How Far is Tampa to Jacksonville

Jacksonville, FL, to Tampa, FL: Road and Air Transportation

How Far is Jacksonville to Tampa

Jacksonville is among the best cities in Florida. Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens are the most visited sites in this city. Other attractions like the Cummer Museum and Kingsley Plantation are also popular among tourists. Tampa is an entrepreneurial city with thriving business opportunities. However, Tampa is also known for other visitor attractions like Bunch Gardens and the Museum of Art. This city invites over millions of tourists year-round.

If you plan on traveling from Jacksonville, FL, to Tampa, FL, then you have a variety of travel options available. Road and air travel modes offer choices like buses and helicopters. Considering the time available to you, you can find the distance from Tampa to Jacksonville, and then see which mode is best.

Non stop Drive Driving Non-stop from Jacksonville to Tampa

Driving Distance

200 Miles/322 Km

Driving Time

3 Hours and 18 Minutes

Travelers taking recurring short-day car trips can opt for the non-stop driving method. Jacksonville, FL, to Tampa Bay, FL drive without stops can be suitable for frequent travelers. This travel mode also provides great reliance and comfort.

Estimated Driving Time from Jacksonville to Tampa

Average SpeedTravel Time
30 mph (48 km/h)06 hours 40 minutes
40 mph (64 km/h)05 hours 00 minutes
50 mph (80 km/h)04 hours 00 minutes
60 mph (97 km/h)03 hours 20 minutes
70 mph (112 km/h)02 hours 51 minutes
75 mph (120 km/h)02 hours 40 minutes

The following route from Jacksonville to Tampa, Florida, facilitates convenient non-stop driving:

  • US- 301 S – Having its north end in Biddles Corner and south end in Sarasota, the US- 301 S runs through a length of 1,099 miles or 1,769 km. This route can be used to travel to other important states like Georgia and Virginia. To reach Tampa, you can take the right onto NW 77 ST and be merged with I-75 S. Stay right on the Y junction and you can exit at N Orange Ave. You may turn right onto E Zack ST to arrive in the Florida city, Tampa.

Note: You are suggested to avoid taking this route during the peak rush hours. Instead, you can take the I-95 S route when the traffic conditions of US- 301 S are not favorable.

trip Road Trip from Jacksonville to Tampa

The driving distance from Jacksonville to Tampa may be a bit longer. It can be made enjoyable with road trips. Road tripping is when a traveler can make stops along the way and take long breaks, especially when the journey is more than a few hours. Thus, this mode of driving helps in relieving the stress and makes it easier to complete the journey.

Jacksonville to Tampa driving distance via a road trip can be:


200 Miles/322 Km

Road Trip Time

1 Day of Driving

Travel Time

4.5 to 5 Hours

You can visit the following locations during your road trip from Jacksonville to Tampa Bay:

  • Macclenny
  • Starke
  • Gainesville
  • Ocala
  • Brooksville
  • Busch Gardens Tampa

Planning your itinerary will make your trip more entertaining. You can refer to the following itinerary that we have drafted for you:

  • Begin your drive in Jacksonville.
  • After an initial drive of about 30 minutes, you will reach Macclenny. This city offers many fun locations like Heritage Park Village, Osceola National Forest, and Riverside Arts Market.
  • You can then drive your car for approximately 35 minutes to reach Starke. Here, you can enjoy various attractions such as Camp Blanding Museum, Hippodrome Theatre, and Wings of Dreams.
  • Next, to reach Gainesville, drive for another 35 minutes. Here, you can take a trip around places like the Natural History Museum, Harn Art Museum, and Kanapaha Botanical Gardens.
  • Keep driving the car for about 40 or 41 minutes to get to Ocala. Located in central Florida, Ocala is famous for sites inclusive of Silver Springs Park, Appleton Art Museum, and Silver River.
  • A drive of roughly 1 hour will get you to Brooksville. Jefferson Historical Center, Walter Dick Memorial, and Greenberg Cadillac Museum are the most visited locations in this city.
  • Then move the car for 50 minutes to reach Busch Gardens Tampa. It is a theme park in this city with various entertaining activities. You can enjoy your time here for about an hour.
  • Finally, you will get to Tampa, after driving for nearly 15 minutes.

You can take a road trip to another major vacation destination in Florida – Orlando. To know about planning a trip from Jacksonville to Orlando, you can click here.

Flying Non Stop Non-stop Flying between Jacksonville and Tampa

Flying non-stop is facilitated by direct flights without any layovers. Non-stop flights from Tampa to Jacksonville, FL, can be chosen by those with no budget limitations or who need to reach early. Non-stop flying can be a luxurious travel mode with many benefits. However, even on a budget, this mode can be used to reach Jacksonville/Tampa.

Direct flights from Tampa to Jacksonville via helicopters and public planes favor non-stop flying. Private jets are also a viable means of the same.

How far is it from Tampa to Jacksonville through non-stop flying is mentioned below:

Flying Distance

171 Miles/276 Km

Flying Time

34 Minutes

Note: To ensure safe flying experiences, you are suggested to check the weather conditions before choosing flights. Storms and heavy rain can negatively influence your flight journey, hence, they should be avoided.

Flights Significant Airports/Flights between Tampa and Jacksonville

To reduce your travel expenses, while ensuring a qualitative experience, you can go for cheap flights from Jacksonville, FL, to Tampa, FL. For a luxurious experience as well while heading to these cities, commercial flights’ best cabins can be reserved.

How far is it from Jacksonville, Florida to Tampa, Florida via commercial flights is given below for your understanding. This includes the connecting flight that you will have to board between Tampa and Jacksonville:

Flight Time

1 Hours and 44 Minutes

Travel Time

9 Hours

You can schedule your flights from Jacksonville to Tampa, Florida, with the following 2 airports in these cities:

  • JAX Airport or Jacksonville International Airport
  • TPA Airport or Tampa International Airport

Note: You can board the connecting flight at the CVG or Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky International Airport. You will have to spend about 2 hours of layover time here.

Bus Icon Traveling by bus between Tampa and Jacksonville

Bus services from Jacksonville to Tampa can be utilized by tourists and vacationers. Bus transportation can also be a great choice for students as it is affordable. You can book your bus tickets in advance or get them at the time of your travel.

Route: JRTC Bay L is the most preferred bus route between Tampa and Jacksonville. This route passes through the SF 6921 road to Tampa.

The major bus stop locations from Jacksonville, FL, to Tampa are:

  • Amtrak Station
  • La Fiesta
  • E Laurel

Summing Up

Road and air transportation, their means, and time taken by each travel mode were described in this post. Various ways to make your travel convenient from Jacksonville, FL, to Tampa, Fl were suggested. Further, with the places to visit and the sites to tour around, your trip can be great.

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