Charlotte from Atlanta

Traveling from Charlotte to Atlanta: Flights, Cars, and Buses

Charlotte to Atlanta

The uptown city of Charlotte is the most developed area in North Carolina. Charlotte is a top entrepreneurial city with major universities. Additionally, Charlotte’s NASCAR Hall of Fame is the most visited tourist attraction of North Carolina. Atlanta, in Georgia, embraces historical locations like the High Art Museum, Martin Luther King Park, and Centennial Olympic Park. Atlanta is also home to some of the major businesses in the world.

Entrepreneurs visiting these cities can travel by jets or non-stop car travel options. Charlotte to Atlanta flights and buses can be preferred by other tourists. The distance and time taken by these particular travel options can vary and have been explained in this guide. The suitability of these modes for different types of travelers has also been outlined here.

Non stop Drive Driving Non-stop from Charlotte to Atlanta

Driving Distance

244 Miles/393 Km

Driving Time

3 Hours and 45 Minutes

Charlotte to Atlanta drive without any stops is a viable transport mode for commuters with a goal of short travel time. You can drive non-stop by cars, vans, or trucks at your convenience. Also, driving non-stop is a great transport mode that combines comfort with affordability.

Estimated Driving Time from Charlotte to Atlanta

Average SpeedTravel Time
30 mph (48 km/h)08 hours 08 minutes
40 mph (64 km/h)06 hours 06 minutes
50 mph (80 km/h)04 hours 52 minutes
60 mph (97 km/h)04 hours 04 minutes
70 mph (112 km/h)03 hours 29 minutes
75 mph (120 km/h)03 hours 15 minutes

The most preferred route from Charlotte to Atlantic City is:

  • I-85 S: I-85 S highway is a route running from Montgomery to Petersburg. It passes through the important states of Alabama, Virginia, and Georgia. While traveling via this route from Charlotte to Atlanta, keep right on the I-85 S road at the Y-Junction. You can then take exit 248 A and merge with M.L.K. JR. DR. SE. Then you will have to turn left onto Washington ST. SW. From here, take further left at Capitol Square SW. Once again, turn left for entering Atlanta, Georgia.

Tip: To reach Atlanta from Charlotte without any traffic delays, you may avoid taking this route in the morning.

trip Road Trip from Charlotte to Atlanta

You can enjoy covering the distance from Charlotte to Atlanta by taking a thrilling road trip between these cities. Road trips are primarily chosen by tourists as they are a more leisure mode of travel. You can visit the various exciting attractions between these cities via a road trip.

How many hours from Charlotte to Atlanta via road trip is given below:


244 Miles/393 Km

Road Trip Time

2 Day of Driving

Travel Time

1 Overnight with 5.5 Hours on the Road

You can stop at the following locations during your road-trip drive from Charlotte to Atlanta:

  • Spartanburg
  • Greenville
  • Hartwell
  • Dacula
  • Stone Mountain

The following road trip itinerary will help you in structuring your travel plan:

  • Start driving in Charlotte.
  • Drive for almost 1.5 hours to reach Spartanburg. Spartanburg is a pleasant city with beautiful nature-like ponds, lakes, and hills. Here, you can visit Croft State Park, Spartanburg Art Museum, and Chapman Cultural Center.
  • A short drive of 40 minutes will get you to Greenville. Greenville is a mix of traditional showcases and modern advancements. The major tourist attractions here include County Art Museum, Falls Park, and Paris Mountain State Park.
  • You can drive for another hour to reach Hartwell. Hartwell is a major aerospace and aircraft hub in Georgia. It also offers many interesting sites to visit like Cateechee Trail, Hartwell Lakeside Park, and County Botanical Garden. You can stay the night here.
  • On the next day, driving for about 1.5 hours will get you to Dacula. Dacula is known for its historical buildings and convectional architecture. Here, you can visit sites like Little Mulberry Park, Dacula Park, and Rabbit Hill Road.
  • You can reach Stone Mountain by driving for approximately 40 minutes. This is a huge rock cliff in Georgia. Here, you can visit Stone Mountain Park and enjoy delicious meals at the Pallookaville Fine Foods.
  • At last, drive for 30 minutes to arrive in Atlanta, Georgia.

Moving further from Atlanta, you can explore more places as exciting as Fulwood Park and wildlife spots in Jacksonville. Planning a trip from Atlanta to Jacksonville can be a great idea.

Flying Non Stop Flying Non-stop from Charlotte to Atlanta

Non-stop flying has become popular for being the fastest mode of aerial transportation. Non-stop flights from Charlotte to Atlanta, GA, can be taken for purposes like urgent work meetings, family emergencies, and generally for quick travel.

Private jets, helicopters, and public planes are the most popular means of non-stop flying. These modes can suit the needs of different travelers.

Non-stop flights cover the miles from Charlotte, NC, to Atlanta, GA, in the following time:

Flying Distance

226 Miles/365 Km

Flying Time

43 Minutes

Note: The important factor determining the suitability of Charlotte to Atlanta flights is the weather. Good weather conditions with clear skies offer the best flying conditions.

Flights Main Airports and Flights between Charlotte and Atlanta

Commercial flights from Charlotte to Atlantic City can be taken by tourists as well as professionals. This is because commercial flights offer a variety of seating patterns with reference to Economy, Business, and First-Class that can be suitable to various types of travelers. Thus, flying by commercial flights can be both flexible and convenient.

The time taken to travel from Charlotte to Atlanta via commercial flights is as follows:

Flight Time

1 Hour and 14 Minutes

Travel Time

4 Hours

The following 2 airports can offer airlines expensive, mid-range, or cheap flights from Charlotte to Atlanta:

  • CLT or Charlotte Douglas International Airport
  • ATL or Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

With ATL Airport, you can also visit Nashville from Atlanta. The city in Tennessee can offer a multitude of galleries and waterfalls.

Bus Icon Bus Transportation between Charlotte and Atlanta

Traveling by bus may be a traditional yet the most preferred mode of transportation. Bus trips from Charlotte, NC, to Atlantic City set the traveler free from the strenuousness of driving. Public buses also meet the budget requirements of the civilians.

Bus Route: Buses from Charlotte take the 4127 Glenwood DR. route. Buses traveling from Atlanta usually take the Chamblee Dunwoody Rd. through STE 102.

The important bus stops between these cities are:

  • Agencia El Salvador
  • Cleveland Ave
  • Doraville El Expreso
  • Downtown Greyhound Station

The time/distance from Atlanta to Charlotte, NC, by buses is:

Traveling Distance

226 Miles/363 Km

Traveling Time

3 Hours and 15 Minutes

Note: You can take the Mega bus from Atlanta to Charlotte to improve the quality of your bus journey. This bus can also offer great services and good facilities to its passengers.

In a Nutshell

Traveling from Charlotte, NC, to Atlanta, GA can be made easy when you understand the advantages offered by various travel options. In this guide, we described these transport modes based on their suitability to different travelers. Let us know if this guide has helped you in your travels.

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