How Far is Jacksonville to Miami

Modes of Transport from Jacksonville, FL, to Miami, FL

How Far is Jacksonville to Miami

Jacksonville and Miami are the two most visited cities of Florida. Ideal for their charming beaches and pleasant climate, these cities can offer the utmost hospitality to their tourists. While Jacksonville is famous for sites like Talbot Island and Kathryn Abbey, Miami embraces locations such as Ocean Drive and Jungle Island. Along with tourism, these cities also provide fruitful business opportunities, trade, and commerce.

You can select the best option to travel from Jacksonville, FL, to Miami, FL after considering certain factors. Visitors traveling to these cities usually prefer quick transport modes like flights or jets. Whereas tourists can opt for leisure travel modes like road trips or buses. The time taken by these distinct options can depend on the distance between these cities.

Non stop Drive Driving Non-stop from Jacksonville to Miami

Driving Distance

345 miles or 555/556 km

Driving Time

4 hours and 58 minutes

Driving without making any stops ought to restrict your travel time to just a short number of hours. Thus, Jacksonville to Miami drive without stops can be picked by travelers with time limitations. This mode of travel can help in making your journey efficient and productive.

Estimated Driving Time from Jacksonville to Miami, Florida

Average SpeedTravel Time
30 mph (48 km/h)11 hours, 30 minutes
40 mph (64 km/h)08 hours, 37 minutes
50 mph (80 km/h)06 hours, 54 minutes
60 mph (97 km/h)05 hours, 45 minutes
70 mph (112 km/h)04 hours, 55 minutes
75 mph (120 km/h)04 hours, 36 minutes

Let us look at the driving directions from Jacksonville to Miami via the most preferred highway:

  • I-95 S: Running North-South from Miami to Houlton, I-95 S is one of the most important Interstate Highways in the U.S. It also travels through the main cities in Georgia, North Carolina, and New York. After merging with this road at FL-10 E, you can continue on the Y-Junction. Stay left on the I-95 S route to take the exit towards Miami Ave. You can take a right here onto SE 2nd Ave. From here, move towards the Brickell Ave route. You may take the next left onto SE 12th Terrace to finally reach Miami, Florida.

Note: The road conditions of the I-95 S route facilitate traffic-free, smooth, and high-speed drives from Jacksonville, FL, to Miami, FL.

trip Road Trip from Jacksonville to Miami

When you wish to travel the distance from Jacksonville to Miami without any pressure of driving with no halts, you can go for a road trip. This mode is suggested to travelers without any time restrictions. This suggestion is mainly due to road trips involving numerous stops at different locations.

The various places which you can visit while traveling between Jacksonville and Miami include:

  • St. Augustine
  • Daytona Beach
  • Titusville
  • Vero Beach
  • West Palm Beach
  • Fort Lauderdale

The drive time from Jacksonville to Miami via a road trip is given below:

Road Trip Time

2 day

Travel Time

7 hours and 1 overnight

This short itinerary can guide you in planning your road trip:

  • Begin your journey in Jacksonville.

Note: Road trips can be taken through cars, rental vehicles, two-wheelers, etc.

  • Drive for about 50 minutes to reach St. Augustine. Here, you can visit San Marcos Monument and St. Augustine Lighthouse.
  • Next, drive for approximately an hour to get to Daytona Beach. This city offers many attractions like Daytona Lagoon, Tomoka State Park, and the Museum of Art.
  • Driving for another hour will help you reach Titusville. The main attractions of this city include the American Space Museum and Sand Point Park. You can stay overnight in Titusville.
  • Later, in the morning, you may drive for a period of 1.5 hours to get to Vero Beach. At this location, you can enjoy sites like the Museum of Art and Mckee Botanical Gardens.
  • From here, you can continue driving for another 1.5 hours to reach West Palm Beach. This city is famous for the Norton Museum of Art and Henry Morrison Flagler Museum.
  • You can then drive for roughly 45 minutes to get to Fort Lauderdale. This famous city of Florida is home to popular sites like the Bonnet House Museum and Birch State Park.
  • Finally, drive for around 40 minutes. Miami, Florida, will now be reached.

From Miami, you can also take a quick trip to Orlando. The road trip distance and other travel details from Miami, FL, to Orlando, FL are given in here.

Flying Non Stop Non-stop Flying between Miami and Jacksonville

Non-stop flights to Miami from Jacksonville, FL, can be availed by entrepreneurs and professionals. Flights to and from these cities do not have any connecting or layover breaks. They directly cover the distance between these Florida cities.

How far is Miami to Jacksonville, Florida, via non-stop flights is provided below:

Flying Distance

326 miles or 525 km

Flying Time

1 hour

Some of the non-stop flying options available to you are:

  • Private Jets
  • Helicopters
  • Public Planes

Note: Direct flights from Jacksonville, FL, to Miami without stops are also suitable in situations other than business trips like in the case of emergencies.

Flights Important Airports & Flights – Miami and Jacksonville

Flying can be made worthwhile or affordable with the availability of cost-effective/cheap flights from Miami to Jacksonville, FL. The needs of different kinds of travelers can be met by these commercial flights having different fares. To get flight tickets at the prices you can afford or spend, we suggest connecting with Jacksonville International Airport (JAX), Florida. Flights from Miami to Jacksonville, FL, can also be booked via FLL or Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport.

The time taken to cover the distance from Miami to Jacksonville via commercial flights can be:

Flight Time

1 hour and 16 minutes

Travel Time

Approximately 5 hours

JAX Airport can provide commercial flight services to the main city of Atlanta as well. Atlanta is a great spot for vacationers and offers many fun activities. Find out more about traveling from Jacksonville, FL to Atlanta, GA by clicking here.

Bus Icon Traveling by Bus from Miami to Jacksonville

Commuters seeking a burden less trip can opt to travel by Jacksonville to Miami buses. Most of the buses between these cities can be direct while a few companies may offer road trip buses as well.

How many miles from Jacksonville to Miami via bus transportation is given below:

Driving Distance

327 miles or 526 km

Driving Time

8 hours and 5 minutes

Route: Buses from Jacksonville take the 15 Old ST. Road or #570 Busch DR Route. Buses leaving from Miami take the road through 17th ST. via Washington Ave.

The buses traveling from Jacksonville, FL, to Miami can stop at

  • MIA Terminal
  • JRTC Greyhound Station
  • E. State ST.

In All

From comfortable to inexpensive travel options, all the details of a safe trip from Jacksonville, FL, to Miami, FL were described in this guide. Information like the quickest route and the itinerary was elaborated to give you insights for commuting between these major cities in Florida. Additional knowledge like the best stop locations should help to make your trip unforgettable.

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