Emirates Airlines Check In Policy

To check in for an Emirates flight, you can do it online, through the Emirates app, or at the airport. If you request Emirates check-in online or through the app, you can print your boarding pass or have it sent to your mobile device. Remember to arrive at the airport in time for check-in and baggage drop-off, and to bring a valid form of identification.

Take a look at the Emirates check in policy and its important guidelines.

What are the guidelines to complete the check-in with Emirates?

Here are the general guidelines and Emirates check in rules to complete the process –

  • Arrive at the airport early: Emirates recommends arriving at least 3 hours before your flight departure time for check in time Emirates international flights and 2 hours for domestic flights.
  • Check-in options: Emirates offers several check-in options, including online check-in, mobile check-in, self-service kiosks, and counter check-in.
  • Documentation: Have your passport and any other required travel documents ready for verification at check-in.
  • Boarding pass: Once you have completed check-in, you will receive a boarding pass, which you must keep with you throughout your journey.
  • Security screening: After check-in, proceed to the security screening area, where you and your luggage will be screened before entering the departure lounge.

What is the time required to complete Emirates check-in?

The Emirates check-in time varies online as well as at the airport.

Check-in methodsTime required
Web and mobile check-in– Passengers can check in online 48 hours before departure.
– Passengers need to arrive at the airport 60 to 90 minutes before departure   
Emirates airport check in time– For Economy Class tickets, passengers must arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before departure.
– Business Class and First-Class passengers must arrive at least 60 minutes before scheduled departure.   

What are the options to Check-in with Emirates Flight?

Emirates offers several options for checking in for a flight. You can check in online, through the Emirates app, or at the airport.

  • Online check-in: Available 48 hours before your flight and closes 90 minutes before departure for flights from Dubai, and 60 minutes before departure for other flights.
  • App check-in: Available through the Emirates app, you can check in and download your boarding pass to your mobile device.
  • Emirates city check in – Take advantage of our 24-hour City Check-in at the Ajman Central Bus Terminal if you’re coming from the northern emirates. You have up to 4 hours before your flight’s departure to check-in. You can do so via Emirates early check in up to 24 hours in advance.
  • Emirates cruise check-in – When you arrive by ship at Dubai Harbour or Port Rashid Terminal 3, explore more of Dubai before checking in for your flight.
    • The Emirates flight check-in at port is wheelchair accessible, and Emirates will do everything to offer end-to-end assistance.
    • The airline will weigh, tag, and print your boarding pass at the Emirates check-in counters at the port.
  • Airport check-in: You can check-in at one of the check-in counters or at a self-service kiosk at the airport. You will need to bring a valid form of identification.
  • Emirates check-in ports – The airline has portable Emirates airlines check-in stations at the airport where they can complete check-in. Passengers can simply print boarding passes, tag bags, and the airline’s representative will escort passengers to their flight.
  • Group check-in with Emirates – Use the dedicated group check-in desks in Dubai if you’re traveling in a big group or as part of a school excursion to expedite the Emirates check in process. To make the process simpler and less stressful, arrive 3 hours before takeoff and check in with a companion at check-in zone C.

Regardless of the method, it is recommended to check-in and drop off any baggage via early check in Emirates Airlines to avoid any delays.

What are the travel requirements for Emirates check in?

To complete Emirates check in international flight and for domestic flights, make sure to present the following travel documents along with the special or additional documents unique to travelers in some cases –

  • A valid and updated passport
  • A valid VISA
  • Confirmed ticket reservation
  • Health declaration form, if required for some locations
  • Updated travel documents
  • Government- issued ID Proofs (Driving License, Voter ID)

How to request Check-in on Emirates Flight?

You can use an array of online and offline check in methods to complete check in and make special requests like Emirates unaccompanied minor, check in, boarding zones, etc.

Following are the best ways to check in with Emirates flight –

How to request an Emirates flight web check in?

To request Emirates airlines web check in, follow the steps as follows –

  • Head to the official website.
  • You will find the option – Manage Booking/Check in on the main page.
Emirates Airlines Check-In Policy
This screenshot is clicked using the official Emirates website.
  • Enter the booking details like the last name and the Booking Reference and select “Check in”.
Emirates fight Check-In
From the main website of Emirates, this screenshot is taken.
  • Once you access the flights, choose the desired flight and choose “Check in”.
  • Enter the passenger details and submit travel documents and government issued ID proofs.
  • Choose the meals, bags tags check in, and desired sitting preferences on the aircraft.
  • Once you complete the necessary steps, click submit.
  • The airline will process the check in request and issue the Emirates check-in online boarding pass.
  • You can either download it and use it as a digital boarding pass at the airport.
  • You can also use the Emirates online check in print boarding pass feature to use the printed boarding pass at the airport.

NOTE – It is advisable to contact the airline for emirates web check in international flight guidelines and special requirements.

How to complete Emirates Check in through the mobile app?

You can use the Emirates app check in option via mobile app available for Android and iOS devices. You can also address other concerns like Emirates flight cancellation, refunds, etc.

Follow the steps to initiate emirates check in online mobile request discussed below –

Emirates Airlines App
This screenshot has been captured from the official website of Emirates.
  • Sign in to your Emirates account or enter the confirmation code, ticket number, and the last name to access the flight details.
  • Select the desired flight booking details and review the booking.
  • Choose “Check in”. Enter the passenger name and other applicable details.
  • You can select any services or additional facilities like meals on the aircraft, sitting choices, bags, and special requests, if available.
  • Review the booking details and submit after finalizing the details for Emirates online check in app.
  • The airline will complete the check in request and update it on the app portal.
  • You can access your Emirates boarding pass online check in from your profile or confirmed flight details.
  • Passengers can carry the digital boarding passport or use the printed boarding pass at the airport to board the aircraft.

How to request Emirates Check in at the Airport?

Travelers can request Emirates check in at airport ticket counter or at the kiosk counter. It is recommended to reach the airport up to 4 hours before the stipulated flight departure time. Follow these steps –

  • Head to the nearest Emirates airline check in counter or the ticket counter.
  • State the name, confirmation code or the ticket confirmation number to request check in.
  • You may have to present necessary travel documents and the ID proof to the Emirates staff/ representatives.
  • Once the details are verified, you can proceed to enter the preferred meals, check in bag items, make special requests like Emirates flight change or other related concerns.
  • The airline will process the request. Complete the check with the applicable check in charges or other fee for other facilities availed by the passengers.
  • Once you drop the items you are carrying at the Kiosk drop counter, head to the boarding area to board the flight.

How to check in via Emirates DUBZ Home Check in?

Travelers in Dubai and Sharjah can enjoy this exclusive facility to check in at the convenience of their homes via airline partners – DUBZ. Here are the steps for Home check in –

  • DUBZ partners allow passengers to check in at the comfort of their homes, offices, or hotels and carry the luggage to the flight.
  • You can request DUBZ at home check in through option – DUBZ Home Check in.
  • Once you request the check in service, the airline will allot the agent who will visit you at the address and the time decided by the passenger.
  • Provide the passport, flight details, ticket number, travel documents, and the government documents to initiate the check in request.
  • The agent will process the check in request, and avail other requests from the agent.
  • Pay between 32 USD and 131 USD to request check in for Standard, Advanced, and Premium check in options.
  • Once the check in is complete, the agents will carry the luggage to the airport.
  • You will receive the mobile Emirates check in boarding pass by the agents and passengers only have to reach the airport timely to complete screening.
  • You can head to the boarding area with the digital mobile boarding pass or print it before reaching the airport, abiding the Emirates check-in time before international and domestic flights.

How to complete Emirates phone check in?

Passengers can connect with the airline over the phone for issues like Emirates seat selection and more. Follow the steps given below to connect with airline via call –

  • Head to the official website and select “Help” from the main menu.
  • Choose “Help and Contacts” from the drop down till you get to the “Help and Support” page.
Emirates Airlines Help and contact support
This screenshot has been captured from the official website of Emirates Airlines.
  • You can either choose the queries from the available options or scroll to find the General Queries Emirates check in phone number- +919167003333.
  • Provide the flight details with the booking reference number and the ticket number with the personal details.
  • Avail necessary requests. The airline will process the check in request and provide emirates online check in boarding pass details via email or phone number.

NOTE – You can also contact the bot for guidelines like emirates web check in rules and check in emirates time.

How do I connect with Emirates Live Chat for check in queries?

You can contact Emirates chat support to speak to the bot and get spontaneous responses. Here is how you can connect with Emirates –

  • Head to the official website and choose “Help” from the main menu.
  • Select “Help and Contacts” from the drop down menu.
  • You will be directed to a new page. Scroll down to find “Start Live Chat” within the Live Chat option.
Emirates Check in live chat support
Via the Emirates website, this screenshot has been referenced.
  • Enter the first and the last name with your email details to receive a copy of the chat conducted with the bot.
  • Click “Start Chat” and enter the field of interest i.e Check in in the text box.
  • Follow the on screen instructions and provide the personal details and travel documents information.
  • The request will be forwarded to the airline and a check in request is initiated.

How to connect with Emirates via social media for Queries?

You can connect with Emirates airline over social media to address queries like Emirates pet policy, check in, etc. You can directly message the airline for your check in and boarding related queries and expect a response within 48 hours since the time of message.

Take a look at the social media platforms to address queries.

Social Media PlatformLinks

What is the Emirates Boarding Process?

Emirates airlines does not follow boarding zones sequence for its boarding process. It allows premium and Elite status passengers to board first, followed by the Economy class passengers.

Emirates Passengers Who Boards First

  • Passengers with special needs and disabilities
  • Children flying alone
  • Families traveling with infants and kids

Emirates Passengers Boarding At Leisure

  • First class travelers
  • Business class travelers
  • Passengers with memberships like Skywards Silver, Platinum, and Gold members

Emirates Passengers Who Board Back to Front

  • Economy passengers board back to front – Passengers with seats at the back of the aircraft boards before those sitting at the front.

What is the Emirates Flight check in timeline at the airport?

 Here is the airline check in timeline to have a glance of travelers’ journey at the airport –

ConditionsEstimated Allotted Time
Time to drop off bags at the airport– 12 hours before departure for US airports
– 24 hours before departure for remaining airports
– No later than 90 minutes before flight
Security checking and screeningUp to 60 minutes before flight departure
Boarding timeBoarding starts 45 minutes before the flight departure time
Time at which the gates closes20 minutes before flight time

NOTE – Contact the carrier for updates regarding Airport entry timeline and other related queries.

Use the diverse Emirates check in options to make the travel experience worthwhile. Keep note that keeping the documents handy regarding domestic check in and Emirates check in time for international flights and connecting with the airline representatives for any issues reduce the chances of conflicts at the airport.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours before flight does Emirates check in?

Passengers can check in up to three hours before flight departure time. Keep note that some airports may allow six hours. Contact the airline for more details.

Is Emirates check in 24 or 48 hours?

Emirates airline allows passengers to begin check in 48 hours before flight time via website.

How long before an Emirates flight should I check-in?

For the majority of the flights, you can check in up to three hours before flight time.

How much is Emirates home check-in?

Emirates permits passengers to initiate check in at home via Standard, Advanced, and Premium check in options and pay between 32 USD and 131 USD.

Can I print my Emirates boarding pass at home?

Yes, passengers can check in online via website, DUBZ Emirates home check in, or mobile check in and print the boarding pass at home.

How many hours before can I do an online check-in Emirates?

Emirates web check in online window opens 48 hours before the flight departure time. You must provide the necessary information and upload the documents to check in.

How early does the Emirates check-in counter open?

Emirates check in counters open time as early as 24 hours before the flight departure time and closes 4 hours before flight time. The timings are – 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Can I check in on the Emirates App?

Yes, you can check in on Emirates app by entering the confirmation code, ticket number, and passenger’s last name and uploading the necessary travel documents.

How to get an Emirates mobile boarding pass?

Once you complete check in, the boarding pass link is available on the reservation booking from where you can download and print or refer to the email for the boarding pass.

Can I check in with boarding pass on phone?

Yes, you can use your phone to download the Emirates app and choose to check in from the main menu to complete the request and gain access to the boarding pass.

How to download an Emirates boarding pass?

Once the passengers complete Emirates online check in process, web, or home check in, the boarding pass is activated and sent to the registered email address to download and print.

How do Emirates online check in?

Head to the website, choose Manage Booking/ Check in from the main menu. Enter the booking reference number and other details to complete check in.

How many hours before check in emirates?

Travelers can check in between 48 hours and 4 hours before the estimated flight departure time based on the check in methods and chosen routes.

Does Emirates allow online check-in?

Yes, Emirates airline allows check in via the official website. Enter the booking reference number and the last name of the passenger to initiate the request.

How do Emirates web check in?

Choose Manage Booking/ Check in from the main menu, enter the confirmation code, flight details and the last name, and choose meals and bags to complete the request.

Can I check in at the airport with Emirates?

Yes, you can check in at the kiosk counters or the airport ticket counters by presenting the flight details, documents, and special requests.

How early can you check-in for an Emirates flight via app?

Online check in emirates options like web check in and mobile app check in are available 48 hours ahead of the scheduled flight departure time.

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