How Far is Orlando to Daytona Beach

Orlando to Daytona Beach: Distance & Time Estimated

How Far is Daytona Beach to Orlando

The city of Orlando located in Florida is famous for its major theme parks. Orlando is also famous for its thriving music industry and its world-class business ventures. Daytona Beach located along the Atlantic Coast is a city with beautiful beaches and hills. It is also known for its arcades, concerts, and waterslides. Both business and tourism are favored by these main cities of Florida.

The distance from Orlando to Daytona Beach is extremely important to learn when you are traveling to these cities. The means to cover this distance should also be understood. To make your travel plan simpler, you can also assess the routes beforehand.

Non stop Drive Driving Non-stop from Orlando to Daytona Beach

Driving Distance

57 Miles/92 Km

Driving Time

59 Minutes

If car drives are your top priority, then driving non-stop from Orlando to Daytona can be great for you. You can drive non-stop to easily cover the distance while simultaneously bringing down the travel time. Non-stop drives are also helpful in covering long distances between Daytona and Orlando.

Estimated Drive Time Between Daytona to Orlando

Average SpeedTravel Time
30 mph (48 km/h)01 hours 54 minutes
40 mph (64 km/h)01 hours 25 minutes
50 mph (80 km/h)01 hours 08 minutes
60 mph (97 km/h)00 hours 57 minutes
70 mph (112 km/h)00 hours 48 minutes
75 mph (120 km/h)00 hours 45 minutes

For easy travel, you can take the following route from Orlando to Daytona:

  • I-4 E: Located within Florida, I-4 E stretches from Daytona Beach to Tampa. It travels through the major counties of Orange and Volusia. While taking this route to Daytona Beach, stay left on I-4 E and take the exit toward Jacksonville. Continue toward 260C and keep right on the Y-Junction. Then you can start merging with US-92 E/W International Speedway BLVD to reach Daytona Beach, Florida.

Tip: When traveling via I- 4E from Orlando, Florida to Daytona Beach, keep in mind the excessive traffic that occurs between 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. You can avoid this route during these hours.

trip Road Trip from Orlando to Daytona

Road Trip Time

1 Days of driving

Travel Time

2 Hours on the Road

Since Daytona Beach is located along the coastline, it offers a variety of tourist attractions. To enjoy all of these locations, you can take a road trip to cover the distance from Orlando to Daytona Beach. You can stop at various museums, restaurants, and theme parks along the way.

The best tourist attractions are as mentioned below:

  • Winter Park
  • Wekiva Springs
  • Lake Mary
  • Debary
  • Orange City
  • Daytona Speedway
Daytona Beach

You can plan your trip including all these locations by referencing the given itinerary:

  • You can start your fun trip in Orlando.
  • Drive for about 13 minutes. You are likely to reach Winter Park. This city is known for art exhibits and legendary museums. Here, you can visit Rollins Museum of Art, Mead Botanical Garden, and Charles Hosmer Morse Museum.
  • Then, move your car for 17-18 minutes to stop in Wekiva Springs. You can cool off for a while at these amazing springs. It is a peaceful location to relax for a bit.
  • From the Springs, drive for roughly 16 to 17 minutes to arrive in Lake Mary. Lake Mary is a modern metropolitan city with a good scope for business opportunities. The top attractions here are the Central Florida Zoo, Cross Seminole Trail, and Museum of Seminole.
  • A quick drive of 15 minutes will help you get to Debary. Debary in Volusia County is a rapidly developing city with modern amenities. Here, you can visit Gemini Springs Park, Hall Historic Site, and Blue Springs State Park.
  • To reach Orange City, drive the vehicle for about 13 minutes. Orange City is famous for its antique stores and authentic restaurants. You can visit Hontoon Island Adventures, Hontoon Island, and Family Fun Town, here.
  • A drive of 31 minutes will get you to Daytona Speedway. The spots nearby this speedway include the Daytona 500 experience, La Quinta Inn, and Museum of Arts.
  • Finally, to come to Daytona Beach in Florida, drive for about 11 or 12 minutes.

Note: The driving distance from Orlando to Daytona Beach can alter depending on the stops you make. Therefore, you are suggested to plan your trip accordingly.

Flying Non Stop Flying Non-stop from Daytona Beach, FL, to Orlando, FL

Flying Distance

51 Miles/82 Km

Flying Time

36 Minutes

You can choose to fly non-stop from Daytona Beach to Orlando as a means of flexible transportation. Non-stop flying, being one of the most popular aerial modes of transport, offers many benefits to the traveler. From travel time to comfort, it is all ensured by non-stop Orlando and Daytona flights.

Orlando Florida

You can choose private jets or helicopters as your non-stop flying option between Daytona Beach and Florida.

Note: Flying non-stop attains special importance in case of emergencies. You can opt for this mode while traveling for family emergencies or urgent work meetings.

Flights Main Airports/Flights between Daytona Beach and Orlando

Flight Time

36 Minutes

Travel Time

5 Hours

Commercial flights are an evergreen accessible mode with respect to transport. The scheduled flights from Daytona Beach to Orlando, Florida are equipped with first-class services. Their reasonable prices along with the additional benefits make them one of the most preferred modes of travel.

Given below are the 2 important airports of Daytona Beach and Orlando that can assure you a superb flying experience:

  • SFB Airport (Orlando Sanford International Airport)
  • MCO Airport (Orlando International Airport)

Note: To make your travel to the mentioned airports easy, you can choose the services of a shuttle from Orlando Airport to Daytona Beach. This shuttle service will help you in reaching the airports without any trouble.

Bus Icon Buses and Stops from Orlando to Daytona Beach

Traveling Distance

57 Miles/91 Km

Traveling Time

1 Hours and 10 Minutes

Buses from Orlando, Florida, to Daytona Beach, Florida can be preferred as a leisure mode of transport. The bus ticket prices are also significantly cheaper than any other mode of transport. Buses are preferred mostly by tourists heading to these locations.

Route: Buses from Orlando usually take the 4652 South Orange Blossom Trail route. They arrive near the southeast corner of Cornerstone BLVD in Daytona Beach.

The major bus stops between Daytona Beach and Orlando are:

  • Votran Transfer Plaza
  • Bay and Beach IB
  • Beach and Myrtle OB

Bottom Line

We aimed at estimating the distance, as well as time, for visiting Orlando from Daytona or vice versa. Along with estimating this, the major modes of travel from Orlando to Daytona Beach were elaborated. The fastest and the cheapest travel options were also discussed. More information was provided about the routes, airports, and bus stops between these cities.

Share with us which mode you are likely to prefer.

You can go through more such posts when traveling is what you love the most. How far Tucson is from Phoenix has been covered by us. We have also described how far Orlando is from Miami in one of our guides.

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