

What is the China Airlines name change policy?

This is a policy that discloses all the important rules and regulations that apply to name changes. The various methods to access the name modification feature and their operating procedure are described as well. Further, the fees to be paid and the service charges applicable are also mentioned under this policy.

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