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Finding out Distance from Wichita to Kansas City by Road & Air

Wichita to Kansas City

Wichita, located in South-Central Kansas, is popular for its rapid progress in the aircraft industry. It is known to be the “Air Capital of the World”. Wichita has been established as a thriving entrepreneurial city with major business ventures. Kansas City boasts a rich cultural heritage. The jazz music of this city is celebrated worldwide. Kansas City is also known for its authentic U.S. style barbeque and multicultural cuisines.

These cities are visited year-round by both entrepreneurs and tourists. Irrespective of the purpose of your travel, it is advantageous to find out the distance from Wichita to Kansas City. Further, knowing the precise routes by road and airports will make your travel plan more structured.

Non-stop Driving Time & Distance from Wichita to Kansas City

Driving DistanceNonstop Driving Distance

199 Miles/320 KM

Driving TimeNonstop Driving Time

2 Hours and 56 Minutes

A short non-stop drive from Wichita to Kansas City is unquestionably a trouble-free way of travel. It is, in fact, the fastest mode of road transportation between these cities. Non-stop driving of cars is also effective in limiting your travel time.

Estimated Drive Time Between Wichita to Kansas City

Average SpeedTravel Time
30 mph (48 km/h)06 hours 38 minutes
40 mph (64 km/h)04 hours 58 minutes
50 mph (80 km/h)03 hours 58 minutes
60 mph (97 km/h)03 hours 19 minutes
70 mph (112 km/h)02 hours 50 minutes
75 mph (120 km/h)02 hours 39 minutes

There are three main routes that you can take while traveling from Wichita to Kansas City:

ModeBest forBest RoutesAffordability
Non-stop driveProfessionalsI-35 NBudget-friendly
TravelersI-335 N
I-70 E
  • I-35 N – Located in the Central United States, the route I-35 N comes with a total length of 1568 miles or 2525 km. It stretches from Duluth in the North to Laredo in the South. It passes through major cities like Dallas, Oklahoma City, and San Antonio. This route facilitates fast-heavy vehicular transport.
  • I-335 N – I-335 N is also known as Kansas Turnpike. It is a major freeway stretching from the Oklahoma State line to Kansas City. This road is usually characterized by light traffic and good roadside amenities. It runs through a length of 236 miles or 380 km.
  • I-70 E – I-70 E is an Interstate Highway running from Baltimore to Cove Fort. It covers a total length of 2151 miles or 3462 km. Being one of the longest Interstate Highways, this route is neatly maintained with top-tier road conditions.
Wichita to kansas city to Houston

Note: All the three routes mentioned offer good road conditions from Wichita to Kansas City. You can choose the nearest route to you.

Flying Non-stop from Kansas City to Wichita

Nonstop Distance in AirNonstop Distance

177 Miles/284 KM

Nonstop Time in AirNonstop Time

51 Minutes

Kansas City, MO, to Wichita, KS can be traveled to and from by non-stop flights. The mode of travel is relatively less tiring and more reliable. Non-stop flights are usually in high demand among businessmen, as these flights can be preferred in case of urgent work meetings.

ModeBest forAffordability
Commercial flightEntrepreneursDepends on the cabin chosen
HelicopterIndividuals in urgencyMid-range to expensive
Private planeOther travelersExpensive

Note: You can fly non-stop from Kansas City to Wichita by private jets, public planes, and helicopters. When choosing these options, we suggest you take into account the weather patterns. It is because the weather changes can heavily influence the flying conditions.

How Far is Wichita to Kansas City by Road Trip?

When traveling from Wichita, KS, to Kansas City, Mo, for a vacation, there may be no better choice than a road trip. Road trips not only help you in covering the long distance but also make your journey immensely exciting. With road trips, you can commute in the comfort of your own car, thus, ensuring freedom of travel.

Driving DistanceRoad Trip Time

1 Days by Car Driving

Driving TimeTravel Time

4 Hours on Road

ModeBest forPlaces AvailableAffordability
Road trip by carFamiliesHotelsDepends on Expenses
Groups of travelersMuseums
Arts Centers

An itinerary has been mentioned as follows explaining the time taken to travel to these locations:

  • You can commence your trip in Wichita.
  • First, drive for about 33 minutes to reach El Dorado. It is known as the ‘Golden Land’ owing to large oil production. You may visit Couts Memorial Museum, El Dorado Lake, and WWII History Centre in El Dorado.
  • Next, drive for an hour to Toledo which is a small community in Kansas. It is famous for its restaurants and hotels. Eleven Boutique Hotel, Hampton Inn Emporia, Gufler Mansion, etc., are the major hotels here.
  • Then you can drive for 1.5 hours to stop at Topeka. Topeka is home to marvelous murals and statues. Here, you can visit the Kansas State Capitol, Museum of History, and Brown V. Board of Education.
  • You need to start driving for 29 minutes to reach Lawrence. This city is renowned for its indigenous art with sights like Spencer Museum, Clinton State Park, and Lawrence Arts Center.
  • Lastly, drive for 42 minutes to reach Kansas City, Mo.
Kansas City and Wichita Road Trip

Note: You may also include more locations in your road trip from Wichita, KS, to Kansas City, MO.

Main Airports & Flights between Kansas City and Wichita

Commercial flights are a realistic travel option as they are within the financial reach of the general civilians. Hence, you can travel via scheduled flights to cover the distance from Wichita to Kansas City or vice versa.

ModeBest forNo. of Airports Affordability
Public flightBusinessman2Cheap to expensive
General public

The 2 important airports of Kansas City and Wichita are given below:

  • MCI Airport also called Kansas City International Airport
  • ICT Airport or Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport

Also, find below the travel time from Wichita to Kansas City via commercial flights:

  • Flight time: 51 minutes
  • Travel Time: 4 hours

Note: Before boarding the flight, you will have to spend a substantial amount of time driving from Wichita to Kansas City Airport. This driving time will also constitute the travel time.

How Far is it from Wichita to Kansas City by Bus?

Driving DistanceDriving Distance

226 Miles/365 KM

Bus Time IconDriving Time

05 Hours and 53 Minutes

You can take a public bus from Wichita to Kansas City which is a convenient way of travel. Buses are the most economical on-road transport choice. You can also take a bus trip from Wichita to Kansas to enjoy the various attractions along the way.

ModeBest for No. of StationsAffordability
BusGroups3Cheap to mid-range

Route: Most buses take 214 S Topeka ST Road to reach Kansas City from Wichita. They stop at 1101 Troost Ave in Kansas, MO.

The major bus stations between Wichita and Kansas City include:

  • La Tienda del Ahorro
  • Newton Station
  • Amtrak Station


The distance from Wichita to Kansas City by drives and flights was discussed here. The airports, bus stops, and road conditions were described. An itinerary for your reference was also made. Further, we shared the affordability of each mode and also told you which mode is best for an individual or group.

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