How Far is Reno Nevada to Las Vegas

Reno, Nevada to Las Vegas: Distance, Time, and Modes

How Far is Reno Nevada to Las Vegas Nevada

Reno Nevada, referred to as the “Biggest Little City” is a fast-growing metropolitan area with many historical sights. This city is known to have the best outdoors that offer many fun activities like hiking, camping, and swimming. Las Vegas is an elegant city famous for being the hub of world-class tourist and business centers. It is a completely urbanized city with modern amenities and resources. Las Vegas is also a fun travel destination with exciting activities in store for tourists.

While traveling from Reno Nevada to Las Vegas, the distance between these cities becomes the main factor that determines the choice of your transport mode. Hence, it is essential to know the distance along with other details like the travel time, best routes, airports, and stops.

Non stop Drive Driving Non- stop from Reno, Nevada, to Las Vegas

Driving Distance

438 Miles/705 Km

Driving Time

7 Hours

Driving without stops from Reno, NV, to Las Vegas, NV will allow you to enjoy a stress-free journey. It is also beneficial in case you have to reach Las Vegas quickly for a work appointment.

Estimated Drive Time Between Reno, Nevada, to Las Vegas

Average SpeedTravel Time
30 mph (48 km/h)14 hours 36 minutes
40 mph (64 km/h)10 hours 57 minutes
50 mph (80 km/h)08 hours 45 minutes
60 mph (97 km/h)07 hours 18 minutes
70 mph (112 km/h)06 hours 15 minutes
75 mph (120 km/h)05 hours 50 minutes

To cover the distance between Reno and Las Vegas in a short time, you can take the following route:

  • US-95 S: U.S. – 95 Highway takes you through many scenic views while driving from Reno to Las Vegas. It stretches from HWY 95 in the North to San Luis in the South. While taking this route to Las Vegas via this, turn left onto S. 2nd St. and take the exit at 75 A. Keep right at the Y junction and merge with Las Vegas BLVD N. After this, turn left onto the N. 6th ST., and then you have to turn right at the 1st cross to reach Las Vegas, Nevada.

Note: An alternative route from Reno Nevada to Las Vegas is I-515 S. You may take this route during the weekends to avoid heavy traffic.

trip Road Trip from Las Vegas to Reno Nevada

Road Trip Time

2 days of driving

Travel Time

8.5 Hours with One Overnight

Quite distinct from the usual travel modes, road trips can pull you out of your comfort zones. Also, one of the major perks of taking a Las Vegas to Reno road trip is the enjoyable journey accompanied by fun travel. You get to enjoy the enchanting views along the way during your road trip to these cities in Nevada.

Some of such beautiful locations between Reno Nevada and Las Vegas are as follows:

  • Death Valley
  • Tonopah
  • Hawthorne
  • Fernley

You can make use of the given itinerary during your road trip from Las Vegas, NV, to Reno, NV:

  • Set out for the road trip drive in Las Vegas.
  • Drive for about 2 hours to reach Death Valley. Death Valley is an infamous tourist attraction visited by millions year-round. Here, you may visit Death Valley National Park, Saline Valley Hot Springs, and Leadfield Ghost Town.
  • Next, drive your car for 2 hours to reach Tonopah. Located midway between Las Vegas and Reno, Tonopah is famous for its Air Force Base. Here, you can visit Central Nevada Museum, Mizpah Club Casino, and Historic Mining Park. You may stay overnight here.
  • Resume your trip the next morning. Then drive the vehicle for approximately 1.5 hours to get to Hawthorne. Often called “America’s Patriotic Home”, Hawthorne is home to the Army Depot. Ordnance Museum, Mineral County Museum, and Walker Lake Recreation Area are famous sights here.
  • Then, your car has to be moved for about 2 hours to reach Fernley. Fernley’s restaurants are famous for their worldwide cuisines. Here, you can visit Traveling Spoon, Jackpot Crossing Casino, and Fernley Speedway.
  • Eventually, you may continuously drive for 40 minutes to arrive in Reno, Nevada.
Las Vegas Night View

Note: The above itinerary was provided to give you some insights about traveling between Reno and Las Vegas cities. You are always open to making changes in the itinerary to suit your travel time.

Flying Non Stop Flying Non-stop from Reno, Nevada to Las Vegas

Flying Distance

345 Miles/555 Km

Flying Time

57 Minutes

Non-stop flying from Reno, Nevada, to Las Vegas is a timely mode of transportation for safely reaching your destination. This travel mode promises a good quality journey ensuring reduced travel time and comfort. This might be the best option for you if you are visiting Las Vegas for business purposes.

You can fly by private jets or helicopters to cover the distance non-stop from Reno to Vegas. We suggest these options for entrepreneurs or those who have no limitations on their budgets.

Note: Careful consideration of weather conditions is a must before you choose any one of the above-mentioned flying options.

FlightsMain Airports and Flights between Reno and Las Vegas

Flight Time

1 Hour and 10 Minutes

Travel Time


You can comfortably cover the distance from Reno to Las Vegas via commercial flights. Scheduled flights offer premium flying services at affordable prices. Thus, they are the most popular among the general public.

How Far is Reno Nevada

You can book cheap flights from Reno to Las Vegas in Nevada with these airports:

AirportsCheap Flights from Reno to Las Vegas
Reno Tahoe International AirportQatar Airlines
McCarran International AirportUnited Airlines
Southwest Airlines

Note: For a commercial flight, you can book your tickets online without any trouble. This will help to save your time.

Train IconTraveling from Reno Nevada to Las Vegas by Train

Traveling Distance

843 Miles/1357 Km

Traveling Time

47 Hours and 41 Minutes

You can take a train from Las Vegas to Reno, Nevada for it is the most convenient way to travel between these cities. Via train travel, you can rest while on your journey. Also, you can enjoy the scenic sights. In fact, trains are one of the most popular means of transport between Reno and Vegas.

The main train line connecting Las Vegas and Reno is Amtrak. Both Reno and Las Vegas have one train station. Reno Train Station is located in North Center St.

Note- Avoid booking for train tickets on Fridays, being one of the crowded weekdays.

Bus IconTraveling from Reno Nevada to Las Vegas by Bus

Traveling Distance

619 Miles/997 Km

Traveling Time

26 Hours and 45 Minutes

You can avail of the bus service from Reno to Las Vegas as it is a cost-efficient mode of transportation. There are different types of buses operating between these cities in Nevada. You can choose among metro buses, trolleybuses, and minibuses. Thus, this choice of selection has made bus transportation a popular mode of travel for visiting these cities.

Route: The buses usually follow the route of W. 5th ST. along Old Sacramento 2nd ST. to reach Las Vegas from Reno. They also travel through SF 3716 road towards San Joaquin’s 716.

The buses from Reno to Las Vegas stop these main sights:

  • Elko
  • Salt Lake City
  • Twin Falls

The bus route will take you to the rural areas, where you can explore the breathtaking beauty of the tall trees, and nature around. You can book your train tickets at a reasonable price of $64.

Note- Consider booking your train on any day except on Tuesdays, being the busiest weekday. Try reaching the train station before time to avoid any further delays.

In a Nutshell

The main travel options from Reno, Nevada, to Las Vegas were explained. You can select your mode based on the information given. Additionally, the routes and stops between these cities were elaborated. Necessary details about airports and bus stops were also mentioned. Let us know which mode or route will be selected by you.

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