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Moving from Columbus, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio & Knowing Things to Do

Cleveland Ohio to Columbus Ohio

The capital city of Ohio, Columbus, is widely renowned for being the home to one of the largest universities of the U.S. It is also popular for having the best art theatres and institutions in the world. This city features historic museums with antique exhibits. Cleveland is rather a vintage city with cultural heritage and history. Often referred to as the “Birthplace of Rock and Roll”, Cleveland is a city with legendary music scenes. Vibrant art and parklands are also portrayed delightfully by this city.

The distance from Columbus, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio can be covered via road and air by various options. The travel time and travel conditions of these modes are likely to affect your choice of transport. Therefore, a good understanding of these factors can simplify your travel plan.

Non stop Drive Non-stop Drive from Columbus to Cleveland

Driving Distance

142 Miles/229 Km

Driving Time

2 Hour 10 Minutes

Non-stop driving is the fastest on-road travel option. Non-stop drives allow the traveler to cover the distance from Columbus to Cleveland without any extra time spent on the journey. Thus, you can prefer this mode if quick travel is your main priority.

Estimated Drive Time Between Columbus to Cleveland

Average SpeedTravel Time
30 mph (48 km/h)04 hours 44 minutes
40 mph (64 km/h)03 hours 33 minutes
50 mph (80 km/h)02 hours 50 minutes
60 mph (97 km/h)02 hours 22 minutes
70 mph (112 km/h)02 hours 01 minutes
75 mph (120 km/h)01 hours 53 minutes

Driving non-stop by car can be made easy when traveled via the following route:

  • I-71 N: I-71 N located mainly in the midwestern U.S. runs through a total length of 343 miles or 553 km. It has its south end in Louisville while its north end is in Cleveland. To reach Cleveland via this route, you can keep left on the I-71 N route. Then continue onto the I-90 E road and take the exit at 172 A. From here, you can merge with E. 9th ST. and then turn left onto Rockwell Ave. Lastly, turn left onto W. Roadway to arrive in Cleveland, Ohio.

Note: This route does not allow any hazmat’s or explosives in the Lytle Tunnel. Other than this, there are no restrictions on this route. Further, the road conditions of 71 north Columbus to Cleveland are great with many amenities.

trip Road Trip from Columbus to Cleveland

A great way to enjoy covering the miles/distance from Columbus to Cleveland, Ohio is by road trips. These trips can be preferred when traveling with friends. Those visiting Cleveland or Columbus for vacations can also choose to travel by road trips.

The main attractions between Columbus and Cleveland are as follows:

  • Mount Gilead
  • West Salem
  • Akron
  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

How far is Columbus, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio via a road trip is explained here:

Road Trip Time

1 Day of Driving

Travel Time

3.5 Hours

In the following itinerary, we have explained the course of your trip along with the description of the things to do between Cleveland and Columbus:

  • Road trip goers can begin their trip in Cleveland.
  • An initial drive of 50 minutes will help in reaching the first stop, Mount Gilead. It is a fast developing village with thriving businesses. Here, you can visit Delaware State Park, Capitol Theatre, and Gilead Recreation Center.
  • Driving for an hour from Gilead will get you to West Salem. West Salem is a famous Railroad hub with good hospitality. The attractions here include J4 Ranch, Ventures Aloft, and Lake Erie Paddler.
  • Next, a drive of 48 minutes will help you reach Akron. Akron is popular for its landscapes and art museums. You can visit the Akron Art Museum, Akron Zoo, and Stan Hywet Hall here.
  • Then drive for roughly 45 minutes to reach the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. This is a must-visit site for tourists. You can enjoy the authentic music of Columbus here. You can also visit the restaurants and art centers nearby.
  • In the final part of the road trip journey, drive for 5 minutes to reach Cleveland, Ohio.

Note: During your trip, you can spend up to an hour at each stop location to complete your trip in the estimated travel time.

Flying Non Stop Flying Non-stop from Columbus to Cleveland

Flying via non-stop flights from Columbus to Cleveland is suggested to travelers visiting these cities for business purposes. This swift mode of transport is sure to make your travel effortless and stress-free.

You can find below the distance from Columbus, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio by non-stop flights:

Flying Distance

126 Miles/203 Km

Flying Time

31 Minutes

The main available modes of non-stop flying include helicopters and private planes. Other than these, you may also consider a public plane.

Note: You are suggested to avoid flying between these cities during the months of December to March. These months are characterized by chilly and snowy weather conditions which are not suitable for flying.

Flights Major Airports and Flights between Cleveland and Columbus

Between Columbus and Cleveland, Port Columbus International Airport can be selected for flying. Another alternative available is Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. If you want to fly between these cities at reasonable prices, then you can go for cheap flights from Cleveland to Columbus with these airports. These commercial flights balance affordability and comfort. Moreover, they favor traveling for both businessmen and tourists.

The time taken to travel from Cleveland to Columbus by commercial flights is given here:

Initial Flight Time

1 hour and 5 minutes

Connecting Flight Time

1 hour and 4 minutes

Travel Time

7 hours

Note: The increase in travel time by 4-5 hours is due to the layover time at the connecting flight.

Bus Icon Bus Transportation between Cleveland and Columbus

Traveling by bus from Columbus to Cleveland, Ohio is a popular means of transport among civilians. The tiredness of driving long distances can be avoided via bus transportation. Buses also stop at major locations, thus, allowing you to enjoy your journey.

The distance from Cleveland to Columbus, Ohio by bus is as follows:

Traveling Distance

142 Miles/230 Km

Traveling Time

2 Hour and 50 Minutes

Route: Buses departing from Cleveland take the Rockwell AV road through the 3rd ST. They also pass through the Lorain AV at the W. 25th ST.

The major bus stops between Cleveland and Columbus are:

  • Spring ST. Terminal
  • OH University
  • S. Lazelle ST.


All the required details about traveling from Columbus, Ohio to Cleveland, Ohio were discussed. The major road and flying options were mentioned as well. The road and weather conditions of these cities were looked at. Also, with the suggested things to do in these cities, thinking of a great trip will not be a task.

You can post your questions below, should you have any, in relation to this post.

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