Delta Airlines Name Change Policy

Passengers may need to alter or correct names entered on the booking reservation due to reasons like legal scenarios like marriage and adoption, or due to minor errors. The Delta Airlines name change policy covers all instances and ensures a comfortable travel scenario for passengers.

Let us examine the Delta name change policy in depth to tackle any grievances during the journey.

What are the guidelines for changing the name on a ticket under Delta Airlines?

The airline only caters to the type of Delta change name on ticket requests covered within its Delta name change policy. To be able to change their name on tickets, all travelers must meet the following conditions –

  • The tickets starting with Delta 006 ticket stock are covered within the name change policy worldwide.
  • Passengers must ensure that their itinerary comprises the correct PNR for name corrections before and after ticketing to avoid cancellation.
  • The flights must be operated and handled by Delta Airlines including Delta connection carriers.
  • Only one name correction or change name on Delta ticket is admissible per passenger ticket.
  • The tickets are not transferable and the same passenger on the original reservation must be traveling after name correction.
  • Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD) must remain the same as the original reservation at the time of booking.
  • The flight date, ticket class, or origin/destination point cannot be changed, under Delta Airline name change policy. Refer to Delta Flight change policy for such instances.
  • Name changes are not permitted after making Delta flight check-in requests.

What are the exceptions to the Delta Name Change Policy guidelines?

Delta airline informs that the passengers can contact Global Sales Support or Delta Reservations for Delta Airlines name change requests if the following exception/s may apply –

  • If the name has been corrected once, but later requires more corrections or the ticket must be re-issued again.
  • If the passengers require more than three characters to be altered/ changed.
  • If the itinerary includes a journey from/ to India or from/ to China.
  • The itinerary comprises other flight segments handled by other carriers like Korean Air, Virgin Atlantic, Air France, and Aeromexico to name a few.

What kinds of name changes or corrections can be requested and approved by Delta Airlines?

Several types of requests are accepted when it comes to changing names on Delta tickets under the Delta name change policy. Passengers need not contact Delta for guidance for minor name corrections. Check out the following name change/correction types allowed by the airline–

What type of Name corrections are permitted by Delta Airlines?

You can correct the name directly in the PNR and Reissue the ticket as an exchange and no other changes are admissible like flight date or date of birth changes under Delta Airlines change name on ticket.

Following name corrections can be conducted on first, middle, or last name by the individual or within Delta name change policy for travel agents reissuing a ticket without a waiver code –

Correction to First/ Middle Name

The corrections to the first or middle name must be conducted as follows –

  • You can correct the first or middle name in the PNR.
  • The following OSI Message to the PNR suggests that a name correction has been made- “OSI Dl Name Correction to First/Middle Name Only”.
Correction to the Last Name

Following Delta change passenger name/correction provisions are covered within the last name for changes-

  • The corrections to the last name are limited to three characters.
  • You must contact Global Sales Support if corrections are over three characters.
  • Correct the name in the PNR and add the text – “OSI Dl Name Correction to 3 Letters of Last Name Only”.
Addition to Last Name without Changing the Name

Take a look at the Delta name correction permitted within these guidelines –

  • Changes like SCARLETT/ JOHANNSON can be changed to SCARLETTSMITH/ JOHANNSON.
  • Enter the following message to the PNR – “OSI Dl Name Correction to 3 Letters of Last Name Only”.
First and Last Names are Inverted/Reversed on the Ticket

The change passenger name Delta is conducted as follows –

  • Inverted names include name changes like SMITH/ JOHN to JOHN/ SMITH.
  • Include the following message to the PNR – “OSI Dl Name Correction to 3 Letters of Last Name Only”.
  • Contact the airlines if the delta middle name on ticket, initials, or title (Dr., Mr., or Mrs.) is inverted.

Passengers can apply for a Delta name change on ticket for legal reasons like gender change, marriage, or divorce. Consider the following details for a Delta legal name change –

  • Passengers can request a legal name change by presenting official government documents like a court order, legal notice, etc.
  • Mention to state the valid reason and contact the airline early to address the issue.
  • For Delta Airlines name change marriage- Marriage certificates and previous and new government-issued documents are necessary.
  • For divorce-related changes – Present the government-issued ID and divorce agreement, Decree, legal notice, and other crucial documents to claim such requests.

What changes are covered under the Delta Name Change for SkyMiles Program?

Delta SkyMiles name change allows requesting changes efficiently. Delta SkyMiles member’s name on the ticket must match the legal documents. They can enjoy a wide number of name changes/ corrections requests as follows –

  • Passengers can request changes in the date of birth, and gender, by submitting documents like identity verification documentation (Driver’s license, passport).
  • Delta name change due to Marriage/Divorce – An attested copy of court testaments (Like Court orders, marriage certificates, divorce Decrees, etc.) for marriage, or divorce name changes.
  • Delta Airlines Middle Name – You can add, convert your full name to a middle initial, or change your middle initial to a complete name.

How to request a name change with Delta Airlines?

The change name on flight ticket Delta policy includes online as well as offline procedures. There are multiple methods keeping in mind the comfort and convenience of passengers worldwide.

Look at the methods discussed below –

How to request a name change via Delta Airlines official website?

The official website for change name on Delta flight is a highly preferred method to request a name change. Follow the steps below to request a name change –

  • Head to the official website to issue a Delta change name on account.
  • On the home page, you will find the option “My Trips” for Delta Air Manage Booking.
  • Enter the “Confirmation number”, “Credit/ Debit number”, or the “Ticket number” and the “first name and last name”.
Delta Airlines Manage Booking
This screenshot has been captured from the official website of Delta Airlines.
  • Submit the details and click the arrow to proceed further.
  • Once you access the flights, you must choose the option “Name change or Edit Bookings” to rectify Delta airlines wrong name on ticket.
  • Enter the correct name or rectify the existing name on the reservation and supplement the request with official government documents, travel documents, etc.
  • Make sure to confirm your changes and print a fresh ticket showing the new/correct name.
  • Pay the applicable name change fee and the fare differences, if applicable, to complete the name change/Delta passenger name correction online.

How to connect with Delta for a Name change at the Airport Counter?

You can request a name change at the airport if you reach there timely. It is recommended to reach 2 hours before the scheduled flight time to complete the change name on Delta account request and complete boarding. Follow the steps as follows –

  • Head to the airport counter and inform the airline representative about “Name Change”.
  •  State the reason for the name change for Delta wrong name on ticket. You can also request other services like Delta seat selection.
  • Provide the flight details like confirmation code and full name.
  • Once they retrieve the booking, share the correct name and present relevant documents.
  • Documents may include marriage or divorce certificates, legal documents, government IDs, or travel documents.
  • Pay the applicable Delta name change fee and fare differences.

How to contact Delta Airlines over the phone for a name change?

Another way to connect with the airline is over the phone via customer support agents. They can address a vast number of requests like Delta Air flight cancellations, flight changes, etc. Follow the steps below for name change –

  • Head to the official website and select the option – “Need Help” from the main menu to correct Delta misspelled name on ticket.
  • Choose “Help Center” and you will find various choices on the following page.
Delta Airlines Help Centre for name change over phone
The screenshot is sourced from the official Delta Airlines website.
  • You can choose “Comments and Complaints” and enter general feedback to request the Delta ticket name change.
Delta Airlines Provide Comments and Complaints Section
The authorized website of Delta Airlines is the source of this screenshot.
  • You can scroll further till you find “Additional Assistance”.
Delta Airlines Additional Assistance Option
From the main website of Delta Airlines, this screenshot is taken.
  • The contact number for new or existing reservations is 800-221-1212.

NOTE – Head to the official website to contact customer service for concerns related to vacations, gift cards, group travel, and location-specific contact details.

How to contact Delta Airlines over the phone for Delta SkyMiles Name Change?

You can avail of Delta Airlines SkyMiles facility through airline representatives/ agents over the phone. Take a look at how to reach them –

  • The Delta name change phone number for new or existing reservations is 800-221-1212.
  • Give them the details of your SkyMiles account and the type of change Delta SkyMiles name or Delta Airlines name correction policy.
  • For name changes, you will have to authorize some court documents.
  • They can include marriage or divorce certificates, court orders, or any other legal document verifying the change.

How do I request a name change via Delta airline’s social media?

You can connect with Delta Airlines over its social media platforms to share queries like Delta pet policy, Delta name change fee, etc. The airline may respond within 24 to 48 hours and address crucial requests.

You can find the social media platforms used by Delta Airlines below –

Social Media PlatformProfile Link/ URL

How much does Delta charge to change the name on a ticket?

Passengers will be liable to pay a Delta Airlines name change fee when correcting the name. You must note that it is free to change the name as long as you do it within 24 hours of booking your reservation.

The fee may differ for domestic and international flights under Delta Airlines ticket name change policy. Add to that –

  • Economy Light and Economy Classic tickets are non-refundable and non-changeable.
  • Passengers must contact the airline for assistance or cancel the PNR and reissue a ticket if it was non-refundable.

NOTE – Make sure to contact the airline for specific name change-related concerns and updated name change fees.

Delta ticket name change policy is an exhaustive, yet comprehensive guide to include a variety of name changes. Read the guide carefully to find all the answers and how to reach out to the airline to pursue them. Make sure to contact the airline directly for urgent concerns or name changes not covered within the name change policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the name on the Delta ticket?

You can contact the airline at the website, at the airport counter, or over the phone to request a name change under Delta flight name change policy.

How to change middle name on a Delta ticket?

You can change the middle name in the PNR and enter the text “OSI Dl Name Correction to First/Middle Name Only” in the PNR after completion.

How to change name on Delta Skymiles?

Contact the airline over the phone at 800-221-1212 and share the SkyMiles account details for confirmation, share the name change request, and provide valid proof to process the request.

Can you change the name on a Delta plane ticket?

Yes, passengers can request legal name changes, minor or major corrections, or rectify other issues with Delta airline name change.

Does Delta charge for a name change?

Delta Airlines may charge up to 400 USD for Delta flight name change based on the type of change, fare differences, and domestic or international travel.

Is a waiver code compulsory to request name correction with Delta Airlines?

A waiver code is not required for minor name corrections, instead an OSI entry must be present on the PNR to issue the change.

If the required name change is not covered under the Delta name change policy, what can I do?

Contact Delta Reservations or Global Sales Support for assistance related to exceptional cases or name corrections that do not qualify as minor name corrections.

What documents are required for Delta’s name change?

Documents like court orders for legal gender change, government documents for Identity proof, and marriage and divorce certificates, if applicable under the Delta name change policy marriage.

How to request a name change over the Delta website?

Head to the official website and choose “My Trips”, then choose the flight and choose “Name change” and enter the correct details and the name change fee, if applicable.

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Eric M.
Eric M.
2 years ago

My cousin was in a hurry and he made a mistake in his name. Because of his mistake, I had to request for the delta change name on ticket. But in his name, more characters had to be corrected. However, in the airline’s norm, a maximum 3-character limit was allowed. So we have to cancel the ticket and rebook again with the correct name. Could you please add more character limits?? By adding more letter limits, the passengers become flexible to change their names on the flight ticket.

Kristy B.
Kristy B.
2 years ago

I had booked my ticket from the airline on call. I have given each and every piece of information correctly. Then also the airline mentioned my name wrong on the ticket even then. For such reasons, I had to go through the Delta Airlines name change process. I had done this process within 24 hours so I did not need to pay the fees. Otherwise, when I changed my name after this limit, I had to pay the name-changing fee because of the airline’s fault.

Thomas Martin
Thomas Martin
2 years ago

We had reserved a flight ticket a week before our marriage. After marriage, my name has been changed and I refer to the Delta airlines name change marriage policy. The policy helps me out in every situation. I y changed my name by producing the correct documents which took some time. I guess without the documents one cannot be eligible for the name change process.

Latay Criss
Latay Criss
1 year ago

Generally, as per the airline’ terms and conditions, a middle name is not necessary, I wanted to add my middle name. By adding it I saw that it was incorrect. Later I had to change middle name on Delta ticket. So I started the process but I was asked for too many details regarding the ticket and for that, I was stuck in that procedure. Next time, I will double-check and then enter all the information.