How Far Baton Rouge to New Orleans

Distance from Baton Rouge to New Orleans and Options to Cover it

How Far is Baton Rouge to New Orleans

Baton Rouge is the technological hub of the American South. Also called the capital city of Louisiana, it is known for its marvelous views of the Mississippi River. Being called “The Big Easy”, the specialty of New Orleans is that it is always brimming with vibrant festivals, unique heritage, and places like ‘The French Quarter’. Both of the cities on the Mississippi river are remarkable places to visit with friends and family.

Planning your trip from Baton Rouge to New Orleans requires knowing the various options and routes to cover the distance between them. In this reading, we will enable you in understanding the distance by car, plane, and bus. Considering the purpose of your visit to the cities, you can decide a suitable option to prefer.

Non stop Drive Baton Rouge to New Orleans Drive Non-stop

Driving Distance

81 Miles/130 Km

Driving Time

1 Hour 20 Minutes

A steady drive from New Orleans to Baton Rouge with no breaks is one of the fast ways to reach. This mode is mainly acquired by car enthusiasts. Driving uninterrupted is also best-suited for professionals who come here to attend their important meetings.

Estimated Drive Time Between Baton Rouge to New Orleans

Average SpeedTravel Time
30 mph (48 km/h)02 hours 42 minutes
40 mph (64 km/h)02 hours 01 minutes
50 mph (80 km/h)01 hours 37 minutes
60 mph (97 km/h)01 hours 21 minutes
70 mph (112 km/h)01 hours 09 minutes
75 mph (120 km/h)01 hours 04 minutes

To have a smooth traveling experience, we suggest you the following route for the non-stop drive:

  • I-60: The I-60 Highway is famous for its route along the Mississippi River that extends up to 1400 miles. This quick route between Baton Rouge, LA, to New Orleans, LA, is also referred to as the “American Highway” or “Blue Highway”. This route takes you out of the popular “Louisiana State University” campus and drives further to the south of Nicholas Drive. Furthermore, driving south along the Mississippi River, the route will connect you to New Orleans.

Tip: Consider checking the weather forecasts before going for a drive from Baton Rouge to New Orleans city. Both cities witness long summer months and short winters. Considering which weather you like the most, you can plan to drive non-stop to the cities.

trip Road Trip from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to New Orleans

Road trips involve driving consistently by taking breaks at various locations to enjoy every bit of your journey from Baton Rouge in Louisiana to New Orleans. This is a stress-free kind of travel option that insists you see nature’s beauty while being on the way to your destination.

For making your traveling experience more exciting, you can stop and explore the cities mentioned below:

  • Venice
  • Morgan City
  • Ocean Springs
  • Abita Springs
New Orleans USA

To plan your trip by road more suitably, you may follow our itinerary:

  • You can start at Baton Rouge, a city that offers the best views of places like Mike the Tiger’s Habitat, LSU Tiger Stadium, Louisiana’s Old State Capitol, and Downtown.
  • Then driving your car for about 14 minutes, you will reach LSU Rural Life Museum, exhibiting the materials from the 19th century. The museum is open between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. You can even stay at the luxurious hotel Drury Inn & Suites Baton Rouge.
  • Following a stay of about one hour, a drive of 43 minutes will take you to Houmas House Plantation and Gardens, showcasing the most exquisite sugarcane plantations. This stunning garden extends across 38 acres of land with some rare artworks.
  • Move for 24 minutes to come to LaPlace, a place in St.John Baptist Church with top sights like Thomas F. Daley Memorial Park, Bonnet Carre, and Wetland Watchers Park.
  • Next, the drive of 17 minutes will take you to Pet Paradise New Orleans. The cost of services here can vary from $220 to $600, depending on the number of days served.
  • Proceeding further with a drive of 10 minutes will lead you to Canal St.
  • Finally, a drive of 10 minutes will be needed to reach New Orleans.

Flying Non Stop How Far is Baton Rouge to New Orleans by Non-stop Flying?

Flying Distance

81 Miles/130 Km

Flying Time

3 Hours and 22 Minutes

Flying non-stop from one city to another is a fantastic way to speed up your journey and reach on time. Your New Orleans, LA, to Baton Rouge, LA journey can also be carried out through this mode. This method is preferable for professionals or even travelers with fewer budget constraints.

Flights Baton Rouge to New Orleans: Best Airports and Flights

For flying from New Orleans to Baton Rouge city, you should know the best airports in function. Not just for visiting the cities but also for returning back, prior knowledge of the airports will be helpful. Below, we have included the best airports we know for starting and ending your journey.

  • Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport
  • New Orleans Airport

The distance and duration for traveling to and from these 2 airports are:

Flying Distance

78 Miles/125 Km

Flying Time

1 Hours and 28 Minutes

Tip: Taxi, shuttle, or bus from New Orleans to Baton Rouge Airport, or vice versa, can help you cover the distance.

For availing the professional services of the flights, you can book your tickets with any of the below airlines at these airports:

  • American Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines

Bus Icon Bus from Baton Rouge to New Orleans

Traveling Distance

80 Miles/125 Km

Traveling Time

1 Hour and 58 Minutes

A bus can be a comfortable mode of transport to travel between Baton Rouge to New Orleans. This method allows you to connect socially with the environment and you can enjoy traveling with a group of your friends or family through this mode.

Note: You can book your bus tickets in advance at a cheaper rate of $12.

During your bus travel, you can hop off to stops as mentioned below:

  • Union Passenger Terminal
  • St. Charles 7 Poydras
  • Denson, LA

Final Words

Travel details to particular cities can be required when you travel for the first time. Also, when you have frequently visited cities like Baton Rouge and New Orleans via a mode, you may want to explore other ones too. Here, we specified many travel modes to travel between these cities in LA. With the details of distance, duration, etc., selecting the best mode will be easier.

For the explorer in you, we suggest planning a trip from Wichita to Kansas City. To know how you can plan it, you can view this page.

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