How Far is it From Miami to Key West

Covering Distance from Miami to Key West Made Easy via Various Travel Modes

How Far is it From Miami to Key West

The city of Key West in Florida comes with unique pastel-colored beaches and many watersports. Being an island city, Key West is known for its coral reefs. Tourists can also enjoy various water activities here like diving and snorkeling. Miami is a coastal city with lively nightlife and several visitor attractions. The city is a breath of fresh air with popular sites like South Beach and Vizcaya Museum.

There are several modes available like flights and cars that can help in easily covering the distance from Miami to Key West. Since these cities are mostly visited by tourists, travelers can choose to travel by road trips or buses too. The travel time between these cities depends on the mode of travel picked by you.

Non stop Drive Non-stop Drive from Miami to Key West

Driving Distance

163 miles or 262 km

Driving Time

3 hours and 21 minutes

Non-stop driving can be the most preferred means of road transportation by both tourists and other travelers. Due to the limited amount of stops made, the non-stop drive time from Miami to Key West by car adds up to just a few hours. This is the major advantage offered by non-stop driving.

Estimated Driving Time from Miami to Key West

Average SpeedTravel Time
30 mph (48 km/h)05 hours, 26 minutes
40 mph (64 km/h)04 hours, 04 minutes
50 mph (80 km/h)03 hours, 15 minutes
60 mph (97 km/h)02 hours, 43 minutes
70 mph (112 km/h)02 hours, 19 minutes
75 mph (120 km/h)02 hours, 10 minutes

The road directions from Miami to Key West via the fastest route are given below:

  • US-1S: US-1S highway stretches north-south from Fort Kent to Fleming Street respectively. This route is maintained by the US Highway System. This offers many amenities and facilitates smooth travel. To reach Key West via this route, you will have to stay left on the US-1S road. Then you can turn left onto S Roosevelt BLVD. From here, take the right onto Flagler Ave. Afterward, keep moving forward on Flagler Ave to reach Key West in Florida.

Note: You can drive your vehicle or go for a car rental from Miami to Key West at your convenience to cover this distance non-stop.

trip Road Trip from Miami to Key West

A Miami to Key West road trip is quite a common mode of travel among vacationers. When traveling by road trips, you can halt at various spots and trip around the said locations. Thus, via road trips, travelers can get to enjoy numerous pleasant sites and fun locations.

Here are some of the major stop locations between Miami and Key West:

  • Key Largo
  • Marathon
  • Blue Heaven Restaurant

The estimated time taken to travel from Miami to Key West via road trip is given below:

Road Trip Time

1 day

Travel Time

3.5 hours

The above travel time is estimated based on the course of the journey described in the following itinerary:

  • You can commence your road trip in Miami.
  • After driving for about 1.5 hours, you will reach your first stop, Key Largo. Known as the “Dive Capital of the World”, Key Largo hosts the world’s biggest artificial reef. Here, you can visit many sites like John Pennekamp Park, Dolphins Plus Bayside, and Dagny Johnson Park.
  • Next, drive for about an hour to reach Marathon. This city in Florida gained popularity for its beautiful sandy beaches and many nature trails. The top tourist locations here include Crane Point Hammock, Coco Plum Beach, and Dolphin Research Center.
  • To reach your next location, Blue Heaven Restaurant, you will have to drive for another hour. This is a world-famous restaurant with cruises from all over the U.S. You can enjoy a great meal here.
  • Finally, drive your car for about 5 minutes to arrive in Key West, Miami.

Note: The best time to drive from Miami to Key West is during the early mornings. Therefore, starting your road trip in the morning will help you to enjoy a traffic-free journey.

Road trips are a great way to enjoy your journey. Orlando, a city close to Miami, can also be traveled via road trips. Click here to find out how to plan a good trip from Miami, Florida to Orlando, Florida.

Flying Non Stop Flying Non-stop from Miami to Key West

Some of you may choose to fly non-stop to cover the miles from Miami to Key West. Non-stop flying makes it easier for travelers to reach their destination within the stipulated time. This reduced journey time is a major benefit of traveling via non-stop flights.

You can fly non-stop by private jets or helicopters. Traveling by helicopter from Miami to Key West can be suggested to travelers with budget restrictions.

The travel distance from Miami to Key West by non-stop flying is as follows:

Flying Distance

130 miles or 209 km

Flying Time

46 minutes

Note: Non-stop flying, especially through helicopters from Miami, Fl, to Key West, FL can also be a helpful mode of transportation in case of emergencies.

Flights Important Airports and Flights between Miami and Key West

Miami to Key West flights that are available at low prices can be scheduled to travel inexpensively between these cities. These flights are relatively safer as weather conditions are taken into account before starting the journey. Thus, commercial flights are a great choice of transport for frequent travelers.

Here are the 2 main airports offering commercial flight services between Miami and Key West:

  • FLL or Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport
  • EYW or Key West International Airport

The travel time of the commercial and non-scheduled charter flights from Miami to Key West is as follows:

Flight Time


Travel Time

4 hours

FLL Airport also provides flights to Fort Lauderdale and Miami. You can click here to know more about the travel options from Miami, FL, to Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Bus Icon Bus Transportation between Miami and Fort Lauderdale

Miami to Key West buses can provide traveler-friendly services. Driving for long hours may be difficult for some travelers, thus, buses can be preferred in this case. You can also take road trip buses between these cities to enjoy your journey.

The bus transportation from Miami to Key West takes the following time to cover the distance between these cities:

Driving Distance

130 miles or 209 km

Driving Time

4 hours and 20 minutes

Route: Buses from Miami usually take the Washington Ave 17th ST. route to Fort Lauderdale. Whereas the buses leaving from Fort Lauderdale take the Caroline ST. route to Miami.

The major stop locations during a Miami to Key West bus trip are as follows:

  • North Miami Beach
  • Cruise Port
  • South Beach Plaza

Ending Words

This guide explained the various travel options suitable for tourists and businessmen to cover the distance from Miami to Key West. The price ranges of these transport modes were also mentioned. Additional details about the directions and travel itinerary were given. Different ways to make your trip memorable and enjoyable were also highlighted here.

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