How Far is San Antonio to Dallas

How Far is San Antonio from Dallas and How to Cover the Distance?

How Far is San Antonio from Dallas

Home to numerous unique attractions and sights, Dallas (TX) and San Antonio (TX) are two popular regions in the United States of America. These places have something for everyone. Right from restaurants and shopping points to natural attractions and manmade parks, you will find amazing places to enjoy your time in these cities in Texas. If you are planning for a trip or a visit here, then you would surely want to know how far is San Antonia from Dallas.

The distance between the cities can differ as per the route or travel way you choose. To know the routes and other options, you can find help here.

Driving Non-stop from Dallas to San Antonio

Nonstop Driving Distance275 Miles/443 KM
Nonstop Driving Time4 Hour and 10 Minutes

Speaking of Dallas and San Antonio, these two places are quite diverse and vibrant with countless things to do every day. However, when the reason to reach either of these cities is urgent, you may want to drive your car without stopping anywhere. Also, if you choose to drive nonstop, then you can reach your destination faster. Now, you must be thinking about the distance from Dallas, TX, to San Antonio, TX.

Estimated Drive Time Between Dallas to San Antonio

Average SpeedTravel Time
30 mph (48 km/h)09 hours 10 minutes
40 mph (64 km/h)06 hours 52 minutes
50 mph (80 km/h)05 hours 30 minutes
60 mph (97 km/h)04 hours 35 minutes
70 mph (112 km/h)03 hours 55 minutes
75 mph (120 km/h)03 hours 40 minutes

Now, look at the following driving routes to know the directions from San Antonio to Dallas that you can take:

  • I-35: While traveling via I-35, half of your distance will be covered on Interstate 35. This route will help you reach the destination in the fastest way possible.
  • 130/I-10: The second half of your journey will be completed via the 130/I-10 route. This route will provide you with multiple worth-stopping spots. However, it is completely your choice whether to stop or not.

While covering the distance from San Antonio, Texas, to Dallas, Texas via the routes mentioned above, you will come across these sights. Waco Mammoth, Inner Space Cavern, J. Lorraine Ghost Town, World’s Largest Pecan, Texas State Capitol Building, the Alamo, and others.

Fly Non-stop from Dallas to San Antonio

Nonstop Flying/Flight Distance247 Miles/125 km
Nonstop Flying Time Via Flight58 Minutes (in the air)
Nonstop Flying Time Via Helicopter46 Minutes (in the air)

Sometimes, you may be in a hurry and would want to reach destinations like San Antonio or Dallas without any breaks or road trips also visit to know how far is Dallas from Houston. In such situations, you can choose to fly through a private jet, helicopter, or scheduled flight services. 

 Road Trip from Dallas to San Antonio, TX

For those of you who have an adventurous soul, taking small yet quick breaks while traveling to San Antonio or Dallas is an option. That is why planning a road trip can be great. It is believed that road trips are the best if you want to know a place better. Things can become more exciting when you decide to add some quick breaks to your trip while covering the distance from San Antonio to Dallas via road.

When you drive to reach one of these cities by road trip, you will get numerous opportunities to stop and make your trip full of fun. Some of these include:

Lake AustinMount BonnellBuc-ee’s
Natural Bridge CavernsBracken Cave Preserve

Check out the following to make your trip full of fun and fill it with immeasurable beautiful memories:

  • If you start your journey from Dallas, then you must stop at Mount Bonnell first of all. By moving a bit further, you can enjoy the mesmerizing views of Lake Austin. Spending at least 1 hour here can be very relaxing.
  • After this, drive at least 30-40 minutes to reach the famous Buc-ee’s. Here, spend at least 30 minutes relaxing and enjoy delicious sweet treats like candied nuts, cheesy popcorn, red velvet cake, etc.
  • Once you restore your energy, start driving your car again to reach the Natural Bridge Caverns. This is such a beautiful place to calm your soul. You can also grab some mouth-watering and fresh fudge for your journey.
  • When you leave the Natural Bridge Caverns, take the final break at the Bracken Cave Preserve. Stop here for 1 or more hours should you want to see the world’s largest colony of bats. If you are traveling between March and October, then you will be able to see bats spiral out of the cave.
  • After this, you will be reaching your destination, San Antonio, in a few minutes. You are now free to create countless memories to cherish forever.

Dallas to San Antonio Airports and Flights

For traveling to San Antonio or Dallas, you can book your tickets between Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) and San Antonio International Airport (SAT). There are many airlines offering flights between these two destinations.

Here are the options that you can choose to cover the distance between Dallas to San Antonio:

American AirlinesSouthwest AirlinesFrontier Airlines
JetBlue AirlinesUnited AirlinesDelta Air
Qatar AirwaysSun Country Airlines


Cities like San Antonio and Dallas can be traveled between either by road or air. When traveling by road, it is completely your choice to drive with or without stops included. Also, when you fly, there are multiple options to choose from. Here, we informed you about the best routes and travel options available between San Antonio, TX, to Dallas, TX. You can also connect with us to know more information that can be helpful to plan your trip. Houston is place to visit, to know distance from San Antonio to Houston visit us.

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