How far is Orlando from Miami

How far is Orlando from Miami by Road and Air

Miami, the colorful city in Florida(FL), is home to thousands of vacationers every year. The alluring beaches, accompanied by the lively atmosphere, attract tourists from all over the world. Miami is rightly said to be a wonderful paradise. On the flip side, Orlando is a city known to be one of its kind. It is the home to the famous Disney World that is the dream vacation spot for many. The stunning nightlife of Orlando requires no special description. These two cities are the epitome of perfect vacation destinations.

As a tourist, it is necessary for you to understand how far is Orlando from Miami. This knowledge can help you to plan a flawless trip between these cities. Along with explaining this, we will share different means that you can prefer as a part of your trip.

Non-stop Driving Time & Distance from Orlando to Miami

Nonstop Driving Distance

234 Miles/377 KM

Nonstop Driving Time

3 Hour and 19 Minutes

The distance from Miami, FL to Orlando, FL is relatively short. Therefore, you can easily cover this distance via a non-stop drive by your car. Driving without any stops is an efficient way to reach Orlando from Miami without spending a lot of time.

Estimated Drive Time Between Orlando to Miami

Average SpeedTravel Time
30 mph (48 km/h)7 hours 48 minutes
40 mph (64 km/h)5 hours 51 minutes
50 mph (80 km/h)4 hours 48 minutes
60 mph (97 km/h)3 hours 54 minutes
70 mph (112 km/h)3 hours 20 minutes
75 mph (120 km/h)3 hours 7 minutes

Take the following route to travel from Miami to Orlando:

  • Florida’s Turnpike: Florida’s Turnpike is a toll road in the state of the U.S. This Turnpike is divided into two sections covering a distance of about 309 miles or 497 miles. This route offers easy access to major interstate highways. It, additionally, is equipped with great on-road amenities servicing its commuters. This road is used by more than 3 million travelers daily.

While using this route to travel from Miami, Florida to Orlando, Florida, merge with the I-95 N highway. Then take the exit toward FL-826. Turn left toward I-4 Orlando/Tampa. After this, merge with I-4E and take the exit at South St. Turn right onto S Orange Ave to reach Orlando, Florida. The good road conditions do not cause any hindrance to your drive.

Flying Non-stop from Miami to Orlando

Nonstop Distance in Air

204 Miles/328 KM

Nonstop Time in Air

40 Minutes

A flight without any stops can help you to reach Orlando from Miami free of trouble. This non-stop method of flying will also save you a significant amount of travel time. The reduced flight distance from Miami to Orlando is another merit of this travel means. The three travel options included in this method are private jets, helicopters, and public planes. You can choose any of these options depending on your budget.

The total miles to Orlando, Florida, is just 204, which helps in reducing your travel time. Hence, non-stop flying can prove to be one of the easiest ways to reach Orlando from Miami. Moreover, since the weather conditions of Florida are mostly tropical and subtropical, the skies are clear year-round. These conditions further favor flight transportation.

Road Trip from Miami to Orlando

While planning to travel from Miami, FL to Orlando, FL, for vacation, one of the best options is an entertaining road trip. You can make numerous stops along the way to enjoy your vacay to the fullest extent. Some of these stops include Delray Beach, Port St. Lucie, Vero Beach, Yeehaw Junction, Wild Florida Airboats, and Gator Park and Epcot.

Miami Airport to Orlando Driving time

3 Hour and 30 Minutes

Orlando to Miami by Car

3 Hour and 33 Minutes

An ideal itinerary for the road trip from Miami to Orlando has been given here:

  • Start your trip in Miami.
  • A quick drive of 51 minutes will get you to the beautiful city of Delray Beach. Here, you can visit Wakodahatchee Wetlands and the popular Morikami Museum. Enjoy this small city for about an hour before leaving for your next stop.
  • Your next stop would be Port St. Lucie for which you will have to drive for an hour. You can enjoy the pleasant weather of this city as it lies on the Atlantic coast. The serene beauty of this city with orchids and bamboo will lure you to spend at least an hour here.
  • From Port. St Lucie, drive for 46 minutes to reach Vero Beach. This city is famous for its Atlantic-facing beaches. Stay here for up to an hour.
  • Next, drive for 37 minutes to reach your next location, Yeehaw Junction. Here, you can take the various Airboat and Boat tours. Yeehaw Junction is also famous for its various Fish camps. Visitors can spend an hour here.
  • Driving for about 52 minutes from Yeehaw Junction will get you to Wild Florida Airboats and Gator Park. Here, you can have the time of your life by experiencing the biggest thrill in North Florida. Have fun here for an hour.
  • Then drive for 38 minutes to reach your last stop before Orlando, that is, Epcot. Epcot is a theme park at Walt Disney with numerous exciting attractions. You can enjoy yourself here for one complete hour.
  • Lastly, drive for 26 minutes to reach your final destination, Orlando.

Note: To change your Miami to Orlando drive time, you can customize the itinerary as per your requirements.

Miami to Orlando Airports and Flights

Commercial flights offer the best travel experiences to a commuter. Be it for vacation or business meetings, commercial flights are one of the cheapest and quickest means of transport. The distance between Orlando and Miami, when covered by commercial flights, leaves the traveler free of any hassle. To book your flight tickets, make reservations with the following airports:

Note: The 5 hour travel time from Miami to Orlando, Florida is estimated keeping in view the time taken to travel to the airports. The extra travel time is also due to the time spent waiting at the gates.


This post provided complete information about how far is Miami from Orlando. A detailed description of the four major transportation methods was discussed here. The route to be followed while driving to Orlando was also given. In the case of a road trip, an ideal itinerary with different stops was mentioned.

Tell us your thoughts on the travel options between Miami and Orlando in our suggestion box.

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