How Far Richmond to Virginia Beach

Traveling from Richmond to Virginia Beach by Road and Air

How Far Virginia Beach to Richmond

Richmond and Virginia Beach are the two popular tourist destinations in the state of Virginia. Richmond is a well-known city visited by many nature and art lovers. It is also the center of legendary American Revolution sites. Virginia Beach has an impressive oceanfront and boardwalk. It is also known for its famous historical attractions.

For traveling from Richmond to Virginia Beach, information such as distance, time, travel options, routes, etc., is needed. Additional knowledge about the best routes and the major airports can be essential. We suggest that you read this page to understand the details about traveling between Richmond and Virginia Beach.

Non stop Drive Driving Non-Stop from Richmond to Virginia Beach

Driving Distance

109 Miles/175 Km

Driving Time

1 Hours and 49 Minutes

Going on a non-stop drive is a suitable travel option to cover the short distance from Richmond, Virginia, to Virginia Beach. It is best for frequent travelers and professionals with busy schedules.

Estimated Drive Time Between Richmond, VA, to Virginia Beach

Average SpeedTravel Time
30 mph (48 km/h)03 hours 38 minutes
40 mph (64 km/h)02 hours 43 minutes
50 mph (80 km/h)02 hours 10 minutes
60 mph (97 km/h)01 hours 49 minutes
70 mph (112 km/h)01 hours 33 minutes
75 mph (120 km/h)01 hours 27 minutes

You can take the following route when driving between these cities:

  • I-64 E: I-64 E is a straightforward highway from Richmond to Virginia Beach. It spans from West Virginia to Hampton Roads. To travel to Virginia Beach via this road, you can get off at the I-664 Exit. Then you can go over the Merrimac-Monitor bridge-tunnel. It will connect you with I-64 in Chesapeake. A further drive from here will take you to I-264 and finally to Virginia Beach.

Tip: Traffic is heavy on this highway during the weekends. Therefore, you can prefer this road during business days.

trip Road Trip between Richmond and Virginia Beach

Traveling via road from Richmond, VA, to Virginia Beach will make your expedition more thrilling. Road trips help to relieve your stress by letting you capture various scenic views on your way to Virginia beach.

The travel time and driving distance from Richmond, VA, to Virginia Beach via a road trip are given below:


109 Miles/175 Km

Road Trip Time

1 Day of Driving

Travel Time

2.5 Hours

You can stop at the below-mentioned places to make your road journey exciting:

  • Cold Harbor Battlefield Visitor Centre
  • Blandford Church and Cemetery Visitor’s Centre
  • Berkeley Plantation
  • New Kent Winery
  • Historic Jamestown

You may follow the given itinerary for a hassle-free road trip from Richmond to Virginia Beach:

  • You may begin your trip to Richmond. Richmond is famous for sights like Lewis Ginter Botanical garden, Hollywood Cemetery, and Monument Avenue.
  • Then drive for about 1 hour to reach Williamsburg. Williamsburg is immensely famous for its preservation of the Colonial history of the U.S. Here, you can check Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Muscarelle Museum of Art, and Governor’s Palace.
  • Next, drive for about 53 minutes from Williamsburg to stop in Norfolk. Norfolk, in Southeastern Virginia, is famous for its vast collection of art and sculptures. The major tourist attractions here include Sandringham Estate, Norwich Castle, Holkham Hall, and Norwich Cathedral.
  • Finally, drive for 20 minutes to reach Virginia Beach, a true paradise to enjoy doing activities like biking and surfing.

Note: The duration of time mentioned in the itinerary depends on the time spent at various locations. Accordingly, you can adjust your travel journey.

Flying Non Stop Non-stop Flying from Virginia Beach to Richmond

Non-stop flights from Virginia Beach to Richmond can be helpful to professionals traveling for work meetings. It is arguably the best travel option for those wanting to quickly cover the distance between these cities. Also, non-stop flights between Virginia Beach and Richmond regularly operate. So, this option can be considered even at odd hours.

Given below is the distance to be covered from Virginia Beach to Richmond, VA by non-stop flying:

Flying Distance

93 Miles/105 Km

Flying Time

41 Minutes

The three common non-stop flying options available to you are:

  • Private planes
  • Helicopters
  • Personal jets

Tip: Virginia Beach and Richmond experience chilly and windy weather conditions between December and February. Therefore, flying should be restricted during these months to ensure flight safety.

Flights Airports and Flights between Virginia Beach and Richmond

Commercial flights between Richmond and Virginia Beach offer you an incredibly satisfying flying experience. There are several scheduled flights between these cities with various price choices. Based on your budget, you can select the best flight for you.

Given here are the main airports of Virginia Beach and Richmond. For availing of quick and cheap flights, you can book your tickets with any of the following airlines:

Norfolk International AirportAmerican Airlines
Richmond International AirportUnited Airlines
Williamsburg International AirportQatar Airways
Franklin Municipal AirportAlaska Airlines

The commercial flights time from Richmond to Virginia Beach is as follows:

Flight Time

41 Minutes

Travel Time

4 Hours

Note: The cheapest flight between Virginia Beach and Richmond is available at $55. Thus, commercial flights are an affordable mode of transportation from Richmond, VA, to Virginia Beach.

Bus Icon Buses between Richmond and Virginia Beach

One of the most economical ways to travel from Richmond to Virginia Beach is by taking a bus. Some buses are even well-equipped with AC and Wi-Fi facilities, thus being very convenient for travelers.

Find below the travel distance and time from Richmond, VA, to Virginia Beach by bus:

Traveling Distance

117 Miles/189 Km

Traveling Time

3 Hours and 5 Minutes

Route: The buses from Richmond travel through the SF 6125 route and take the 800 Road near Newton Station to reach Virginia Beach.

The buses may stop at the following locations:

  • Virginia Beach Circle D
  • Wesleyan Commons
  • Lynnhaven Mall Stop

Train Icon Train Travel from Richmond to Virginia Beach

The easiest way to travel from Richmond to Virginia Beach is by train. Trains offer spacious seating arrangements and sleeping berths. Hence, train travel is comfortable and the services offered can also be of great quality.

Traveling Distance

94 Miles/152 Km

Traveling Time

2 Hours and 50 Minutes

The trains from Richmond, VA, to Virginia Beach, VA stop at these locations:

  • Williamsburg
  • Hampton
  • Yorktown

Note: There are three main trains between Richmond to Virginia Beach. These trains have no direct connections, thus, stay mindful of your luggage while boarding them.


It is good to know multiple travel modes when you travel between two cities. We explained the major travel options from Richmond to Virginia beach. All travel-related information about distance, time, routes, and stops were discussed. We hope that this guide will be beneficial to you.

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