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Distance between Chattanooga, TN, to Nashville, TN & Transportation Options

Chattanooga TN to Nashville TN

Located in Southeastern Tennessee, the city of Chattanooga embraces the beautiful Appalachian Mountains and wild waterfalls. It is famous for various historical attractions and sandstone formations. Nashville, on the other hand, is a busy city with ever-buzzing streets. The city of Nashville resonates with authentic live country music. The major reason for visiting these cities is the fantastic hospitality they offer to visitors.

Should you also consider a trip from Chattanooga, TN, to Nashville, TN, then understanding the distance between these cities will be advised. It requires a careful analysis of the available travel options based on your knowledge of distance. With this, choosing the ideal routes and places will help complete your trip.

Non stop Drive Non-stop Nashville to Chattanooga Drive

Driving Distance

135 Miles/217 Km

Driving Time

2 Hours and 5 Minutes

Covering the distance from Chattanooga, Tennessee, to Nashville, Tennessee can be made easy by non-stop driving. Driving non-stop offers the benefits of timely travel, flexibility, and cost-efficiency. Thus, driving cars non-stop is a plausible option for both tourists and entrepreneurs.

Estimated Drive Time Between Chattanooga to Nashville

Average SpeedTravel Time
30 mph (48 km/h)04 hours 30 minutes
40 mph (64 km/h)03 hours 22 minutes
50 mph (80 km/h)02 hours 42 minutes
60 mph (97 km/h)02 hours 15 minutes
70 mph (112 km/h)01 hours 55 minutes
75 mph (120 km/h)01 hours 48 minutes

The route with the best road conditions from Nashville to Chattanooga is:

  • I-24 W: I-24 W is one of the most preferred routes located in the midwestern U.S. It stretches from Pulleys in the west to East Ridge in the East. While taking this route to Nashville, you may stay left on this road to merge with I-40 W at Memphis. You can then take the exit at 209 to continue onto Charlotte Ave. Then, you can prefer driving your car non-stop via George L Davis BLVD. From here, take the right onto Church ST. to reach Nashville, Tennessee.

Note: The two other routes between Chattanooga and Nashville include US-70 S W and TN-111 N. These routes can be chosen as alternatives for the main I-24 W highway in case of heavy traffic.

trip Road Trip from Chattanooga to Nashville

Nashville and Chattanooga are a short drive away from each other. To enjoy your short drive from Chattanooga, Tennessee to Nashville, Tennessee, you can take a road trip between these beautiful cities. This road trip can help in reducing the tediousness of driving continuously when the driving distance is greater. In this instance, the distance may not be much, thus, you may stay relaxed throughout the journey.

Via a road trip, the time taken to travel from Chattanooga to Nashville will be:


747 Miles/1202 Km

Road Trip Time

1 Day of Driving

Travel Time

3 Hours

Given below are the stop locations with exciting things to do between Chattanooga and Nashville during your road trip:

  • Foster Falls and Fiery Gizzard trail
  • Little Cedar Mountain trail
  • Rock island state park
  • Savage Gulf Natural area

It is suggested that you go through the following road trip itinerary from Chattanooga to Nashville, Tennessee to make your travel the most enjoyable:

  • You may start your car drive in Chattanooga.
  • Initially, drive for about 45 minutes to reach Monteagle. Monteagle, the small town located in Marion County is known for its peaceful and subtle lifestyle. Here, you can visit South Cumberland Park, Monteagle Assembly, and Fiery Gizzard Trail.
  • Next, your car has to be driven for roughly 30 minutes to reach Manchester. Located halfway between Chattanooga and Nashville, Manchester is known for its art centers and music festivals. Here, you can enjoy sites like Fred Deadman Park, Arrowheads Museums, and Big Falls.
  • You can keep driving for about 33 minutes to reach Murfreesboro. The famous city of Murfreesboro boasts its legendary history and culture. The top attractions of this city include Oaklands Mansion, Cannonsburgh Village, and Stones River National Battlefield.
  • From Murfreesboro, move for 45 minutes to get to Grand Ole Opry. This is a live music venue in Nashville that hosts talented singers from around the world. You can enjoy the concerts here and take a detour of the nearby restaurants and museums.
  • Continue driving for about 15 minutes more to reach Nashville, Tennessee.

Note: You are advised to take this road trip between Chattanooga and Nashville in the morning to avoid the evening rush hours.

Flying Non Stop Flying Non-stop from Nashville, TN, to Chattanooga, TN

Frequent travelers who wish not to spend much time on the journey between Nashville and Chattanooga can opt for non-stop flying. Non-stop flights from Chattanooga, TN to Nashville, TN, being a time-efficient transport mode, have become particularly popular among businessmen. However, tourists are also open to choose this mode of travel.

To fly non-stop from Chattanooga to Nashville, you can book a helicopter. This will be best when you don’t have a huge group traveling with you. Private jets can be expensive, however, if you own one, then this can be your next option to non-stop flights between the cities in Tennessee. Should you require a cheaper alternative, then public planes can be another option of transportation from Chattanooga to Nashville.

Here we have mentioned how far is it from Chattanooga, TN to Nashville, TN with a non-stop flying mode:

Flying Distance

113 Miles/182 Km

Flying Time

44 Minutes

Note: When deciding to cover the distance from Chattanooga, Tennessee, to Nashville, Tennessee by non-stop flights, take into consideration the suitability of the flying conditions. Flying conditions are affected by weather changes, therefore, it is essential to keep in mind the weather forecast.

Flights Important Airports and Flights between Nashville and Chattanooga

The distance to and from Nashville and Chattanooga can be covered by commercial flights. Such flights save the traveler from the stress of self-driving a vehicle and the burden of a heavy budget, in some instances. Families, groups, businessmen, solo travelers, etc., can prefer this mode.

Using a commercial flight, what is the distance from Nashville to Chattanooga is shown as follows:

Flight Time

44 Minutes

Travel Time

3 Hours

To schedule the flights from Chattanooga, TN, to Nashville, TN, you can book your tickets with:

  • Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport
  • Nashville International Airport

Tip: To reach the airports without any delay, you can travel by shuttle from Nashville Airport to Chattanooga.

Bus Icon Bus Transportation between Nashville and Chattanooga

Chattanooga to Nashville for different age groups. Most buses offer sufficient leg room, recliner seats, and affordable services. So, even when the journey between these cities will be short, you will be able to comfortably sit throughout on a budget.

The time and distance from Nashville to Chattanooga via bus are as given:

Traveling Distance

114 Miles/183 Km

Traveling Time

2 Hours and 20 Minutes

Route: Buses from Chattanooga take the #7022 Shallowford Rd to Nashville. Whereas, the buses from Nashville take the #5855 Charlotte Pike Rd to reach Chattanooga.

The buses from Chattanooga to Nashville, TN stop at the following location during the journey:

  • McMinnville
  • Tuscaloosa
  • Spencer
  • Cumberland Caverns

To End

In this guide, we explained in detail the distance from Chattanooga, TN, to Nashville, TN by various travel options. These unique travel options are good-to-go for you and you can select your best option based on the information of time and other conditions provided. On returning from your visit, let us know which spots you found the best.

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