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How Far is Jacksonville from Orlando and How to Plan Your Travel?

Jacksonville and Orlando are two of the most populous cities in Florida. Jacksonville is widely known for its stunning beaches while Orlando is cherished for its various theme parks. If you plan on visiting these cities, then it is important to know the distance between them. Knowing how far Jacksonville is from Orlando can really help you in planning a great trip. In this reading, we will discuss the time and distance taken to commute between the two destinations in the US state.

You can also find out in detail the various routes that you can choose like road drives or commercial flights. The travel time for each route has also been explained here.

Non-stop Drive to Jacksonville from Orlando

Nonstop Driving Distance141 Miles/227 KM
Nonstop Driving Time2 Hour and 4 Minutes

The distance between Jacksonville and Orlando can be covered by driving non-stop by car. Driving without any stops to these cities is generally preferred by travelers going on business trips or by commuters wanting to quickly cover the distance.

Estimated Drive Time Between Jacksonville to Orlando

Average SpeedTravel Time
30 mph (48 km/h)04 hours 42 minutes
40 mph (64 km/h)03 hours 31 minutes
50 mph (80 km/h)02 hours 49 minutes
60 mph (97 km/h)02 hours 21 minutes
70 mph (112 km/h)02 hours 00 minutes
75 mph (120 km/h)01 hours 52 minutes

It is best to choose a relatively flatter route to travel when driving to Jacksonville/Orlando to ensure safety and convenience. A few of such flatter routes are I-95S and I-4 W to E Anderson St in Orlando.

  • I-95 S: I-95 S is a route that continues directly along the Atlantic coast thus allowing the traveler to enjoy the serene sightings. It is the main interstate highway of Florida. While traveling from Orlando to Jacksonville, the I – 95 S route should be followed. Then you can exit from 82B at I-4 W. This is one of the fastest and hassle-free routes from Orlando to Jacksonville.

Tip: It is best to avoid weekends when you prefer route I-95 S for driving in order to avoid heavy traffic.

Flying Non-stop from Jacksonville to Orlando

Nonstop Flying Distance125 Miles/201 KM
Nonstop Flying Time45 Minutes

A flight without any stops is one of the fastest methods to travel between Orlando and Jacksonville. Also, aerial routes are mostly preferred as a quick medium of transport. This non-stop air travel can be achieved through helicopters, private jets, or public planes. Helicopters and private jets use the crow fly route to cover the distance between Jacksonville and Orlando, to know how far is Tampa from Orlando visit us. Thus, these can prove to be quick travel options for you.

The weather conditions also influence the flying conditions. Orlando experiences severe seasonal variation of cloud coverage. Hence, it is best to fly during the summer months characteristic with clear skies.

Road Trip From Jacksonville to Orlando

You can drive from Jacksonville to Orlando while making stops in between to enjoy the picturesque sights. During your road trip, some of these sights worth stopping for include; Sanford, Daytona Beach, Matanzas Inlet and Ponte Vedra Beach.

Below, we have prepared an itinerary for your Orlando to Jacksonville drive:

  • You can start in Orlando and drive about 26 minutes to reach Sanford.
  • Then you can visit the various attractions in Sanford like the Central Florida Zoo, Gemini Springs Park and Lake Jessup. Assuming that you spend up to an hour in Sanford, you can resume your drive.
  • Then, after about a drive of 44 minutes you will reach Daytona Beach. Daytona Beach is extensively recognized for its Daytona International Speedway. It is a beautiful sight to witness and, therefore, you can easily spend an hour here. Later, you can continue your journey and drive for about another 52 minutes to reach Matanzas Inlet.
  • After spending an hour or so at the beautiful inlet of Matanzas and enjoying its unique structure, you can start driving again for 54 minutes.
  • You will reach another stop at Ponte Vedra Beach. Ponte Vedra Beach is a part of Jacksonville beaches and offers an atmosphere of extreme serenity. Once done enjoying this beach for 50 to 60 minutes, the drive can be resumed to reach the final destination.
  • Driving for about 30 minutes from Ponte beach, you will reach Jacksonville.

The travel time changes according to the customization of the mentioned itinerary. You can always alter the itinerary to cover the distance from Orlando to Jacksonville as you find suitable.

Orlando to Jacksonville Airports and Flights

Nonstop Flying Distance125 Miles/201 KM
Actual Flight Time1 Hour and 34 Minutes
Connection Flight Time1 Hour and 19 Minutes

Most of the civilians prefer commercial flights due to their affordability and availability. When choosing to travel by commercial flights between Orlando and Jacksonville, you can book flights with the two major airports, MCO or Orlando International Airport and JAX or Jacksonville International Airport.

Between Orlando and Jacksonville, you will also have to board the connecting flight at Raleigh-Durham International Airport. The total travel time with commercial planes can add up to 8 hours. This is because we consider the time taken to reach the airport and at security checks.

Thus, to answer how far Orlando is from Jacksonville by plane, the distance can remain the same. Only the travel time can increase due to flight layover.


On this page, we discussed various travel options available to commute between Jacksonville to Orlando. We saw the time needed to cover the respective distances though the routes. A useful itinerary with all the exciting attractions was also mentioned to make the journey fun.

We gladly welcome suggestions and comments. You can discuss your ideas for travelling between Orlando and Jacksonville.

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