How Far is San Diego from Los Angeles

How Far is San Diego from Los Angeles by Different Travel Options?

San Diego, the most popular city in California, lies on the Pacific Coast. Known for its well-maintained beaches, parks, and art galleries, San Diego boasts a whopping number of tourists every year. The warm climate and the peaceful atmosphere that blanket the city, truly make this city the ideal vacation spot. Los Angeles is the name that resonates when talking about the film and television industry. Los Angeles is home to the iconic Hollywood sign.

Let us help you in planning a marvelous trip to these cities. In this guide, we will look at how far is San Diego from Los Angeles, how to travel, and how much time is needed to travel.

Non-stop Driving Time & Distance from Los Angeles to San Diego

Driving DistanceNonstop Driving Distance

120 Miles/193 KM

Driving TimeNonstop Driving Time

1 Hour and 57 Minutes

Considering the short distance between San Diego and Los Angeles, driving by car would be the best option. You can take a quick trip to the city of San Diego via a non-stop car drive. Driving without any stops will also result in reduced travel time.

Estimated Travel Time Between San Diego and Los Angeles

Non stop driving time and distance
Average SpeedTravel Time
30 mph (48 km/h)04 hours 03 minutes
40 mph (64 km/h)03 hours 02 minutes
50 mph (80 km/h)02 hours 26 minutes
60 mph (97 km/h)02 hours 00 minutes
70 mph (112 km/h)01 hours 44 minutes
75 mph (120 km/h)01 hours 37 minutes

You may take the following route to travel from LA to San Diego:

  • I-15 S – I-15 S is a major North-South Interstate Highway in the state of California in the U.S. It connects San Bernardino to San Diego County. Its North-end is in Nevada while its South-end is at Norman Scott Road in San Diego. It covers a total route length of 295 miles or 475 km. To reach San Diego, follow the I-15 highway. Then merge with U.S. 101 S. Follow the Y-junction on U.S. 101 S and merge again with I-5 S. You can take the exit at 124 to I-605 S. Keep left on the I-405 S Junction to take the exit at CA-73 S . Move toward Front St. and continue onto Cedar St. Then turn right onto Fourth-Ave to reach San Diego, California.

Tip: Do not travel between 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. to avoid peak traffic hours.

Flying Non-stop from Los Angeles to San Diego

Nonstop Distance in AirNonstop Distance in Air

112 Miles/179 KM

Nonstop Time in AirNonstop Time in Air

31 Minutes

Aerial modes of transport are popular methods of travel. The best way to get to San Diego from Los Angles in a short time is by flying non-stop. Private jets and helicopters are your go-to options in this mode of travel. You can base your choice according to your budget.

Tip: Avoid flying from LA to San Diego in December as it gets extremely chilly and cloudy in San Diego.

Road Trip from Los Angeles to San Diego

You can turn the long drive from Las Angeles to San Diego into an adventurous road trip. You can make various stops at beautiful sights and exciting attractions. The joy from the road trip surely surpasses the tiredness from driving, thus, making your journey remarkable.

You can visit the following locations to make this trip unforgettable:

  • Disneyland
  • Laguna Beach
  • Carlsbad in California
  • La Jolla

In order to cover the distance in the time mentioned above, you can follow this itinerary:

Road Trip from Los Angeles to San Diego
  • Begin driving from Los Angeles.
  • A drive of 38 minutes, starting from Los Angeles, is needed to reach your first stop, Disneyland. You can enjoy the various rides and the best adventures in Disneyland for one complete hour.
  • From Disneyland, drive for about 32 minutes to reach Laguna Beach. Laguna city is a coastal city in the state of California. Laguna Beach has several beautiful parks and beaches as it lies along the coastline.
  • Then, start driving again for 47 minutes to reach your next stop, Carlsbad. Carlsbad is closer to San Diego than LA. Here, you can visit the SEA LIFE Aquarium, The Flower Fields, and the Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park.
  • La Jolla, which is your next stop, is about 35 minutes away from Carlsbad. On reaching La Jolla, you can enjoy the sandstone Canyons and the sea cliffs. Also, visit the Torrey Pines Golf Course to encounter an amazing golfing experience.
  • A final drive of 20 minutes will get you to San Diego, California.

Tip: Do not hesitate to make impromptu changes in your plan during your travel between San Diego and Los Angeles to suit your timings.

Los Angeles to San Diego Airports and Flights

The distance to San Diego, California from LA, not being very long, is usually covered by commercial flights. A direct flight from LA, without connecting flights, further reduces the travel time. Book your tickets with the two major airports of LA and San Diego respectively: Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and San Diego International Airport (SAN). Many airlines operate between LA and San Diego.

Note: Depending on your location, you will take an average of about 36 minutes to reach the respective airport. You will spend additional 7-10 minutes to reach your destination. You will also have to wait for about 2 hours at the airport security. When we include this additional time, our total travel time adds up to 4 hours. Therefore, to cover the distance from LA to San Diego via flights, you have to spend at least 4 hours in total.


In this guide, we described how far is San Diego from LA with respect to the different travel options. Throughout the guide, various tips were mentioned to help you in your travel. The route to be taken while driving from LA to San Diego was also elaborated here.

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