How Far is El Paso from Houston

Understanding How Far is El Paso from Houston by Different Means

How Far is El Paso from Houston

Known as the “Sun City”, El Paso is located in the western part of Texas. This city has a variety of Michelin restaurants with mixed cuisines. El Paso also hosts some interesting locations like the Franklin Mountains and Western Playland. The other important city of Texas is Houston. This city has been a developing tourist location for the last few years. Therefore, major attractions like Houston Space Center and the Menil Collection in Houston have gained immense popularity.

A detailed description of how far is El Paso from Houston can be useful while traveling to these cities. This includes understanding the distance between these cities and the different ways available to do so. Options like car drives, commercial flights, and buses are the usual means of transport between these cities. You can find out more about these travel options in this guide and then decide which one can be great for you.

Non stop Drive Driving Non-stop from El Paso to Houston

Driving Distance

747 miles or 1202 km

Driving Time

10 hours and 32 minutes

To make on-road vehicular transport simple, the mode of non-stop car driving is suggested. The distance to El Paso, Texas, when completed by driving-non stop, can be reduced to just a few miles. This may result in a simultaneous decrease in your journey time.

Estimated Driving Time from El Paso to Houston, Texas

Average SpeedTravel Time
30 mph (48 km/h)02 hours, 44 minutes
40 mph (64 km/h)02 hours, 3 minutes
50 mph (80 km/h)01 hours, 38 minutes
60 mph (97 km/h)01 hours, 22 minutes
70 mph (112 km/h)01 hours, 10 minutes
75 mph (120 km/h)01 hours, 5 minutes

You can cover the non-stop driving distance from El Paso to Houston, Texas via the following route:

  • I-10 E: I-10 E is a cross-country highway stretching from Santa Monica to Jacksonville. It also covers states like Texas. Alabama and Florida. While driving from El Paso to Houston via this route you can keep right on the Y-junction on the I-30 E and later merge with the I-35 route. From here, take exit 162 and connect with I-410 S. Keep moving towards Austin and merge with US-90 E. Continue onto Frontage Rd. and take the exit at 768 B. You can exit your car towards McKinney ST. Then, turning left onto Bagby ST, you will reach Houston, Texas.

Note: While covering the miles to El Paso, Texas, via this route, you should avoid the rush hours in the evening. Also, taking this route during the weekends may be challenging due to heavy traffic.

It is interesting to note that the route I-10 E can also take you to Atlanta. To get the details of the Houston to Atlanta drive, see here.

trip Road Trip from El Paso to Houston

Travelers who prefer car travel from El Paso, Texas, to Houston, Texas can opt for road trips. This is because road trips offer the combined benefits of comfort in your car and flexibility while ensuring entertainment with many fun activities. El Paso and Houston can offer some of the most alluring sites with exciting opportunities.

The famous locations along the distance from El Paso to Houston are as follows:

  • Van Horn
  • Balmorhea State Park
  • Fort Stockton
  • Caverns of Sonora
  • Fredericksburg
  • San Antonio
  • Sealy

How many hours from El Paso to Houston via road trip is given here:

Road Trip Time

2 day

Travel Time

13.5 hours

You can understand how far is El Paso from Houston with the following road trip itinerary:

  • Begin your road trip drive in El Paso.
  • Initially, drive your vehicle for about 1.5 hours to get to Van Horn. This city is famous for locations like Texas Mountain Trail, Red Rock Ranch Tours, and Tumbleweed Mini Golf.
  • Another drive of 1.5 hours will help you reach Balmorhea State Park. Some of the world’s largest ponds can be found here. You can also enjoy adventurous scuba diving at this location.
  • Next, after driving for roughly an hour, you will reach Fort Stockton. This is a historic city of Texas with many infamous sites like James Rooney Memorial, Annie Riggs Memorial, and Paisano Pete.
  • You will get to the Caverns of Sonora after a drive of nearly 2.5 hours. This is one of the largest tourist attractions in Texas. Visited by millions every year, this site has caves and nature trails. You can spend the night here.
  • The next morning, drive your car for approximately 2.5 hours to reach Fredericksburg. Situated in Virginia, this city is an elite destination with sites like the National Museum of Pacific War, Lost Draw Cellars, and Pioneer Museum.
  • To get to San Antonio, you will have to drive for 2 hours. In San Antonio, you can visit The Alamo, SeaWorld, Missions National Historical Park, and San Antonio Zoo.
  • An hour’s drive from San Antonio will get you to Sealy. Tourists, here, can enjoy Katy Mills, George Ranch, and San Felipe.
  • Finally, arrive in Houston after driving for 49-50 minutes.

Flying Non Stop Flying Non-stop between El Paso and Houston

Some of you can reach Houston or El Paso in no time by taking constant flights. To enjoy the services of non-stop flying between El Paso and Houston, you can choose direct flights. The distance from Houston to El Paso via the non-stop flights can be covered fastest by the air route without any delay.

How far is El Paso, Texas, from Houston, Texas via non-stop flying is:

Flying Distance

676 miles/1087 km

Flying Time

1 hour and 30 minutes

Note: The three main non-stop flying options from Houston, TX, to El Paso, TX include helicopters, private jets, and public planes. If private jets are not accessible to you, then public planes can be chosen as an affordable alternative.

Flights Main Airports and Flights between El Paso and Houston

Since travelers can obtain cheap plane tickets from Houston to El Paso, commercial flights can be a plausible travel choice. From the best airports located in Houston and El Paso, these tickets can be booked. In addition, luxury seats can also be reserved by expanding your budget. These flights can offer the freedom of choosing your personal cabin as well.

The flying distance from Houston to El Paso, Texas via scheduled flights is as given below:

Flight Time

1 hour and 45 minutes

Total Travel

5 hours

To fly conveniently from Houston to El Paso, you can book your flights with:

  • ELP Airport or El Paso International Airport
  • IAH/George Bush Intercontinental Airport

Bus Icon Bus Transport between El Paso and Houston

The distance from Houston, TX, to El Paso, Texas can be covered while spending little on bus tickets. Buses may also ensure the safety of your luggage and other belongings. Moreover, they can help in minimizing congestion on roads.

Here, you can find how far is El Paso from Houston through bus travel:

Driving Distance

674 miles/1085 km

Driving Time

16 hours and 40 minutes

Route: Buses between these cities usually take the Main St. and Webster St. road. They may also prefer the route through Milan St. or Franklin St.

The important stop locations during the bus journey from Houston to El Paso, TX are given here:

  • Harrisburg Station
  • El Expreso
  • Downtown Station

There can be more places in Texas and Houston to see. For finding these places, this post on Texas city to Houston should be read.


This guide provided all the necessary details explaining how far is El Paso from Houston. The means of road transport, elaborate descriptions of the driving directions, road conditions, and itinerary were also shown. Air transport was explained with information like main airports and flying distance.

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