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How to Plan a Trip from Lincoln, NE, to Omaha, NE?

omaha to lincoln nebraska

Lincoln is the capital city of Nebraska. Known for its rich heritage, Nebraska embraces many historical sites. This city is also known for its intricate sculptures and antique museums. Nebraska is also notable for legendary sites like Sheldon Art Museum and Nebraska State Capitol. Omaha, located along the Missouri River, is a city with the largest number of zoos in Nebraska. Omaha’s live music scene and thriving music theatres are also identified worldwide. Henry Doorly Zoo and Joslyn Museum are the two must-visit attractions of this city.

To travel from Lincoln, NE, to Omaha, NE, an efficient travel plan can be drafted with the knowledge of the distance, time, and transport modes. Road transport can be chosen by visitors while air transportation can be preferred by entrepreneurs. You can find out more about these travel modes in this post.

Non stop Drive Driving Your Car Non-Stop from Lincoln to Omaha

Driving Distance

58 Miles/93 Km

Driving Time

1 Hours and 2 Minutes

Covering the distance from Lincoln to Omaha can be done in a short time by driving non-stop. The distance between Lincoln and Omaha is not too long, therefore non-stop car driving will not be strenuous. Thus, driving in this way can be very convenient as it allows travelers to enjoy the comfort of their own vehicles.

Estimated Driving Time from Omaha to Lincoln

Average SpeedTravel Time
30 mph (48 km/h)01 hours 56 minutes
40 mph (64 km/h)01 hours 27 minutes
50 mph (80 km/h)01 hours 09 minutes
60 mph (97 km/h)00 hours 58 minutes
70 mph (112 km/h)00 hours 49 minutes
75 mph (120 km/h)00 hours 46 minutes

Given below are the road conditions from Lincoln to Omaha via the best route between these 2 cities:

  • I-80 E: I-80 E route is the fastest way to drive from Lincoln to Omaha. It stretches from San Francisco in the west to Teaneck in the east. To reach Omaha via this route, stay left on the I-80 E road. You may then take the exit at 452 which allows you to get merged with US-75 N road. From here, you can continue on the Y-Junction. Then exit at 3A to merge with N 14th ST. Continue on this road to arrive in Omaha, Nebraska.

Note: US-77 N which passes through the I-80 E road, can also be taken to travel between Lincoln and Omaha.

trip Road Trip from Lincoln to Omaha

Road trip journeys allow a traveler to stop at various important locations and attractions. The distance from Lincoln, NE, to Omaha, NE is characterized by many captivating spots and entertaining locations. Visiting these sites can seem like pure bliss to first-time visitors of Omaha or Lincoln.

How far is Lincoln to Omaha via a road trip is mentioned below for your assistance:


58 Miles/93 Km

Road Trip Time

1 Day of Driving

Travel Time

1.5 Hours

The places to visit and things to do in Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska, are given below:

  • Strategic Air and Space Museum
  • Home-Towne Lodge Omaha

A simple road-trip itinerary can be followed to enjoy a quick road trip from Lincoln, Nebraska, to Omaha:

  • You can start driving your car in Lincoln, Nebraska.
  • Go for an initial drive of about 40 minutes. This will get you to your first stop: Strategic Air and Space Museum. This museum depicts the importance of learning about space. It also offers various educational activities. You can spend up to an hour in this museum.
  • Then driving for approximately 24-25 minutes will get you to your next stop, Home-Towne Lodge in Omaha. This is a 2-star hotel with amazing views and fun activities. You can rest here for a while before resuming your journey. Some of the other hotels nearby include Carol Hotel, Hawthorn Suites, and The Carlisle Hotel.
  • At last, you will have to drive for about 22 minutes to finally arrive in Omaha, Nebraska.

Note: You can include more places like the Luxury Inn of Lincoln and 801 Chophouse in your road trip between these cities.

Flying Non Stop Flying Non-Stop between Omaha and Lincoln

Since non-stop flights help travel the distance from Omaha, Nebraska, to Lincoln, Nebraska in a straight-line path, this is the fastest aerial transportation between these cities. Another advantage of these flights is the privacy and security that they offer.

Private jets and helicopters provide non-stop flying services from Omaha to Lincoln, Nebraska. You can select your option as per your budget and other determining factors.

How many miles from Omaha, NE, to Lincoln, NE via non-stop flights are given below:

Flying Distance

50 Miles/80 Km

Flying Time

15 Minutes

Note: Traveling by Omaha to Lincoln flights should be avoided during monsoon seasons. This is because the harsh weather conditions might hamper the safety of these flights.

Flights Major Airports and Flights between Lincoln and Omaha

You can also fly from Omaha, NE, to Lincoln, NE via commercial flights. There are many airlines that provide scheduled flying services between Lincoln and Omaha. These scheduled flights can be booked in advance through online booking services and directly from airports. Thus, commercial flights are easily accessible.

The time taken to cover the distance from Omaha, Nebraska, to Lincoln, Nebraska through commercial flights can be:

Flight Time

37 Minutes

Travel Time

3 Hours

The 2 major airports of Omaha and Lincoln are as follows:

  • OMA/Eppley Airfield
  • LNK Airport or Lincoln Airport

Note: The time taken to travel from Omaha Airport to Lincoln, or vice versa, is also added to the travel time. You can reduce this time by taking a shuttle from Lincoln to Omaha Airport.

Bus Icon Bus Transportation between Omaha and Lincoln

Taking a bus from Omaha to Lincoln, NE can be a great way to save costs on your journey between these 2 cities. Apart from cost efficiency, buses may also offer comfort and safety. Thus, bus transportation can be useful to different types of travelers.

The time and distance from Omaha to Lincoln via buses are given here:

Traveling Distance

47 Miles/75 Km

Traveling Time

Approximately an hour

Route: Buses traveling between Omaha and Lincoln take the 34th Cumming SW route. This route passes through the 13th Douglas SW road.

The major bus stops between Omaha and Lincoln are:

  • Lincoln Bus Depot
  • Burlington Trailways Station

Note: Taking the Mega bus from Omaha to Lincoln can help you to cover the distance even more conveniently.

Summing Up

Tourists and other visitors traveling from Lincoln, NE, to Omaha, NE can avail themselves of the various transport options mentioned. To make it easier to choose, the time taken by each travel mode was described. Other necessary details like road conditions, bus stops, airports, and stop locations were discussed.

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