How Far is Tulsa from Oklahoma City

How Can You Travel from Tulsa from Oklahoma City by Road and Air?

How Far is Oklahoma City from Tulsa

Tulsa is one of the most populous cities in the state of Oklahoma. The historic deco architecture of Tulsa is one of its main assets. It is also famous for its age-old museums home to the rarest of exhibits. Tourists mainly visit this city for its exceptional hospitality. On the other hand, Oklahoma city is the capital of Oklahoma state in the U.S. This city upholds the traditional American cowboy culture. It is also widely known for its progressive development in the oil industry. Oklahoma City is, in fact, one of the most visited tourist destinations in the U.S.

To devise a good travel plan, it is necessary to know the travel options from Tulsa to Oklahoma City. Whether traveling by road is the most suitable or preferring an air medium is best, the decision should be made after knowing the distance, time, and itinerary. Let us look at such details to think of an ideal plan.

Non stop Drive Non-stop Drive Tulsa, Oklahoma, to Oklahoma City

Driving Distance

106 Miles/171 Km

Driving Time

1 Hour 40 Minutes

Traveling from Tulsa, OK, to Oklahoma City, OK can be made simple by non-stop car drives. You can either drive your own car or rent a vehicle when choosing this mode of travel. Car rentals help in reducing the burden of driving. Also, non-stop drives are stress-relieving for some and relatively less time-consuming for many.

Estimated Drive Time Between Tulsa, Oklahoma, to Oklahoma City

Average SpeedTravel Time
30 mph (48 km/h)03 hours 32 minutes
40 mph (64 km/h)02 hours 39 minutes
50 mph (80 km/h)02 hours 07 minutes
60 mph (97 km/h)01 hours 46 minutes
70 mph (112 km/h)01 hours 30 minutes
75 mph (120 km/h)01 hours 24 minutes

You can take the following route when driving from Tulsa to Oklahoma City:

  • I-44: Located in the central U.S., I-44 runs from Wichita Falls in the West to St.Louis in the East. It passes through the three main states of Texas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. You can merge with this route from the OK-66 W road. Then, to reach Oklahoma City, keep left on the I-44 road and take the exit at I-35 S road. Continue toward Amarillo and take another exit at 151A. Turn right towards S. E. Gaylord BLVD and take the N. Robinson Ave road to reach Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Note: The drive time from Oklahoma City to Tulsa may be greater on a Saturday or Sunday. I-44 road is characterized by heavy traffic during the weekends. Hence, the best time to take this route is during the weekdays.

trip Road Trip from Oklahoma City to Tulsa

Here is the time taken to cover the distance from Oklahoma to Tulsa via a road trip:

Road Trip

1 Day of Driving

Travel Time

2.5 Hours

Since it is a major tourist attraction, there are a lot of beautiful things to see in Tulsa, Oklahoma. You can visit all these sights by taking a short road trip from Oklahoma City to Tulsa. Be it with family or friends, road trips are always the most enjoyable means of travel to such places.

You can visit the following places during your drive to Tulsa, Oklahoma via road trip:

  • Guthrie
  • Stroud
  • Sapulpa

A reference itinerary is added here for guidance:

  • You can begin the car drive in Oklahoma City.
  • You can get to your first stop, Guthrie after driving for about 37 minutes. Located in Logan County, Guthrie is a modern metroplex. It is known for its renowned architecture and culture. The top attractions here include Arcadia Round Barn, Oklahoma Territorial Museum, Scottish Rite Masonic Temple.
  • Then you need to drive for an hour to get to Stroud. Stroud, situated in Lincoln County, is famous for its long history. Here, you can visit Rock Cafe, Stroud Lake, and Sac and Fox Nation Casino.
  • After leaving Stroud, drive the vehicle for 38 or 39 minutes to get to Sapulpa. Sapulpa is a city with rich natural resources and harvest facilities. It is also identified for its unique railroad activities. Here, you can visit River Parks West Trail, Chandler Park, and Pretty Water Lake.
  • Finally, drive for approximately 20 minutes to reach Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Tip: To make your trip more exciting, you can add more stops to your itinerary. However, stay aware of the traffic conditions when driving from Oklahoma City to Tulsa.

Flying Non Stop How Far is Oklahoma City to Tulsa by Non-stop Flying?

Flying Distance

98 Miles/157 Km

Flying Time

42 Minutes

The distance to Tulsa, Oklahoma can be covered in just a few minutes by selecting non-stop flights. Non-stop flights take the straight line distance flying route, thus, being the fastest mode of travel. They are a luxurious yet affordable transport choice.

The following 3 options offer non-stop flying services:

  • Helicopters
  • Public Planes
  • Private Jets

Note: Since weather changes play a significant role in deciding the flying conditions, it is essential to stay cautious of these weather patterns. Flying in winter, rain, or snowstorms is not recommended.

Flights Oklahoma City & Tulsa: Best Airports and Flights

Scheduled flights are a pleasant mode of traveling with no stress or anxiety. These commercial flights offer the combined benefits of fast travel and comfortability. The commercial plane tickets to Tulsa, Oklahoma being tremendously inexpensive, at times, is an added benefit of commercial flights.

Here are the important airports of Oklahoma City and Tulsa:

  • OKC or Will Rogers World Airport
  • TUL or Tulsa International Airport

Note: Total travel time does not only include the time spent on board but also comprises the time spent driving to the airports and the time at security checks.

Bus Icon Bus from Oklahoma City and Tulsa

Traveling Distance

110 Miles/177 Km

Traveling Time

1 Hour and 50 Minutes

Public buses are a cheap yet effective way of covering the distance from Tulsa to Oklahoma City. They are safe, burden-free, and are easily available. Direct buses, limo buses, and trip buses are available between the cities of Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

Route: Buses traveling between Oklahoma City and Tulsa take the 1948 E Reno Ave road from Oklahoma. Buses from Tulsa take the 317 S Detroit Ave road.

The major bus stops between Oklahoma City and Tulsa include:

  • Greyhound Bus Station
  • S. Garnett Road
  • Tulsa Bus Station


The easiest transport modes between Oklahoma City and Tulsa were explained here. Information like places to visit around Tulsa, Oklahoma was additionally elaborated. Road trip itinerary, routes, bus stops were given for your reference. We hope that this guide has provided you with valuable information.

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