China Eastern Seat Selection

It is important that you apprehend the China Eastern seat selection policy because of the varying options it comes with. These can include Economy, Business, and Premium seating. You can obtain information regarding the cabin features and reservation fees of each through it. Moreover, this policy helps you understand how to select or change your seats once you know the option best for you.

China Eastern Airlines Online Seat Selection

The chance to choose an in-flight place to sit in advance is offered by the China Eastern seat selection policy. This feature can be especially useful when traveling with children as you may want to be seated close to them. There are different ways to go about the selection process. However, the easiest of all is the online procedure.

You can follow the steps given below to select online:

  • First, open your web browser. Key in the “URL” of the official site of China Eastern Airlines by typing the link “”.
china eastern seat selection
  • Upon opening the site, scroll down a little on the home page. You will be able to find the “Manage Booking” option. Hit it.
  • Here, provide the information asked which includes:
    • “Order Number/Ticket Number”
    • “First Name”
    • “Middle Name”
    • “Last name”
  • Continue by tapping on the “Manage Booking” button highlighted in blue and to the right.
china eastern online seat booking
  • Now, go to your reservation and check the China Eastern seat map for the available options.
  • You can now observe the on-screen instructions to select your seats.
  • Finish up the procedure by making the payment of the necessary amount, as required.

Note: The China Eastern Airlines online seat selection fee is not charged for Standard seats. However, you will have to pay additional costs for the selection of paid seats. This cost can vary based on availability at the time of selection.

Advanced selection is a great feature that is facilitated by other international airlines too. Iberia Airlines is one such airline that allows easy access to this feature as well as upgrades.

Different Seating Options on China Eastern Airlines

The China Eastern Airlines seat map allows the passengers to reserve seats from a selection of different options. You can choose the perfect seat which accommodates all your requirements. The airline tries to cater to the needs of various passengers with the following options:

china eastern airlines seat map
  • Economy Class: The features of these seats may be average and conventional. Being the lowest-priced option, this class offers basic facilities. The legroom, width, and pitch of the China Eastern Airlines Economy seats are standard measurements. A pillow and a blanket can be provided to the passengers in this cabin. TV programs, news, and movies can be accessed as part of the entertainment services.

Meal services include a selection of options from the Chinese or Western menus. Chinese tea is usually served as a complimentary beverage. Wine or beer can be provided to the flyers of the Economy Class, subject to certain conditions. You can book your seats in advance online and avail of the selection feature as well. Flying in this can be desirable in the case of short-distance journeys.

  • Premium Economy Class: These seats are available on specific aircraft for long-haul travel. The China Eastern seat map provides for about 32 Premium Economy options. The amenities provided in this cabin are more advanced than the Economy Class.

Travelers can enjoy priority boarding and easy check-in. Onboard, increased legroom and wider seats help in making your travel more congenial. Personalized entertainment services with access to music, TV, and games can be enjoyed by travelers. A basic amenities kit can also be provided to you in this class. Snacks, refreshments, drinks, and beverages are part of the paid meal services. You can be given the option to choose your menus in advance. Additionally, you can pick your Premium Economy seats beforehand through the online website.

  • Business/First-Class: If you want to experience the perks of luxurious air travel, you can opt for the Business Class seats. These are the finest and the most expensive options. The seats in this class are flat-bed with a pod-like structure. Ample legroom and sufficient space to relax and stretch are offered. A pillow and a duvet are provided to the passengers. An amenities kit, slippers, masks, and blankets can be additionally provided.

You can choose your meals from the elite Chinese and Western cuisines. Reading materials, both in English and Chinese, can be accessed in this class. Similarly, Western movies and series can be enjoyed as well to pass your time. The cabin crew is usually active and responsive to your needs. Entrepreneurs or passengers wishing to fly leisurely can choose this cabin.

Tip: If you want to avail of discounts while reserving First-Class seats, you can go for the China Eastern online seat booking option.

In case you want to check more options at similar prices, you can go through the United Airlines seating policy.

Changing Seats on China Eastern Airlines

If for any reason you want to change your selected seats on China Eastern, you must first cancel your reservation. This airline does not allow its customers to directly make changes to the existing tickets. However, you can go through with the China Eastern Airlines change seat procedure post the cancellation. You can then make a new reservation and select your seats accordingly.

Given here are the steps to cancel your existing booking to change your seats on the new reservation:

  • Open the official site of this airline through the main link.
  • On the first page, go to the “My Trip” tab.
  • From the drop-down list, click on the “Seat Selection” tab.
china eastern airlines seat selection
  • Here, you will be given the option to either select or cancel your reservation by entering the following details:
    • “Ticket Number”
    • “First Name”
    • “Middle Name”
    • “Last Name”
china eastern airlines online seat selection
  • Now, go ahead by clicking on the “Reserve/Cancel Seats” button, once you specifically select the option to cancel your reservation.
  • Upon cancellation of your flight, book a new one by following the on-screen prompts.
  • Select your desired seats on this reservation.
  • Pay the booking fee to finalize your new seats.

Note: As per the China Eastern advance seat selection policy, you can only change 3 times before your departure. Hence, you are advised to stay cautious while making your decision.

Traveling by air is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to commute. To make flying even more pleasant, China Eastern extends innumerable benefits. The affordable costs, an array of choices, and the advanced services of this airline make flying a memorable experience. Further, the China Eastern seat selection policy is inclusive and flexible. It makes flight accessible to all irrespective of their budgets.

China Eastern Seat Selection FAQs

1. When can I select seats on China Eastern Airlines?

As per the China Eastern advance seat selection guidelines, you will be allowed to prefer your seats before boarding your flight. This option will be accessible to passengers until 48 hours before it departs. Otherwise, you can make your choice for the option at the time of initial reservation as well.

2. How to select a seat on China Eastern Airlines?

To be able to pick seats on this carrier, you will have to use the China Eastern Airlines online seat selection service. To use this, open the airline’s webpage. Find the “Manage Booking” section. Kindly submit the required information here. Now, view your reservation and choose from the available seats as shown by the seat map.

3. Does China Eastern Airlines have Premium Economy seats?

Yes, this airline does have the Premium Economy option. Under this, the seats are a total of 32 in number. They extend several benefits like more legroom than the standard seats, priority check-in, and boarding. You can also enjoy the entertainment services offered in this cabin. Mainly, they can include music, TV, and a variety of games.

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