Copa Airlines Pet Policy

Many visitors these days find flying with pets to be an absolute necessity. Be it international or domestic travel, taking your pets along is always a preferred option by travelers. Copa Airlines pet policy has been developed to provide this opportunity to its customers. This policy provides the utmost assistance needed for pet travel. The different ways in which you can carry your animal are also highlighted under this policy as well. 

Basic Terms of the Copa Airlines Pet Policy

Irrespective of the form of pet travel you choose, there will be some basic guidelines to be followed. These terms have been designed by the carrier in such a way that it ensures both the safety of the animal and its owners. No pet owner will be allowed on board in case they do not obey the conditions given under the Copa Airlines pet travel policy. These rules apply when you are flying on both international and domestic flights. Hence, it is a must that you have a good understanding of these regulations. 

Following are the basic terms and guidelines of the pet policy of Copa Airlines: 

  • Pets can be added only to the official reservations made through the legitimate sources of the airline. 
  • For booking pet travel services on tickets purchased via third-party agencies, you will have to get in touch with the agents themselves for any query related to your booking. 
  • A separate fee will be charged for traveling with animals. This fee is mandatory to pay to the carrier and cannot be avoided. 
  • In order to get approval for cabin or cargo transport, travelers will have to meet the Copa Airlines pet requirements. These requirements can be in terms of crate weight necessities or size restrictions. 
  • Not all breeds or types of animals will be allowed to fly on board. Also, the pet transport service may not be available at all destinations by the carrier. 
  • Only animals older than 8 weeks will be approved by this carrier. 
  • Passengers traveling with pets inside the cabin will not be assigned seats in the first row or the emergency exit row. This is because pets cannot feel safe on these seats. The same is the case for seats that face the bulkhead. 
  • Pets cannot be added to Business Class tickets or on ConnectMiles PreferMember reservations on Copa Airlines.
  • A pet travel reservation cannot be made on flights that involve connecting airports, stopovers, or interline segments. 
  • It is the duty of the pet owner to ensure that the pet’s cage is safely kept on the flight. 
  • Oxygen will not be handed to pets in case of any emergencies. 

Note: These basic guidelines can change depending on your destination country. For these, you can check the official website of Copa Airlines Further, this website can also be used for services like flight change, Copa Airlines change name on ticket, or baggage check-in. 

Copa Airlines Pet In Cabin Policy

Cabin baggage refers to the luggage that is brought on board by the passengers inside the flight. Therefore, Copa Airlines pets in cabin can be referred to as carry-on luggage as well. Under this type of transport, the animal should be kept near the pet owner at all times. While traveling inside the cabin, the pets will be required to adhere to certain conditions set by the carrier. This is because the safety of the co-passengers and other pets on board should be maintained throughout the journey. The description of the main guidelines of the in-cabin pet policy, and the size, and weight restrictions are as given below. 

Conditions of the In-Cabin Copa Airlines Pet Travel

Keeping in view the security of the pets and their owners, some specific requirements have been made by this air operator. Abiding by these in-cabin requirements will not only ensure the safety of the pet but the owner would also not have to worry about their animals.

Copa Airlines Pet In Cabin Policy

The following are the main regulations to be kept in mind when you choose Copa Airlines pet shipping as cabin baggage service: 

  • Pets can only be carried on the in-cabin facility on weekdays, that is, Monday to Friday, on international flights. However, on domestic flights, pets can be transported on any day of the week. This is set on the condition that your flight’s itinerary does not involve any international connection. 
  • Each passenger can only add one pet to their reservation ticket. 
  • Minors and children younger than 11 years will not be permitted to travel with Copa Airlines pets. 
  • Generally, only a single animal per container/crate will be allowed to board the flight. 
  • The in-cabin pet travel service is extended to small dogs and cats. 
  • Every aircraft will allow only 3 pets per cabin. Because of this space restriction, you will have to contact the airline at least 48 hours in advance to book a spot or space for your pet. 
  • Owners can feed their pets on the flight as long as the animal stays inside its container on the journey. 

Important Note: Under the Copa Airlines international pet policy, the animal control regulations of different countries are to be followed. These regulations might vary from region to region. Hence, to know the exact information, you will have to visit the website of this carrier. Or, you will be given some instructions at the time of booking a flight for your pet. 

Weight and Size Restrictions of the In-Cabin Pet Policy

Your pets will be treated as carry-on luggage. Therefore, the weight restrictions that apply to baggage will also be the same for the animals in-cabin with only slight variations. 

All the animals registered under the Copa Airlines travel with pets feature must be within these weight limitations: 

  • The pets being transported as carry-on luggage should not exceed the weight limit of 20 lbs or 9 kgs. This includes the combined weight of both the animal and its container. 
  • According to the Copa Airlines pet policy, the animal crates should comfortably fit under the passenger’s seat. For this reason, the maximum allowed dimensions of the hard-sided crates should be under 13 in * 17 in * 7.5 in terms of width, length, and height respectively. 
  • A soft-sided crate cannot exceed the dimensions of 11 in width * 18 in length * 11 in height. 

Note: Copa Airlines traveling with pets will not be permitted and the ticket can be canceled if these weight and size limits are not followed by the flyers. 

Copa Airlines Pet Policy Cargo

The cargo transport facility is provided for the travel of relatively bigger and heavier animals on the flight. The airline makes sure that all the animals being shipped as Copa Airlines cargo pets reach their ultimate destination safely. For this reason, it takes utmost care of the temperature and pressure conditions in the hold section of the cargo plane. Other than these simple regulations, there are a few more conditions to be followed to get approval for pet cargo transport. 

Some of such main conditions are mentioned below: 

  • Only cats and dogs can be sent via the cargo transport service of this airline. 
  • The cargo travel service will only be available from Monday through Thursday on Copa Airlines. 
  • In order to get approval under the Copa Airlines pet cargo policy, your animal should be at least two months old. Also, pets more than 11 years old cannot seek approval to fly from this carrier. 
  • Animals will only be accepted on flights whose duration is at least 45 minutes. 
  • Mostly, the animals will be transported in the same flight as the owner, but in the hold. 
  • The pet travel reservations open 15 days before the flight’s departure. To confirm a spot for your animal, the reservation must be made 5 days in advance at best. 

Tip: To avoid inconvenience to your animals while traveling as Copa Airlines pet cargo, you can book your itinerary in such a way that the animal spends the least possible time in the hold. 

Restrictions of the Copa Airlines Pets Policy

Flying with pets involves an element of risk. To avoid any threat or danger at the airport, the airline has imposed certain restrictions. As per these limitations given under the Copa Airlines pet policy, certain breeds of animals cannot be transported by the carrier. Certain types of animals, especially dogs, have a higher chance of contracting several diseases. These types of animals are prohibited as well. 

The following list discloses all the restricted breeds of animals on Copa Airlines: 

  • Argentine Dogo
  • Cane Corso
  • Tosa o Tosa Ken
  • Brazilian Fila
  • Pit Bull Terrier
  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • English Bulldog
  • Canary Catch Dog
  • Canary

The following breeds of cats will also not be permitted on the airline, especially as cargo transport: 

  • Burmese cat
  • Persian Cat
  • Himalayan cat
  • Exotic Shorthair cat

When traveling to Brazil, these restrictions are further extended under the pet policy Copa Airlines. There is a separate list of those animals that will not be able to access the pet transport feature. This list is as mentioned below: 

Bulldog FrancésBullmastiff
Carlino MastiffCavalier King Charles Spaniel
Chin JaponésChow chow
Dogo de BurdeosGriffon de Bruselas
Lhasa ApsoMaltese
PequinésPug pequinés
Pug HolandésPug Japones
Pug o CarlinoShar Pei
Shih TzuSpaniel Tibetano
Staffordshire Bull TerrierBoston Terrier
Bichon PrincipalBoxer
Bull Terrier

Apart from these pets, snub-nosed or flat-nosed animals (Brachiocephalic) are also not allowed. This is because these Copa Airlines pets are susceptible to breathing problems. Further, pets that smell bad, are unhygienic, or are pregnant are also prohibited from flying on this operator as well. 

Copa Airlines Crate Requirements

While opting for the Copa Airlines travel with pets feature, it is the responsibility of the pet owner to adhere to certain crate requirements. These crate requirements might include the size, material, and type of cage used to keep the pet. Whether your animal is being transported as carry-on luggage or in the cargo hold, it has to be kept in a container at all times on the flight. Hence, you ought to know these regulations and requirements, set by the carrier: 

  • The pet container can either be soft-sided or hard-sided. However, it should be made of stable materials like plastic, metal, or wood. 
  • The crate must have enough room for the animal to freely move, lie down and turn around. 
  • Animals should not be able to escape at all from the crate. For this reason, all the screws and bolts of the container must be tightly done without any damage. 
  • The presence of safety latches on the door is important. This becomes helpful in emergencies where the container has to be opened without the use of any tools. 
  • The Copa Airline pet carrier should have small windows or holes to allow the free flow of air and for ventilation purposes. 
  • Having a space for storing or disposing of food and water waste inside the container is recommended for the pets on the plane. 

In the case of cabin transport, the container should fit under the passenger’s seat while in the case of cargo travel, it should fit in the given storage space. 

Flying With Service Animals On Copa Airlines

To make flying easier and more convenient for disabled passengers, this airline facilitates the transport of service pets. By definition, service or guide animals refer to those pets which have received the proper training to assist their owners, in terms of any disability. They offer assistance for physical or mental disorders passengers. The travel regulations for service animals are different from those for emotional support animals as per the Copa Airlines pet policy. 

Rules for Transport of Service Animals

Service animals can assist in case of seizures, and high sugar issues and also lead blind passengers. The following conditions apply for the transport of these service animals: 

  • Each passenger can travel with only one animal. 
  • The animal must be old enough to be able to respond to the owner’s instructions. 
  • Valid documentation stating that the animal is trained and is free from diseases should be submitted to the carrier. 
  • The Copa Airlines pet requirements for service animals also include the submission of vaccination and medical certificates of the animal. 
  • When flying to destinations other than the US, the following form has to be filled out and submitted 

Form of Transportation of Service Animals 

  • For flying to the US with service animals, the DOT form has to be submitted as mentioned below.

Service Animal Health Behavior Training Form

  • The service pets must remain with their owner throughout the flight and must be seated near the owner’s assigned seat. 
  • Usually, the animals will not be permitted to occupy separate seats. 

Note: In case there is not enough space for your guide animal, you can contact the airline to request an additional floor space. Otherwise, you can also book an extra seat for your Copa Airlines pet travel and utilize the additional room. 

Rules for Transport of Emotional Support Animals:

These animals mainly provide comfort to passengers with mental health issues like anxiety, depression, or stress. These animals or pets will be approved only on specific flights and destinations. The following conditions apply: 

  • Only one emotional support pet per passenger will be allowed. 
  • The animal must be at least 6 months old to be eligible for travel. 
  • All the emotional support animals should adhere to the rules of the Copa Airlines pets in cabin policy. 
  • The pet’s owner is required to submit a medical report from a licensed psychiatrist. This is to confirm that they need the assistance of an emotional support animal for their mental health issues. 
  • This certificate must be valid and must have been issued less than a year before the flight’s departure. 

Important Note: To carry emotional support animals to destinations other than Columbia, Mexico, and Brazil, you must contact the Copa Airlines pet shipping services at their general toll-free number. 

How to Make a Pet Travel Reservation on Copa Airlines?

Whether it be cabin transport or cargo travel, the Copa Airlines pet policy requires travelers to make their reservations in advance. This is because only a limited number of pets can be allowed on a particular flight. Booking in advance helps you in fixing a spot for your animal in advance. To include your animal on the flight, you must contact the ‘cargo offices’ of the airline. To know the number that is specific to your country or region, you can visit the following link Copa Cargo Offices 

Once you reach the officials at these offices: 

  • You must inform the office regarding the weight of the pet and the kennel. You will have to submit the complete dimensions of the pet crate including the height, weight, and width. 
  • Other details of the Copa Airlines pets like their breed and age must also be submitted to this operator. 
  • Flight details like the arrival and departure destination, date, and ticket number must also be provided. 
  • In the end, complete the following list and finish the reservation process. The list can be found at the following link Checklist for acceptance of pets (Customer) to know more about the general guidelines for carrying the pet on Copa Airlines.

Note: The same is the process for traveling with pets inside the cabin. 

Copa Airlines Pet Fee

In order to carry animals on this airline, you will be obliged to pay a certain fee. The amount of fees may depend on some factors like your arrival destination and the size of the carrier. Sometimes, service charges might also be included in this Copa Airlines pet fee. 

The fee for transporting pets on this airline can be as follows: 

  • For flying with pets on domestic flights, you may have to pay a fee ranging between USD 29 and USD 33. 
  • The Copa Airlines international pet policy requires passengers to pay about USD 147 to USD 166 for pet travel on international flights. 
  • These fees include the service charges and taxes as well. However, the actual amount of taxes applied will be disclosed at the time of reservation of the ticket. 

Note: In case your itinerary includes a connecting flight, then the pet transport will be subjected to the payment of surcharges. 

In A Nutshell,

The Copa Airlines pet policy is one of the most accommodating policies. It enables the flyer to easily carry their animal via cabin and cargo luggage service. The rules of pet transport on this airline are not extremely sophisticated facilitating easy convenience for the passengers. The safety of the animals is maintained as well through the implementation of strict rules and regulations. Overall, traveling with pets on this airline is surely easy and non-problematic.

FAQs- Copa Airlines Pet Policy

Does Copa Airlines allow pets to travel onboard?

Yes, this airline allows the transport of animals onboard. Passengers are permitted to carry their animals either as cabin baggage or in the hold as a part of the aircraft’s cargo luggage. Only domestic pets like cats, dogs, and other approved animals will be eligible for transport. Service pets and emotional support animals can also travel with the flyer as well.

Does Copa Airlines accept pets as checked luggage?

No, passengers on this airline will not be allowed to carry their pets as checked luggage on the plane. Only the carry-on and cargo transport service can be made available for the transport of animals. Other than this, there are no other means to travel with your pets on this airline. The same is the case for service animals or guide pets.

Can I carry my pet for free on Copa Airlines?

Yes, passengers who wish to carry regular animals and not service pets will be subjected to the Copa Airlines pet fee. This fee is different for traveling on both domestic and international flights. Further, the fee includes taxes and service charges, applied by the carrier. However, service animals can be transported without the payment of any additional charges.

How do I add a pet to Copa Airlines?

In order to book a Copa Airlines pet travel reservation, you will first have to connect with the agents at the Copa cargo offices. Then, provide the necessary details regarding your pet’s size, weight, breed, and age. Submit the flight details as well. Once you are deemed to be eligible for pet travel, pay the required fees to the carrier and complete the process.

What size pet can fly in the cabin of Copa Airlines?

The maximum allowed pet weight in the cabin should be under 20 lbs or 9 kgs. The Copa Airlines pet requirements as per size include 13 in * 17 in * 7.5 in terms of width, length, and height for hard-sided crates. For soft-sided crates, the crate cannot exceed the dimensions 11 in width * 18 in length * 11 in height.

What is the fee for pet travel on Copa Airlines?

On domestic flights, the pet travel fee can vary between USD 29 and USD 33. While on international flights, this fee is about USD 147 and can go up to USD 166. Note that the fee for Copa Airlines pet shipping can vary based on the animal control policy of the arrival destination.

What is the Copa Airlines pet policy?

The pet policy of this airline refers to the policy which discloses all the rules and conditions of animal transport. Regulations regarding the booking process, pet travel fees, and the types of pet transport are disclosed by this policy. Further, crate requirements and size restrictions are also mentioned under this policy.

What are the pet travel restrictions on Copa Airlines?

As per the Copa Airlines pet travel policy, animals younger than two months will not be permitted. Unhygienic or foul-smelling animals are restricted as well. Snub-nosed or flat-nosed pets that are prone to breathing problems will be prohibited from traveling. The list of the prohibited breeds of animals can be found on the airline’s website.

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